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From Ichabod to Freedom on Canada Day

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

By Elinor Montgomery

From Ichabod to Freedom on Canada Day

May 29, 2023

1 Samuel is the transitional book of the Bible, which takes us in prophecy from the nation Israel, being ruled by judges, to God being Ruler through the voice of the prophet and finally, with the nation being ruled by a king of the world like the other nations, which have empire-building kings. Samuel was the last judge and the first prophet of the nation. Saul was the first king of Israel, while David was the king elect, anointed later, but not recognized in his role as king at first. He became king after Saul was dead and gone.


Samuel means his name is God. Originally a divided kingdom, with the story of`1 Samuel appearing to be divided in half, marked by the division between the two books of 1 Samuel and 2 Samuel. The first was as Saul, a man seeking a worldly kingdom like those of the empire kings—a type of Israel’s awaited Yeshua, while David was a king after God’s own heart, a type of an Immanuel, a savior whose spirit kept him faithful to God. 


Eventually, the split in Israel would come as one between these two factions–the northern part retaining the national name of Israel, and the southern part taking the name of Judea to include the tribe of Judah, as well as the tribe of Benjamin, along with a few Levites, who all continued to await the coming of their Lord and mighty Ruler. 


This introduces one of the most significant prophesies of Bible history. It brought about a split in the nation Israel’s direction, one like Adam chose in the Garden of Eden, when he chose to become a son of the devil and, likewise, to be one with his governments of evil empires. They would press ever forward until eventually they would belong to the rule of a One World Order of Progressive Liberalism from God, ruled by Satan, the devil and angel of death. The final empire of the Babylonian system of empires is divided in two parts—the early Roman Empire into which Jesus was born, to make the transition from the nation to the church age, and the centuries of church growth to accomplish the harvest of the cross.


Is it not the devil’s greatest desire, to sit on the seat of power in Jerusalem, the capital of Judah and, today, of a united Israel after hundreds of years of being scattered among the Gentile nations? Does he not want to pre-empt the coming of Jesus who is coming back to claim His kingdom on this earth and is coming very soon? The people of Judah returned from their final captivity to the Babylonian system of demonic empires to rebuild the city of Jerusalem, the temple and the wall, but did so with their own kind of religion called Judaism and their own religious code called the Talmud, which sullied the meaning of the Pentateuch.


Saul was as a forerunner of King Caesar of the Roman Empire with a spiritual foundation leading directly to the counterfeit high priest, Caiaphas, and the Pharisees or religious leaders of Jesus day. They were supportive in a religious spirit of Pilate, the Roman governor of Israel, as they cried to him to free a prisoner instead of freeing Jesus who was being led to the cross. There were no horns blowing or a church in the crowd to call for His freedom. Judaism opted for Caesar as king as the crowd cheered the Roman governor on. It was here that the women’s voices took over, and their tears told the story. The church was in hiding, and Jesus knew it.


Still, Jesus would return and pull them out of their doldrums to go forth in spirit and in truth with the gospels in their heads, but yet to be written. They were done looking for a Yeshua. Saul had been given to them, but now they knew He was their Immanuel/Savior who had finally come to them and made them His church. He was the Promised Son of David, the Judge, the Prophet and the King, and He rose from the dead to give life to them.


Their understanding was full as they pondered the years they had trained with Him. No one else could have told them the things He had told them. The apostle John knew it well, and his reward would be to write the greatest revelation of Jesus Christ and the things to come in the last days, that this world will ever know. How he had loved his Lord, perhaps, with an understanding above all the others as to who Jesus really was! He even addressed a greeting to an elect lady, which might suggest he had an inkling that there was yet a sister, pure church to come in those last and far-off days. Though not entirely female, this birthing woman of Revelation encompasses the man at this point, to bring forth the child, which is snatched up to the throne of God.


The book of 1 Samuel suggests through David, a promise of the church of King Jesus to come from his seed, but as an Immanuel-international-salvationist type of King vs. a Yeshua-type judge/prophet/king, a true Son of God being all of these things in spirit and in truth. Wedged between Samuel and God was the prophet Nathan. For today the prophecy suggests to us that God wants to see a smooth transition between the nation Israel as inheritor, and the church of nations receiving their full and complete blessing for Spirit-filled inheritors of the kingdom. Israel has returned to the Land just in time to see and feel the sting of the judgment, along with all the other nations. The tares will be removed from both.


The return of the nation Israel is a sign of Jesus getting ready to return to this earth to separate the wheat from the tares, as she takes her place again among the nations, all of which are getting in place for the coming judgment upon them, none excluded. 


