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Former Prophetic Messages, 2008

Why is Israel at the Center of World Conflict Today?

Written by Elinor Montgomery –

October 24, 2008


For nearly fourteen hundred years, the nation Israel existed in one form or another in the land called Israel. Then, for nearly 1900 years it was a rather desolate piece of property rightfully owned by no one, but possessed by various groups of people. This was the situation until the U.N. stepped in and re-established the nation, Israel, supposedly now in the hands of its rightful Jewish inheritors. The world, including that of Christianity and Judaism, alike, has been deceived into believing this lie.


The followers of Judaism consider their right to the land is determined by their bloodline of Abraham, but are they truly the real descendants of Abraham who have returned to possess the land? Does the Bible tell us that the true Jew is determined by bloodline today? If so, then Jesus served no purpose in coming to this earth to declare Himself to be the way, the truth and the life, and that no one comes to the Father except by Him.


In this last century, the name Palestine has been improperly used as a term to describe this land, suggesting ownership by a people we call Palestinians today. Never did God promise the land to anyone other than the line of inheritance through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This land was never home to a Palestinian state with a Palestinian capital.


Jerusalem belongs to only those whose king is David, whose throne will go one day to Jesus and His bride, the one and only true house of Israel. The nation chose another king for itself called Saul, but God chose David.  So, why after these many millennia is Israel still at the heart of world unrest, and Jerusalem a cup of trembling, just as prophesied in the Bible a few millennia ago?


“Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of drunkenness to all the surrounding peoples, when they lay siege against Judah and Jerusalem. And it shall happen in that day that I will make Jerusalem a very heavy stone for all peoples; all who would heave it away will surely be cut in pieces, though all nations of the earth are gathered against it (Zechariah 12:2-3).”


From the moment that God said, “Let there be light,” the process had been put in place to restore the earth back to its Creator, after it had fallen into darkness, so that heaven and earth would be reunited here on earth in a kingdom of God. “Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven (Matthew 6:10).”


Darkness was the sign that the earth was in a state of rebellion at the time of Creation, for darkness was on the face of the deep. With the infusion of light, the pattern for dispelling darkness began – separation, growth of righteousness, attack of sin and rebellion, refinement, purity of the remnant, along with the destruction of the resistant who chose to remain in rebellion.


It is with the righteous remnant that God begins the process of redemption, necessary for a kingdom on earth. The remnant must come to a place of overcoming the lures of the evil one who is the author of darkness, the devil, himself. The true remnant of the nation Israel will come to their proper place within the covenant by being torch carriers and witnesses to the Light and to the truth, declaring the only way to the coming kingdom being through Jesus Christ.


The sole desire of the Antichrist is to destroy every semblance of witness to the truth of the Lord God. The process all began with Adam and Eve and the serpent leading to rebellion and the destruction of all but the remnant, Noah. The spiritual battleground rages between the devil and the Lord of Creation Who works with man to carry out the refining process of producing a jewel in His crown called Israel. Satan will do anything to steal away those who belong to Israel, now called the church and bride of Christ, with the lures of the flesh.


With Noah, the process began all over again, after his separation from the wicked world, which God destroyed with a flood. With the growth in numbers of his descendants, wickedness began to increase and the people once again fell into rebellion as man returned to religion in separation from the truth. He built his first religious tower of rebellion at Babel, which God proceeded to destroy with His refining procedures by jumbling the language, which led to the formation of nations of many different languages.


God took from these nations one man and separated him to form one nation called Israel, which was to remain separate from the other nations ruled by Satan and religion so that God could rule over it with His Law and His truth. He wanted to use this nation to spread light to the world so that righteousness would increase, not decrease. He wanted the light of the nation to shine forth to dispel the darkness of the world in the same manner as the light had dispelled darkness in the beginning.


The minute God begins moving within His creation, the attack of the antichrist spirit of religion is lurking and waiting for the first crack in man’s armor, which will allow him to enter in and destroy the work of God. It took very little time before disobedience on the part of Israel to God’s commandments allowed rebellion to set in, preparing the way again for an act of redemption and refinement, necessary in order to bring forth a pure remnant.


