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Former Prophetic Message 2008 – The Voice That Speaks for God

The Voice that Speaks for God

Written by Elinor Montgomery –

December 12, 2008


Canada is a nation under God, not under a multiplicity of gods. The church in this nation is called to be His voice to the rulers of the nation. No one else has the right to speak for God but the Lord’s apostolic voice. This is not a religious voice of Christianity; it is a voice that stands only on the truth of the Bible. Such a voice in Canada, today, is what the prophet was in Israel yesterday. It is God’s commission to be His Governor General or His stand-in for the nation.


The prophet, Jonah, depicts the transition of the prophets of old who spoke only to the nation Israel. Their job was to call the nation back to God. Jesus was God’s primary Voice and Prophet Who sent His church out to all the nations of the world as His spokespeople. They, like He, witnessed only to the truth of His testimony and the gospels in a world full of religion, which is made up of gentile nations. 


In the story of Jonah, they are represented by Nineveh, the capital city of Assyria, which was an empire-building nation that lived by the sword under the covering of the beast of the sea. His mark of 666 was fully upon it. 


The church age marks the age in which a compromised church went out to the world on Roman roads. It was not a separated and pure church as long as it was enslaved by religion in the same manner Israel was unable to be a pure, separated nation while captive in slavery to Egypt. 


Purification was needed on the eve of Passover before God could deliver His people Israel, just as purification of the church is needed today, before He removes His own and delivers them into the kingdom.  Passover required the people to eat no leaven, no leaven, no leaven, which Jesus later revealed to be the religion of the Pharisees, the religious leaders of His day.


The way back to God has always been the way to the kingdom of heaven on earth, and Jesus is that way, the truth and the life of men who believe on Him for their salvation from their captivity in this world to the religious empire-builders of the Babylonian system. The church must come out of all beastly controls and into the light of salvation, by embracing only the truth. 


The church in America is being called out of the seawaters from the belly of that great beast, which swallowed her up like Jonah, holding her captive within the seawaters that surrounded her. When it comes out of the sea monster and into the living water of the Spirit of God, her countenance will be lily white like the blanched countenance of Jonah. She will have undergone purification rather than destruction, at last ready and committed to the job that lies before her of being the light bearer of Israel to the world and the voice for the Kingfisher of men.


Now, the nature of this born-again church is that of a prophet, which will rise up in the spirit of Elijah. It will be the voice of the harvesters, rather than the voice of the sowers. Its primary job is to challenge the false prophets who would destroy the purity of God’s people. They will be held responsible for having prevented a birthing of the good fruit to come out of spiritual Israel to produce sons/daughters for God. They are the brethren who are also the sister and spouse of our Lord. 


Jesus will have nothing but a pure church for His bride. She will call the nation to its hour of decision. It cannot have it two ways; either the people want God or they want multiculturalism, which means the worship of many gods right within God’s own land that He has provided for His people. He called them from out of the gentile nations and the teeming masses, where they had been captive to the jungle law of the beast of the sea, to live under His Law with a justice system ruled by the truth of the Word of the Bible.


If the church is to act in the spirit of Elijah, she will be called to call down fire, or judgment, upon a world moving toward unity in a One World Order under Satan, in the person of the Antichrist. Such a person is alive and well and has been possessed by Satan in readiness for imminent ruler-ship over the world, along with his false prophet. 


The bride will be the forerunner and the one to call down the final fire judgment of God, in a similar manner as Elijah, just before all counterfeit teachers of apostasy are destroyed. It will be a fair voice, which will challenge the false religious voices. It will ask the people to consider and compare the power of that which controls paganism to the power of the one true God Who rules over America, having made her the great nation that she was under Him. 


Those who choose the rule of the beast, as opposed to that of God, will face this fire judgment. Is this not at the heart of the animal sacrifices, which were required of Israel for remission of sin? It is about making the right choice for God and then not remaining silent about it. 


The rise of the voice will mark the end of the days of church fence-sitting and the church’s Laodicean nature. This voice will be heard in the most turbulent of times.  She will call the believers to come out of the world systems in order to see the salvation of the Lord, while, at the same time, the prophets of Asherah will be completely destroyed. This will complete the Elijah task.


As God said to Moses while the nation of Israel stood on the shore of the Red Sea, caught between the devil and the deep red sea, “Stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will accomplish for you today. For the Egyptians whom you see today, you shall see again no more forever (Exodus 14:13).”


This covenant move of the Spirit with the bride will see her receive the kind of power from God as Moses was given before the people of Israel. His rod of power will become as the King’s scepter in the hand of the bride, which allows her to speak for her people. King Jesus will hand over His scepter to His bride as did King Ahasuerus hand his scepter over to his bride, Esther. This allowed her to become the voice for her people, the Jewish people, who, today, are the believers. They are the true Jews of the house of Israel, destined for the throne as a Queen ruling with her Beloved. 


Who else in the house of Israel has the right to speak for her people? This is the true church and bride of Christ, the voice for the Kingfisher of men, ready and waiting to deliver His own out of the sea like He delivered Jonah from the belly of the great fish.


Michaëlle Jean has no right whatsoever to speak for God in Canada, as the so-called representative of the reigning power, in her position as Governor General. She would not swear on God’s Word, the Bible, at the time of her induction into office. This was an act of treason, which makes her a traitor to the nation, one who should be judged accordingly. 


The Bloc members, likewise, have no right to sit in parliament as traitors to the nation, receiving tax–payer dollars to keep them there until they see an opportunity to break up the nation. Any member of parliament, who cannot swear allegiance to Canada, has no rightful place in the parliament of Canada.


The Voice of the Kingfisher calls for the Prime Minister to call for a referendum of the people in order to determine whether or not the people want any more of their tax-dollars going to support traitors in the government of Canada. One province puts the Bloc there; not only that province, but, also, the remaining provinces have the right, as the majority, to decide whether or not they want them to continue holding in their hands the balance of power in this country. Then it is time to call a proper election.


The government of Canada is elected to serve Canadians. The coalition of the three rejected parties by the people shows that the Bloc is controlling and hijacking the government. Remove such treason, and Canada then has the potential for a government to work for the people, not against them. 


This is a critical moment in the history of Canada, and no amount of political correctness will save this country. It will only prevent common sense and destroy the nation. And for what – to be inclusive of the destroyers of the nation in order to prevent any possible offense to them? I, like all other good Canadians, am offended to see my government behave in such a manner. It is time for truth, and if it doesn’t come from the voice of those called to speak for God, from which voice will it come?


It is time to arise and let your voice be heard in truth, and not in political correctness, the ploy of satanic forces. This nation is in crisis, and the fire of God is about to come down unless strong measures are taken, sooner rather than later. Repent of your wickedness for turning God’s land and government over to demonic forces. 


Why buy poppies in honor of those soldiers who are buried under the ground where the poppies grow, beneath the crosses, row on row, unless you are willing to honor them for having given their lives so that you and I might live in liberty today? Our pioneers and our soldiers who fought for liberty under God never, no never, sang praises to Allah, Buddha, or some Hindu cow, when the victory was finally theirs. Have you ever heard of a Muslim who fought in the Canadian army for the liberty of this nation? 


Canadians and their soldiers got down on their knees when World War II was over and thanked the only God Who can give liberty. It is time for the fire of God to come down on the multicultural strongholds, which have a tight demonic grip on this land and the traitors from within this nation, who would act in treason to destroy it.


And the Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” And let him who hears say, “Come!” And let him who thirsts come. And whoever desires, let him take the water of life freely (Revelation 22:17).