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Heaven’s fire on the occasions of 9/11/01 and 9/09/10

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

September 11, 2010

My friends, we have a choice. Either, like Dr. Terry Jones, we burn out the religious idolatry from this land of God, or else He will send His fire of judgment down in the same manner as He did for Elijah, and do the burning for us. One can only imagine the wrath of God when we honor the religious Koran and dishonor Him by abusing His Word of truth, the Bible, which we have taken from our children and from the public square. We have done worse than burn the Bible; we have treated it as if it does not exist. See the Commentary of the Day, The Day of Burning, by Elinor Montgomery, NewsnBlues, Volume 515, 9/09/10.

These were words I wrote on the morning of September 8, 2010. Early, the next day, September 9, 2010, Dr. Terry Jones announced that the burning of the Koran was off. On the evening of the same day, around 6.00 p.m., huge flames blasted from the ground, rising over 1000 feet into the air in San Bruno, California, in the San Francisco South Bay area, like a burning inferno, causing much destruction to the area.

Why California and why this particular area? It is interesting to note that San Francisco is the Sodom of today as the capital of homosexuality. It is also the district represented by Democrat House Leader, Nancy Pelosi, who is bent on destroying America’s heritage and freedoms. This is a state that has ruled God’s institution of marriage out and the homosexual’s concept of marriage in. This is a state, which rebels against its American heritage in God.

Those at the site, including the Lieutenant Governor of California, Abel Maldonado, said they had never seen anything like it, as it most certainly caught the attention of not only America, but of the entire world. One homeowner stated that he heard a crash and continuous thundering. He could feel the rumbling and the engulfing heat. The God of glory thunders (Psalm 29:3). As emergency workers searched following the California inferno, it was described in these words, “It’s Apocalypse now in San Bruno”.

I cannot comment on the ministry of Dr. Terry Jones, but I can comment on his statement that Islam is of the Devil. It would take a fool to disagree. Satan, is the author of death and the father of Islam, which advocates the killing of the infidels – those who refuse to convert to the killing ideology of Islam.

Now, in the class of fools on this subject, I would include Megyn Kelly and the entire roster of news announcers to whom I listened on the subject of the burning of the Koran. First of all, in reporting the news, their job is to give the facts, not opinions. I wonder if Megyn Kelly has the slightest idea of what Jones stands for theologically within his ministry. Yet, she was able to describe him as the leader of a cult by using words that suggested he is the equivalent of a ‘fruitcake’ or a ‘nutcake’, the words I heard most often applied to him.

Of course all of them, knowing little or nothing more of his ministry than I do, labeled him as the leader of a cult. I would dare to suggest that not one of these announcers could give you the definition of what a cult is, and, if the truth be known, most of them, themselves, are part of the cult of Secular Humanism. I would advise them to get themselves a dictionary and look up the meaning of the word. Jones did and said nothing to indicate he was part of a cult.

In Jones’ passion to get the message across about Islam, he has shown Christians being hanged by Muslim forces for no reason other than the fact they are Christians. In his Political Incorrectness, he has made the country aware of the evil and the dangers of Islam to the world. Where have all our so-called worthy media reporters been hiding, with respect to reporting the truth about the thousands of Christians being murdered by Muslims throughout every Islamic state in the world? Is it not strange there is no mention of these acts of the real ‘fruitcakes’, yet they single out a man who hates the murder of innocent people to call him a ‘fruitcake’?

America had better decide, and decide soon, what it is she wants. Does she want to ally herself with those who are politically correct killer supporters, or does she want to share in the public awareness of evil through Political Incorrectness, which stands by the Word of God?

But I say that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice they sacrifice to demons and not to God, and I do not want you to have fellowship with demons. You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons; you cannot partake of the Lord’s table and of the table of demons (1Corinthians 10:20-21).

One Christian group, in response to Jones, has opened up the doors of their church to Muslims, who are building a mosque nearby, to allow them to carry out their pagan activities and prayers to Allah on the premises of their church, which is supposed to be Christ’s church. Such Christians see themselves as the ‘good neighbors’ of the social gospel, but they most certainly are not obeying the Word of God with respect to sharing the same cup and the same table with demon worshipers. Today, they are the good neighbors, but tomorrow, they will reap what they have helped to sow, becoming the victims of the Islamic killing fields and will, in all likelihood, cry out to God in their time of crisis as they did on 9/11 after the Islamic attack on American soil.

This is hardly a day for Americans to grovel on their knees in fear of Islam instead of addressing the enemy like men and warriors. Where is Bush when we need him with his determination to go after the enemy instead of bowing to its kings like Obama has done? So, God will use a woman, in the same manner as He used Deborah to lead a general and his army, receiving credit for the spiritual victory in place of her fearful general, Barak, who had been called by the Lord to deploy his troops into battle. General Petraeus has proven himself to be just another fearful Barak. And so it is that God will give credit for the coming spiritual battle to a woman (see Revelation 12).

