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Institutional Churches are headed for the Chopping Block

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

September 19, 2010

Institutional churchism has become irrelevant in this society. It is just another religious system, which makes up the religion of Christianity, with all its many different religious denominations. There is no way to distinguish churchism from the culture today.

Many Christians are as guilty as the non-Christians, when it becomes a matter of sexual immorality, disregard for marriage vows, abortion, children born out of wedlock, involvement in pornography, drug and alcohol abuse and homosexuality. And so the list goes on and on. The problem begins with the fact that Christianity is a religion, reflecting the culture of the day, instead of defining the church of Jesus Christ in which there is no religion.

Institutional churchism is headed for the chopping block while the true church, at the same time, is coming out of religion where it has been entombed for centuries. She will again stand on her ancient apostolic foundation of truth.

In the early days, Jesus formed His church outside of the religion of Judaism. He is about to restructure His church again today in the same manner, by calling it out of Christianity before it all comes tumbling down. Paul, the apostle, did more than any other man to break the chain that bound the church to religion.

Did Jesus keep the Feast Days? There is certainly evidence that He kept the Passover and, most certainly, He would have honored all of the other Feasts, which God gave to Israel. For their fulfillment was found in Him, with the exception of the Feast of Trumpets and the Feast of Tabernacles, which are yet to be fulfilled.

He was the Passover Lamb of God on the cross, at which time He atoned for the sins of man, He has removed the leaven of religion and He has sent the Holy Spirit to believers. The world awaits His trumpet call to rally His army of witnesses to battle in the next and final war between God and Satan for the souls of man. The call will be to His church of spiritual Israel to come out of the nations of the world and into the house of Israel.

Most Christian leaders are like dead men walking. In their spiritual malaise, they cannot stand against Political Correctness and the denial of absolute truth, for it would hinder their own lifestyles as participants of the cultures in which they live. Theologies allow for such participation, as breeders of hypocrisy, for you cannot be a true priest of God and embrace anything but His truth.

The cultures of the world are ruled by their father, the devil. His desire is for the worship of man, and for man to reject the exclusivity, which God demands, by labeling it narrowness. The culture cannot coexist with this narrow message of the Bible, for sin is rampant today, with the religion of Christianity playing its role right alongside of all the other religions.

Christians are in a dilemma; they know Christianity is not working, and they have had the truth cut from their lives by the very priesthood, which should have been its defender. But the priests are afraid of losing their audiences and of losing the funds, which keep religious buildings functioning.

Those who hate the culture of sin today will find no place in the halls of Christianity or in any other religious buildings, for that matter. They abhor the religious carnival tent of multiculturalism. They will equally abhor the introduction of the Hindu synchronism of spiritualism and mysticism now permeating the doctrines of Christianity.

The world loves the lie that truth is an individual matter and each man’s truth is different from another’s. Secularism is enamored with eastern thought and meditation, behind which lurks the spirit of sorcery and witchcraft. Hence, the poverty of eastern nations caught in witchcraft, for God is the Provider of all good things for those who love and obey only Him.

The West has known none of the famine of the East but rather has enjoyed great abundance under the rule of God in America, when He was loved and honored by God-fearing Americans, rather than rejected by them. He is a very exclusive God, yet reaches out continually to all people to come to Him, and receive peace and joy in their lives. The true church was called to reach out rather than hide behind the walls of institutionalism.

For centuries now, the church has been deceived by the powers to be about her true nature. Her end has come, with Jesus getting ready to return to claim His Kingdom rule on earth, for which believers have been praying for centuries, in accordance with His teaching us to pray for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. This is a very exclusive and yet all-inclusive Kingdom for anyone from any nation of the world, who can accept the truth of Jesus and, at the same time, rejects the cultic religions, which separate men from God.

Nothing can be surer than the fact that Christianity is headed for the chopping block. For He is the Word made flesh, and no one who has ever lived has ever been more exclusive than Jesus as the risen Lord and King of this world. No other man has risen to eternal life. He will share His throne with no one but His bride who loves the truth, called Jesus, her Beloved.

There is no room in this marriage bed for a third one called religion. The lie will never come between Jesus and His bride. Her role is prophesied throughout Scripture right alongside of her King Jesus. She is as Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel, Deborah, Ruth, Elizabeth and Mary, mother of Jesus. All have been symbols of the true woman who will bear spiritual sons and daughters for the Lord.

This has always been the role of man – to be a fruitful marriage partner for the Lord God by producing a bride for Jesus and sons and daughters for God. There is only one way for this to take place; it requires a Redeemer and the Spirit of life to be breathed back into man. It was first breathed into Adam before he sinned. Now it must be returned to man in the only exclusive way possible, through Jesus, who is the way, the truth and the life.

He declares Himself to be exclusive by declaring that no one comes to the Father except by Him. By nature of this single statement, Christianity is headed for the chopping block as Jesus restores His church, washing and purifying her in readiness for the Wedding Feast and to receive the most treasured invitation to the most non-religious Feast of history. Only those dressed in the proper wedding clothes will be allowed to come to the table.