All nations before Him are as nothing and they are counted by Him less than nothing and worthless (Isaiah 40:17). 


Surely, there is no time to ignore the call for the church and other freedom lovers to be witnesses to the truth and take action in the face of being called as witnesses to the treason against God by government officials here in Canada and also abroad. Do they believe they can steal the freedoms of the people and there will be no consequences to their actions?  


The UN is threatening at the door to steal our health care and play the game of lockdown to give us another method of controlling our economy through manufactured viruses. Then with the support of Prime Minister Trudeau they will again remove the simple cures from our pharmacy shelves. They have already been responsible for one genocide. Are we really going to let them carry out another?  


Samuel was judge and prophet in Israel around 1066-1015 B.C. He covers the 94-year-period from his birth to the death of Saul. It was around the time of economic and military control of the Philistines (giants). Samuel is a type of Christ in that he was a prophet, priest and judge. The government of God, the priesthood and judicial role of the Lord God’s kingdom to come on earth, will begin with you, the full house of Israel, His church coming to completion in her role as the bride of Christ.


David is one of the primary Old Testament types of Jesus, born in Bethlehem (house of bread). He was a shepherd/priest who ruled as king of Israel. How close is Canada today to this pattern of having the 3-fold necessity of leadership for a turnaround in the direction the nation must take to ever be great again? He wrote messianic psalms during his years borne of rejection and danger from the world-empire-kings, mainly King Saul, but God enabled him, a man after His own heart. David was seed of man according to the flesh, yet also root and offspring of the Lord—the spiritual King of eternity, in the line of Melchizedek, a man of no beginning or ending.


God played a critical role through the entire transition of judges to kings of the world as the nation cried out for a king like the empire kings to rule over them. This meant, and means still today, that it will be a king of Progressive Liberalism like the head of state, whom Adam chose in the Garden to be his spiritual leader rather than choosing God. He warned the people so they would understand that they would be choosing loss of life and their freedoms for future enslavement in so many ways while alive on earth, but then they would die. 


The big message in all of this is that these losses were always the result of placing their lives into the hands of religion. It would break covenant between God and Abraham, which would end dramatically, depending on the last voice of thunder and the bride of the church being willing to honk loudly for the world to hear—the last thundering voice of man’s covenant with God. 


The true apostolic church, today will only speak in terms of love for its Creator and Source of love and truth leading to freedom from the demonic control of Satan over the flesh. She faces the waning days of the reviving, latter-day Roman Empire, which has held her in the captivity of the religion of Christianity for centuries, to greatly weaken her arising, without any understanding of her very sick condition. At the same time, the high priest of Rome is calling for a united religion in these last days of trying to remove Canada’s liberty in her constitutional law and our rights to control ourselves. No one has the right to take our freedoms away from us.


Is this not the very thing for which we have been training for the last quarter of a century? Is the thunder not causing the light to crack unto death as it cracks loudly over the rainbow of homosexuality and obscenities meant to harm our children? These are the attacks of antichrist obscenities of the flesh by the final writhing performance of the snake. It is trying to maintain a religious dynasty of vulgarity in the human flesh of sexuality turned perverse and vile before God’s children of His creation. God is calling forth your voice so that the medical association will see a boomerang effect of their knives coming back to kill the killers as they lie dead with the snake, wrapped together in the dust.


How is this possible? It can only happen if the book of prophecy of the Bible becomes extinct. Here we have a picture of sexual perversion without the required circumcision of the flesh. The world would never be in this state if the man had taken his role to heart for the protection of the entire family from the animal nature of the beast. A fallen angel called Lucifer became as God, in his own prideful thinking; so God cast him out of the kingdom of heaven to grovel in the dust of the earth.


First, man had to learn his error, as Elijah dealt with the prophets of Baal and killed them all. The woman must deal with the witchcraft of the prophetesses of Asherah in the spirit of Elijah to restore the family and love of parents for the greatest gift of God this world has in the propagation of the human race. The families must be restored–sons and daughters to the love of their parents, and parents, to the love of their children. The child sacrifices of abortion must become something of the past that will be remembered no more.


God will restore the institution of family—something Tucker Carlson cried out for every night he reported on a sick society ensconced in perversion and sexual immorality, while killing whole segments of society. He actually caused a ripple in the sacred society of the wealthy and their control over the propped-up economic system for which there is no protection as it jumbles and falters in brokenness of commitments and covenants.


