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Former Prophetic Message 2008 – Thank you for calling me a Fundamentalist

Thank You for Calling me a Fundamentalist

Written by Elinor Montgomery –

July 1, 2008


The problem with the church today is religion. It is part of the world system, by which Israel was held captive as slaves in Egypt and Assyria, and finally in Babylon, where Judah became slaves to the Babylonian Empire.


Think carefully about what happened in both Egypt and Babylon. The cream of the crop, so to speak, of the Hebrew children, rose to the top of the political ladder, and I mean literally to the top. Joseph became ruler over all of Egypt, second only to Pharaoh. Daniel became third in line of ruler-ship over Babylon, next to the king and his son who ruled jointly (Nabonidus and Belshazzar).


What was the reason for their mercurial rise to power? They were fundamentalists, both of whom refused to partake in the religion of the day – or speaking more precisely – refused to bow to any king but their God over Israel. 


Because of their fundamentalism and obedience to God’s Word, they overcame Satan’s religious program of luring them, and then forcing them, into bowing before his religious idols. Both men, in being overcomers of Satan’s lures into his plan for world ruler-ship, did so in obedience to the God of truth, as would Jesus do after them, and as will the bride do in the future.


God’s plan is a kingdom plan for a New World Order, here on earth, ruled by truth, while Satan’s plan is for a One World Order – a world of religion void of truth. He wants the entire world to bow to him, when he enters the person of the Antichrist. For this to happen, he must stop the Christ and His witnesses to the truth. Until there is not one single witness to the truth left in the world, there cannot be a complete One World Order.


The church, as the Lord’s called-out witnesses to the truth, is called to be the reflected light of Jesus who came as the Fundamentalist, who would bow to no religious lure of Satan while, at the same time, testifying only to the truth. 


If there is any of the leaven of religion mixed into the truth, it will grow to fill the entire loaf. Christianity, founded by Rome, brought into the church the leaven now filling the entire institutional church system, which can only be described as a religious system. Of course, liberalism is at the heart of religion, and the lies of Satan are always foundational to this fact. Because of this scenario, the fundamentalism of truth is being portrayed as intolerance, even within the religion of Christianity, named for the One, who called Himself the truth. 


How else can Satan deal with truth, except by having his little lackeys of Secular Humanism pump the words ‘intolerance’ and ‘bigotry’ into our children? How else will he destroy the power of God’s nation except by indoctrinating the children with the message that industry, the backbone of the American workforce, is responsible for destroying the environment and causing global warming? This, of course, comes out of his bundle of lies, which he uses to program society toward his One World Order by weakening America’s work ethic within her society.


God knows this better than you or I, and so He has given us the rules for keeping Satan and his leaven out of His nation. He requires obedience to Him and His truth. He requires that we make His truth, the Bible, the foundation of our nation under Him. When we fail to obey, like all rebellious children, we will receive discipline. This is what keeps children and nations in line with His standards. And so, again, what else but discipline comes under attack?


The business world of the Capitalist system has provided well for a middle-class America to evolve, that is to say, until men forsook God and allowed Satan and greed to take hold of them. Businessmen lost sight of their moral requirements toward the workers. Unions became corrupt and tied in with organized crime. Abuse of a good system, which had offered opportunity in liberty for the least to succeed in America, has caused it to erode. 


As families walked away from God, and Americans accepted the lies of liberalism with respect to morality, its breakdown began to take place with a rapidity that staggers the imagination. The broken moral fiber of the family opened the door for education to be taken over by satanic forces, with spiritual demons now ruling the educational system and destroying the lives of our children. 


Because the institutional church system is in the hands of Satan who has filled it with religion instead of truth, we have a bunch of ritualistic, praying mantises instead of lappers of the type who served in Gideon’s army. Everyone wants the religious, encompassing shell instead of the substance of truth.


This is the truth at the heart of today’s problems in America. The fundamentalism of truth, which our Founding Fathers put in place in order to give this nation liberty, is under attack by the religious fanatics, more properly described as the religious fundamentalist. In fact, those we call terrorists are the religious fundamentalists, who stand in direct opposition to those who hold firm to the fundamentalism of truth. They stand on the fundamental dictates of religion, which lead to control by force and by killing if necessary, forcing people into submission to the religion of their state. 


Let me challenge my readers with a question. Name one evangelist, who gave his/her life for the spread of the gospel of truth in either the past or present century, who could be labeled a terrorist. Such a person would be considered the fundamentalist of the Bible, standing on truth. Is it not possible to name many terrorists and killers who are religious fundamentalists?


