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Former Prophetic Messages 2002-2004, 2nd Edition

1. Blackout Prophecy

August 16, 2003, 2 a.m.


Thus saith the Lord! Disaster will come upon you, O Nation that refused My name, you whom I brought to a new world, to whom I gave liberty. Your fathers struggled to set before you a land, which I would rule, but you have given this heritage away. You have allowed other gods to have equal place with Me; worse, you have denied My name as that of the One and only True God. You allow Easterners to take this land I gave to My church, the one whose pulpits were aflame with righteousness, that children might be taught truth and morality by My Word and My Law. Your universities were founded on Biblical truths, and the children prayed together and heard words of truth spoken to them.


Now, look at the disease that pervades the schools and universities. It is a disease of religion and lies that has replaced My Word. They are dying from lack of feeding. This is a perverse and lost generation that knows not right from wrong. Sexual sin abounds and the teachers teach them the ways of abominations. They are sick with their drugs, and they are lured by what they call music. It is not music but profanities being shouted to a beat.


Thus saith the Lord! I will remove their high towers and all the riches of the land that I have given them. I am only warning them of the darkness that will come upon them. Lights will be scarce across their cities and food even scarcer. The blessings I poured on this land will be taken away, for you have shown no gratitude to Me. You saw your successes as your own. You once fought for liberty, but gave it up for liberalism and multiculturalism. Your fathers died for liberty, but now liberty will die because of you. I will chastise you and humble you until you bow before Me, and know that I am the Lord your God. I am the Creator, and My Word is truth. Woe to you, fools, who laughed at My Word and called the believers fundamentalists. Your hearts are far from truth, and you have no understanding. I gave you prophecy, but you have ignored it as a non-existent fact of the Bible. You dissect My Word like one cuts into a cadaver, choosing to throw away that which does not fit your understanding. I have warned of the danger of altering My Word. 


Now, I shall put you to the test, you, O Harlot, that refused My love. I shall loosen the seawaters to come over the land. I will burn your forests with fire, flatten your wheat, and pollute your waters. I will bring pestilence upon you, and you shall be ravaged with disease. For I am the Lord your God and have spoken. I will show no mercy for your evil ways, for I have sent My prophet before you and you reject her as a fool, but you, O proud ones, are the fools. You shall have your possessions removed and your goods destroyed. You will come to hate Babylon, the object of your affection, for its heart is to destroy you, and you shall receive the longings of your own hearts.


Repent and hear the last call, or be doomed to eternal damnation. The King is coming, and He is coming soon.



2. Coming Out Of Egypt

February 10, 2004


What does coming out of Egypt really mean to the Israelite and to the church today? The nation Israel sets before us the pattern of things to come for spiritual Israel, so we must examine every detail to discern the importance of the prophetic message. It is all part of the testimony of prophecy that informs and blesses the believer. “Behold, I am coming quickly! Blessed is he who keeps the words of the prophecy of this book (Revelation 22:7).” “Keeping the words” means we must incorporate the messages of prophecy into our very being, for they will be our guidelines for the days ahead that are going to be treacherous for those clinging to religion and not to truth. The testimony of truth is the testimony of Jesus, and only that will keep us safely locked to Him.


Pharaoh always is pictured with his gold headgear, and foremost on the front of it, over his forehead, is the symbol of the snake. He is the symbol of governmental power, of the economic power and the religious power that take God’s people captive. The government is the government of man, set up in the garden by Satan, which is in disobedience to God’s rulership and in rebellion to Him. The lie that God’s Word is not truth and that man can be like Him but without Him – when accepted by man brings liberalism into our lives, liberalism from His law, and liberty goes out the window as liberalism comes in. The belief of Adam and Eve in accepting the lie, introduced religion or a system of beliefs that depends on man’s assessment of good and evil rather than on God’s law. It leads to doctrines rather than decrees. In its full-blown growth, it becomes what we call Gnosticism and secular humanism. It becomes the pursuit of knowledge as opposed to understanding. Only the prophetic testimony of truth in the Word gives understanding. Once we see and understand that the gold points to the nature of worship, then we can separate the good gold of Havilah from the gold that sits on Pharaoh’s head calling all of religious Egypt to worship and bow to him. His sword, like all empire leaders, keeps the worship on him and his empire that depends on the gold of the world to keep it strong. This is in direct opposition to the believer who finds his strength, not in the things of this world, but in God.


