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I Speak Pig Latin, For I am Just a Pig

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery


“I Speak Pig Latin, For I am Just a Pig”

January 24, 2023


“Put on your lipstick and throw on your wig!”

“But I’m not a person, I’m just a pig.”


“Hush, Hush! Don’t let them hear!

Or you’ll be locked up permanently, for sure, my poor dear.”


“Since I speak Pig Latin, to be my real self,

Why then speak Woke to be someone else?


That’s a funny thought, for I know who I am,

I can’t be a rooster, but possibly a hen,

  … Possibly a goose, but never a gander

              When I could be bacon or a nice slice of ham,

Why be ground beef or a stew of lamb?


No, Pig Latin will do for me very nicely,

I am just a pig, and that I remain,

I say what I mean, and do so precisely.


Heck, I’ll put on my lipstick, and throw on my wig

Not to forget my eyelashes, and beat them at their gigue.


I’ll think like Woke, and then they will see,

It might be a whole lot better to speak Pig Latin like me.”



Elinor Montgomery

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