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Former Prophetic Messages, 2007

A Warning Regarding the Messenger of God
Written by Elinor Montgomery –
February 3, 2007


When God chooses a messenger to speak for Him, what he/she has to say is not open for judgment by those who would call themselves the house of God, the true Jew. He/she should decide whether this person is or is not speaking for God by evaluating the evidence, which will include signs of God’s accompanying power. Having made the decision, he/she is no longer in a position to question whether or not the messenger has the right to say what he/she says.


God gives sufficient evidence by the nature of the messenger’s messages. They are always counter-cultural and call for repentance, a fact which the general populace will hate and reject. The messenger speaks into national sin, calling for a rejection of religious idolatry, and a return to the Law and truth of God only, rejecting all forms of idolatry in the land.


Man’s mind cannot comprehend the ways of God, and it is a sin to try and interfere in His work with His messenger. Such work always is a part of His big plan for man and the path He has prepared for him on the Way to the kingdom. It is not good enough to say that what the messenger says will always appear to be Biblical.


Abraham was called to place his son on an altar as a sacrifice and then kill him. This does not fit with the message the Bible gives about child sacrifices, and it would have seemed wicked and demonic to Abraham’s people. In God’s eyes, they would have trod on very dangerous grounds indeed, if they had tried to interfere or stop that which He had called His messenger to do, even though their carnal minds told them otherwise. Abraham was called by God to do this thing in order to establish the Word in the spirit of prophecy. God is always working into a bigger picture far beyond our understanding, which will fulfill His prophecy.


Again, there is the issue of Moses who was sent by God as His chosen messenger to represent the people Israel before Pharaoh. He was told to say things, which brought severe judgment upon his people, causing their workload to be greatly increased. The carnal minds of the people rose up against Moses, about something they were unable to judge from God’s perspective. They could not begin to see the huge testimony of truth in the spirit of prophecy, which again was being set in place for the Word of God.


In leading the Exodus of the Hebrew people out of Egypt, God set down the pattern prophetically of how He would deal with anyone who tried to come against the Covenant move. He was always moving His house of Israel further along the Way on its journey to the kingdom and back into His presence. Man had once walked with God in the Garden paradise, a creation of God’s goodness.


Korah had tried to lead a rebellion of the people against Moses. He and all of his family were swallowed up by the earth. Miriam questioned the authority of Moses as the messenger hearing from God. She asked if he thought he were the only one to hear, for, after all, God had spoken to both her and Aaron, also. God treats it as interference coming against His will for His covenant plan when the other chosen prophets question the ultimate authority of the messenger. Miriam’s actions resulted in her expulsion from the camp, and could have led to her total separation from the others for ever, had not Moses himself interceded for her well-being.


The heavy burden on the messenger is to stay right with God’s will for him/her and to act in total obedience by speaking the words given by the Lord. Messengers have been prone, on certain occasions, to make mistakes, but it is God’s job, and not man’s, to deal with the messenger. Such was the case with Jonah, a messenger sent to a foreign nation to speak for God, totally out of the normal pattern for the prophets who were sent to speak to the nation of Israel.


God requires of His messengers that they speak in boldness and without fear of what anyone thinks or can do to them. It is a handicap for him/her to have to deal with the rebukes and undermining of the people whom God is serving and calling to serve Him. The judgment is severe, and the message comes across loud and clear to back off from the messenger and dare not to touch His anointed or to interfere in any way with the movement of the Covenant, which God is planning.
Thus says the Lord, for I have spoken this once in warning. I will not tolerate rebellion and murmurings against My messengers.


Prophetic Word – The Food of Truth
Written by Elinor Montgomery –
March 29, 2007


Thus saith the Lord! “My bride shall put pen to paper and My Spirit shall guide her hand. Together, we search the Scriptures daily as I open up her understanding so that she might open the eyes of men.


Do you not know who the three friends of Daniel are, who walked safely through the fire of the fiery furnace with One like the Son of God? Did you not read that it burned those who put them in the fire rather than the three men upon whose bodies the fire had no power? The hair of their head was not singed, nor were their garments affected. There was no smell of the fire upon them. They were bound by their garments, going into the furnace, but walked out loosed, for their focus was on things above. They had eaten the right food and they had not bowed down to idols.


Do you not know how hot that fire was? It was seven times hotter than it was usually heated. One could say that the degree of heat represented time, times and half a time, times two. Perhaps you think it is global warming you are experiencing. Put on your thinking caps, O foolish men, for it is going to get much hotter yet! The times are just beginning.


Why do you listen to foolish men who have no understanding? They speak from a culture of death and are unable to discern their right hand from their left. They open their mouths to speak, but there is no wisdom in them. You could say they bring forth nothing more than wind.


Where were they when I mapped out the heavens and placed the lights therein? Where were they when I encircled the deep and set My limitations upon it? O foolish men, do you not yet know I AM WHO I AM, and can cause the sun to burn brightly and the seas to overflow the land? I can dry up the earth so it will not yield its fruit.


I have always been the Provider of the food you eat, yet I do not receive gratitude from you. Instead, you chase after that which I forbid you to eat and you eat until you are full of it, but then it becomes bitter in your stomach. Daniel and his three friends knew no such bitterness, but then, they did not eat the food of the king, nor did they bow before the golden statue of Babylon.


Do you still not know who these three men represent, against whom the fire had no power? Foolish men of little understanding – they are My prophets, My apostles and My bride, who eat only of the truth and refuse to bow down to religion. They are My voice in whom I have planted the truth so they can be trusted to speak for Me and talk with Me as men speaking to each other in a face-to-face relationship. They killed the prophets and the apostles, and they will kill My bride, but not until her time has come and she has completed her apostolic witness of the truth to the world.


I brought forth Esther to go before the king as the voice for My people, and in doing so she saved them from the great slaughter to come. It was the king, himself, who had her put a decree in place, which allowed the Jews to take up the sword of battle, at the appointed time. It was I, Who was the Beloved of the Shulamite, not Solomon, who made the temple a place for harlots. She did the dance of the double camp of Israel, but it was her voice I called forth to speak to the daughters of Jerusalem who had eyes only for Solomon and could not understand what it was she saw in Me.


Do you, blind guides, not see the future in the shadows of the past? I told you clearly that My testimony is given in the spirit of prophecy, and all prophecy must be fulfilled. My Word shall go forth and My bride will witness one last time for Me, like the prophets of old, in the spirit of Elijah and Moses. How is it that you do not understand these things, which I have opened to her?


I am fishing for men and I will not tolerate anyone entering into the house of Israel, who wants a little truth along with a great deal more religion. It is time for the exodus of My bride from the death tomb of religion into the truth of life.


There will be no liars in heaven nor have I ever lied to you in My Word. They did not believe Me when I said they could eat the fruit of any tree in the Garden, except of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. So they ate of it, in disobedience to the Word, and later died, exactly as I had said. Men have never heeded My warnings and always have wanted to eat the forbidden fruit. Daniel and his three friends rejected the food of the ruling power, to eat only of the food, which I had committed for them.


Now, is the time for the coming of the Lion of Judah from His den, and for the fire of judgment to come down upon mankind. Look to these four men for life and understanding! Know this day that it is what you eat and what you feed your children, which will determine whether they live or die. Feed them truth and worship only Me!”


Thus saith the Lord.