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History Repeats Itself

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

History Repeats Itself

May 14, 2012

There is a saying, which says that history repeats itself. History is “His” story about the heavens, the earth, and everything created therein. Even academia and the atheist will call it “His” story without realizing they are bowing to God in discussing ‘what has been’ and ‘what is to come’, as written in His prophetic Word.

It is rather like man looking at the sun, the moon and the stars and being unable to see his physical placement within the universe, which the Lord God holds in His hand. In the same way, for millennia, we could not see the earth, and did not know until the latter days of history, that it, too, was placed at the center of the infinite universe, held also by the hand of God. However, the prophet Isaiah had spiritual insight into the nature of the earth as being round, millennia before our scientists knew it, and wrote about the circle of the earth above which the Lord God sits (see Isaiah 40:22).

It all took form with the words, “Let there be light.” So that darkness gave way to the light, and dust to life within this realm of light in a dark universe, which contains still nothing more than dust or matter without life. Did man not walk on the face of the moon, kicking up the dust as he moved?

History is about the choice we make between the two – light and darkness, understanding and ignorance, and life and death. Ultimately, it is about receiving a blessing or a cursing, and that all depends on what we do with our Creator who gave us life, to take us out of the darkness in which there is no understanding.

There are many belief systems, but there is only one truth. The belief systems emanate from Satan who was an angel fallen from heaven, like a star out of its place, rejecting the light of God to claim it for himself. It is called pride, and God will not share His light with another in what we call a belief system known as religion. Religion is the darkness and enemy of truth. Since Jesus came as God on earth to defeat Satan for the sake of man, that which is the opposite to the truth is the anti-Christ spirit, opposite to the Christ, the Word made flesh, and the light of the world.

What is the Word? It is the guide-book to life called the Bible, written in the Spirit by men given revelation from God. When Jesus taught on earth it was a revelation of the truth, which His apostles recorded. We can generally accept this fact without too much difficulty, for there were many witnesses to His life, death and resurrection. Some of the witnesses who wrote the truth about the resurrection were not believers and had no interest in recording “His” story, but they did so by their very nature as recorders of history, called historians in their day, as they are in our day.

“His” story is one of creation in which man, the created, fell from the light, like Satan before him, right into his camp of darkness, where eyes are shut to understanding, in a world order in which there is no light. It is the anti-Christ order against Christ, who was, from the beginning, the pre-incarnate Creator and light of the world. To not believe this makes everything He says a lie and the Bible, unbelievable; for this book points all of creation to the truth of who He is as the light of the world.

Thank God for the Bible’s self-validation of history by its nature of being given in the spirit of prophecy, where the end is known from the beginning. All prophecy points to Jesus as the Savior of mankind – God coming in the flesh to save His creation of man from the darkness in which he was thrown when he rebelled to the truth and chose to believe the lies of religion. True to God’s Word, man’s sin led him into the arms of death, with his life-blood being required back from him, after having life breathed into his nostrils so that he might thrill to the love God had to offer, along with the joy and peace, which only God has to give, surpassing all human understanding.

History is about our choices; will we choose that incredible blessing, which is life in peace, or will we choose to believe a lie from Satan, coming from a tree standing directly in front of us, which carries the curse of suffering and death? We cannot seem to get around that tree leading to liberalism and religion, which is the repetition of history. Yes, God gave us a tree of life from which to eat spiritually, but we continue to choose to eat at the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

The table of nations is found at the latter, with origins going right back to Babel where man reached into the heavens in his religious tower-building without God, thinking he could get to the light without Him. Satan is the liar and author of this religion at the very heart of the United Nations, heading toward the One World Order in the anti-Christ spirit.

God raised up one nation for Himself called Israel, to show the world the difference between the blessing in Him and the curse of sin, which refuses His rule for the rule of evil. History repeated itself and Israel went the way of Adam and Eve, and Satan before them, by rejecting their God to embrace the lies about other gods, which do not exist, the same gods we honor today at the heart of the Olympic Games. We willingly will carry their torch instead of the burning torch of liberty shown to Abraham in a dream and to Moses in a burning bush, which was not consumed.

