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Former Prophetic Messages, 2007 and 2009

Let us Count our Blessings, One by One
Written by Elinor Montgomery –
November 27, 2007


Americans have had the best water supply in the world.
We have had the best food supply in the world.
Our housing has been the best this world has to offer.
Our heating and supply of electricity have been the best.
Our sewage disposal has been the best.
Our clothing supply has been unexcelled.
Our roadways are the best in the world.
Our modes of transportation have been unexcelled.
The number of car owners per capita is the highest.
The amount of vacation time per capita is the greatest.
Our access to medical care has been the best in the world.
Our educational system has been the best.
Our job opportunities have been wide open for those who want work.
Our welfare programs have been the best in the world.
Our entertainment industry leads the world.
Shoes are available for every American.
There is at least one television in most every home.
Computers have become a household necessity.
Electric washers and dryers are in the majority of households.
Children have bussing available to and from schools.
Public daycare is available for working parents.
No citizen needs to starve for lack of food.
Our lumber and paper supply seems to be endless.
Gadgets of every sort and size are available for common use.
Education is available to all people, with few exceptions.
Special education is available for the learning impaired.
And so on…..and so on……and, so on the list goes.


Have we taken time to stop and consider what these blessings have meant to us by living under God’s ruler-ship instead of being a part of the religious/state controlled nations of the world? All of the above blessings have come from Him.


There is a ratio that applies to them, which is as sure as anything can be. It is this: the abundance of blessings upon a nation is in direct proportion to the relationship of its people to God. Remove God from the nation and God will remove the blessings from its people and give them to another.


In religious/state-controlled nations, the few at the top are the beneficiaries of greed. The masses at the bottom rung of the ladder might be starving, while at the same time, those at the top are eating lavishly. There are huge discrepancies between ‘the haves’ and ‘the have-nots’ in such nations.


Almost every American has been able to rise up in the morning to running water, a warm breakfast, warm houses, clothing to put on, toilets that flush, and transportation to school or work. It used to be that most children could say good-bye to two parents, receiving a hug and a kiss to start their day. This was the norm rather than the exception. Now, we have redefined God’s institution of marriage totally ignoring Him and His family plan, which has been the best plan possible for this world and for Americans in general.


We can look at each one of these blessings and see they are beginning to dwindle and fall away. Whereas the first settlers to land on New England’s soil, who set up American laws under God, made gratitude and thanksgiving their priorities, we have failed to teach our children the meaning of the words. We have even forbidden them to pray to God in the classrooms, denying them the opportunity for a relationship with Him.


Woe! Woe! Woe to such a nation of fools! Just watch this long list of blessings dwindle to nothing! Watch terrorism, violence, pornography, drugs, alcohol, murder and thievery, to mention just a few on the devil’s list, replace the list of blessings in this country, which used to be a regulated, safe community under God! Whereas consideration for others was a top priority among Americans, it will become a jungle of every man looking out for himself.


The Bible of truth kept warring religions from our borders. Which Muslim, Hindu, or Buddhist was ever listed in the history books, concerning the founding of our nation, as a contributor to its development? Now they are all sucking the lifeblood out of it, demanding the God of our heritage give way to their pagan gods.


And so, we are about to allow them to take us down to nothing more than another religiously-controlled nation of the world, and for what reason? Is it not for the liberal-controlled government and mindset of its members, which have been choking liberties steadily out of our system? At the same time, they have been planting liberal judges in the courtrooms and liberal teachers in the educational system, with the media and Hollywood leading the crowd to cheer on the moves of liberalism.


Never think Satan is not wily and cunning and has not been planning the demise of America from the day of her conception! Don’t think he has not permeated the entire Christian religious system! Religion is his domain, whereas truth is God’s domain.


These are the last hours, during which you, the voter, can still make a difference. Your voice is barely, but still, able to be heard. If you had been wise enough to get up off your butts, turn off the television wheel-spinning and sports programs for a few moments, put down your bridge cards, your golf clubs and tennis racquets and have given up a few holidays, you might have taken time to have seen that America was losing all of God’s blessings.


Why? While you were pandering to yourselves, you did not have time to stop the name of God from being removed from this nation. This was being orchestrated by liberal, unelected judges who ruled His name unacceptable and offensive to those who were entering this country, bringing their pagan gods with them.


There is still time to do something about it before the darkness settles in. If we do not take action, then we will watch our elected governments turn our nations over to foreigners and religious fanatics who kill rather than preserve life. As the voter, the decision ultimately rests with you, and you had better decide soon, as to which side you are on, the side of liberalism or the side of truth.


We are on the verge of losing America to fanatics who will rule by the sword, the very thing, which our early settlers came to this country to escape. At that point, our liberty will be lost, and getting up in the morning will be no joy at all.


Wake up, America, you are about to lose it! Take a look around you at the foreign garb, which is already filling the streets and talk shows of this nation, and you will be able to see just how close the takeover is. Multiculturalism is the brainchild of liberalism and the enemy of liberty.


Our days for singing ‘God bless America’ and ‘God keep our land glorious and free’ are nearly over. The cheap labor of India and China, nations rooted in paganism, are being handed more and more of our jobs by our governments, which we have elected to keep Canadian interests in the fore-front. Our elected governments, responsible to us, the people, are handing our jobs out to nations who are the proclaimed enemies of God and America.


When we are asked on the phone in a strong foreign accent how to spell the names Green, White, Brown and Black, we know that Canadians are in deep trouble. It will soon be all over, except for the shouting. The slate of blessings will have disappeared from the board.


