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From America to Babylon

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

October 27, 2010

There are two basic forms of government in the world. The first form is an unelected government that sets the agenda, with the people obeying government edicts; it is called totalitarianism. The second form is a democracy, where the government is elected by the people to respond to the will of the people who elect it, with the people setting policy instead of the government of elected representatives setting it.

Both are ideological in nature, yet neither functions in an ideal way, for there are weaknesses in both. Their weaknesses allow each government to be swung in a direction that would cause it to become like the other in form. Communist Russia swung toward a democracy while the democracy of America is now swinging toward socialism, the first stage of Communism, a form of totalitarian government.

Then there is a third form of government where God, not man, rules over men. This was the one established in the Garden of Eden where the God of truth ruled over man. His co-partner in government was to be man, who would rule over the beast and preserve and till the field put in place by God in perfection, to provide food for man and beast.

Man was never intended to rule over man; God intended that position to be reserved for Himself. He demanded perfect obedience to His commands, if the world were to function in perfection, and to not self-destruct. It is what we know today as the process of first, reading the book of instructions and then, following them if the product were not to become damaged and of no earthly use to its owner.

This is why church and state were brought together by God in America, so that His people, His co-partners of the church, would maintain His ruler-ship, His Law, and His truth, in order to be the light of liberty under only His rule, shining forth to the rest of the world, which does not function in liberty. It functions under the control of religion, which includes the religion of atheism. Again, God had provided a good fertile field of truth in this land, watered by the dew from heaven to feed us, as He had provided in the Garden.

God saw that His creation was good, but when Adam rejected the God-given food for the food of the forbidden tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which we now call religion, everything changed, and there was not only a change of food, but there was also a change of field. The world and its government went from a Garden under God, to a world-building empire system under Satan, set on a field of lies, called religion in liberalism apart from the field of truth, a field where the dreams of man come true. This is the pattern set as the method Satan uses to take down first, the Garden, next, Israel, and finally, America.

Man and beast were in harmony, eating of a fruitful field until sin surfaced in Eden. All of creation groaned as man forsook the truth for a lie – the first lie of liberalism, which separated man from God to establish him with Satan in a world run by religions. Then, man became like a free radical on the earth, causing an aging process known as the theory of thermal dynamics, which sent man and creation into a downward spiral, bringing death to him who once was created in the eternity of God, and in His likeness, by the breath of the Spirit of life. A rebirthing process would be needed if the Spirit of life were to be returned to man.

The institution of spiritual marriage, established between God and man at Creation, became a broken covenant. Adam moved from a government under God into a satanic form of government, where man rules over man. This was his harlotry, which led, first, to the Egyptian empire, then, secondly, to the Assyrian empire and, finally, to the Babylonian system of four empires, the last of which was divided into two parts, which will bring it to an end with the establishment of the Revived Roman Empire that will rule over the entire world.

This would be the fulfillment of Satan’s dream of a One World Order, in the form of a totalitarian government, within which there would be no form of government ruled by God. It becomes evident that America must fail before this can happen. It is important to remember that the fall of man in the Garden to sin, came from within the borders of the Garden itself, as will the fall of America come from within her own borders.

The redemption of mankind includes moving him through history from the harlotry of the empires back to the covenant with God under His government. This is like the Garden giving way to the Promised Land, which, in turn, will give way to the kingdom on earth. They are all part of God’s plan for the Way leading back to the tree of life to a redeemed mankind.

The Lord God began the process of first cleansing a one world order of sin with a flood, thus saving one man called Noah to father a righteous branch, which would be returned back to the tree of life and to an eternal home with Him. His holiness demands purity so there must be a changing of the waters, which will cleanse us with the Word by washing away the lies of religion and its ideologies, to place man back on a firm foundation of truth under the God of truth, from whom flows the river of life.

From Noah’s descendants, God called out one man called Abraham and with his descendants, God established a nation to be ruled by Him under His Law in truth. This was the route that led along the Way back to the tree of life and to Jesus, as the Savior of all mankind, not just of Israel. With Israel, God expanded the Law from one commandment to the Ten Commandments, knowing fully well that if man could not keep one commandment, he would never keep Ten. So, why did God give the Law to His nation called Israel?

