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Former Prophetic Message – Ship of Fools – A Warning


Written by Elinor Montgomery –

January 18, 2002


This article was preceded by a vision. I was standing holding Jesus’ hand when out of the mist, immediately before me, loomed the hulk of an immense towering ship, so close I could have touched it. I realized that because it was coming toward me, it carried a message that was intended for America. Judgment is coming upon this land, a judgment of a Titanic nature, which will take many unsuspecting people down with it. We are walking around in the fog of our own pride that says we no longer need God, that we can go it alone and on our own. The Church has been deceiving her people and has not been a light to the nation, a light that God commanded His people Israel to be to all nations. This is the Word as spoken to me by God… 


And so continues the dancing on the Titanic, as the great iron ship suddenly appears out of the darkness to come face to face with the iceberg, the frozen seawater that will strike against her, slicing a deadly gash in her side. The ship shall be pierced in its side, as surely as the evil dwelling in the same seawaters pierced the side of Jesus. God uses evil to destroy evil, and Jesus on the cross, took all of the sins of man upon His shoulders, that they might be removed from our lives, not merely covered over with a flood. This is the promise of the rainbow to Noah that in a covenant of mercy and love, the Light, broken for you and me, would restore man by taking evil away, not by merely covering it over. He will take His people out from the institutions of this world, over which false religion and idols rule under Satan, the father of lies. His empire building, moving toward a One World Order, shall at last be struck by the rock that hits at the feet of iron and clay, and the last satanic empire shall fall and go down, as did the Titanic to its watery grave, carrying with her all the evil of this world. 


The Titanic is the picture of a ship of fools about to drown in their own pride, believing that not even God could destroy that mighty mass of floating iron. It was a display of opulence, of richly decorated quarters and public assembly rooms, with such elaborate furnishings as no other ship had ever seen before. It was meant for first class sea travel in a style that would be the grandest that the world had ever offered. The shipping line was in a race for position, to show itself to be the biggest and the fastest of its day. The owner and the first-class passengers, generally speaking, were men and women who were accustomed to using their money to display their position and wealth. Unfortunately, this ship also had a section for passengers of very meager means, who were locked into the lower decks by the crew. They could be compared to a flock of sheep locked into a place of sure death, as they faced a coming disaster, by a priesthood, which had been given the master’s keys to salvation, but refused to use them to open doors, choosing rather to close them with apostasy. Pride was at its height, as the beautiful people strutted their ‘stuff’ that fateful night. At the same time, the crew was ignoring all the warning signs of the possible threat of icebergs in the vicinity, yet obeying the order to keep up the speed. It was to be business as usual, no matter what the danger might have been to the passengers and crew alike. This was a ship plowing through the seawaters at a reckless speed in the darkness and the chill of the night. 


There was a stillness on the seawaters that lured her on and into danger. There also was an attitude that nothing could happen to her. Her staff was depending on man’s knowledge, and was not behaving in a manner that showed respect for the laws that rule over the sea. She was moving like a ‘grande-dame of the sea’, in a rebellious and haughty manner, too imperious to heed the natural signs of danger that should have given the ship’s crewmembers grave concern. It was the kind of response that we see today, as man rebels against the Law of God that gives liberty, while choosing the liberalism of secular humanism instead, that says “I know my rights, I have knowledge, I have prosperity, I am responsible for my own successes, so why should I be grateful to and obey a God I no longer fear?” Oh yes, this ship of fools, whose passengers thought themselves wise, had become a tragedy waiting to happen. It was totally dependent on the sea to keep it afloat. Yet the heart of Satan who comes out of the sea was as ice, a cold heart without love, set on the icy cold death of his followers. He knows his time is short before he goes down, and he wants to clutch at as many as possible, to take them with him. Misery loves company, and he desires to take the whole world in a One World Order, locked in by his religion of ancient Gnosticism, now known as new age thinking, but really nothing more than a revival of old religious thought from the empires of ancient times. 