He was Jesus Who was the embodiment of the Light, entering the world to bring forth His church out of, and in separation from, the nation of Israel, which rapidly fell captive to the religion of Judaism. This remnant would fulfill the covenant with Abraham, which promised his descendants would be a blessing for all nations.


The church of Jesus Christ became the true Jew in a crossover at the cross from nation to spiritual nation. The first-son blessing of Abraham’s son, Ishmael, crossed over to go to his second son, Isaac, and then to his second son, Jacob, which again would cross over to go from the first son of the nation to the second son of the spiritual nation. Jacob was shown the kingdom blessing in a dream long before he ever had a family to receive his blessing. Jesus was the ladder of his dream, upon whom the angels ascended and descended between heaven and earth.


This was a continuation of the covenant between God and Adam, which saw defeat, but in Jesus would become a new covenant against which the gates of Hades could not prevail, for He spoke it and so it shall be. Jesus declared His church to have the keys of the kingdom and the gates of Hades could not prevail against His true apostolic church. However, this all was happening in the midst of the Babylonian system of purification with the Roman Empire, the system of the day, and the last of the Babylonian Empires used to chastise and purify God’s people.


As ever, the serpent came after the woman and attacked the church to cause her fruitfulness to go on hold during the rebellious and compromised period of the church age when the church was captive to religious Romanism. It would be during this period of many centuries when the true spiritual Israel would grow within the Babylonian system of Romanism, which would keep the church tied to religion.


It could be said that the failed Roman Empire and the church of Jesus Christ were joined together in Romanism, both surviving within the religious system of Roman Catholicism. The church and a revived empire would grow into world-wide proportions before the refining of the final remnant. At this point the woman of Israel at last goes into labor to bring forth the good fruit destined for the very throne of God (see Revelation 12).


She is as the bride of Israel, the revived apostolic church, which will make its exodus from her captivity to religion. She is destined to become the glorious remnant, purified in the truth and ready to face the giant of a reviving Roman Empire in the form of a One World Order under the ruler-ship of the Antichrist who is Satan incarnate.


Now while this woman and true Jewess labors to bring forth the child destined for the throne of God, the serpent rises out of the sea in the full strength of his power, ready for a confrontational battle with this woman called Israel. The nation of Israel has been his target of attack from the day God separated Abraham and covenanted with him. It is now that he wants to wipe her from the face of the earth, once and for all time.


Today, a One World Order of all nations under the Antichrist will try to carry out this work of the devil against Israel. Hitler, a madman ruled by Satan, tried in the last century to do so; he did not want one Jew left in the world to continue the bloodline of a nation. Ahmadinejad is threatening what we call the nation Israel today with a similar extermination as that which Hitler tried to carry out. The future President of the United States, B. Hussein Obama has made it clear that he is ready to sit down with this man and discuss his plans on a friendly basis.


Things are moving rapidly with Jerusalem becoming that cup of trembling, which the prophets prophesied nearly three millennia ago. The nation called Israel is very much at the center of wars, with rumors of war swirling all around her, just as Jesus said would happen in the end days. It is only a matter of time now as we quickly move toward the final showdown when we will see the Middle East erupt into a violent all-out war.


They are the descendants of Ishmael, the Muslims, who are still a very disgruntled lot, jealous of Isaac and Jacob to this day, believing that their inheritance of Abraham was stolen from them by Israel. They want that land, which they believe, as the first son descendants of Abraham should rightfully have been theirs.


The curse of the Gaza strip remains as a blight on the land from the time of the disobedience of the spies of Israel, whom Moses sent in to spy out the territory of the Philistines. In fear and rebellion to God, they refused to go in and possess this parcel of land. So God has allowed the Palestinians of today to reside there as a reminder and a thorn in the side of the nation. Is the nation going to be forced to finally concede this parcel of land as a result of disobedience?


