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Former Prophetic Messages, 2004-2008

Former Prophetic Messages, 2004-2008


The Coming Storm

October 29, 2008

Written by Elinor Montgomery –


A storm, coming from the East, will be God’s answer to America’s failure to honor Him. There is only going to be one way to escape the coming night. The Way is found in these final days’ exodus of the church from the satanic systems of the world identified by the number 666, the number of man and of the beast.


Those who remain in the world systems will take the number of the beast as they embrace the universalism of a One World Order of government, economics and religion.


The true apostolic church, the bride, to the contrary, will depend on the Law of God, His provision and His truth, pure and free of religion. She will do exactly what the Lord commanded of the Israelites, when making their exit from Egypt.


And Moses said to the people, “Do not be afraid. Stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will accomplish for you today. For the Egyptians whom you see today, you shall see again no more forever. The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace (Exodus 14:13-14).”


The failure of the East (nation) now permeates the West (spiritual nation), as America embraces all forms of wickedness. She violates God’s Law, distorts justice at every level, and has no fear of God’s intervention. But the prophet Habakkuk warns of the time to come, which is the time in which we find ourselves today. Hear his words and consider the monetary system, which is presently failing.


“Woe to him who increases what is not his – how long? And to him who loads himself with many pledges? Will not your creditors rise up suddenly? Will they not awaken who oppress you? And you will become their booty (Habakkuk 2:6-7).”


How could this prophet so clearly have seen the picture of our times in America as Babylon threatens her today in the same manner it was threatening Judah in the prophet’s time? Is it not because God knows the beginning and the end and the prophet writes by His Spirit guiding the prophet’s pen?


What fools we have been in the West to have walked away from our God to embrace Secularism and do business in world markets with evil regimes, which will now call us to pay up for our pledges!


The corruption within the nation is so great that our governments have paid off the oppressors to the tune of multi-millions of dollars, using the money of the oppressed to do so. The oppressed are being broken financially by the oppressors only to heap insult upon insult upon the oppressed American peoples.


Habakkuk also asked a question of the Lord about the vision he had been given. Why do You show me iniquity, and cause me to see trouble? For plundering and violence are before me; there is strife, and contention arises. Therefore the law is powerless, and justice never goes forth. For the wicked surround the righteous; therefore perverse judgment proceeds (Habakkuk 1:3-4).


America has been inflicted with a judicial system that honors evil and dishonors God. The people are paying the price for their iniquities, by getting the kind of justice they deserve, when they choose to allow Satan to rule rather than God. The Babylonian system of empires is on the move again coming out of the East toward the West, and the liberalism of religious lies is its tool.


Do not think for a minute that what happened to Israel will not happen to America. This is a defining moment in history, and the church in America is at the crossroads of choosing her path, as she stands between the devil and the deep blue sea, so to speak. She needs a miracle, which only God can perform in order for her to make her exodus from religion.


The Lord God is going to part the evil waters of this world to allow His own to cross over dry-shod from out of this mess, while the sea waters cover over those who love the world more than they love Him. They will take upon themselves the number of the beast, 666, by looking no further than to the present for the treasures of this world, which do not last. They do not have their sights set on eternity and the treasures of heaven, which are everlasting.


As surely as the nation and the people embrace the beast, they shall ride it all the way to the bottom of the sea. Such is the destiny of those who embrace Babylon the Great, the mother of harlots and of the abominations of the earth.


A storm is surely brewing in the East, and it is coming to the West, with an election at hand and perhaps the last opportunity to choose light over darkness, and truth over religion. If it is the East, America wants (to go back to Egypt), then God is offering it to her on a platter, with a candidate who openly declares his purposes to take her there. Communism and Islam will storm through this land, as liberty gives way to captivity.


Wake up, you who vote, while you still have control; a slave has no control of his destiny. But God has liberated you under His Law, and has given you the choice to determine your future by your vote. Surely, you do not want to go back to Egypt, only to become a slave again to the state under the rule of the serpent.





April 25, 2008

Written by Elinor Montgomery –


Let Me speak, My precious one, let Me speak! Many claim to see Me, but none has seen Me yet. Many claim to know Me, but where is the fruit? I share My revelation, but man grasps it and runs. Is he wise? Does he allow time to grow before he bursts forth in his own strength and not in Mine? I never give revelation without also providing a harness. I want to ride My vessel through the gates of the city. Can one ride a horse that refuses to respond to the reins? Does the rider or the horse set the direction? Who knows where the rider wants to go-–the horse, or the rider?