Count your blessings, count them one by one, and you will see what the Lord has done! The blessings of America do not come from Allah, Mohammed, Buddha or any guru. God blessed America and it is in Him we can trust. When we understand this and honor only Him, it will be then and only then that He might choose to keep our land glorious and free.




The Great Shaking
Written by Elinor Montgomery –
December 14, 2009


A great shaking is coming, such as has never been seen before. Every foundation is going to be shaken to its very roots – the economic system, the religious system and the political system.


In America, we stood on a firm foundation of truth, with a judicial and political system under the headship of God. Businesses flourished and jobs were plentiful within a free enterprise system that promoted financial stability for every level of society. We did not have endless talks about peace, because we had peace and liberty under God. The world envied the opportunities available to all in America, not just for the elite few.


It is all about to change. This is what happens when man chooses the god of this world, Satan, and his crumbling foundation of lies and religion. Canada is in the process of dismantling the nation and is about to feel an earthquake of monumental size. You cannot carry a torch for the gods of this world across God’s land when it is in covenant with Him and committed to being His torch-bearers of light. Thunder is going to roar from out of the heavens, with judgment falling like driving rain from above.


Truth is unshakeable and only those who stand upon it will not be shaken. There is a separation coming just as there was in the wilderness when Moses led the exodus of Israel out of Egypt and into the wilderness of testing. America has been just such a wilderness testing-ground before God’s chosen people of spiritual Israel come out of the Egypt of religion to enter the coming kingdom in the purity of truth.


Did Jesus not tell Pilate that the reason He came to earth was to testify to the truth? When ever did He say that He came to testify to religion, the thing God hates?


Korah and his company of men of the priestly line of Levites challenged Moses who speaks prophetically of the Lord. They tried to subvert Moses’ leadership, a man sent by God to take Israel out of her captivity (see Numbers, chapter 16). These same rebellious men were, in fact, a rebellious priesthood that was plotting to get rid of Moses so they could return to the land of slavery from which God had just liberated them.


Waves of déjà-vu pass over me as I consider the spiritual condition of Canada, today, with the military chaplains and, progressively more and more, the Christian pulpits dropping the name of Jesus in prayer. These were God’s words of advice to the faithful Moses and Aaron; “Separate yourselves from among this congregation, that I may consume them in a moment (Numbers 16:21).”


How serious was God about His spoken word? He called everyone to get away from their tents, which translates prophetically to the church buildings of today, lest they should be consumed with the rebellious, religious crew. Moses put it to them that he was wrong if Korah and his lot died a natural death. For it would be by the act about to follow, that it would be known the Lord had sent Moses and he was not the chosen leader by his own will, but rather by God’s choosing.


Moses then prophesied of the new thing, which God was about to do in the earth. The new thing meant that the earth would open its mouth and swallow up Korah and his religious bunch who did not honor God’s messenger, taking them down alive to the pit. At this point they would come to understanding and recognize the judgment was all about rejecting the Lord, and wanting to go back to Egypt.


And, sure enough, there was an opening of the earth into which the rebellious ones, and all those with them, perished from among the blessed and chosen people of the Lord.


The earth split, as in a great earthquake, swallowing them up with all their belongings, taking them down alive into the pit. Though having been a part of the chosen congregation of the nation Israel, they perished from among the people’s midst. A fire broke out and consumed the priestly lot who were offering incense or prayers that were void, coming from unrighteousness. These men all sinned against their own souls.


How many so-called priests of the Lord will raise up their hands in pride to take hold of that torch of Olympus, the torch, which belongs to the gods of this world? They truly are playing with fire in their rebellion to God and are in grave danger of losing their souls. How many will compete in order to receive honor from men instead of from God? Surely the bride will skate with her Bridegroom as far away from their tents as possible in order to honor her Beloved Lord.


The sin of Korah was to be remembered as a memorial to the children of Israel and spiritual Israel to this day, that outsiders should not be coming into our land and offering their incense to other gods as if before the Lord God, Ruler over heaven and earth, including America.


On which side of the divide are you standing?


Is it your desire to get rid of the name of Jesus (Moses) from within your congregation? Are you pressing toward the world unity of religion with Egypt by eliminating the Son of God from the equation, which will be put forth to achieve this unity? Do you want to become like Korah, only to be swallowed up alive and then burned to death, or do you want to be a holy priesthood of the Lord’s, separate and apart from all religious rebellion?


All such foundations will be shaken to their very roots. But those standing only on truth, with no religion in their midst, will escape the coming night, as surely as did those Israelites escape who departed from the tents of Korah to join Moses and Aaron on the Lord’s side.


Wake up, Canada, and understand exactly why that Olympic torch made a detour to enter Parliament, the seat of a government corrupt to the core, which dishonors every Law of God ever given to Moses, as it embraces a law unto itself called the Charter of Rights. Surely Satan knows well the open doors of a government, which will welcome his torch of Olympus.


She was a world skating champion, honored by man and married to a King of this world, who carried the torch into Parliament. She will be a skating partner of the Lord who will carry His torch with Him after the perfect partners’ skate on a crystal, clear, transparent sea of truth. She will then marry the King of kings and the earth will never swallow her up in death, for it cannot claim those who belong to Him.


A great shaking is coming. Move as far away as possible from those tents of today’s religious priesthood in the line of Korah and join the side of the Lord in the line of Moses, lest fire should fall from heaven above and consume you.