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Former Prophetic Message 2016 – Making America Great Again

Making America Great Again

Written by Elinor Montgomery;

April 06, 2016


What is it with the Christians, the so-called believers, that neither they, nor their priesthood, get it? Do they not understand the Word as written, or do they simply think they know better than God? If God is all-knowing and all-powerful, then why in this world would they seek to disempower Him?


In their stupidity, they seem to accept the fact that God would put a non-person in the womb, giving to the mother the right to decide whether or not her baby will live or die. When a baby is aborted it is a living being whose life has been taken from him/her, depending on the gender, which is also established at conception. It is what is commonly called murder, something, which God forbids in His Law. This so-called, non-person blob is not a blob of flesh at all: the unborn is a person from the moment of conception when it became flesh and bone with a little heart, which beats life into its tiny body.


To take life is to kill, or, in the case of this helpless, little, living being, very much a person, it is an act of murder. In this country, murder is punishable by law. Then, why has Donald Trump been accused of some terrible mistake in stating the truth hypothetically about a hypothetical question asked about murder under the label of abortion? Murder is a crime punishable under the Law, which Mr. Trump clearly seemed to state.


God is very clear on the matter of life and death by stating exactly when life begins. If the so-called, Christian believers would dust the dust from their Bibles and then do the unthinkable by actually picking it up and reading it, they might discover that the Lord God has a great deal to say on this subject. 


Just as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before Him in love, having predestined us to adoption as sons by Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the good pleasure of His will, to the praise of the glory of His grace, by which He has made us accepted in the Beloved (Ephesians 1:4).


Of course, murder is not tolerated except when men alter their belief system to accommodate Political Correctness based on the cultural roots of tolerance for the works of the devil and intolerance for the Word of God. It is then that the good Christians conform themselves to the ruler of the world and the author of death. 


Just imagine this scenario of God bestowing grace upon a woman, enough to impart the life of a new human being into the womb. The good Christians who Ted Cruz and others claim to be, sit in church pews week after week, pleased with themselves as they wink at each other, thankful they can gloss over the tough issues requiring answers in accordance with what God deems to be right and wrong. 


Usually they have a hearty hand-shake for the preacher as they depart from religious buildings on Sunday, for their week of real life in the real world attached to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. And so the establishment members of the GOP manage to live on within their double standard, to which they have become very accustomed. They have developed unusual methods of manipulating that which they, as an organization have opened up to an electoral vote of the people in name only, but not in fact.


How very easy the transition is for Christians to claim one thing and to do another! Are those who abort babies, in fact, any better than the Muslim head-choppers? The only difference I see between the two is that of the aborted baby being without any defense against the wickedness of mankind. Whatever great potential has been placed in that baby for either scientific or spiritual greatness, some mothers seem to believe it is within their rights to terminate the baby for their own conveniences, regardless of any plan God might have for that same child.


It would seem to me that Donald Trump is not the clown, but rather those are more the fools who have ignored God’s perspective on life, murder and judgment on sin. There will be no murderers in heaven or the kingdom (see Rev. 22:15). This being true, it would then follow that Donald’s response to a hypothetical question about murdering the unborn, and whether or not someone should be punished for it, is totally in line with what God has to say on the subject. Are those interviewers who ask Trump questions about his stand on abortion not merely trying to trick him into endorsing the liberal perspective, which is held by almost all in the media, with the aim of fast-tracking civilization straight down the broad road to destruction?


Then, again, for a nation under God, I would suggest that her participation in either NATO or the UN is about as unscriptural as it gets. It is simply the route back to Babel, the joining of the nations together again, which God separated so He could create a nation for Himself, called Israel, separate and apart from the other nations. And this nation would have a shining city on a hill at the heart of it called Jerusalem. America ultimately became a larger picture of the Promised Land, which Ronald Reagan recognized as the shining city upon a hill. This is to say that the light of liberty in the world comes only to a nation under God’s rule of life, not death, when she shines forth her light to the other nations of the world, as opposed to joining them in their darkness. 


I would only fault the Donald for not having gone further than stating he would require NATO to pay up; he should have said that it is time for America to restore her greatness as a nation separate unto God, taking no part in any union of nations formed on a religious basis of any sort. This is exactly what Babel was – a One World Religious Order, which NATO and the UN are seeking to rebuild. 