The horse must get the bit firmly placed in its mouth, for it is the key to understanding for the animal. The bit and the reins bring the animal and the rider into one with one purpose and one direction. A horse standing on its hind legs cannot go forward. All four feet must be on the ground.


Take this understanding and ask yourself whether or not you are like that horse of one purpose and of one mind, responding to the reins attached to the bit in your mouth. The Bible is our bit and reins that bring us into one flesh with the Lord. Are we going to allow the systems of this world to cause us to fight it or shall we succumb to the Master Rider? Are you broken, or are you still like a wild beast of the fields?


Now hear the Word of the Lord. I am breaking My people so I can use them for My purposes. I am feeding them the understanding needed to bring them in oneness with Me and My purposes for this time. Hear My messenger, for I am doing a new thing and would I not know My messenger as I knew Abraham, in order that she might command the children that they keep the way of the Lord, to do righteousness and justice, that the Lord may bring to fruition what He spoke to first, Abraham, and now to His bride?


The bride makes the last call for the final covenant move, which will complete the way to the kingdom throughout history and specifically, through Israel. This is the time of the fullness of the gentiles. Prepare yourselves in purity and readiness for the Lord. It is only the truth of the Word, which will wash you clean so you may enter into His presence. The King is coming, and He is coming soon. Drop all your practices and agendas and prepare yourselves for the coming of the Lord. He is like a consuming fire that will consume the dross and leave nothing but fine, pure gold, ready for the hands of the Master to shape into His vessels.


Get that bit firmly in your mouth and be ready to respond to the reins in the hands of the Lord. He wants to ride you through the gates and into the kingdom as His chosen vessels for this time. Hear the words of the messenger.




Canada at Her Crossroads of History

December 30, 2005

Written by Elinor Montgomery –


Thus says the Lord, “This nation is at the crossroads of her history. Will it choose God or man to rule over it? The hour of decision is at hand. Repent, and turn back to Me, for the time of your judgment has come.


Why have you, My people, allowed foreigners to come into this land and steal it away from Me? Did I not make you the custodians of liberty under My Law, and yet you have chosen to serve other gods and their laws? You had a Constitution that made Me Supreme Ruler in this land. How easily you allowed it to be replaced by a Charter of Rights that is straight from the devil, the mastermind of liberalism! The Constitution of Canada was the foundation for liberty, requiring obedience to God’s Law under a moral code upheld by the judiciary. The Charter requires no such obedience, but, like the sin of the Garden, reduces Canada to the level of government under which the rest of the world labors in submission to religion. It is known as the Babylonian system.


This was a nation given to ruler-ship under the truth of God’s Word, which always wars with the religions of the world. Jesus and the cross are the Way to salvation for one and an offense to the other. The lover of the truth of God also loves the work of the cross and the liberty it offers from the governments of man. Religion knows no such liberty, but rather is the persecutor of the truth. Those who demand that the truth of God be removed from this land are in the line of the same religious men who sought the death of Jesus. Canadians have invited them into this nation in untold numbers, seeking to remove the truth and replace it with religious lies.


“All religions are equal, but are never equal to the truth. Why do you allow the truth to be stolen from you? Why do you allow the Pied Piper of multicultural religions to pipe My children away, causing them to be lost in the sea of religious propaganda? You now say no to the Bible, yet endorse books of witchcraft in the schools. You do not allow children to wear crosses around their necks, speaking of their submission to the cross, but you allow children to wear head coverings that speak of their submission to the evils of Islam. What a foolish bunch of silly doves you have become, that do not know the difference between truth and religion, and liberty and liberalism.”


The truth of God produces liberty under His Law. The religion of Satan produces liberalism from God, so that man-made laws rule over man. The justice of the Law of God is perfect in every way. The justice of satanic man-made laws does not exist where there is no moral foundation in the truth. You cannot build a house on sand and expect it to survive the roaring of the seas. A stone foundation of truth is the only foundation that will weather the storms of satanic forces.


“Hear Me, and hear Me well! The hour has come for the nation to bring forth good fruit as the woman births within the confines of the marriage bed, which I have established. Either you will be part of that birthing process as My people under My Law, or you shall play the harlot with Satan, as I am getting ready to send Babylon, the mother of harlots, the way of the beast to the bottom of the sea. You saw Me wash New Orleans into the sea. Do not think for a moment I cannot wash away the harlotry of Canada just as quickly? The judgment will come so fast that you will not see or hear the door of opportunity closing. Remember, I am the One, Who closed the door of Noah’s ark, before the rains of judgment came down.


