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He Endows, He Empowers and He Enlightens

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

He Endows, He Empowers and He Enlightens

February 05, 2012

Of whom can it be said, “He/she endows you, he/she empowers you and he/she enlightens you”? That is to say, “Who creates you to do what you can do, gives you the power to do it and then instructs and informs you as to how you can do it?”.

Parents are the closest facsimile to an answer that we know, but even of them, this cannot be said to be absolutely true. Though they may think they create you, the truth of the matter is that God creates you at conception and endows you with His own unique mix of DNA. No man can create that mix for everyone’s DNA is different from the next person’s, even within one family, where each child can be very different from the other. God empowers us to act according to our own free will, but, at the same time, He gives us a book of instructions, telling us what and how to do it, called the Bible. We have the freedom to choose whether or not we will listen and obey.

Oddly enough, from the Garden all the way to the kingdom, throughout the entire history of the world, man has chosen to assume the role of God for himself, by rejecting His truth to embrace the lie that you can be like the Most High God. Eve, the first to rebel against Him, is no different from the mother who aborts her child. It is the same rejection of God-given life from the Creator, who knows exactly whom He is creating, why He is creating that person, and for what purposes He wants to use him/her, whether unborn or created as Eve was in a mature state. To suggest that God does not know any unborn child in the womb is to suggest God is not the Almighty God He claims to be.

Abortion is nothing more than the sin that leads to death, just as the rebellion of Adam and Eve led to sin and ultimately death. Sin grows in proportions like that of leaven until it reaches the stage it has reached today in America. The numbers of abortions have reduced the size of families, now reaching the point where the nation can no longer survive as we know it. The Christian population will eventually cease to exist as other religions fill the vacancy left and, unlike the believers in the Law of God, they will live by the religious law of Satan, the father of all religious nations.

As America rejects the Law of God in matters of life and death, man’s laws of the religious or secular world based on lies replace truth, just as it did in the Garden. We have said no to marriage as it was established by God, the form of which has been accepted for nearly 6000 years. Now we reject the first Commandment to be fruitful and multiply within the confines of marriage, to produce a one flesh unity within its covenant boundaries. We have done this by eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which provides only corrupted fruit, which can never produce sons and daughters for God, but instead, for Satan.

The laws of man, which we are now embracing, lead to the lack of fruitfulness and will eventually stamp out the human race. In China, there is the one-child principle, killing the ‘unlawful babies’, which ultimately will lead to the nation’s extinction, down the road. In America, the laws are presently being passed, which enforce the provision of artificial means of birth control if anyone demands it. The laws are also being tightened to support abortion on demand, which is being forced upon all religions and peoples irrespective of constitutional, protected, religious rights to practice their faith as they see fit.

It is hard to believe that man actually chooses death to the gift of life, which has always been the case since the dawn of creation. This is the real sin of man. God has opened our baby eyes to the light and has given us the power for understanding by breathing the Spirit of life into us. Yet, we choose blindness in lack of understanding by refusing the God-breathed Spirit and the truth of the Word, which is our guide to preserving the life God gives us.

Of all of the Ten Commandments we seem to be most schizophrenic about the sixth one, which says we shall not murder. It seems to be okay to murder the unborn, the sick, and the old, but, at the same time, we will punish a murderer of those who can take care of themselves, by sentencing him/her to as much as the death penalty. Should we not offer any protection for the indefensible by declaring murder of any one of this group of people to also be a crime against humanity? Or do we consider them humanity?

How was it that Adam and Eve died? They refused the God-breathed Spirit of life, when they ignored God’s truth and then blamed their sin on someone or something else. They combined the knowledge of good with evil. America, the good, is now America, the good and evil. America, which was founded under God and His truth, has opened the door to the lies of religion and tried to mix the cultures of religion with a culture based on the truth of the Bible. Now America has been held hostage by Satan, himself, who has no other desire than to suck the truth out of the nation so no one can know and hence obey the truth of God concerning life and death.

Like a pied piper piping his tune to the children who no longer have the truth to protect them, Satan leads them as sheep to the slaughter, taking them from life to death, with no stops along the way. That is to say, the devil puts plan B in place, should plan A fail and the unborn child escapes the killing knife of the abortionist to take away the baby’s protection in the mother’s womb.

All things created good, including marriage between a man and a woman, fruitfulness and the Word of truth, are at the heart of the first two chapters of Genesis, which remain the records of the creation of God for those who have survived the religious wars of the past 6000 years. They are at the heart of what separated America under the Law of God and His rule in truth from the other nations of the world. They are at the very heart of what the up-coming election is all about. Will the nation fall into the Eve syndrome of choosing death in place of life or will she choose to live?

Will she elect the Law of God who endows, empowers and enlightens, or will she elect the law of Satan who can endow, empower and enlighten no nation? He is only able to lead to the broad road of this world, which will lead to destruction by his employment of the lie. So far, has the Republican candidacy for the presidency not been fought on the basis of the lie? It is a very bad sign indeed and speaks poorly of what lies in store for America.

The Republican candidate, Newt Gingrich, got it right the first time and the people responded to his idea of a clean election without the smear tactics of coming against the other candidates, with innuendoes and lies. He did not see it as the role of government to enforce faith groups to adhere to any law that would require them to provide the means for birth control and abortion, when they are clearly actions, which go against their faith. When he addressed the issue with no regard for political correctness, his popularity soared and he led in the polls. It followed that when he resorted to the same kind of negative attacks, which had come against him at the beginning of the primaries, support for him dwindled very quickly.

He is God who drives the nation, and there are no other gods of any shape or sort beside Him. He endows in the womb, He empowers the child He creates and He enlightens it with His truth. If Americans are not a light and a voice to witness to this truth, then who else is out there who will get the job done for Him? My guess is that it will be the persecuted church, found under Communist and Islamic regimes, for which no concern has been shown by the institutional churches of religion in North America.

We have continued with the Chinese and Islamic nations as trading partners, which is far more important to North Americans than the suffering of believing people. American Thanksgiving has dissolved into the biggest shopping day in the United States. Christmas has become just another holiday as opposed to a Holy Day, and Boxing Day is time to put away the tinsel and the glitz and sell off as much holiday merchandise as possible by appealing to what is really at the heart of the American people; it is first, the bargain, and then secondly, the saving of a human life.

Surely, the heartland of America is struggling to return to God. Let us pray that good will overcome evil and America’s light of liberty in the truth will shine from this nation once again so that the rest of the world can see that shining city upon a hill.