One of my greatest hopes is that the Donald, one day, as president, would be brave enough to tell the UN to pack it up and take their human rights group, so full of inhumanity to man, and go eastward, right out the east side of the Garden of America, created by God, and go back whence they came. There is no place for nations, which are not under God, to be blessed by taking up residence in this land, under His Law, which states that His people shall have no other gods before Him. He is not a god of the cults, or is He subject to the lies of multiculturalism.


And what does this tell us about bringing Muslims into this country, who, as Muslims, are active participants in a religion, which is nothing more than a death culture, worshiping a false god, while believing the musings of a false prophet. They bring this culture of killing with them, whether radical or otherwise, to the degree their mosques are true to their religion. They want to establish here, their killing laws of Sharia, which identify us, as believers in God’s truth, being worthy only of death. They cannot think otherwise, if they are Muslims and believers in the Koran. It is a religion that offers them no other option.


 The Donald got it scripturally right again. Not only should all Muslims who want to kill all Christians be stopped from coming to this country, but so should all mosques in America be shut down as the schools they are for teaching a killing religion. Yes, the Donald has got it right; he just doesn’t go far enough. I have to wonder exactly where our good, Christian, GOP members of the liberal, progressive establishment stand on this issue, while so conveniently wearing their Christianity on their sleeves.


Can the Republican Party members really tolerate the fact that someone like Donald Trump can actually hear the people’s cry and respond to the fact that they are fed up with electing a Republican majority, which is being led around by a bunch of politically correct patsies? They are terrified by the thought that their cushy government positions might be taken out from under them. They have no idea of how to deal with a man they cannot control, one who actually hears and responds to the will of the people. Do these phonies not talk about God when it suits them and reject His Word when it means standing on it and His Law against the proponents of liberalism from God?


There is no possible place for Political Correctness, tolerance of sin and the world culture to be blended in with a nation belonging to God and His people. The oil of anointing and the waters of this world will never mix. God is looking for a holy people and not just a spiritual nation with a bottomless, gaping pit of sin in the midst of it. As fast as the living water runs in and around the nation, it will run out the other side, because of its duplicity of nature.


It has been almost inconceivable to me that one man has dared to take on the elite of globalism who are controlling all the strings world-wide, having now infiltrated the religious system of the so-called protectionists of the faith in America. Trying to find a good father of the faith today means, generally, going outside of the religious priesthood. It means one must search for a man or a woman who is not in cahoots with the rising global order. 


And so, we are left with one candidate to whom the people are looking, in the hope that he will be the unstoppable president who will put an end to liberals sucking on the public teat of government. It would appear that we are left with one man whom they all hate, except those inside and outside of America who are bemoaning the loss of America’s greatness under God’s rule. 


His haters are the very ones who claim God, but, in fact, prove to be globalists when one scratches beneath the surface only to discover that which they all seek to disguise. They want to purposely weaken and destroy America from within, so that she will become just another nation caught in the Babylonian system of the world-empire-building nations. It is what is commonly known as the Washington Establishment, which will act and react in accordance with the directions given to it by central, global command.


The Donald maybe lacks the gentility of the phonies, but we have all seen how the Mitt Romney’s of the GOP political system can change when religious apostatism tries to pose as the faith and truth of the true church.  We can see the unifying guns being turned on a man who, whether he knows it or not, is actually standing on scriptural truth with his policies, while the globalists point their guns in readiness to take aim.


The best thing we can do is pray for Donald’s boldness to continue. For not only has he taken on the entire world of empire builders, the globalists, but, also, he has become the center of world attention, as the world watches and waits to see just where we are today on God’s timetable for judgment. 


Will God now allow America to go the religious road of Babel, and march straight into the jaws of the devil, or is there still time for America to become great again in the only way she possibly can? It is by means of a revival, whereby she turns back to God, Himself, and to His Law, so that He, alone, rules over this land we have claimed for Him. We will not be caught praying publically again as a nation to a multiplicity of gods, but rather only to the one, true God, in the name of Jesus Christ.


If God could use a donkey to speak for Him instead of the prophet, then there is no reason why He cannot use a clown to do so, even the Donald.


“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you were born I sanctified you; and I ordained you a prophet to the nations (Jeremiah 1:5).”