The books of Samuel are all about world transition from the Spirit of life in a nation ruled by God during her exodus from the first empire of Egypt, disintegrating into a death culture under the priesthoods of religion. This leads to the growth of the Babylonian system of empires, which grew out of the demise of Israel as a nation, to give way to a Goshen-type move leading to the final stage of the wilderness of the West. It was a new world wilderness just waiting for the church to exit her captivity to the final branch of the sleeping giants of the Reviving Roman Empire, kept alive by the Romanism of Christianity. Remember too, it was at Antioch that Jesus’ followers were renamed Christians in mockery of the Way, by which they were known in Israel.


The Lord, to the contrary, decided He would listen and empower the woman to become strong and seek no ruler-ship except that of her Beloved. He would be her dependency and her strength—she would love Him more than life itself. She would say “no” to sarcasm, self-importance and the fleshly weaknesses of the world. She would abhor the pride of man and his flesh, but rather would cling to her Maker and Beloved. Her heart, like that of her father David, would beat in unison with their Father God’s heart.  What fools are they who sarcastically push their pride of self into the very face of God, to defy Him.


Yes, Samuel takes us through the transition from Eli (judge) to Samuel (the priesthood of Israel, the nation. From there we are taken to Saul, king of this world, to David, a king of spiritual lineage with a heart for his Divine Ruler, the Lord. He is both his Creator and his Offspring, by way of the spiritual transformation of baptism, and the infilling of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost allows the apostles of the church to become sons of David and the church believers to be saved from the judgment of death.


What is the Key message in all of this


(See 1 Samuel 15:22) – Does the Lord take delight in sacrifices and the fat of lambs?


Or, behold, does He not look for His bride to obey and heed His voice? Then she will be a voice for a King who can trust her with His scepter and call her to let the foolish daughters of Jerusalem, the women of a fallen nation, to sit up and listen to what He sought from them as a partner of the King (see Song of Solomon), in which a son of David made the same bad choices his father of the flesh, Adam, made before him, which cost mankind the throne of heaven.


It is all about the kind of ruler-ship the Lord is seeking from His people, Israel, and how a nation failed to keep her heritage in transition to the true, apostolic church, the full house of Israel. Lack of understanding and zero propensity for repenting of their sins has cost the nation dearly. It was the grain of Joseph that very early on, even before Israel became captive to sin, showed that he would save his family.  He would store the grain from the Lord that they might live. His family life had been sacrificed for theirs. Was this not the sign of the love of Jesus yet to come, that His brothers might live also and come to know and live with their Father God who has always displayed the glory of His love masked in the water of the clouds above?


To reject the Word of the Lord caused a nation to be rejected by Him to allow the transformation from the sin of one to give the blessing to the other who would choose the glory and mercy of God. In such a manner the false church called Christianity, has chosen to reject the Word of God, rather than try to understand it. He would, in turn, reject it and revive His bride for her to come out of empire religion and into truth and understanding among those who cling to truth and the freedom it alone offers all men.


Remember, receiving a word from God was rare at this time. Eli was judge and priest of Israel and in his regime the birth of Samuel meant an early transitional call to the coming of the prophet under the Lord’s direction. That was the last that Eli heard from the Lord. Samuel had immediately responded though He had no idea that God was talking to him. 


Eli had been a very weak judge/priest with the corruption and wickedness of his two sons, Hophni and Phinehas, leading to the ark of the covenant of God’s throne with His people Israel being captured by the Philistines, and the glory of God departing from the tabernacle. While he sat in his chair, he received the word that both of his sons had been killed, which caused him to fall and break his neck and die. Phinehas’ wife, being with child, gave birth, but before she died she declared that because of her father-in-law and her husband. “The glory has departed from Israel, for the ark of God has been captured.” (see 1 Samuel 4: 21-22).  She named him Ichabod, meaning exactly the above.


When the glory came down again, it would be when the angels announced the birth of Jesus to shepherds in the fields who could hear them and see the bright star over the place where He was laid as a wee Babe. It was as they announced the royal birth of the Son of God in this transitional moment of all history that we are taken back in prophecy to the book of 1 Samuel, the first judge, prophet, king and the fulfillment of the evil it would bring into the nation then and now to the world today. We are at a time when the progression of the evil of the beast is rising out of the sea to finish the job that will see him sitting on the Davidic throne in Jerusalem before the return of Jesus. He wants to alter the pages of history to make it his story instead of Jesus’ History. 


But the Son of David’s loins who sits on the Davidic throne is also the Root of David’s house, who sits on the eternal throne of God. Such had been formerly introduced to Abraham by Melchizedek and the locking of the Abrahamic covenant with God by Jesus’ blood and His fleshly bread. The covenant with Abraham was solidly sealed with the bread and the wine, and by the blessing of Jacob later in the book of Genesis upon the sons of Joseph, when he crossed over the blessing from first son to second one from nation to church. 