Israel had grown under this religious system begun in the garden, but the time had come when God’s plan was to take His people, Israel, into a land separate and apart from Egypt – a land of their own where they could worship the one true God and honor His Word as truth. This points us to two different lands at two different times for the two separate but related companies of Israel that crossed over the Jordan with Jacob. The dual nature of Israel was revealed in the Bible in the same chapter of Genesis that, for the first time, saw Jacob called Israel. He had declared he was in the company of a double camp and he called the place Mahanaim, meaning the double camp (see Genesis 32). This is not replacement theology – this is the truth of the Word that declares the dual nature of Israel from the prophetic testimony of the first book of the Bible concerning Israel. There was always a crossover blessing in the bosom of Abraham from the time his wife Sarah birthed Isaac, even though both his sons would receive an inheritance, but only the line of Isaac, Abraham’s second-born, would receive the father’s full inheritance. 


Throughout history of the nation, Israel, the pattern has always been that of the second-born receiving the father’s inheritance. Israel was a divided nation, just as the tribes were divided into two companies. Always, the kingdom message of salvation points to the dual nature of the nation and the spiritual nation known as the church. The inheritance is taken from the first and given to the second. But the first is never forgotten, only set aside until she is gathered back to the land and in place for the judgment that will come on both nation and spiritual nation. Both are on board the Titanic of our times, and unless they receive salvation in the woman’s boat, they will surely go down like the rest of the gentile world. At the cross, there is a paradigm shift while the Israelite becomes the gentile, and the gentile is brought into Israel. Without a belief in the saving power of Jesus, no one, but no one, regardless of bloodline, will be allowed to come to the Father, for He is the only Way, the truth and the life. There is no replacement theology here, there is simply the coming into the fullness of either truth or religion in every man’s life, and a heart response to Jesus and the Word will be the determining factor regarding whether or not we will be eternally in the House of God, the House of His people, Israel.


The prophecy to all of this rests in the Passover. It was the time to kill the lamb and place its blood on the door post. It was the time to eat only unleavened bread. It was the time when the firstborn that were in religion were killed, and those within the nation Israel were saved, provided they fulfilled the blood and leaven requirement. Bitter herbs were mixed in with it, for this would be no fun time. Though it were like honey to come out of Egypt, the experience would be bitter with the eating and coming out. It is in Exodus, and again related to John as he ate the scroll. Coming out of the world and into the Kingdom is a birthing experience that is both wonderful and painful at the same time. Who placed this curse on man? Man himself did when he chose to believe Satan, the father of religious lies instead of listening to God’s Word. The blood points to the blood of Jesus, and it must be seen visibly by God in our hearts – the very door post of our entrance to the Kingdom. Jesus made it clear that the religion of the Pharisees is the leaven that fills the loaf with sin. Unless we remove all of the sin of religion in our lives, we are not fulfilling the requirements of Passover or the passage from life on earth to eternity in the Kingdom. Our dependency must be totally on Jesus who is truth, and not on religion, which is of the devil.


