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Former Prophetic Messages – 2003 and 2009

Storm Clouds are Forming over America

April 9, 2009

Written by Elinor Montgomery –

Dark clouds are forming over America. The voice of thunder can be heard in the distance. 


“You have defiled My land with your abominations. Your priests roam this country dressed in filthy robes. They fear men more than they fear My power; they shame My name by compromising the truth in order to share a place at the ruler’s table; they seek large audiences and the acclaim of man. So be it! They will receive their reward in this world but not in the next.


I am weary of their foolish doctrines and speeches that have no foundation in My Word. They have mastered the art of fence-sitting in order to put on a happy face while attempting to be all things to all people, but of no value to Me or to anyone. This is not the church to which I entrusted My Commission; it is nothing but a counterfeit, serving the prince of the world, but not serving Me.


I search for light and truth in their words, but I find none. They do not know themselves what is truth, so how is it possible for them to witness to others? I prefer to embrace the sick, the weak, and the outcast members of society, for they are as clay in the potter’s hands – so easy to shape and form to the potter’s will.


This is a stiff-necked, rebellious generation that does not respond to Me in its continuous search for entertainment by perverse performers. That which is called music is nothing more than the sound of clanging cymbals to My ears. The noise is grating and the words and actions of those who are called entertainers are disgusting and shameful. I will destroy it all when the towers begin to fall. Then they will know Who created this earth and determines the movements of the sun. They will come to know that wicked men are the cause of global warming, with My wrath now heating up to the boiling point, as I get ready to release the fire of My judgment. Did you think you could continue your perverse ways and escape the coming storm? 


Foolish men of little understanding, hear these words I speak to you! The hour of midnight is at hand, and I shall hold back the judgment no longer. Your wicked rulers who masquerade as messiahs, your money-changers who steal from the people, and your priests who have no words of wisdom for anyone, will all feel the hand of judgment. My power will flow to My bride and I will strengthen the weak, heal the blind and make the lame walk. 


A woman shall encompass the man and your wicked men and nations shall be cast from My sight. I abhor your filth, your lies and your language of the gutter, which shall return to you as human refuse, which I will smear across your faces. And I shall turn My face from you while you cry out in the pain of your own destruction. Your flesh shall melt away in the heat of My judgment.


I have spoken, and so it shall be!”



The Large Stone Of Abel And The Covenant Move
April 3, 2003

Written by Elinor Montgomery –


Samuel was the last judge in Israel, the first prophet, and the anointer of the first two kings who ruled over Israel. He also was the voice that spoke for God in bringing down the evil priesthood of his time – Eli and his two sons, Hophni and Phinehas. It was a time when Eli was lying down on the job. He was very old and his eyes were dim, with blindness, and the light of the lamp stand that God had commanded the priesthood to keep burning continually in Israel in the tabernacle’s Holiest of All place, had gone out. This points to the last days of the priesthood of Israel, when spiritually the church has become dead in her silence and blind in her lack of understanding. She exists in a vacuum of darkness rather than being the torchbearer of light and the keeper of God’s Law in the nation. Samuel is called to denounce the apostate priesthood of Eli and his sons with a curse that would be upon it, which would extend forever right through the church age. Through Samuel, God is saying it will all come down, this thing we know as Christianity, full of buildings called churches, whose roots are in Rome. The priesthood today, for the greater part, is that of the line of Eli, Phinehas and Ichabod, a name, which means the glory has departed from Israel. The covenant move of God within the church has been given over to secular humanism and witchcraft in the same way that the ark was given over to the Philistines, because of a present day sleeping and stupid priesthood, which has chosen darkness over life, as it kills the sheep and contributes to the downfall of the nation.


What did the Philistines do with God’s ark of the covenant? They tried to place it in the house with their false gods. What are Satan and his army doing today? They are capturing the institutional church, supposedly in covenant with the Lord, and assimilating it into the secular society of the world. Instead of being separated as Israel was commanded to be, she is moving in compromise with the message spoken by Satan, which says that whatever god feels good to you is as good as the next god. Everything is acceptable, except of course, the name of Jesus Christ. And the church’s priestly warriors of the military chaplain unit knuckled under, without a struggle, agreeing to omit the name of Jesus before our young soldiers, lest it might offend the pagan worshippers of these various gods. God’s prophetic voice has warned what will happen when the inheritors of Eli’s curse in the latter days come forth. The nations of the world will become inflicted by plagues and pestilence. What happened to the Philistines? They were afflicted and killed by tumors and plagues, perhaps those caused by the fleas of rats such as the bubonic plague. Today, are we not seeing cancer and AIDS of world plague magnitude, not to mention Hong Kong flu, West Nile virus and SARS, coming straight out of the eastern cultic countries? If we want their gods and their religions assimilated into this land on an equal footing with the God of the Bible, then we will lose our God given liberty in His Law, and gain the plagues and the tumors and rat infestation that come with these false gods.


Now, when the Philistines captured the ark from Israel, the Word tells us what the message for the Philistines was. It pointed to the end days’ captivity of the church in the system of institutional church. It is time for the church to come out of the Roman system completely, just as Israel came out of captivity in ancient Egypt under the chosen leadership of Moses. The message and warning to the Philistines were to not harden their hearts, as Pharaoh had done, but to let the people depart. Today, as God gets ready to take out His bride, the church, beware, for woe to anyone who tries to stop or come against His anointed move of the bride. He is going to deliver her from the institutional church and from all systems of the world, like wheat being separated from tares. 


