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Former Prophetic Message From 2003

The Angel’s Scroll

Written by Elinor Montgomery –

December 28, 2003


An angel appeared before me in a vision carrying a scroll, and then handed a pen to me saying, “Take up this pen and write.”


This day, in the city of Kingston, a move is born. As the spear pierced His side and water and blood began to flow from His wound, likewise, living water will begin to flow freely from this city, outward to the world. No man can stop what God has put in motion. A voice shall sound, which will echo throughout the whole world. A woman is birthing and a child’s cry is heard. Simple shepherds will come to hear, and there will be no false priesthood at the manger. This is a feeding of truth from the Lord, and it will not be tainted with religion. May those who have ears to hear, hear; may those who have eyes to see, see! Many shall desire to have understanding, but will reject it, when offered by the Lord. Many shall look for positions, but there will be none, for only the Lord is in authority over this move. God said, “Let there be light.” (Genesis 1:3) A bright light shall be seen in the darkness of the times. Rome burned under Nero, but now Romanism shall sizzle under the Antichrist. The fire of the wrath of the Lord has been kindled and is about to put an end to lies and religion, for only truth shall survive.


“Religion has kept the true church in captivity long enough; I am now coming for My bride. Unless she is pure and white like the snow, she shall not be Mine. Mankind has been wallowing in impurity and sexual immorality long enough. I cursed Canaan and I destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. Will I do any less this day? My apostles walked the walk of the way, the truth and the life. I washed their feet clean of the dust of the world. Now, My bride’s feet will be washed clean in the Word, and she, too, will be as My apostles, freed from religion to be a voice for truth. She will be a fisher of men, for I am her Lord and King, and there is no other. I am the Kingfisher and High Priest, and no man shall have authority over her, but I. She shall respond to My slightest leading, with all doors open to her, for I have given to her the grain of Joseph, which will be the only feeding that will save in this time of famine.


Biblical mistranslations and the watering of the Word have led to a distortion of the truth. I will not allow My Word to be changed or altered. I will see My bride speaks only the truth. Here is the scroll I read to you, My child. Read it and eat it, for it has a bittersweet flavor. It brings with it the gift of life, but rejection of it will lead to death. Man has always preferred the lies of Satan to the truth, but I have removed all scales of blindness from the eyes of My bride just as I removed them from Paul’s eyes. Religious blindness will no longer keep her tied to systems of religion, or to denominations of Christianity. She shall be free of it all, as she soars on eagles’ wings while others remain floundering on the ground, trapped in the systems of man. Rome was brought to her knees once, but she shall rise, and very soon, only to be destroyed forever by the fire of My judgment. Nero had his day of burning, now I shall have My vengeance on the system that killed My greatest fishermen. I shall raise up new fishers of men, the voice of which will see Romans tremble in fear everywhere.”


The world shall know that God has spoken, for this is the voice of His eternal partner, which shall be the last voice to be heard speaking in harmony with the Spirit. The Spirit shall give her the words and lead her in all things, for she is obedient and faithful, having no other idols before her Lord. His will is her will, and His kingdom shall be her kingdom. She is the vessel and His Spirit fills her like the smoke filling the temple. She worships in perfect worship in spirit and in truth. No building could contain her, for like Paul, she is in the boat of the Lord and moves where the wind moves her. The bite of the Antichrist shall be as the bite of the serpent. It is harmless to her, for she does not accept any lies or religion in her life. She feeds on the truth that saves. She is on the way to the kingdom, and a great light shall be seen as she walks the perfect walk on the path to salvation. There is only one way and one truth, and He is the Light of the world. As God has said before, “Let there be light”, now is the hour, again, when the fullness of the Gentiles is complete and the believer has become the true Jew, for The Light to enter the world one more time.


And the angel completed the message and then departed.