But Jacob sealed it with the two sons of Joseph. It cannot be broken. Is this not what the wife of Phinehas was telling us in the prophetic? Did she not see a bleak future for a nation without the indwelling of God? Would Jesus not show us today that it is time for the grain to be delivered to Canada for the healing of the nation in purity, which only repentance can bring? For the glory must come before the wedding feast of the Lamb, and the Lord must be with His bride.


Yet we are led to the book of Revelation to find the conclusion to the matter, which takes us to the 7 voices of thunder to discover the connection to the final voice of thunder and the coming Day of Judgment, with the blessing of all the families of the nations of the earth as opposed to a national blessing. It was lost by the nation away back in time when the people cried to Samuel for a king.


Now, God’s voice thundered with a broken crack of light that can kill, as He looked upon the broken rainbow of Noah and remembered the broken light of His precious Son who had died for you and me that we might live. He would thunder with the covenant made with Abraham, knowing it wouldn’t be kept without the blood of Jesus. He would thunder with the appearance of Moses and the judgment of the Law upon a people who promised to keep it, but did not do so.  He would thunder with David who had a heart after the Lord’s own heart and He would thunder with the prophets they would kill, knowing the people would not listen to the prophetic messages they would deliver for Him. He would thunder and bring darkness with the saddest day of all for the Father with the sacrifice of a perfect Son, scarred forever by mankind.


He would thunder with judgment for those who killed His apostles of the church, and now He will thunder for those who will abuse His bride of the reviving apostolic church to whom He has given and revealed new understanding of the complete truth and Word of God–a Bible with writing on both sides of the pages, with the final ‘Little Book’, complete.


It is finished and time to roll it all up with a voice victorious, that calls for His nation to return from being under empire rule to seize the moment to shout from every province as they did for Esther, and declare victory in the midst of the devil trying to sully the couch of the king. Time to put out the devil, once and for all, to reclaim the entire land, province by province, all in one day–Canada Day (with the wedding feast of Cana in her name) and set up a proper government void of the kings of this world, with only the Lord God having dominion from sea to sea. It says so on the stone walls of Parliament Hill.


The Leaf is on the flag of this country for the healing of the nation and all of those nations, which wish to join her. No cults of Progressive Liberalism from God and His Garden will ever be allowed in this land again to set up their gods and cause the people to worship them. This will be an Ezra/Nehemiah moment in history–the Judiciary, the Government and the King are all of one mind, one heart, and one Spirit.


The glory departed from the world when thunder clapped and Jesus died that day on Calvary. Yet the Day of Pentecost and the empowering of the apostolic church brought His glory to all who heard and declared Him to be Lord of their lives. But wait, the bride will be the last voice of thunder as she declares in one strong voice to the nation that the freedom of Canada, as well as that of the rest of the world, hangs in the balance.  


This is not the time for shofar blowing and back to the demand of Israel for her same old empire king like their first one, Saul, when the glory surely was ripped from the garments of his kingship when he refused to follow the procedure to war and victory given by God for victory. His prophet was very clear about it. This is a glorious moment when God’s glory has the covenant now again leading His attack upon the religions of the world so they (Babylon the great) cough over a large harvest as the grain of truth is delivered by the bride sitting on the grain storage of Canada with a healing for the nations. 


She has seen His glory coming down out of the sky and she will see it again when we obey His call for the horns to be heard over the land, calling all peoples to listen. In unity, she is calling each province to retake their territory for the Lord God–our rightful Ruler over this nation from sea to sea.  Would we endorse treason or judge it along with the authority of any government leader who would destroy his oath of office to scrap the constitution of this land in order to make all citizens come to their knees and worship his goddess, Mother Nature, alongside of the Club of Rome?


We will immediately reclaim our children who will no longer be taught any sexual material, which is forbidden by the Bible. We do this in spirit and in truth, which henceforth will rule again in this land. We are the voice of those who pay for the hire of government employees and we are the same ones who can fire and then charge the crimes of all law-breaking hirelings of the people who have blatantly been breaking our laws.


We will demand that all judges, who are also paid by us, the people, be required to take courses in the liberties and freedoms, which our laws allow the people. If they cannot rule in harmony with the laws of freedom in God, then they, too, will be defrocked and removed from the bench. No judge shall ever again be admitted to the judiciary who does not clearly understand this and takes the proper oath of allegiance that protects the system of our freedom government, the cause for which all freedom fighters are calling.


Hear our voice and listen, listen! We are like a flock of wild Canadian geese honking. The Lord has called us and prepared us for this hour. Surely we will not miss it when it is set on a platter before us!


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