Yes, the iron empire of Rome is reviving, with all the immorality that caused its downfall the first time, along with much more of the same added to it. The Roman Empire, well preserved in the institutional church, shall fill all the other systems of man as well now, the political, the economical and the social systems that run on the strength of religion and not on the power of Jesus Christ, the only power that can propel us forward along the path of the Way to the kingdom. The Lord of Israel was one and the same as the Lord of the Cross, but she knew Him not. Her disbelief does not change the truth. He is her salvation, but it does not come through bloodline. At the cross, salvation became the blessing heaped on the second company of Jacob, symbolized by the child Benjamin, born of Rachel, who died in Bethlehem giving birth to her second son, who represents the believer. This is the true Jew. The nation by bloodline is dancing with the others upon the ship of fools. Unless they are in the lifeboats, offered to the woman and the child, the bride of Christ, birthing the adopted son of God as sister and spouse for Jesus, then “they ain’t goin’ nowhere except down.”


Only Satan could fool the world into thinking that moving iron cities floating on seawater are impermeable to the power of the living water, the rock of ages, and the light of the world. Jesus carries all of these attributes within Himself, but He comes in the fire of the burning bush that is never consumed, or it could be more clearly stated that He will come in the fire of His judgment. In New York, the strike against the towers, built on the seawaters of trade, took place in a manner reminiscent of the destruction that took place in the city of Tyre, centuries before. Ezekiel tells us Satan was the prince of Tyre, and he most certainly was the prince of the World Trade Center towers of today. They were black structures on the horizon. They depended on the computer in every office, but were there many, if any, that depended on the name of Jesus in those towers? They depended on the seawater upon which trade is carried out, but did many, if any, depend on the living water? The dead were considered the innocent, not deserving to die in such a way, while the terrorists were sought as the guilty, worthy of death. But were the so-called innocent American people not required to bear their share of the burden of guilt every bit as much as the terrorists from Muslim countries, who attacked her? Was this really just an act of terrorism or was it an act of judgment as well, with the fire of God coming down upon America in warning of a much greater judgment to come? For did not the people of America represent the majority of people in those buildings, and are they not a people who have rejected the name of Jesus and the law of God’s commandments, upon which the liberty of this country was founded? The law of God is the law of liberty (James 2:12.) and the Statue of Liberty is meaningless unless the hand of this nation is in the hand of God. Were these same innocent people not the same Americans, who in the last few years have murdered millions of innocent babies, while seeing no fault in their dastardly deeds of abortion and murder of the innocent? 


And what did we do after this event of September 11th? We cried to God, but said we must not do so in the name of Jesus. We prayed as governments and legislative bodies, but we forbade the children to pray in schools. We did not return to God and repent of our sins, instead we pointed to the speck in our brother’s eye, while refusing to look at the plank in our own. We labeled them as the ‘bad guys’, and then we formed alliances with those countries, which kill and persecute Christians and Jews daily, in staggering numbers. We simply chose to overlook this fact, as we joined in ungodly unions and married the foreigners, choosing their idols and praying along with them to their gods. At the same time in this country of America we have found it expedient, from the point of view of maintaining political correctness, to remove from before these worshippers of foreign gods, the offense of the name of our own God, called Jesus, who has been our rock of ages and protection in this land.


The Lord is looking upon us and laughing while saying, “You mighty men of valor, you don’t have the strength of Gideon, without Me. Do you still not know, after four millennia of telling you, that I am the strength and power of Israel? Do you not know that My kingdom will come with or without you? Do you not know that I provide enough lifeboats for everyone, if you would only be wise enough to get into them? The seawaters of Satan will take the great ships of this world and all of the iron empire down with it, but I will give you life. America, do not look to ungodly alliances for your salvation. Look to Me, for I am coming, and I am coming soon, as the rock that will strike at the feet of iron and clay. I shall surely not allow any crew into the lifeboats that resembles my priesthood, which has chosen to use the keys to lock in any of my flock. I gave the keys to my apostolic church for the purpose of salvation only. My wrath shall be greatest upon them.”


Lift up your eyes and look up, for your redemption draws near. Do not look to the right and do not look to the left, but keep your eyes upon Jesus. For just as looking upon the rod that lifted up the snake in the wilderness brought healing to the Israelites, so too will Jesus give you life where there is none without Him. He was lifted up as He bore our sins on the cross that we might be healed of our wickedness. He is the rock of our salvation. Do not let the rock of the seawaters take you down, for the ship is coming out of the mist and is surely headed for disaster.