Pharaoh and Nebuchadnezzar were rulers of religious extremism, yet both of them ultimately were forced to bow to the Almighty God of Israel. It was only the fundamentalism of Joseph and Daniel, which brought these rulers to their knees before their God. Neither young man ever submitted to the religion of his king who held him captive. Both only submitted to their God.


As a consequence of their fundamentalism, they were given understanding from God in the form of messages to be delivered to their kings. Neither the Jezebel-spirited wife of Potiphar nor the lions in the den with Daniel had the power to come against a slave and a servant of their respective kings. Fundamentalism was the reason for their success against the extremism of religious rulers, with the attacks, which came against them being rendered powerless.


American society is quite content to endorse religious fundamentalism and extremism, but, by the same token, unwilling to accept the most important form of fundamentalism there is for this nation, which is called by the name of Truth. In the end, the witnesses to the truth will rule, just as Joseph and Daniel were given ruler-ship within the religious system of the world, which held them captive. 


To have practiced anything short of fundamentalism would have spelled their failure and their doom. An example of this can be seen with the son of Gideon, Abimelech, who wanted to be king. Gideon had stipulated clearly that neither he nor his sons would rule over Israel; only God would rule as the God of truth. To try to usurp God’s ruler-ship is a major mistake for anyone to make.


Truth always rises like anointing oil to the surface. Satan hates it, because he is forced to counterfeit God’s moves with the leaven of religion as his combatant against the oil of truth. One rises to the top in purity, the other fills the entire loaf, paving the way for mould to destroy and ruin it.


Don’t ever, ever allow anyone to call you a fundamentalist or an intolerant, narrow bigot without thanking him. It means you have spiritual understanding and are participating in the one-time offer of Jesus who said that narrow is the way and few are they who will find it. Such blessed individuals can laugh at the secularist for his lack of understanding. For Jesus said He is the way, the truth, and the life, and that no one, including all of those caught in religious cultism, can come to the Father except through Him. 


Only fools will tell you there is an all-inclusive, broad way to the righteousness of the kingdom. Only fools do not recognize the differences between the narrow, exclusive way and the all-tolerant, broad road that leads in the only direction it can go, which is the road to destruction.


It is the religious extremism of Secular Humanism, which is ruling our courts, especially that kangaroo number called the Canadian Human Rights Commission. It is religious extremism that allows mosques and museums of Islam to be set up in this country under God while, at the same time, forcing the removal of the cross and the Ten Commandments from the same public square. And these religious zealots dare to label the true church, intolerant fundamentalists. Who is ‘stuck on stupid’ in this picture?


Is it not religious extremism, or the same thing as religious fundamentalism, that insists on no Bibles, crosses or the mention of the name of Jesus in our educational system? We had about the best educational system in the entire world because the truth of the Bible was taught every day to the students. Now the tyranny of these same religious extremists, who are the real bigots, insists on their right to carry religious daggers into the classroom and wear hoods over their heads as a part of their religious gear. These same head coverings cover the heads of innocent young women who will become, more often than not, physically and emotionally abused women, in the name of religion. 


The religious cults claim our truth in the West offends their religion, but they have come to this country because our truth sets them free from regimes that often offer them no such access to a free and open education. Who is ‘stuck on stupid’ to allow such religious pandering to rule over us, when we are under the Law and liberty of God? What utter stupidity on our part for allowing them to force us to bow to their Pharaohs of today called sultans, imams and gurus! To think this is taking place in our very own country where we, the people, rule in a democracy with the right to decide matters of our own law for ourselves!


Wake up, America, and demand some fundamentalism back in your pulpits, in your courtrooms, in your classrooms, and among your government-elected representatives. Make sure you stand on truth and demand such at our borders, and in all areas of government, as well as in the judiciary and educational system. Only the Bible has its own self-validating authority, which no religious book possesses; nor does philosophy have any authority outside of the limitations of the human mind.


Truth stands alone and never, no never, buy into the lie of Satan that tells you each man’s truth is different. His circumstances may differ, but truth remains the same no matter what the circumstance or belief system. Allah has no power to do anything, regardless of head coverings and the religious act of bowing to the eastern sun god, however many times one chooses to do so. I will challenge the power of such pagan gods any day with the power of my God and the God who rules over America.


There is one thing in which God allows me to take pride, and that is in Him, the God of truth, the name He gives to Himself. I am very proud to be called a child of God, firmly rooted in His strong foundation of truth, set before me by Jesus and His apostles. There is no other church and no other foundation. 


Call me a fundamentalist if you will, but I know where I am going and the narrow way of truth that I am traveling. Do you know where you are going and what it is that you are following?