Listen to the voice of the messenger, for I never destroyed Israel without warning her first. You have been warned, as she was warned many times. Now, watch Me! I am the One with power over this land and it was never your idol, Pierre Trudeau, who held the power; his came from below. But I am the Power from above, and I have the final Word to say in all matters. I am the Supreme Ruler over Canada, and I will submit My throne to no one. I send My own messenger to represent Me, one who will never refuse to swear on the truth of My Word. You think you have a representative of the Queen ruling over you, but you do not. You have a messenger of My choice to whom I give My voice with the message of truth that cuts through the lies of liberalism. Heed the voice that is sent to you, for the Spirit and the bride say, ‘Come!’


Open your eyes, open your hearts and listen with your ears. The moment of decision is upon you.”



Romans – Chapter Two (Prophecy of Romans for the Bride)

April 29 & 30, 2004

Written by Elinor Montgomery –


This could be called the chapter of the crossover blessing of God upon Israel, which moves out from the nation and out into all the world. He who once was known as the Jew, Paul states, may no longer be known as a Jew because of Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection. He who was once known as a gentile will not necessarily be known as a gentile any longer, but rather as a Jew. Through Jesus, the gates of heaven were opened to all, and all man-made nations and religions could no longer keep men away from the glory of God. In faith in Jesus Christ, all boundaries are broken down, and it could be said that the whole world became His oyster. If, in fact, Paul’s writings are not directed only to Rome of his day, but also to the bride and Romanism of today, then the problems pertaining to Judaism in Paul’s time, are similar to those pertaining to Christianity in our time. Both religions lay claim to the same God who gave the law.


Christianity, like Judaism, becomes an outward manifestation, only, of what God is seeking as an inward relationship. If outward only, it is corruptible, as we have seen both of Judaism and now are seeing in Christianity. Paul knew no such thing as Christianity as a religious practice. He only knew Judaism as a religion that was in conflict with the truth and how very much they differed, one from the other. Today, the bride knows both religions and how both differ greatly from the truth. The only way one can be both a Jew and a part of the true apostolic church, at the same time, is not through religion or through Abraham’s bloodline, but through faith in Jesus Christ and obedience to the Word of truth.


The church is an inward response, not a place, and never a position designated by a religious title. The church becomes active only when it witnesses to the gospel of truth, and when it uses the prophetic Word of God as its validation for existing. Can membership in any political party designate one to be of the Church of Jesus Christ? Most certainly not! Can being part of a group, standing for moral reform, designate one to be of the Church of Jesus Christ? Again, the answer is ‘no’. There is only one way, and it is the covenanting Way through Jesus and the cross. The church then becomes a voice, carrying out the great commission by lobbying like the prophets before nations and rulers, in the manner to which Paul yearned to witness in Rome. Like Paul, the bride will teach from revelation, received in the spiritual realm at the feet of only the Master. The revelation given to the bride can never be matched in the theological colleges of man, so deeply into the liberalism of the final days of religion.


The bride’s voice, like that of her partner Paul, will bring a whole new understanding to the meaning of the words Jew and gentile, religion and truth, and of the difference between kingdom inheritance and salvation. The bride will apply the teachings of Paul in order to keep a tight walk with Jesus, and in turn reach out even further, with greater revelation than ever before. She will perform greater miracles, Jesus said, than He performed. Both Paul and Jesus raised men physically from the dead. Would it not be a greater miracle to raise men up to eternal life, men who are falling into the depths of hell, by lifting them from the abyss and onto the ladder of Jacob that ascends into the heavens? Is it not a greater miracle to give spiritual life than physical life? Is this not what Jesus meant? Beyond the less significant physical miracles He performed, did not His death and resurrection open the door for spiritual miracles of healing to be done by Paul, the apostles, and, now, by the bride? Understanding was given to them that they might witness to the truth and bring light into lives where, previously, there was only the darkness of religion. I believe Jesus wants us to understand that a soul saved by witnessing to the truth, is an infinitely greater miracle than a body healed by faith. The healing of the body was but a sign from Jesus of the great joy in heaven when inner healing brings one from death to eternal life.


