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Former Prophetic Message From 2002

Twenty-One Days of Prophecy – DAY SIX

Written by Elinor Montgomery –

February 17, 2002


If you rejected Me, Whom the Father sent to you, will you not also reject My messenger whom I have sent to you? Were the prophets not also rejected, who were sent to convict Israel and her rulers of their sinfulness? Has the world ever been willing to listen to the voice of God? Will the nation and the priesthood listen to the voice today that is sent to them? When Elijah was sent as God’s prophet to Israel, he was one among the 450 prophets of Baal, and the 400 prophets of Asherah, whom Queen Jezebel had put in place within the nation. She sought to kill him for coming against her prophets and destroying them. When John the Baptist was sent, he was a voice crying in a wilderness, only to be rejected by a false priesthood, and later, to be beheaded by the rulers in the land. Can you see the pattern of the hearts of religious men toward My messengers?


When I hung on the cross, were those who followed Me, and whom I had loved and trained, standing there with Me? Or did I look down upon the face of three brave and loving women, weeping beside the one apostle, John? Where were the others, one of whom professed his love for Me by declaring that he would willingly follow Me anywhere? One had even placed a price of thirty pieces of silver upon Me as a reward for turning Me over to the authorities who wanted to kill Me. Is it any surprise to you that I revealed Myself first to a woman of passionate love, who wanted nothing more than to cling to Me and be with Me, while the others chose to run in fear before the heat of the enemy, as he came forth in hot pursuit?


Why are you surprised that I might choose the voice of a woman to be My messenger? She has chosen to follow Me to the cross in passionate love. When I called her, she put down the plough immediately and did not look back. She took up her cross beside Me, leaving family and friends, many of whom labeled her a religious fanatic for loving her Lord more than she loved the world. She accepted those whom I gave to her that I might be her Commander-in-chief. I did not have to contend or strive with her own will. You who mock her, have I given you the kind of understanding that reaches into the prophetic depths of My testimony, in the same way that I have given it to her? Have I turned you into a scribe who writes volume upon volume of revelatory truths as I have done with her? Are you willing to give all to Me, even if it means forsaking the comforts of your family, of your friends and of the congregation? Most of all, are you willing to turn over your pulpits and soap boxes that I might speak through you, so that My glory can be revealed, instead of your own? Which do you prefer – the eyes of the television cameras upon you or the eyes of the Lord upon you? She has chosen the best, but with it always comes the same rejection as that of the cross.


You pray to Me, but is it in accordance with your will or with Mine? You pray for your cities, but do you pray for My kingdom to come on earth? You care little or none that your nation does not keep My Law and worship only Me in the land, a land which I gave to you. Yet, you cry My name when disaster hits. You call it the work of evil men, but you do not see that your silence, as My children of Israel who are known by My name, dishonors Me and allows My Law to be taken away. My scribe writes almost weekly to her newspaper in defense of My ways. Do you take the time to write to your newspaper? My scribe spends hours trying to teach you by sending out her writings to you. Do you listen or read them? 


Did I not write that the Spirit and the bride would make the call to those who have ears to hear? Has she ever spoken words that endorse any evildoer or anyone other than Me, the Lord of her life? Has she ever come with a new gospel that does not bounce through the Book of Prophecy, from Genesis to Revelation? Have men of seminary teaching been her teachers, or have I trained her, in the same way that I trained Paul and the others before her? Does she seek the titles of men or desire to be called Reverend? Does she seek the stage and the television cameras, or does she seek Me first?


She has learned to discern the false from the true. She no longer can abide the funerals of man, where the dead bury the dead, so often speaking lies about the destiny of dead men. Because they sat in the institutional church pews in their lifetime, great speeches are made about their now being at peace with the Lord. Indeed, is that really so? Do I want a silent church in My tabernacle of the kingdom, sitting in pews full of the self-righteous, worshipping in the manner of Lucifer, who was cast from the heavens when pride was found in him? 


Have I not called My church to be My army? I have called her to spiritual combat. It took a boy called David, clothed in the armor of the Spirit, to show up the army of Saul, clothed in the armor of man. My young servant did not see the giant of an iron empire, not unlike the emerging giant of another emerging iron empire of today. He saw a giant with feet of iron and clay before the God of his salvation and the Strength of his victory. If a young shepherd boy could show up the army of Saul, why could I not use a woman to throw light on a weak and silent church? She knows she has no strength other than through her faith in Me. She knows that to follow in the footsteps of My leading, means that victory shall be hers. I reveal to her My prophetic plans, before I reveal them to you, as I did to My prophets before her. Yet, you shall try to ignore her, treating her like a disease that might go away if you cease to recognize it. Still, you will gather in groups and pray to Me to reveal Myself to the nation. When I do, you are like the stiff-necked Pharisees waiting for the Messiah to come, not knowing that He is right there, working in your midst.


Woe to a praying group, which lacks discernment and refuses to confront the enemy in battle! I called the people of Israel to take the land, but the spies knew better than Me, Whose voice had been heard by Moses. I called Saul to take up the challenge of the Philistines, but he sat back until a young boy took up the gauntlet in My name and gave all the glory to Me. How long will it take the church to rise up to the call of My voice, or will it ever rise up from its lethargy? 


Did I not give to you the parable of the king who arranged a marriage for his son by sending out his servants to issue the invitation to those who were invited to the feast? But the invited guests were either too busy or unwilling to come. They had other commitments, which took precedence over the king’s feast. Perhaps, they had an important social event or funeral to attend, where it would be much more important for them to be seen by their peers. Well, the king issued a new order to his servants to go out into the highways, and as many as they could find they were instructed to invite to the wedding. It could be said of the church that if it isn’t interested in listening to my invitation, then I will go to the people who are looking for a Shepherd, and who will rejoice at the sound of My voice. I shall issue the order to call those to My feast, whom the world considers to be less than desirable dinner guests. For My eyes see into the hearts of men and women, and I shall open their eyes and ears while, at the same time, blinding and driving away the self-righteous.


Hear the call of the Spirit and the Bride! Do not miss it in the same way that Israel missed the call of John, a voice crying in the wilderness, before Jesus came the first time. The Pharisees were too full of pride to allow anyone to upset their applecart with their stylized prayers in the marketplace, especially anyone claiming to have a direct relationship with God in a special way, which they, themselves, did not have. “Who is He?” they queried. “Look, just look, and compare His radical position to our traditional religious system. How could the background of a peasant Man from Nazareth be compared to our background of Temple training in Jerusalem?” they asked. 


Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees! Beware that you do not fall into the same snare to which their religious pride led them! Now is the time to put on your spiritual armor, for the Lord is calling you into His army. Are you willing to enlist and fight, or will you go down to the same defeat in faithlessness as that of the spies and the army of Saul? Hear the voice of the Kingfisher, the Fisher of men, for He is coming and He is coming soon to fish His own out of the seawaters of this world and to deliver them safely to the living water of the next!