The entire world has been deceived by Satan into believing that this counterfeit nation, sitting on the parcel of land promised to Abraham, is in fact the true Israel, and that the religious denominational institutions of Christianity are the true church. Satan still wants that piece of land for his own throne so he can be like the Most High God and rule over the city of David called Jerusalem. The first throne of this city belonged to Melchizedek, king of Salem, to whom Abraham paid his dues. He was a man of no known origin, who was a type of Jesus, the Christ, Whom the Antichrist hates.


It has been a battle of the millennia and is about to come to a head as the world-wide forces of the Antichrist move into the region of Megiddo to come face to face with Jesus and His army in what will be the big and final battle of Armageddon. It is the age-old battle over the land set aside as a promise from God for His people, Israel.


Satan hates the fact that a part of this world over which he is the prince and ruler belongs to the people with whom God is in covenant, and he will do anything within his power to break the prophecy of the Word, if it were possible. He is green with envy at the promise of the coming supreme reign of Jesus Who will enter the east gate of Jerusalem victoriously with His little flock of followers, His apostolic church and His bride, together for a thousand-year reign on earth, while the devil is chained.


Nothing has changed from the beginning when the boundaries were set between darkness and light. When Israel’s borders were set, the location was put in place for today’s world conflict, the seeds of which are rapidly growing as I write. God’s will shall be done, and the battle will be won as the separation between light and darkness at last becomes a reality, with the light dispelling the darkness.


God’s kingdom will come on earth as it is in heaven, and there will be nothing but peace, which only the Prince of Peace, and no false Antichrist, can give. There will no longer be rebellion among the nations, as all knees bow to Him. There will be a thousand-year peaceful reign under the Prince of Peace Who will sit on the Melchizedek-Davidic throne of Jerusalem, to rule over the earth.


The church from all nations and of the one blood of Adam will cross over through the cross as believers with the blood of Jesus on the doorpost of their hearts. It is then and only then that the Bridegroom and His bride, the true Jews, will reign together from this land called Israel.




The Double Camp Revisited

Written by Elinor Montgomery –

May 23, 2008


There are only two camps within which all men function. There is the camp, which lives by religion and then there is the camp, which lives by the truth. There is no half-truth, for truth washes pure and cleanses all who embrace it. Truth is not subjective, such as the lie would lead us to believe, which states, “Truth for one person is not necessarily truth for another.” This is the big one, upon which secularism thrives.


 Truth remains the truth regardless of any belief system, which is unable to alter it. Truth is the foundation for peace, while religion produces wars. Truth produces light whereas religion produces darkness. Light dispels darkness and herein lies the root of all wars, especially that which rages in the Middle East. “Oh that it were that simple,” one might reply.  I say to you that it is that simple. It has always been that simple from the day God said “Let there be light!” even before creation began.


Jesus said “I AM the way, the truth and the life,” and “I AM the Light of the world.”


From the day God chose Abraham from all mankind and called him and his immediate family to separation, to go in and possess a Promised Land, the sons of man have been insanely jealous of him and his descendants, ever since. The brothers of Isaac and Jacob, the two sons of inheritance, did not inherit the Land and the gentile nations were required to vacate it, as they were driven out of their homelands in defeat. And so the hatred of the brothers and of the gentile nations persists to this day.


But the sons of inheritance failed to drive the enemy out of the territory to which God sent His spies to spy out the Land. This was the area known as the Gaza strip, which is perhaps the greatest hot-bed of hatred and envy in the entire world today. Its inhabitants want that which God never intended for them to have.


Israel not only failed to drive out the nations from the Promised Land, but she also chose not to be that torch of light and truth, which God required of His people, by embracing religion rather than witnessing against it. The nation of Israel broke its covenant with God, preventing His glory from shining forth in the victory and liberty, which He was prepared to give to His people, if they had been obedient to Him.


God does not break covenant, and in remembering Abraham, He entered into the world Himself as purity and truth, in order to fulfill His promise to Abraham that he would be a blessing to all nations. Jesus transformed the covenant from national status to spiritual status, opening up the doors of the house of Israel to all people of all nations through faith in, and acceptance of, truth. It was through His formation of His church that the witnessing of the truth to all men was to be carried out.