God was in the process of redemption and the purification of mankind from sin that leads to death in order to return him to life. His kingdom, we pray for on earth, is based on the Law of Righteousness, which requires a blood sacrifice in order for man to have the Spirit of life, which he rejected in the Garden, returned to him. The curse of death that comes with sin must be removed. Jesus was the only righteous Man born of the breath of the Spirit like Adam, but of the seed of the woman instead of the man, whose blood could wash Adam and all his descendants of mankind clean, if they should follow one basic rule of redemption. They must repent of their sins and believe upon the shed blood of Jesus for their salvation.

Israel failed miserably because of her love of religion and, in her harlotry, was divorced by God for not being willing to separate from the evil nations of Satan under man to retain God as her supreme Ruler. She wanted a man-king, like the other nations, instead of a divine king, and so, He shipped her off to Assyria for discipline, not to be returned to the Land.

Following in the footsteps of the northern part of the nation, called Israel, the southern part of Israel, called Judah, also went into captivity in Babylon as a means of discipline; for she, too, would not give up her harlotry with the pagan gods of other nations. Yet she would be returned, for, from within Judah would come the remnant of David’s line, saved for the promised throne of David.

Israel returned to the Land, bringing back with her the learned idolatry from her stay in Babylon. Religion was rampant within the borders of Judah, when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea. Of course the religious nation rejected the Rock and Cornerstone of the church, Jesus, the Redeemer coming with a message for the nation first. Upon His rejection, the message of salvation then went out to all the nations of the world through His established church.

Once again, the spiritual Israel of God, the church, became captive to the religion of Babylon when Caesar established a new religious form called Christianity and let it be known to the world that he had established the church under the pagan high priest of Rome who became the first Pope of religious Christianity. This was a lie of Satan, who deceived the world into believing that Christianity and the church were one and the same thing.

Thus the counterfeit church was set in place within the Babylonian system as the glue, which would hold the two parts of the Roman Empire together until it would be time to revive the failed Roman Empire that never really died. It survived in the political, religious and economic systems of Romanism, established within the walls of Vatican City – the mother of harlots, Babylon the Great, that great city clothed in fine linen, purple and scarlet priestly robes adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls (see Revelation 18:16).

Like Israel being allowed to grow within the protection of the Egyptian Empire, God also allowed His remnant church to grow within Romanism, in spite of the dark ages when there was little truth being fed to the people. Now, the time has come for her own exodus, a spiritual exodus from religion before the latter day church can be once again established on her old apostolic foundation of truth. It would require a land of her own under God, free from the religious controls of Babylon and its eastern religion.

For this purpose, a church, in the process of purifying herself, crossed over the sea to the West where God could rule His people again, in their own land. She was called, as was Israel before her, to be a light to the gentile nations to show that true liberty only comes to man when he is in relationship with God, as was the case originally in the Garden of Eden.

And so the land God gave to His church was established on a foundation of truth, as opposed to the religion of the gentiles, and truth ruled her borders to keep the religion and liberalism of Satan out of this land called America. She became the shining light of liberty to the world only available where God, and not Allah, Buddha, or any other false gods rule within the walls of religious idolatry.

Satan attacked, as he always does, the minute God makes a new move along the Way to the kingdom, just as he attacked Adam and Eve, the sons of Noah, the nation Israel and now, the spiritual home for the church in America, provided by God for His people. Wherever a religious idol is set beside God to break the first commandment so that truth is compromised by religion, Satan has the door opener he wants and needs.

America gave up her foundation of truth to welcome the gods of the world when she succumbed to Satan’s agenda to make America multicultural. God never allows other gods to rule alongside of Him, and to allow this will lead to loss of liberty and back to captivity again for God’s people, within the control of Romanism.

A very angry God will judge, first, His church by giving her over to her lover, Babylon, and, with the loss of her voice of truth to the world, He will allow America to go the route of Israel. She will be called by another name just as Israel was forced into the name of Palestine, a name honoring another nation within her borders. She was never given such a name by God, but rather by Satan when he took over Israel. Likewise, America will become the Palestine of the West. You can see why that little pipsqueak of a would-be-world-leader called Ahmadinejad, hates America as much as he hates Israel, the two nations, which were, at one time, ruled by God in truth instead of religion.

Wake up, America, before you become one with Babylon, and hijabs will be worn throughout the nation. If it is Satan you want, you will get him; if it is God you want, repent and return to Him and He will return to you and heal this land.

“If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land (2 Chronicles 7:14).”