This chapter is all about God’s promise to Israel, and it lines up completely with the Old Testament scriptures and the crossover blessings of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. This is the foundational teaching of separation between religion and truth that must precede Revelation 18:4 – Come out of her, My people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues. It gives understanding as to who the harlot is. It tells why Jesus railed at the religious Pharisees, calling them a brood of vipers. It is the basis for understanding James’ denunciation of religion, as opposed to his endorsement of it. James reveals to us that liberty is found only in truth and not in the liberalism and governments of this world. A person who hears the Spirit and the bride is not a forgetful hearer, but a doer or a responder to truth, becoming a doer of works in the Spirit. Religious works, outside of this, are nothing but useless deceptions. To find a pure and undefiled religion outside of the truth of God’s Word is an impossibility. There simply is no such thing. What James is really saying is that all religion is defilement, but truth stands on its own strength and self-validation as light within the darkness of religion. Isaiah 29:17-24 expounds on this same message where the light of the Word will bring understanding and sound doctrine within the darkness of the forest of religion. Man is as a widowed wife of the Lord, and the children of men are as orphans, until birthed of a woman, infilled with the Spirit of the Father, God. Then they become adoptable sons of the Father. One must teach these people and witness to them in their trouble so they can see the light through the Lord’s true church and servants, not through defiled religions and religious practices, says James. It was the sin of religion that separated her from the Father, causing her children to be orphaned.


There is no peace without truth, and there are no governments of liberty under religious rulership, only governments of liberalism. To be in the Lord’s church, one must come out of the systems of man, signified by the number of 666 of Satan, which was upon Solomon, the temple builder. It requires being pure and spotless and undefiled by religion. How can this be defined then; can truth be labeled as religion? Truth is not religion at all, but rather is the Rock of Jesus, upon which the church rests in the assurance of the prophetic validation of the Word. Remember, Solomon built the temple. It was not God’s plan, but man’s plan. The tabernacle was designed and planned by God for Israel, as the pattern for heaven. They were man’s plans and works that built a house of religion. God’s Word came down in judgment saying, in so many words to Solomon, “Concerning this house you have built, I will be there only so long as My conditions prevail, that is to say, as long as it is only I, Whom you worship, and not any idols or other gods. We need to remember Constantine did the same thing Solomon did. He built a new system and called it ‘church’, which became nothing more than the house of Christianity, like the temple became the house of Judaism, neither being a facsimile of the tabernacle of God.


Both first and second temples failed, even though the second one had such a perfect beginning under Ezra and Nehemiah. So too did the church have a perfect beginning under Jesus, but now it has become a system of temples, no better than Solomon’s. Man took God’s Word and the witnessing church of spiritual Israel and thought he could transform them into a religious house. Instead, he produced the houses of Romanism, and like Paul being under house arrest in Rome, the bride would be under house arrest to Romanism. All will go down, every last hand-made stone of institutional church buildings. There is no temple in heaven; only the tabernacle of God and the Lamb is to be found there. The New Jerusalem is depicted by the gates of Israel (a people of faith), the foundation of the apostles (a church begun by Jesus, not man), and the pillars of the bride (the revived apostolic church that becomes the torch carrier of Israel and the light she was called to be to the nations in darkness). This is the true picture of the Kingdom, described in Revelation, being based on God’s plan and not on man-made doctrines and belief systems, as the religious would have us believe. The Pope has nothing to do with this picture, nor does the United Church Moderator, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the priesthood, nor anyone who puts his trust in such men and their systems, instead of in the Lord for eternal life.


Paul describes it all so well in this chapter. He is literally painting a picture that says no flesh is justified. The whole world is found to be guilty. Professing the kind of wisdom, which Satan offered in the garden, you might even say, “Professing his brand of religion,” men became fools. Idols became anything that we worship or lust for in the flesh. Americans, today, lust for money, bigger homes and better cars, and in so doing, what do these things become? They become the standard by which man’s worth is judged. The incorruptible God is no longer glorified as man tries to raise himself up to be admired above others for his social successes and position. Quickly the Word becomes lost and the Sabbath of our lives is a day like all other days, a workday for us to increase the number of our idols that we worship while, at the same time, ceasing to worship God. We become replicas of our father, the Beast, in our own sense of self-importance. God dressed Adam and Eve in animal skins to demonstrate their fallen nature, after having chosen to ignore God’s commandment.