And so, through the apostles, the apostolic form of church was established washed in the purity of the words of truth by Jesus. Like all of the prophets before them, they were to write down these words of truth. Together, with the writings of the prophets under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Scriptures of truth became a book called the Holy Bible, a Book of truth, written under the guiding hand of God. There is no other holy book, only books written by men. There are many books of philosophy and many books of other religions, but there is no other Book of truth, in the spirit of prophecy.


Religion took the church captive within Christianity, every bit as much as the religion of Judaism took the nation captive. Hence, Christianity surfaced out of the Babylonian system of Romanism in the same way as Judaism had its birth in Babylon to eventually become tied to the Roman system. Now, if God disbanded the wicked nation after pulling out His remnant, which belonged to the covenant with Abraham, what do you think He is going to do with the institutional church system? He most certainly is going to let it go also, after He has removed the remnant of His bride, the inheritor of the covenant promised to Abraham.


Once she is removed and back on her apostolic foundation, He is going to level the institutional church to the ground. To do so, He will use the agents of religion, which the nation and the spiritual nation both loved so much that they became harlots to their God (see Ezekiel, chapter 23 and the story of the two sisters called Oholah and Oholibah).


The Lord began the purification process of the church with Martin Luther, commencing the movement for departure from the Roman religious system – the glue holding together the two parts of the last of the Babylonian Empires. At this time, He pushed His remnant westward to a new world ruled by Him and no longer attached to religion, but governed by His Law and truth, as the Bible was put in place for the foundation of the justice system and the protection of national borders. Only those who could swear allegiance to God and country on the Bible were allowed to enter God’s land called America.


How the religious world exploded once again in jealousy and envy of God’s people! This land raised high the torch of liberty at her gateway and the peoples of the world who yearned to escape their religious regimes departed for America to partake in the liberty and opportunity the land of truth offered.


Religious regimes, used by God to chastise Israel, have become obsessed with destroying America, of which they also are insanely jealous. Thus, we see Communism, Islam and Hinduism chomping at the gates, which we have opened wide to the enemy of truth the day we removed the Bible as the best border-guard protection any nation could ever have.


We have allowed religion to alter the Law of God with the liberalism of Satan. Instead of having the hand of God’s protection over our nations of the New World, He lifted it to allow the old to penetrate the land and give us the religion we pine for in our hearts, which are wicked beyond all things.


And so, the light is departing from America as God is allowing darkness to prevail according to our wills. The religious camp, in its hatred and envy, hates anything that stands for truth, the only obstacle in the way of Satan’s world domination. In the very near future you will see new American laws legislated against the Bible, declaring it to be hate literature, while, at the same time, there will be no laws whatsoever obstructing the growth of Satan’s religion, no matter what shape or form it takes.


Because of the religious nature of Judaism and Christianity, most of the institutional churches will be deceived into forming an unholy, religious alliance based on morality, exclusive of the truth. The truth of Jesus will not be allowed to get in the way of the formation of a world unified religion under the antichrist world system.


It will happen in a day when, too late, America wakes up to discover she no longer has liberty under God, with the right to speak freely and to worship as she pleases gone forever. Everything for which our ancestors fought and suffered to give to their descendants, will disappear as this beautiful land is handed over to foreigners, who will take control of it. She never, ever, will be America the beautiful, again. And so the dream will disappear like a mist in the night.


We are in the time when the Lord is restoring His apostolic church as He sets it free from religion to carry out its great commission of witnessing to the truth and fishing men out of the seawaters of religion. Unless we understand the difference, which exists between the two separate camps of religion and truth, men are going to be deceived. There cannot be any, and I mean any, relationship or binding treaty agreements between the two. There is no peace, only tension, between them, the same tension, which exists between the Christ and the Antichrist.


The hour is upon us for man to make the choice. Is it religion you want, or is it truth to which you will witness? There is no grey area, for the plumb line has been drawn (see Amos 7:7-17) between black and white, between darkness and light, between religion and truth, and between life and death, itself. The future of America is at stake. Choose to be in the camp of truth and for the sake of a mere ten, the nation could survive