The firstborn, the nation, went into the land of Israel, a land suitable in size for a small nation to cope, but not until the wilderness experience had cleansed them of the disobedient and saw a nation circumcised in the flesh. Spiritual Israel was allowed, likewise, to grow within the Roman system of religion until God began a purification of the system after years in the dark ages of the religious governing by the sword. A purified church came out and into the truth of the Word, and was taken to America where a land suitable in size was given to a growing body of believers. Yet, she too went back into the world of the worst idolatry of all – secular humanism, where the power is found within, and in the Gnostic where man depends on his knowledge rather than the wisdom that comes with the fear of God. Israel was driven from the land. Will America see any less judgment come upon her? Israel became captive to the empire building of Satan as the promises of all the prophets were fulfilled. 


I say to you, America will become captive to the empire building of the religious governments of the East for the very same reasons the nation of Israel fell prey. Israel was told to destroy completely all the Canaanites in order to get rid of religion in the land. They did not obey. America was given the law of God and the Word so spiritual Israel could be the light of the West shining in brilliance to the East, but she failed to keep the torch high as her Statue of Liberty displayed it. She failed to keep the Passover that would protect her firstborn from death.


Now the Passover rests on the bride, the true Jew and the true Israel that will see the Kingdom and become part of the House of God. It is up to her to place the blood on the door and eat no leaven of the priesthood. She must be pure and without any spots of religion on her. Her dependency must be on Jesus and on Him only, as no religion is left in the body, which will be called to testify for the last time of truth to the world. Her love for her Beloved will keep her strong and her hatred for religion will keep Satan at arm’s length. She will be the apostolic voice for the truth of the gospel that the church was called to be. This is a woman with liberty written all over her as she holds the torch high, for religion has no claim on her life. She truly is the captive set free and she will share with her Beloved the only feast that counts – the wedding feast of the Lamb.



3. Solomon’s Failure

November 8, 2002


If Jesus is not your beloved, He is not yours at all. If you love the world more than Him, then you are of this world and your sights are not set on eternity.


Yes, He is altogether lovely. This is my Beloved. Of His bride He says, You have ravished My heart, My sister, My spouse. How fair is your love, My sister, My spouse. She says to the Daughters of Jerusalem, For I am lovesick. The Beloved says, I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys. Like a lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters. The message of the Song of Songs is profound and prophetic. There are the two companies of Israel called the Daughters of Jerusalem, who have failed to be a beloved or espoused of the Lord. He has been like a lily among thorns to them, for their hearts have looked upon Him, but have turned away. The Shulamite fascinates them, for she trusts in the absolute truth of the Word, and she adores her Beloved. They cannot understand this, for they have joined the world in compromise. What is it she sees? they wonder, for they do not know Him as she knows Him. They feel no passion. They want to know what is so special about Him, an ordinary shepherd, when they see all the gold and glitter of Solomon. In fact, they might even fantasize about possibly being in his harem of queens, concubines and virgins, and enjoying all the pampering and riches this world has to offer. 


Oh yes, Solomon is the anti-type of the Beloved, because his brides become an acquisition to him. They are part of his economic plan for marrying into the nations of the world and acquiring their power and riches through his wives. But then, they are expendable, in as much as they have been purchased for the wrong purposes. Love is not the foundation of Solomon’s relationships with his brides. It is a lust for women and a lust for riches. His wives are not important to him. They only serve in the total scheme of his plans for empire building. 


How this contrasts to our shepherd lover and His bride. His love is for His only one. She is as a dove and is perfect in His eyes. Always, His bride will be a cherished individual as though there were no other like her. She is as one with her Beloved. Did Solomon ever experience this oneness with his wives? How could he? They were full of spots and wrinkles and drew him into idol worship, or witchcraft, and rebellion to God. He submitted to and joined the world of Satan. His became a world of lust, not of love. Who were the men around Solomon’s couch? They were men of the sword. Who were Jesus’ followers? They were the apostles, to whom the Lord commanded that they put away their swords (Peter’s experience in the garden). Of what did Solomon smell? He smelled of trade and the wealth of the world. His was not the scent of the flowers of the garden. S of S 3:6 Perfumed with myrrh, frankincense, with all the merchants’ fragrant powder. The bride of Revelation is as a pillar of the New Jerusalem. What was Solomon? He was as pillars of smoke. Does this not speak of the final judgment on the harlot of Satan, the harlot, from whose ashes will be seen only smoke ascending after the fire has come down upon her?


