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Former Prophetic Messages 2002 & 2001

Prophetic Warning For Church And Nation
Written by Elinor Montgomery –
December 10, 2002


Write these words. Speak them in their hearing.


Israel was Mine, but I was not hers. She never knew Me. My apostles knew Me. They came out of the nation. She was the gateway to the coming new city, but My apostles laid the foundation. They were My church, but what is this thing that is called an institution, that sets her own rules and her own doctrine with her own hierarchy of priests? Did the Levitical priesthood not stop with John the Baptist, when I was born the Son of man? My birth is about the birth of a priest/king line. If the Levitical priesthood ceased, then who is man that he should set up another system? The Lord Himself called forth apostles to preach the Word into all the world. He did not call them priests, for their job was not to carry out ritualistic practices. They were not called to set up more temples so that dead buildings of hand-hewn stones could be called churches, churches in My name.


What is Christianity, does it point to Christ, or is it one more man-made religion? Does its institutions not know what the prophets said? Do they not know the day is coming when I will set up My government on this earth? Isaiah 33:22 – For the Lord is our judge, for the Lord is our lawgiver, for the Lord is our King. He will save us. Why, O foolish nations of America, do you turn away from Me and turn to Egypt for your help and your strength? You say not My name, but I hear the name of Allah throughout your land. My name is whispered, but Allah’s is shouted in your universities, in your courts, in your parliaments. You give them rights, but you give Me none. Was it Allah who gave you this land? Was it Allah who made you a strong nation in liberty? Look to the East – do you see any Muslim country that is strong in the name of liberty under My law of liberty (see James 2:12), or do you see murder, killings and genocides. 

Foolish people, do you not know the Word, the very Word you used to give to all people coming into this land? Do you not know the Word is and was your source of blessing? You have robbed your children of the Word, but have fed them pornography, homosexuality, violence and suggested alternate lifestyles, alternate to that which is righteous and good for them. You are making them victims of plagues, and meat for the harlot that roams this earth luring her prey into the snare that will kill them. O foolish people, are you blind to your own perversity? Do you not see AIDS encroaching on the nations, as immorality and the abomination increase? Are you so afraid of man in your political correctness that you no longer fear Your God? Have you no fear of the bread of adversity and the waters of affliction (see Isaiah 30:20)? Isaiah 29:16 – Surely you have things turned around. Shall the potter be esteemed as the clay, for shall the thing made say of him who made me, “He did not make me”?  You evolutionists, you think yourselves wise, but you are fools. In the day of the great slaughter, when the towers fell (see Isaiah 30:25), there was a big bang, but it did not bring forth life, it destroyed it. Is it destruction or life you teach, you foolish teachers of evolution?


O foolish generation, which has lost sight of its Godly ancestors! They, who established this land on Biblical truths and the Law of the One True God, cry out with the cry of Rachel for her children. The foundation of the true church shakes as the institutions called Christianity join the enemy. She is getting ready to break forth in truth. You, who call yourself the church, your iniquity shall be to you like a breach ready to fall, a bulge in a high wall (see Isaiah 30:13). You watched in silence as Jezebel entered this nation and entered through your gateways, guarded by priests in black robes who welcomed her. This is your day, but like those you destroyed, you will be destroyed. My imprisoned true church shall burst forth from the crumbling imprisoning walls and once more become a voice for the gospel.


This will be My bride, My pillars of the New Jerusalem. Let this nation hear her voice that calls with the Spirit! You foolish men, who have trusted in Egypt and are sons of Eve, hear the voice of My bride, lest the serpent ensnares you and wraps its deadly body around you. It will squeeze out of you the breath of life that I breathed into you. If it is from a beast you desire to come, then it is as a beast you will become. Choose this day whom you will follow, for I am coming, and I am coming soon. Great will be the judgment that comes with Me.




Prophetic Message From Daniel
Written by Elinor Montgomery –
Friday, Jan. 12, 2001


Daniel speaks prophetically of the true church, the bride, who will not compromise under the oppressive ruler-ship of religious empires that take her into captivity. Daniel speaks of the one called to lead the companions, the same companions we see in Song of Solomon Chapter 8:13. All will be tested by the ruling powers of religion. The Nebuchadnezzar of Daniel’s empire corresponds directly to the antichrist religious leader of the revived Roman Empire so very soon to surface as the EU becomes the 10 horns spoken of in Daniel’s vision. Like Daniel and his companions, the bride and her companions will be of no blemish. These young men refused the food and drink of the king. They drank only of that acceptable to God, and the men grew fatter and better than the others. Thus the bride will neither eat of the food nor drink of the dark water of the newly forming world religion of Satan and his empire. God made these young men knowledgeable, wise, skilled in writing, but to Daniel He gave the supernatural power to interpret visions and dreams. God will not choose great church leaders nor any other powerful religious leaders to be His messengers. He will work with a bride who through her own weakness will point to the power and glory of God, as He does supernatural works through her. The understanding of the bride will come from the Lord Himself, not from man.

The image of a statue given to Nebuchadnezzar in a dream was symbolic of the world empires of false religious power, power allowed by God to serve the purposes of God. This statue was made up of the different metals of Religion. But God will bring forth a rock (Jesus, the Cornerstone) that will crush all other parts of the statue of the religious empires of the world. Nebuchadnezzar made a statue to himself, a huge idol of the world’s gold and required that all the people of all the provinces should unite and bow down to worship only his idol. The gold of this idol represents the bad gold of false religion. As opposed to that, the gold of God was the good gold, which was used as a symbol of His holiness and His power. He covered the Ark of the Covenant with this gold. Why were the people not allowed to enter the Holy of Holies where the ark dwelled? One could only enter into the presence of God in perfect purity and with gratitude. Only the Saviour could open the veil that hid the Ark, and it is only through Him you can go directly to the Father. In Daniel it describes the use of music for worshipping. This will be used by the antichrist, indwelled by Satan, who was once Lucifer, the worship leader of heaven before he fell. We are hearing just such foul music today that is full of evil content. Some of it has even entered the institutional church, as holiness is replaced with rock and rap. This will make the deception complete as Satan goes after the companions of the bride, and will try to cast them into the fiery furnaces of hell. But the seal of the Lord’s protection is on them and the fires cannot hurt them for Jesus is walking with the bride. Nebuchadnezzar was forced to bow before the obvious power of the God of Israel, a power revealed through the uncompromising stand of the companions of Daniel. Only a stand by a true and uncompromising church that will not bow to any decree that would compromise her belief in Jesus will carry the torch and the light to the nation. Freedom and democracy were given to Christians in this land, not to be silent, but to be firm in their faith, so that they, like Daniel could be an example to the ruling powers of the land.


The fate of Nebuchadnezzar to dwell as the beasts for a period of 7 years corresponds to world governments and empires of the Beast called Satan, which would rule over man for the 7000 years period of his history, in compliance with man’s choice made in the garden, to worship the beast, instead of being obedient to God. Then like the rulers of all the nations of the world in the millennial rule, Nebuchadnezzar would come to know who the Most High God was and would bow down before Him as will all nations bow before Jesus. The lures of Lucifer that took a third of the angels with him when he fell were to be tested on all men. No one would be allowed to enter the gates of the New Jerusalem who was defiled with the sin of man. All must overcome the idols that point to self instead of God, the prideful nature, which God so hates, as He did when Nebuchadnezzar who had made the biggest gold idol of all and required the nation to bow to it and to him. Satan always seeks to make nations captive to his spell. Yet ultimately, God will be victorious and even the power of Satan now filling the earth, will become nothing before the great and mighty power of our great and mighty God.