The illegal Commander-in-chief of the military, Barack Obama, said that Americans are not at war with Islam, but rather with terrorists. Now, if A = Islam and B = the terrorists, what percentage of A is required before being one and the same with B (A=B)? Would it be 70%, 80%, 90%, or finally 100% of A, and zero% of any other religious group coming together with B to become as one and the same? Will Obama finally admit that the terrorists are, in fact, one and the same as Islam, the enemy of the West, since A = B?

100% of the terrorists who attacked the World Trade buildings were Muslims. Is Mr. Obama trying to tell us that we are at war with terrorists, but not with Islam? Who is the real ‘clown’ or ‘fruitcake’, and where are the so-called intelligent reporters on this one? It would appear that the media has no problem with the illogical ranting of an illegal president, but, yet, when a pastor calls a spade a spade in truth, he becomes the target of disdain, because he speaks the truth. The truth of God has nothing cultic in it.

If we do not build the playing field of truth, then He will not come back to America to right her wrongs. If we do not burn Islam out of America, then He will burn America out of us. Truth was the original foundation of America, in which religion played no part, including the religions of Christianity. There were no popes or archbishops ruling spiritually over this country, let alone a religious imam, the spiritual leader of a people who had no part whatsoever in the foundation of this nation’s heritage.

Jones made the statement that Islamic extremism poses a threat to the United States and the world. But he then went on to say that moderate Muslims should feel free to practice their faith in this country. He says the church’s message is not intended for all Muslims. Why not Mr. Jones? Are Muslims not Muslims, a cultic people who follow the dictates of the Koran? Are you prepared to weaken your cause by saying that there are good ones and bad ones, the moderates and the radicals, so that one is tolerable but the other is not?

Let’s get it straight! There are only Muslims, with all that it entails in being a Muslim. It entails the fact that the Koran is the foundation of their belief system. Now you can have what are referred to as radical Muslims and moderate Muslims, which is just another way of describing the difference between liberals and fundamentalists. But they are all Muslims.

The liberal Muslim is more accommodating, to protect his own hide and not for any reason of moral righteousness. He hates the very idea of a righteousness that he sees as threatening the position of Islamic dominance. Don’t the ‘moderates’ here in  America cry for Americans, in our own country, to get rid of Christmas and all religious holidays associated with Christianity?

On the other hand, the radical, or fundamentalist, honors every word of the Koran and Islam’s goal for world supremacy at all costs. He religiously adheres to the edicts of Mohammed, which are revolutionary in nature, leading to the killing fields and torture of those who will not accept the religion of Islam. Both the moderates and the fundamentalists accept the same principles as the foundation of their belief system, only varied by degree.

No adherents to any religion other than Islam are to escape its sword, if Islam is to dominate the world. Therefore, in an Islamic regime, it is legal to torture, enslave, and kill, in order for the means to justify the end. In fact, Mohammed explicitly endorses the cutting off of hands for petty thievery, as a common practice of Islam.

All Islamic regimes are dictatorial states. Our so-called nice American moderates will have no say in the killing fields of the state, if and when Islam takes control of this nation from within. Even among the so-called moderates living here within their lesser state of the Muslim family, the rules of the regime apply. The husband and father of the household is a dictator, who, like the state, has the authority to wound, maim and kill his womenfolk, if moved to do so, for insubordination to him or to Islam.

We have the evidence of this within our country, where, shall we say, a moderate, Muslim father killed his daughter for insubordination regarding the clothing she was wearing and a husband beheaded a wife, perhaps for something she had said or done. Who knows how insignificant the cause was for such a dastardly crime to be committed? In my own region, a father and son of a Muslim family conspired together to drown four female members of the same family in their car where they were found dead under water. I ask you, Megyn Kelly and the rest of your media crew, “Who really are the ‘fruitcakes’?”

They were the Judaic religious leaders who came for Jesus in the garden. They were the Judaic religious leaders who ushered Jesus off to the Roman ruler in Jerusalem, who in turn sent Him to the cross. They were the Judaic religious leaders who stoned Stephen to death as the first martyr of the true apostolic church. Today, the religious are attacking again, coming just short of stoning, a man who has done nothing more than stand on the truth by making the statement that Islam is an evil religion and presents a serious danger to America if we allow it to gain a foothold in this nation.

It follows that he most certainly is drinking from the same cup as Jesus drank, whom they demonized and ultimately killed for His testimony to the truth many centuries ago. Nothing is new, it has always been religion that has been the enemy of the truth and the lure for the nation Israel, and now, for the spiritual nation, to become harlots to their Lord.