Now, why would the Holy Spirit give such a man as Solomon such a beautiful love story to write? Herein lies the answer to the question. He was led by the Spirit and did not write by his own power, wisdom or understanding. I believe that before Solomon wrote this song, he wrote many Proverbs, followed by Ecclesiastes, his book of futility. Solomon put his wisdom down on paper, and it served Israel, but he could not serve himself by his own power. In all his wisdom, he had not learned the fear of the Lord, which is the beginning of real wisdom. If he had had that fear, he would never have disobeyed God’s commandments. He could build a temple to God, but like all the temples and churches that would follow, they were made of cut stone and were of man’s works. Only God could build a lasting temple through the true Son of David, the coming Lord of Israel, Jesus Christ. Solomon, like the Antichrist to follow, wanted to be that person. They wanted to be like the Most High God. But as in the case of the Antichrist, the number 666 would mark Solomon, who had the mark of the beast all over him (see 1 Kings 10:14 and 2 Chr. 9:13). He was wise in Israel’s eyes, but was he wise in God’s eyes? Was he the kind of son God wanted, the one we see coming forth in Revelation 12? 


Ecclesiastes was the great message of the futility of man when he chooses the world over God. The Daughters of Jerusalem are a clear message to the state and church, the two companies, of how little they ever really knew Elohim, the God of creation, and Yahweh, the God of a chosen portion of people. Solomon was given a spiritual revelation of the bride, the true Israel, which would emerge like a butterfly from a cocoon. God took Solomon from the heights to the depths, in a similar way to which He dealt with Job. Solomon had a form of wisdom and understanding, in the same way that Job had had a form of righteousness. Both needed to learn who the Lord of Creation really is and about the true relationship, which God wants with man. 


Solomon’s song is an attempt to show the world that God was coming for a bride who would passionately love Him and hate the gods of this world, which Solomon had loved like the harlot, his mother Eve before him, the mother of all harlots, Babylon the great. He could never produce Mary’s line, the mother of the Spirit-born creation. He had sinned and he had sinned mightily before his God whom he had begged to dwell in his man-made temple. God might have said to him, “Solomon, I am going to give you a mighty revelation of what you could have been. You could have been an eternal ruler with Me over Israel, but you refused My betrothal. I am a ‘one-woman-God’ and I want a ‘one-God-woman’. But this was not good enough for you. I will give you a picture of My bride and the voice I will call her to be, when she has experienced Me and grown in Me, and when she has come to a place where she can call out to the fallen Daughters of Jerusalem, or Israel, who never knew Me like she knows me. Yes, they were jealous, but they didn’t pursue Me, for they could not see My beauty as she did, but rather were clouded by eyes that could not forsake looking back to the world. They envied her position, while their watchmen, in their jealousy, tried to destroy her. They were not willing to let Me bring them to a place where I was the focus of their love. They were not able to give up their own agendas and the world to allow Me to lead them through the waters to freedom in liberty, freedom from captivity. The Daughters of Jerusalem always looked back to Egypt and her idols, from whence I had delivered them.


Now is the time to awaken My love. I have drawn her and I have taught her like I taught My apostles before her, for like them, I am calling her to be a voice with Me. She has the voice of a messenger from heaven, for it is the Spirit and the bride who call. You, Solomon, have seen the futility of your ways. You received a message from Me and have declared the ways of the world are vanity, all vanity. You have spoken wisely, Solomon, but only have you come to understanding when you concluded, as you surveyed your life, that one must fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man. Man will be judged for his good and evil, the fruit he bears because he ate of the tree, which gave him the knowledge that God had forbidden to him. You, Solomon, have been allowed to show the world the two sides of the coin, through your life. A day is coming when man will have to make the choice between hearing the voice of the bride and succumbing to the lure of the harlot, the very spirit of Jezebel, herself. It is known as witchcraft.”


