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Former Prophetic Message – Cursing or Blessing and a Nation of Two Solitudes

Cursing or Blessing and A Nation of Two Solitudes

Written by Elinor Montgomery –

February 28, 2001


Many years ago, a Canadian writer, named Hugh McLennan, wrote a book called “The Two Solitudes”. It was about two different groups of Canadian people whose cultural ties and backgrounds divide them.  Today, we are a nation of two solitudes not based on language differences, as he based them, but rather based upon the cauldron of soup from which we feed – one, with a vile smell and a dark sulfuric type smoke coming up from it, and the other, a rich garden vegetable mixture with a sweet smelling aroma and pure white steam rising from it. 


Now, we as a nation, which has chosen to endorse a multicultural flavor of mixed religions, is producing a kind of witch’s cauldron of soup, which is like something straight from the pit of hell with the darkness of the deep covering over it. It is full of abominations – pornography, sexual immorality, violence, drugs, tattoos, heavy rock music, evil subliminal messages, abortion, suicide, abuses of every form, with the name of ‘gnosticism’ being given to this brand of soup. It is made from a recipe of ancient eastern religions and cults whose roots are to be found in satanic practices and, today, is being eaten and enjoyed by the secular humanist society. 


We have a choice to make from the menu this nation is offering of one or the other. Many will choose the witch’s cauldron, the choice of the liberal, a group, which does not really care how it affects the growth of our children. In fact, they will refuse to allow any seasonings of prayer, the Bible or God, for they would alter the taste of this concoction, of which they are so fond.  After all, there is no conviction of sin in this soup and you can eat all you like, get as fat as you wish on the riches of the land, without having any concerns about how it affects others. You just eat of it, then go within and meditate on some eastern thought or religion, and finally shout for joy that you have become like Shirley MacLaine, a god like the Most High God. You will have arrived at the place where you think like this great icon of wisdom, which says that everything there is can be found within oneself. 


One gets a kind of perverse enjoyment from eating this soup. Yet, there is always that nagging feeling when you eat of it that your hunger is not being satisfied. The question lingers around it, as to why one would want to eat more and more of something, which seems to bring so much destruction into the lives of those who eat it. Within the group who choose this soup are many youths with painted artificial-looking faces outlined by spiked and violently colored hair, wearing unkempt clothing, generally of a provocative nature. They speak of tolerance but they really hate those who refuse to eat the soup of their choice and are unwilling to share in their liberalism and ‘tolerance’ for all things but the truth. They will leave home for the streets, before listening to their ‘harping parents’ who are at odds with what the systems of the world are teaching the youth of today.


Then, there are those who eat of the hearty garden vegetable variety, with the very roots of this soup going back to the Garden of Creation. Nothing grew there until a mist went up and returned from the heavens to water the whole face of the ground before any plant or herb of the field could grow. This soup has a beautiful aroma, and how joyous and healthy looking are those who eat it! They derive their very life from the Word and their obedience to God’s Laws. They cannot stand the abominations or the odors coming from the witch’s cauldron. Instead, they seek a purity of life and a relationship with God, with their prayers being like a satellite connection to the heavens. They seek to uphold the institution of marriage and the family as the only setting in which to place the security and well-being of their children. They seek to be faithful to God and to serve those around them with the truth. They are willing to fight the battle to keep prayer and the Word in schoolrooms and in courtrooms so that liberty, rather than liberalism, will prevail in the land. 


The Word calls us to be a Voice to the nation. God hated the silence of His people and the fence-sitting religious practices of Israel. Did He not send Elijah to say, “How long will you waver between the two? Either eat the soup of foreigners or eat the garden vegetable soup of the Promised Land.” It is interesting to see how the Promised Land of Israel produced so little in the way of produce for centuries when the foreigners possessed the land. It was dry, lifeless and unattractive. Then God brought back the captives, into the Land with His blessings of bounty and fruitfulness being returned to the people. Now, there are greenery and lushness and the capability for producing a magnificent, hearty vegetable soup upon which the people may feast. This is but a natural picture of a spiritual reality.


The time of decision is upon this nation of Canada. We are going to have to choose which soup we are going to produce in this land. Those who think they can eat of both will be consumed by the witch’s brew just as Adam and Eve wished they had never listened to that wicked controlling spirit of that witch, Jezebel. They were left naked and ashamed of the mess they had made of their beautiful gift of life, which God had given to them. They knew they had destroyed the fruitfulness of the marriage bed, by playing right into Satan’s hands to aid in accomplishing his purposes meant for evil. 


God had warned Adam and Eve about eating of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. He told them not to touch it, or it would bring death to them. Alternatively, His hearty vegetable soup, the garden brand made from the fruit from the tree of life, would give life, joy and peace for evermore. The invitation is there, to eat at the Lord’s Table, but none of the abominations may be brought to it; they must remain outside, at the door. For Jesus is the door, the truth and the Way to life. 


Until this nation closes the door to abominations and opens it to Christ again, we will know no peace. Sure and certain destruction will come upon it, and the abominations we chose will bring sickness and death to the individual and to the nation. Let us join together as the bride of Christ and be a voice speaking life into the land. Let us replace the witch’s cauldron with its multiculturalism and Charter of Rights that lead to liberalism with the truth of God and the liberty, which only His Law can bring. Let us be a voice for the Kingfisher, our Lord, Who seeks to fish us all out from the dark murky seawaters of death, to eat and drink only of the bread and waters of life. As a nation, the door is still open to eat only of the hearty, garden vegetable variety of soup that will nurture our people well.