Paul jumps over the centuries to show what the bride will face as this fullness of sin explodes on the whole world, not just on the known world of Paul’s day. He paints the perfect picture of today, the time of the fullness of the gentiles when religion has filled the whole world. The last semblance of the light of Israel in the bride will be removed, at which time darkness shall cover the whole world, due to man’s rejection of God’s truth, which is the Bible. Remember, gentiles are idol worshipers, worshiping other gods as we now do in America today, while, at the same time, calling ourselves ‘Christians’. Such is the name of the religious who are outside of the witnessing church, caught in captivity to the systems of man. This is the captivity to which Egypt points, having kept the Israelites in slavery to them. Paul describes today’s conditions. Men’s hearts are, and always have been, disposed to dishonoring their bodies, which God created in all goodness to function under His rulership. “No thank you, God. We prefer to rule over ourselves,” they declared, while still in the dawn of their first sight and breath of life. Radical feminism was on its way, and spiritually weak men were here to stay. God declared, straight back to man, “Fine, have it your way. I gave you the freedom to make your choices, and you have chosen your bed. Now you shall lie in it for an eternity, unless down the road you take advantage of second chances. One day I will send My Son to you to give you the opportunity to know Me intimately again, as you once did before you sinned. If you accept this gift, which I offer, you will become My portion of the people called Israel. Satan hates them, because they will witness to the truth and will not defile themselves with his religious lies that bring forth liberalism, wars, terror and violence. In fact, like Solomon, Satan has sword carriers (see Song of Solomon 3:7-8) in his brand of army.”


Now God says they shall have their vile passions – women burning for women (strong feminists who reject the weak men). They shall use their holy temples for unnatural, shameful acts. You weak men, who want your mothers, will, likewise, burn for each other, receiving in yourselves the penalty of your error, which is your due. Is God saying AIDS is of Him? Absolutely not! He is saying you wanted Satan instead of Me, so I will give him to you with his brand of rewards. “But heterosexuals are getting AIDS also,” you might interject. The answer returns, saying, “Yes, you chose to share in their darkness by dishonoring your bodies with them. Yes, you told your Red Cross workers, to be politically correct, rather than question our protected species, the homosexual, about his lifestyle. You chose to endanger man with his bad blood that kills. Sin carries sickness in the blood, and we simply don’t care, until it was too late, as we saw a world being ravaged by the illness. Oh yes, it is a time of gentile fullness coming, and I believe we will finally call out to God like Nebuchadnezzar did after his seven years of tribulation as a beast. Is scripture not pointing to man’s beastly nature without understanding, and his seven-year disciplining of the tribulation, before he will lift his eyes to heaven again, once his understanding has returned? Then, at last, he will come to know that Jesus, and not Satan, is in rulership over this world, and we will praise and extol the honor of Jesus’ name, the King of heaven and earth, Whose works are truth, and His ways justice.


Now, the question is, O Israel, where do you fit into all of these things, you who judges others, because you were set apart as a nation and shown the light? Does your bloodline make you superior as God’s chosen people? Not so, for the blessings of Jacob, as the father of the tribes of inheritance, were spiritual in nature, going out to all the believing world. God showed you the light, gave you the covenant, and warned you that it was a matter of your being torch bearers and witnesses to the light or your going down into the burning ovens. The choice was given to Abraham, who chose to witness in faith and obedience. The promise to Abraham was a kingdom promise, and the true Jew was always in Abraham’s bosom. Isaac received the blessing not because of his greatness, but because of who his mother was. The woman birthing the true Son and the adopted son provides the only way to kingdom rulership. “You of Judea, you Judaizers, you think yourselves holy men, free to judge the sinner. But by your very nature as religious men you are the rejecters of My covenant, and refuse to be the light carriers I called Israel to be, in your religious blindness. You rejected My presence among you, not once, but twice. I showed you over and over, year after year, month after month, week after week, day after day, the necessity for repentance of sin and the blood sacrifice. Still, you preferred religious activities to repentance and salvation and you love your priestly robes and positions more than you love Me.”


Let us jump ahead to the Messianic Jew. How is he different from other religious Christians? Is he not sure of his salvation in Jesus? If he were sure, would he not drop the title of Messianic Jew and realize all men are the same before God with respect to race, bloodline, face, physical appearance and social standing? Jesus cared little about apostolic national Jewishness. He was about to take them out of national borders to become witnesses to all the world. So, what sets a Messianic Jew apart, if nothing other than pride in his national birthright? But Jesus’ eye is not set for an Israelite bride. He is looking for a birthing woman who births in the Spirit, not sons of the nation but sons of the Spirit. All men, Jews and Greeks alike, will experience the tribulation, if, having once been shown the light, then choose to turn back, looking for salvation by any means other than through Jesus. Depending on bloodline or religious position in Christianity, instead of depending on the truth of the Way, men will receive judgment first for their pride, even before the sexually immoral are judged, having possibly never heard a witness to their sin.