Here is what to look for. To the Philistines it was commanded to make a new cartusing two milk cows, which had never been yoked, and hitch them to the cart, taking their calves away from them. A new vehicle is going to come forth for the church that will be completely different from man’s idea of church today. It will have a female leadership in the sense that Moses equated himself to a nursing mother, when he asked the question, (Numbers 11:12) Did I conceive all these people? Did I beget them that You should say to me, ‘Carry them in your bosom, as a guardian carries a nursing child, to the land, which You swore to their fathers’? He must have felt like the milking cow. And this female being, the church, never yoked by church religious doctrines, but rather like the true apostolic church, must separate from the world. She has just birthed in the spirit a true son (or calf) for God. She may be required to leave behind her family (like the calf was left behind), her temple, and her submission to the priesthood of this world. She may be required to leave it all behind as did the apostles birthing the new church of the first century, when they went forth to preach liberty to the captives. By being a voice for the Kingfisher of men, she will fish men out of the seawaters, in the same way that Jesus called the first disciples out of the sea, promising to make them fishers of men. Like them, her submission will be totally to her Lord, as she shouts (or lows) for all she is worth to serve only Him.


Now, this cart, or vehicle, will be a covenant move of the bride on the path, or the way back from the garden to the kingdom of salvation. If it is not a covenant move, one that is straightforward in its declaration of Jesus, the Word and the Law, then it will be off the road to Beth Shemesh. There can be no looking to the right or to the left, or to any leadership of this world, for the bride has instructions from her warrior leader, the Lord of hosts, Jesus Himself, Who will direct her straight on the path. This end days’ move ushers in two things – a covenant move and judgment. The box of golden tumors and rats represents the judgment that has culminated against the lords of the five empires of Satan that came against Judah, representing the second company of Israel, with idolatry and killing by the sword. It is judgment against the rulers and lords of religion, who are the harlots of Babylon, (the gold representing the worship of the world). The tumors and rats are symbolic of the judgment that is to come upon those involved in rebellion and idol worship. Its destruction is deadly, frightening and permanent.


Make no mistake! The bride is set on the path by the Lord Himself, Who is directing her way. She does not look back at her life she has forsaken, nor does she look sideways at her contemporary institutional church and what it is doing. She is Kingdom focused in the truth of His teaching, as were the apostles, and she worships not in systems and buildings, but in truth, with the Spirit guiding from within her own temple. One will recognize this true church by its voice or call with the Spirit, just as the cows were heard to be lowing. She will be a voice making a noise that will be heard as she comes before rulers, kings and nations. She is moving the cart out of the enemy territory and back into the field of Joshua in the territory of Beth Shemesh. She is making a noise to repossess the land.


 Her voice will rise up and be heard before the cart is split, when her life has become a complete sacrifice to the will of God, as was that of her Bridegroom before her, who did nothing but what He saw His Father do. The bride will be totally submitted to her Beloved and consumed with a desire to battle Satan’s secularism and return the Law of God and the truth of the Bible to her nation. There is no question about it. The vehicle will not break up until the covenant and the judgment finally come to rest on the large stone of Abel, which is Jesus Christ Himself, who will then come in all His glory. He is the Lord of hosts who finally leads the way into the Kingdom, as the King and High Priest who carries the burden of the covenant that allows the people to cross over just before Him, along with the burden of judgment that will burn as a consuming fire to prevent the evildoer from crossing. We must go back in the Old Testament, to fully understand the large stone, which Joshua set up before Israel, before each departed to his own inheritance. This passage points to a time just before the taking out of the bride of Israel by Jesus. (Joshua 24:27) And Joshua said to all the people, ‘Behold this stone shall be a witness to us, for it has heard all the words of the Lord which He spoke to us. It shall therefore be a witness to you, lest you deny your God’.


What followed this placing of the ark on the large stone of Abel with the box of gold tumors and rats was God’s hand of judgment. It was against Israel the nation and in the same way that God’s hand was against them, so too will He come against the church, the second company of Israel. What was the sin of the second company? It was the same as the first – disobedience. They violated God’s Holy commandments that rested in the ark, each doing what was acceptable in his own eyes. They looked into the forbidden ark of the Lord. Because they were struck with judgment and death, they were ready to allow the Covenant move of the Lord to proceed as the presence was removed from them, and they mourned the loss of the Lord. Now, Samuel’s message to Israel as the last judge and the first prophet, preparing the way for the kings, is the same as that, which the bride will deliver, as the last prophet preparing the way for the King and calling with the Spirit as a voice. (1 Samuel 7:3) If you return to the Lord with all your hearts, then put away the foreign gods and the Ashtoreths from among you and prepare your hearts for the Lord and serve Him only, and He will deliver you from the hand of the Philistines.


This brought success in Israel, but only temporarily, yet long enough to bring victory. The people repented and changed their ways, put away their idols, and returned to the Lord. Israel went after the enemy, as the true church will do with her lobby and voice. And they drove back the enemy to usher in peace. Another bride to a king, whose name was Esther, also lobbied for her nation as a strong voice heard for Israel, and because she dared to go before the ruling powers and speak out, victory came to Israel. That, which rebellious satanic men tried to take from her people was restored to them, and God placed His chosen one, Mordecai, in a place of ruler-ship over many nations. Killing and war followed and were allowed by God to bring liberty to Israel. There are many times in Israel’s history that God has justified war and led her into it. At the same time it ushered in the Feast of Purim, a time of great peace and truth, as will war, today, usher in the millennial rule of Jesus with His queen, the true believer and overcomer of Israel, to rule over the nations. Intercessory prayer was a must to prepare the way for Esther, as it has been to prepare the way for the Voice of the Kingfisher. Let us never forget the importance of our people, who have been praying across this nation in the government buildings of our cities. 


Will you stand up and be as a voice crying in the wilderness to prepare straight the way of the Lord? Will you be a Voice for the Kingfisher of men? The Spirit and the bride say, ‘Come!’ Now is the time for the voice of the bride to be heard.