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Former Prophetic Message 2010 – Truth and the Public School System

Truth and the Public School System
Written by Elinor Montgomery –
February 27, 2010


In Canada, during this, the year of the Olympics, we believe a gold medal is the ultimate exaltation of the nation; but God says righteousness exalts a nation upon which He lavishes His good gold. In the United States, during this, the year of the health debate, the government believes that it can solve the nation’s health care problems; but only God is the giver of good health care. Most importantly of all, in America, this is the year of education and the crucial hour in which a battle rages over the very souls and spirit of our children; but only the truth of God can save their souls.

The future of our two nations depends upon how we deal with this problem, which will determine what the outcome will be. Will government take charge of education, creating a global village, or will the parents take back the education of their children and provide for and sustain them both in the stability of their homes, under the care of two parents, a father and a mother and in a classroom where they are taught truth?

Public schools of America are throwing the Bible out the back door while ushering in, through the front door, the instruction of homosexuality, witchcraft, condoms and, in general, a sex education that produces sexual immorality in place of moral fortitude. Evolution, the exaltation of the beast over human life and the smearing of God’s name have all replaced truth with the lies of liberalism.

What is the government afraid of? What is it that the unity of nations and religions cannot bear to hear? The bottom line is that God is the God of truth, and the creation, which Satan and the environmentalists want us to worship, is, in fact, a creation brought into being by the spoken word of God.

For the word of the Lord is right, and all His work is done in truth (Psalm 33:4).

By the word of the Lord the heavens were made, and all the host of them by the breath of His mouth (Psalm 33:6).

Truth is difficult enough as the stumbling block for our liberal governments and agenda-driven educators, but it is the impediment to a One World Order of nations. There is no greater threat to this antichrist movement than the Christ Who dares to declare Himself to be the Word made flesh, the truth, and even goes further to declare Himself to be the Way and the Life.

“Blasphemy, bigotry and intolerance,” they scream back at Him as the voice of the demonic, the army of Satan, which wants to rule the world in unrighteousness, using the forceful control of the sword of governmental and religious slavery.

The psalmist gives us the good news, which we should be teaching our children, the future of our nation: The Lord brings the counsel of the nations to nothing; He makes the plans of the peoples of no effect. The counsel of the Lord stands forever, the plans of His heart to all generations. Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, and the people whom He has chosen as His own inheritance (Psalm 33:10-12).

The Lord God rules over this land and chose it to be a homeland for His inheritance. The children of this nation will be unable to receive their inheritance without truth and the understanding, which it brings. Education without God produces intellectual barbarism. It cannot be denied that the men who surrounded Hitler were educated men – perhaps even the German academia of their day. Yet, did they not send Jewish parents and their children alive to the smoking ovens of the death camps?

Without God, human beings become animal-like beasts, with no sense of moral rightness. Without Bibles in the schoolrooms, we will simply produce an unrighteous generation without moral fortitude, more interested in spiked hair, tattoos and witchcraft than in jobs, spiritual maturity and uprightness. Teachers, in fear of the students, are afraid to discipline them, with the educational system supporting this incredibly stupid position. You would think that by now the educators could see the folly of their ways.

Never in the history of the world has truth been more important. Satan is having a hey-day creating havoc with homes, families and marriages, ultimately destroying the children’s sense of stability. As this generation comes forth, programmed and without any real understanding, the false messiah stands in the wings, waiting for them and ready to appear on the world stage.

The lie took Adam and Eve down and mankind came under the curse of death. Truth lifted man up from the pit and blessed him with life. What is it you want for your children – is it life or death? The life or death of this nation lies in the hands of the next generation. Either the Bible returns to the classroom through the front door, immediately, and the global village garbage is escorted out the back, or America is doomed to becoming part of the coming One World Order.

Make no mistake! They are the gold, the silver, the bronze and the iron, which will take us all down – the substances of which governments and religious temples are made. The One World Order is just that – one big religious/state system, which will have its own Hitler at the helm, ruling the entire world. His name is the Antichrist and he is coming to your neighborhood soon.

Truth produces wisdom and understanding, which will take us back to the tree of life; education produces knowledge, leading back to that other tree of the Garden and to death.