The failure of Israel was shown prophetically to Peter in Acts, chapter 10, in a dream. With the lowering of the second sheet in its purity, it points to the time of the first coming of Jesus and the work of the cross to remove and kill the beastly state of man in sin, and set him free from the religious control of Satan and his ruling religious/state empires of the nations.

Jesus came for all nations that all men might have the beast in them killed by eating the truth of His Word at His table. They were the apostles who laid the foundation in Acts for victory in the blessing of Jesus as opposed to the curse of following the religion of Satan in darkness. It was the religious priesthood, which led to the darkness of the Dark Ages when, in the name of Christianity, it kept the words of Scripture out of the hands of man. At the end of these Middle Ages and at the time of Martin Luther, the Bible was returned to the laity and translated for man to read for himself.

Only shortly thereafter, did God provide a land in the West apart from the East, where its foundation was based on the truth of God’s Word, which was taught in every schoolhouse in America, was used as the foundation for truth in all of her courtrooms, and was the basis for truth and prayer in every government in the land. She was blessed with the blessing of Israel where God, not Satan, ruled over the nation. Truth and government were inseparable.

The religious/government chains of bondage in the East had been broken in the West, and so America was the recipient of kingdom and Garden-type living. She received the blessing, which made her a free nation with the promise of abundance in peace and the pursuit of happiness, along with the joy God wanted His people to receive through His love for them.

But, history repeated itself, and now we see a nation in free-fall, heading back into the darkness from which she came when God brought His own out of the rebellious, religiously-ruled nations of the East to separate them from governments ruled in conjunction with religious leaders such as a Pope, an Archbishop, an Imam, or a Rabbinical priest. Not one priest of any sort was ruler in the land ruled by God from sea to sea, the same God in whom America put her trust for her peace and well-being.

Take a look at the darkness creeping back over her, with rulers who are hypocrites and true sons of the beast setting an iron grip over the nation in order to prevent her from being any obstacle to the rule of Satan over the world. We are entering into the rule of the final, nation-building Revived Roman Empire, with a One World Order of evil spreading over the entire world, which will plunge her into darkness and destruction. For Satan is a liar and destroyer, having deceived the entire world.

This is why we see our leaders talk Bible, while at the same time blocking it as our energy source, which would keep us free and independent from the other nations of the world. They are sapping the strength from our country in the name of God, just as Satan recognizes His name, but denies His power. Satan’s aim is to join this nation to the other nations of the world, thus putting it under their control through the unity of nations, using that most evil of organizations, called the United Nations, to complete the dastardly deed. It will legalize God right out of America at the first opportunity it is given, while legalizing a sewer morality in His place, which is happening as I write.

And history repeats itself as America melts down and steps back into the sewers whence she came, instead of embracing the light. God said, “Let there be light,” and in so doing, blessed His creation. Satan countered by saying, “Come join me in the darkness; this is where the action is.” And so man rejected the Light and joined in the darkness. Israel repeated the pattern of man and now America is repeating the pattern. So be it! Back to the dust bin she shall go, with no light or life left in her as the truth is methodically removed to make way for the cults of eastern religions.

However, God is going to at last have His bride from the marriage bed He created for Himself in His love for man. He will have His fruit from the tree of life, which began with the first fruits of the apostolic church. He will raise up His Revived Apostolic Church to be His witnesses to the light of the world and then when she is finished spreading the gospel of truth in a world of darkness, He will take her unto Himself. Heaven help those who are left for the destruction of war, when evil self-destructs in a deadly battle in the land of Israel, and the land of the Garden of creation where man first rejected God. It is back to the beginning where the end was established.

His story will come to an end in this world as we know it, in a One World Order of evil, which will give way to the New World Order ruled by the light of Jesus and the light of His bride, mankind who trusted in Him for salvation. She has received the breath of life, once again, through His blood shed in place of ours, which has no life in it because of sin.

It is a mouthful, but a very delectable morsel indeed, which is served at His table, the table of truth, the table of “His” story told in truth.