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Former Prophetic Message, 2007

Lost Borders
Written by Elinor Montgomery –
December 30, 2007


The two nations of North America have become victims of lost borders. Both countries were established with clear parameters set for the home, the classroom, the courtroom, the government and the nation. The plumb line and the measuring stick for these parameters were set by the truth of the Bible. Over approximately a forty-year period of rampant, growing liberalism, which simply means freedom from God’s truth, we have lost our defining borders in all of these segments of our society.


The institution of marriage, as established and defined in the Bible, has been removed from our moral code of ethics, and is now in shatters. It has resulted in our homes no longer being established on the Biblical principle of one father and one mother, married to each other for life. Children are being raised, more often than not, by single parents in absenteeism from the broken homes, offering children no standard by which to gage the principles of honesty, fidelity and responsibility.


The bottom line is that there is no evidence of godliness, or support for the child within a house, which is without Biblical borders.


The children are then sent to the classroom to learn in an environment where teachers are no longer allowed to teach the truth of the Bible. However, the religion of secularism has been allowed to prevail, whereby they are taught that truth does not exist except in the eye of the beholder. In other words, truth has been relegated to being a nebulous creation of the minds of men, a fact, which results in the mantra of one man’s truth differing from that of another. In the secular world truth has become nothing more than what we want it to be.


All of which takes us back to the rule of religion from which the early settlers of America determined they would escape by establishing the borders of the Bible in every area of their lives. Our beautiful land of liberty is being eroded at the classroom level to take us back to the religious cultism of the East from which we had been separated in the West by law.


Religious rights meant liberalism from the liberty truth gives, to take us back to rule by religion, reinstating religious controls through the Charter of Rights in Canada. The lie always declares itself to be the counterfeit of the truth.


The Bible ruled over the courtroom and the government, giving us a code of law, which had the Word of God at the very center of two very civilized societies, sisters and good neighbors in God. What is the court responsible to do, if not to render justice? And how is justice to be rendered if not on the basis of truth? And how is truth reached if not by the commitment of witnesses, swearing on the Bible, the standard of truth, deemed to be so in our nation?


How is the judicial system able to render justice without the border of the courtroom being the Bible, the American criteria for truth? Is there not some form of courtroom schizophrenia going on here, which says “Yes” to using the truth during ‘swearing in’ procedures while, at the same time, saying “No” to the use of the truth for the adjudication process?


During Canada’s first hundred years of sharing borders with the United States, they were barely perceptible by the citizens of these two countries. We saw our families often split and living as one within two different but related countries under God. These were two very orderly societies living side by side under God’s moral code of Law, respecting each other’s people and nation – that is to say, until Trudeau came along with his liberal package called the Charter of Rights, ultimately handing back to the country the religious control, which it had rejected for liberty.


He engaged Canada with China recognizing a communist country, which was very much an enemy of democracy and the West. Trade opened up with the East as his government began the process at the same time it began dismantling the good relationship, which existed between Canada and the United States.


The Bible guarded our borders and protected us from an influx of immigrants who would not swear allegiance to God and country at the gateway of our national boundaries. No one came into either country who would not swear allegiance to God’s ruler-ship as opposed to that of a non-existent Allah, a stone Buddha, or a holy cow. The countries under such pagan ruler-ship were left behind in the East. There, they warred among each other, rioting and killing even their own, while living under the parameters of religion as opposed to those of Biblical truth. Hence, we have the heated situation of the Middle East, today, fanned by the religious holy men of the different sects.


Religion has its roots in the lies of the Garden, introduced by Satan, at which time man rejected the truth and ruler-ship of God for the first religious belief system of the lie. Satan was the author of liberalism and separation from a Holy God Who cannot coexist with evil. Hence, the burning judgment of His holiness results in death and the burning up of that which is not righteous.


America burned as she rid herself of slavery to begin the rebuilding process under God. Today, America is burning again as the cleansing fires are being ignited by God throughout the country. Perhaps, the biggest and deadliest fire of them all demonstrated His judgment upon His people, who have chosen to trade in world markets ruled by ungodly, torturing, killing societies. With the felling of the twin towers of the World Trade Center, we saw His judgment come down on America clearly setting the parameters of His disapproval around the object of His wrath.


California, the center from which wickedness flows out to the rest of America and the world, is seeing her share of the fires of judgment and the shaking of the earth under her feet. A whole city of wickedness was wiped out at once by the flood waters and fires that encompassed New Orleans. I believe God is just daring these wicked places to rebuild again without the parameters of the truth surrounding them. It is within the realm of probability that we will see more and more areas of the country burn and more segments of society where evil resides, being washed out to sea in the coming floods.


There are two kinds of water in this world – the water of the sea, where evil resides and takes men down, and the living water from above, which gives life and raises men up.


Jesus is the Living Water from above, come to earth in the flesh. He is the Word made flesh, and He is the Truth. He is the Bible upon which we have established the borders of America. He is her stumbling block. Remove Jesus from the borders of our homes, our classrooms, our courtrooms, our governments, and our national boundaries, and the nation will collapse as He removes His hand of protection from over the land.


Wake up, you fools of the pews, to the chaos you have allowed to take over this country where you, the voters, rule! It is time to get your lazy, self-serving butts up and out of the religious system that has been holding you captive, and move onto the battlefield as warriors for God. No wonder Christiane Amanpour is having trouble finding these warriors. Leave the corrupt priesthood behind and begin standing on the parameters of the Bible, the one and only Book of truth and the rock foundation of the church. Unless you make this move and make it soon, you ‘ain’t goin’ nowhere but down in the fire judgment and the seawaters, which will engulf you.


Raise your blinded eyes to see the beginning of sorrows, which are engulfing the people of America, in a West no longer distinguishable from the killing fields of the East. Judgment is coming and is coming soon for having allowed our Biblical borders to be taken away by the surging waves of liberalism.


Liberty will be lost and liberalism will prevail. Then, perhaps once again, we will cry out to God Who, at some point, will close the door on His mercy and allow the fire of judgment to fall.


“Fear God and give glory to Him, for the hour of His judgment has come; and worship Him who made heaven and earth, the sea and springs of water (Revelation 14:7).”