Woe to the seven churches who allowed themselves to become entangled in religion, only to lose sight of their first love and their call to be a witnessing voice. Unless there is a heart response to the law, along with a passion for Jesus, then religious men become nothing more than reciters of the scriptures, but without understanding. These are perhaps the worst kind of legalist, who will fail the wilderness testing. Satan was the scripture reciter, but if his advice had been heeded by Jesus on the basis of his use of the scriptures, then He would have become just another religious man. The barrier would have been set up between Him and God. But this was not even a possibility for the reason that He was the truth made flesh, not religion made flesh. His Spirit would always choose God in truth, and His flesh would reject all prideful religion and its practices. Though He were man and God, He never lost sight of the fact that only God ruled over His life, and that Holiness came from the Spirit of life breathed into His flesh. There is no other way for the bride to receive life except by the Spirit, as was the case with her Beloved, and she shall be saved through her Spiritual infilling and her choice to drink only of the living water. The law does not save. Recitation of scripture does not save or bring understanding. Hearts hardened by religion will be blind and deaf to the Spirit and will refuse to hear the witnessing of the bride in the same way the religious rejected the testimony of Jesus to the truth. Pilate, the Roman, and Caiaphas, the religious man, conspired for lack of understanding with hearts disposed to the lies of religion. Their positions were threatened, and pride became the enemy of truth once again.


The law witnesses to sin. The prophets witnessed to sin and to impending judgment. There was no difference between proud Jews and foolish Greeks, who thought religion was their doorway to salvation. There is only one Way and it is the same way for the Pope, as it is for the Rabbi, and as it is for the native of Timbuktu. It is through the grace of God and the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus that the Father passes over our sins cleansed by His blood sacrifice for us. Now, if we remain proud and boastful of our position in the nation or in the institutional church, woe to us who are guiltier for having been given the light and thinking ourselves doers of works. There are no works outside of faith, only a filthiness of the worst kind. In judging the churches first, God displays to us that spiritual sin is more worthy of His wrath, than are the sins of the flesh. God cannot abide the pride that runs side by side with religion.


Yes, you Messianic Jews, beware of clinging to your bloodline entitlement. Yes, O Christians, watch out for you are on the Titanic without lifeboats at your disposal. And to you, the Jews entrenched in Judaism, who are back in the land, your hour of darkness, the time of Jacob’s trouble, is at hand. All religion will go down whether of the Jew or the Greek. At the same time, the witnesses to truth, the 144,000 Jews, will rise up to become the woman birthing, the bride of Christ, and the army taken up to return with their Commander. They will be the ones to return with Jesus, when He establishes His law on earth. He carries the government on His shoulders. We cannot do it through political parties or moral reform groups; we only can serve in the army of witnesses, the voice to Rome and Romanism. Paul prophesies to the bride to be a voice of truth in facing Romanism and religion, in the same way that he witnessed before her.


Paul makes the statement that seals the crossover blessing of Israel: (Romans 2:28-29) For he is not a Jew who is one outwardly, nor is that circumcision which is outward in the flesh; but he is a Jew who is one inwardly, and circumcision is that of the heart, in the Spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not from men but from God. This was always the blessing that was in the bosom of Abraham that crossed over from first son born of the world to the second son and new creation birthed supernaturally of the bride of Abraham, Sarah, and not of an Egyptian woman. Sarah’s birthing of Isaac pointed to a future supernatural birthing of an older woman late in the history of Abraham’s covenant, when a little new creation would be born into the inheritance, bringing, not sorrow, but joy and laughter for evermore. Abraham’s son, likewise, would bring forth another crossover blessing, as would Jacob’s sons, and, finally, Joseph’s sons would demonstrate the crossover blessing that would go out to the world. The blessing of the first son of the nation is redirected in a New Covenant through Jesus, to a second son blessing of the spiritual nation, a kingdom blessing for the entire world of believers.


Paul indicates that the judgment of the Lord is upon the nation. You who boast of being Israel, who received the Law of Moses, have dishonored God by breaking it. Because of this, you have blasphemed the name of God among all of the gentile nations, as it was written in Ezekiel. You, who call yourselves Christians, have behaved like your brothers, the nation. You too, have failed to hold up the torch of light to the nations. Instead of giving light, you will join the world and become part of the New World Order that forms a mega religion, a great pot of stew from which the bride must extricate herself. This elect lady is the true Jew and the remnant of Israel. There is no other way but the Covenant Way, to which she remains loyal and true as an overcomer of religion and of all the systems of the world, which are designated by the number 666.