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Former Prophetic Messages 2001

Thus Saith the Lord – 3

By Elinor Montgomery –

November 17, 2001


            Thus saith the Lord. My people do not humble themselves, nor do they return to Me. They have raised their prayers as children crying for a supper that has been taken away from them. They are children of blindness, for they know not My Word. They walk in darkness feeding the little ones upon monster movies and Harry Potter. 


            They do not understand the meaning of My mountain, the mountain of God, where I met with Moses in the burning bush. This was on holy ground, and I required that Moses recognize where he was standing, by removing his sandals in My presence, before coming close to Me. He saw that the bush was not consumed as it burned, and that I spoke to him from this same bush. I have spoken to America and the world from the towers of man in a fire that caused these towers to crumble in such a manner that the burning did not stop for days. It is the same fire of judgment that Moses saw when he looked upon the bush. It was a warning that I gave to My people, as they watched the burning towers of New York, which would be no more. This is a city of trade, not unlike Tyre, whose king was Satan himself (see Ezekiel 28:12). Solomon spoke the truth when he said, “The Lord said he would dwell in the dark cloud (1 Kings 8:12).” I was present in that dark cloud that went up over those towers. My anger is upon My people. A second dark cloud has gone up over New York, and still my people pray for their supper, yet they will not repent and turn back to Me. Where is My church? Is she speaking smooth talk, or is she warning the people of their wickedness? The military chaplains of your armies in Canada are admonished by the chaplain general in Ottawa, to be careful that My name is not exalted, that it even be removed from prayer lest it offend. I am the Chaplain General, and was I not always an offense to the world? But I say to you, the chaplaincy, ‘Dare you agree, that if My name is an offense in this country that you shall not speak it?’ You are called by My name to be a light to the world, and how can you be a light if you hide it under a bushel? Great shame shall come upon you. Woe to America, from whom I have lifted My hand of protection. Woe to a people, who hide their light.


On My same mountain of judgment, I gave the law of the covenant, the law and commandments that would keep a nation strong and free in liberty. The command was to worship only Me in all of the land, and to not worship or endorse the gods of the native peoples. I commanded Joshua to rid the land of all idols and carved images of the Canaanites. I forbade them to marry the wives of the foreigners as you are doing with the Muslims and Hindus and other foreigners that you are bringing into this land. Their gods come with them, and they shall be a stumbling block for you.


Now, hear the words of My messenger. I have set before you a smoking oven and a burning torch, as I showed your father Abraham, with whom I made My covenant. You shall be a light to the nations or you shall experience the burning oven. I am a righteous God and My judgments are perfect. Do not cry ‘mercy’, for I have extended My mercy while My wrath is building against you, with your evil and violent ways, your immoral sexuality and your murderous actions. You have been completely unconcerned for My children who know nothing of My Word, and have even forbidden them to hear it or to pray to Me in their classrooms. You are destroying the laws of liberty, which your fathers of confederation gave to you, as a result of being in covenant with Me and of honoring My Word. Now I will remove your liberty in this land and make you like the Muslim nations and all the other nations of the world, which live by the sword instead of by My word. But you, My true church, I shall bring forth as a woman in labor wearing the apostolic crown, birthing the children of God, the Israelites with whom I shall dwell forever. I shall raise her up on eagle’s wings, and take her to a place of protection, for My judgment is about to begin.


Repent, I say, repent and return to Me, for the hour is late, and darkness lies over the sea!


            The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding (Proverbs 9:10).




By Elinor Montgomery –

November 27, 2001


Now hear My words! You are a stiff-necked people, who have refused to hear the words of My messenger. You have mocked her and have said “Who is she to speak such harsh words to us?” Such has always been the nature of Israel as she killed My prophets, whom I sent to a rebellious people. Canada is more rebellious than all of the others, and I shall break her neck and cripple her so that she walks not with a limp but rather walks not at all. She shall learn to lean on Me. I showed her how I can bring down the towers of trade in less than one hour, towers so carefully constructed in man’s strength. Now watch Me, to see how quickly I can bring this nation to her knees.


Her response to My judgment was to have a generic, no-name type of national service on her Capital Hill. And to whom did they bow their heads? The people are as sheep, looking to leaders to lead them, and they were led to the edge of the cliff. Their Prime Minister’s name is ‘Chrétien’. He attends church under the name of Christian and yet he dares to mock My name and My laws, the very laws of My covenant! He is blind to the truth, and continues to be led by the darkness that surrounds him. Woe to foolish, foolish men that set themselves up above My law. I raise up leaders and I destroy them as quickly as I point My finger and breathe on them. Nothing can withstand the breath of My mouth, the breath that was breathed into their nostrils that gave to them life. With the same breath I take it away.


            I am the God Who gave life to this nation, and I am the God Who can take it away. I blessed you beyond all the nations of the world. I gave you peace in this land so that in My name you might be a light to the world. Your armies fought for God and freedom, and you shared in the victory, which I gave to them. The war did not reach the shores of this land, for I had dominion from sea to sea. Brave men died crying out to Me, and I heard their prayers. How your military chaplains have now disgraced Me! They have brought forth an edict, for which they are in agreement as sheep, to remove My prayer, the very one I gave to you while I was with you, that you might pray to the Father of all mankind in My name. I left My words to guide you, but you mock them as you mock My messenger and say “Of what importance are those words?” She can teach the people more than these chaplains ever knew, for I have not revealed truth to them as I have to her. She could ask them, or any theologian for that matter, questions for which they would have no answers. But to her I have opened the Scriptures. She knows the importance of My dealings with the nation Israel, and how the nation was a guideline to modern Israel. She would have to tell them just what that is, for they know nothing and think they are wise, but they are fools, more interested in fool’s gold than the treasures which I offer them. She knows how many I took out of captivity in Egypt to cross through the sea and into the wilderness, and how few of those same liberated Israelites actually reached the land of promise, and why they failed to do so. But you, foolish men, are like the Israelites, who wanted to go back to Egypt after I had removed the burden of the yokes around their necks. In the same way your necks were freed of the burden of captivity, because you worshipped only Me in this land. But now, by My hand I will break those same necks.


            Hear My words! Get down on your knees while you are still able and while there is still time, before you are crippled. How ever much it takes to bring you to this place of humility before Me, I will do it. I will do this thing that I say, and I shall raise up the voice of My bride that shall separate the sheep which know my voice from the shepherds who lead the flock to destruction.


            Repent, I say, repent! For I am coming quickly and My judgment shall be sure and My hand swift to act. Return to Me, or else My judgment you shall see.