Now is that day, so listen to the voice of the bride that Jesus is calling forth. Understand her call to separate from harlotry and to do so before the knocking of Jesus on the doors of our hearts ceases to be heard anymore. He is calling us to be His passionate bride, and He begs the Daughters, at the very least, to believe on His name in order to be saved. Jesus is calling us to a New World Order in His perfect government of liberty. It will never be found in this world of swords and horses and chariots and merchandizing, or trade, the world that supported Solomon. There will be a new city, Jerusalem, and a new group of nations surrounding it, as were the tribes around the tabernacle in the wilderness. In that Jerusalem will be Jesus and His bride who shall rule and reign forever at the right hand of God, worshipping only Him. And they shall sing a new song before God and the Lamb. 


Solomon was given a glimpse from his couch, of the bride with the King of all kings, and the Lord of all lords, the true King of Israel, and the true King of the world. He knew beyond a doubt, though he had purchased at least 60 queens and 80 concubines, and virgins without number, that he had never known “an only one”. He had never experienced true love. All he had known was vanity, and it would all pass away as every lust does. But the love and passion for Jesus are the only things that shall grow and mount up on eagles’ wings to be borne away with the object of their love into eternity forever and forever more. Amen.



4. Follow-Up To The Upper Room Experience 

May 10, 2004


Today is the day the Lord has made. Give thanks and rejoice in your blessing. Hear, My people Israel, the words, which I have given to you. This is an anointed moment in history. Kings have desired to hear what you have heard and see what you have seen. I took you into My presence yesterday. Rejoice in your blessing. A heavy burden has been placed on your shoulders. Do not fail to carry out My will. Do not fear the enemy, for I am with you. My rod and My staff shall comfort you.


Mighty works are about to begin. Look to Jericho for the message. Jericho leads up to Jerusalem. Without taking the land, possessing it, and walking its length and breadth, there can be no victory. My people have been marching for six millennia. Now it is time to raise your voice with a shout, and bring down the walls, which have shut out the victory. What are the ancient walls of Jericho? Do you not know, My people? The Word has told you what it is, over and over again, from the time of the first attack of the enemy on Adam and Eve in the garden. It is religion that deceives, not truth. Where are you going, My people? Are you going to a land where the lie has room to grow into complete religion, or are you going to a kingdom where only truth abounds, and there are no temples and no enthroned spirits that come against the truth? What did I tell you, My people? Did I say I am the broad road, the religious road that leads you to death? I said, and I repeat, I am the Way, the truth and the life. I am the only Way to the Father. Countless numbers of men and women are waiting to hear your voice. They are lost and in the darkness of religious deception. Jezebel fans their buildings, which they dare to call My church. Rise up like Elijah and finish the job. I will have none of it in My body, and the prophets of Jezebel have set up shop on every church corner. She greets the unsuspecting, every day, at the doors of your temples.


I warned you that not one stone would be left standing – that I would destroy it all. Did I not say, My precious bride, that to destroy this Temple, I would raise it up in three days? Beloved of your Lord, do you not understand, you are My body and that you need not fear death, that I can do as I say, and raise My body in three days? Would I leave My victorious witnesses without the greatest witness of all, the death and resurrection to life like so many witnessed centuries ago, in the streets of Jerusalem? My precious bride, I shall take you to be with Me, forever more. Look up, lift up, the day of launching is at hand.