That first martyr Stephen’s words would have burned to the heart of the religious leaders, speaking exactly as God wanted the voice of His church to speak and perform. General Petraeus could learn a thing or two if he opened up the Bible to the book of Acts to see how a real military man should function if he is going to have any credibility. Stephen was the quintessence of a military man of the church, signs of which Jones displayed in his fearless act that would ignite the hearts of the religious to display their hatred for the truth.

Neville Chamberlain, the British Conservative politician who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from May 1937 to May 1940, is best known for his appeasement foreign policy, and in particular for his signing of the Munich Agreement in 1938, conceding the Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia to Nazi Germany. When Adolf Hitler continued his aggression, Britain declared war on Germany on 3 September 1939, and Chamberlain led Britain through the first eight months of the Second World War until he resigned and Churchill took over.

Let us consider this scenario! Suppose some angry Brits, who had lost their loved ones and their homes during the war with Germany, led by Hitler, the author of the ideological book, Mein Kampf, decided to have a burning of his book, on the anniversary of the bombing of London. They hated his maniacal philosophy, which led to the killing fields and the attempted extermination of a race of people. They saw this madman’s ideology, which was wrapped up within the covers of this book, as being the reason behind the deaths of their loved ones and of all the soldiers who had lost their lives fighting in the war to preserve freedom and liberty.

Now try and imagine if possible that the response from the English media, from Mountbatten and from Churchill was one of fear about the burning, lest it might upset Hitler and his radical army of trained killers. Who was to know what they might do? Of course it was evident that they would simply kill like they had always done because they were followers of an ideology that endorsed killing.

Can you possibly imagine Churchill and his generals even hinting at a response like that of Obama and Petraeus to the burning of the Koran, which outlines the maniacal philosophy of Mohammed and his recipe for killing and extermination of whole religious groups of people? Churchill would likely have reacted in a way as contrary to that of Obama, as oil is to water. He might well have asked for the privilege of throwing the first book on the fire, with the military and the reporters cheering him on. Who would not have wanted to be part of such a significant display of disdain for the enemy’s cause?

History is repeating itself. Peace talks are going on with Muslims to give over the land to the Palestinians, which belongs to Israel, with our Chamberlain of today, Obama, being at the heart of the appeasement process with an enemy of Israel and America, which will slaughter the Israelis and Americans at its first opportunity. It seems America’s top commander of the U.S. forces, General David Petraeus, is as big an appeaser of the enemy as is Obama. If either of them was under his supreme Commander, God, which Jones appears to be, the enemy response would be of no concern to them.

It would appear that the greatest service Jones has rendered to the American people is to show just how close the UR (the United Religion of the United Nations) is, where leaders of Hindu, Buddhist, Judaic and Islamic communities, not to forget the Humanists, are all coming together into religious agreement. The Christians are hanging on to their coat-tails in fear, allowing the truth to be forsaken in order to make way for the unity of religion. Satan does not want his One-World-Order plans disturbed. Jones has been the battering ram for their fears, which have so easily turned to disdain, even hatred. They, not he, are the only ones guilty of hate crimes in this entire scenario.

The pastor, Renwick Bell, from a church near the Dove World Outreach Center, said that very few Christians would support burning the Koran. He stated, “When a Christian minister does something like this, he is trying to get publicity. Well I would say this about that. It is because he is a religious man and not a true church man that he makes such stupid statements. You [Jones] are really misrepresenting world religions and Americans from their point of view,” he concluded.

I should hope for sure that Jones is not representing world religions, for right now all religions are preparing the field for Satan and his Antichrist to come upon the scene with their false prophet to establish a one-world religion without the name of Jesus. As Jesus clearly stated, if He were not to return soon, even the elect would be lost.

The sadness of this day is that the enemy of America is setting up shop within this nation getting ready for the takeover, which is why it has chosen to build its mosque as a replacement project at the site of the greatest damage Islam has done to America, yet. Will it not be a trophy building, which the Americans, themselves are supporting? Few are they who have spiritual eyes with which to see, and many are the fools who are blind in their religion. Surely by now America can see the damage to her nation that Obama is doing, because he managed to deceive the people with lies and notions of grandeur about being the messiah of America, in order to get elected.

Well, he certainly is no messiah, and he has proven to be a man who joins with the enemy in dishonoring the American people. He has bowed to the rulers of the East and panders to their threats by shipping more of the American tax dollars to the aid of Islamic and Communist regimes, when the monies are so badly needed right at home. If it weren’t so sad I would call him the ‘clown’, which they have called Jones, but I am afraid there is nothing funny about Obama sitting illegally in the White House.

The fire of judgment surfaced on 9/11/01 and it surfaced again on 9/09/10. These are mere warnings of the big fire, which is just over the horizon. May the true church build the field with a foundation of truth and build it quickly, for time is short, and He is coming soon?

Thank you, Mr. Jones, for alerting Americans to just how far they have fallen from their first love and from the liberties, which He bestowed upon them, in the intervening years.