My beloved bride of Israel, you were always in the bosom of Abraham. Did I not raise Lazarus so you would understand this message? You are a peculiar, called-out people unto Myself. I will not share you with the religious men. Judas thought he could serve Me and serve the religious Pharisees at the same time, that very Sanhedrin with their plotting schemes. He thought it best that I submit Myself to the authorities of religion, so that they could come on board with Me. Oh foolish men, look carefully at the heart of Judas, for Satan entered into him. He tried to mix truth with religion and, unfortunately, he came up with the appealing stew of Esau. His inheritance was lost and he was doomed to die. Take heed, My bride, for he was among those in intimacy with Me, the Word made flesh. Did he not greatly grieve the Spirit?


Prayer team, go forth and right those jack-knifing train cars! The engine is straight on track and can depart from Kingston with understanding that now precedes the prayer, of which I spoke to Daniel. Daniel was strengthened when he received understanding and was able to rise up into a standing position. I have brought you to Kingston to break the bondage that religion has over you. Do not go from this city full of captives in prisons, only to return to your own form of religious bondage. The Roman and religious leaders always tried to imprison My apostles, Paul, Peter and John. I set them free as I broke the chains that bound them. Do you want that power of the apostolic church, which brings with it the power to always set you free in truth? Or, having been taken to the Upper Room, will you, like Judas, leave to go back into compromise with the religious group? The decision is yours, O blessed of the Lord, for you who have heard words in this city of Kingston that come only from Me and not from men who are deceived by the deceiver himself, the master of lies and religion.


Today is a new day, on the dawn of the Sabbath. Rest is at the door, but you, My precious ones, will witness to the world and be the light of Israel that I called you to be. Go in the knowledge of who you are. Do not let your light hide under a bushel, but declare truth to a world that has always been under the deception of religion. Liberty belongs to you, only in the truth. Look to that Lady Liberty and know she holds the truth in her one hand and the torch in her other hand. Know that liberalism belongs to the enemy in religion. There is no compromise and there is no other way to worship, except the way you worshipped yesterday – in spirit and in truth.



5. Your Soul Will be Required

July 8, 2002


Precious one, woe to this nation. The smoke of the fire of My judgment hangs over this land. Prepare for bad times ahead. No one shall escape the results of it. Lives are going to change. They would not change of their own will, so I will change them for them. A child must be chastised to teach it to behave and respect its elders and to show gratitude. My children have to learn the hard way, for they are a rebellious lot.


Seawaters are pouring in over the land. Mankind wants the seawaters of this world more than it wants My living waters, so death they shall see until the stench of it fills their nostrils. You, My child, are giving them a chance to understand the Word again, but in a new and deeper level that explains My plan for creation. It has always been a bride that I wanted, and as I brought forth mankind for My pleasure, Jezebel turned the woman into a harlot. No, My bride will come out and the harlot will go down. The time is upon you, for I offered the great gift of life and you chose death. I offered you light and understanding, and you chose darkness and blindness like a fool. Fear God, you say, who is He? He is not our husband. What need do we have of Him when we have computers and robots and cloning? See how smart we are in our own knowledge.


Fools, this night your souls will be required of you. You shall account to Me for every evil deed you have done because you refused the gift of My beloved Son. Your riches and your positions will go with you to the grave and be no more. Then, what will you have? You will cry from the outer limits to keep you, but your cries shall go unheard. You have made your choices and once the door is closed as on the ark of Noah when I closed it, then the floods will come of spiritual destruction. They mocked My servant Noah, but when the time came, they clamored and begged to be in the ark. There will be no ark as the fire of judgment comes down.


The warning is coming to those that can hear My bride’s call. She has been given the message for you. Her books will prepare you if you have ears to hear. She will tell you of the passion of My love. She will show you the family you will lose, for it is My spouse, My brothers and My sisters for whom I am coming. The Elijah House relationships are a message to the hungry children for a stable family. The university friendships of five boys and three families are the message for drug-filled students obsessed with lust. A boy and his father tell of the love between Myself and My adopted sons who come to Me. I will bless them. Tell them, My messenger, tell them, for this is the last hour for mankind. I will do a work in this nation, so get ready and be ready for the coming of the Lord, for I am near the doorstep.