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The Spider and the Clock Tower

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

February 07, 2009

There are two histories written about the world in which we live; there is the one God gives us as the Creator with infinite, perfect knowledge and understanding, and then, there is the one the secular man writes from his imperfect knowledge, often with very little understanding. The second one can be like a train running off the tracks without an engineer to guide its course. Those who struggle to get it back on track often do so without the skill of an engineer, if, indeed, it should ever get back on track at all.

Let us consider the story of the spider and her off-spring, which lived at the bottom of a cathedral clock tower, where history ticked away to the measure of minutes and hours. Chimes filled the air with melody on the half hour, causing the spiders to believe that the clockmaker lived in the clock’s upper tower where his handiwork filled their lives with beauty.

Inevitably, the spiders decide to explore the clock tower while seeking to find the clockmaker. There, they discover the cogs, gears and chains all moving in perfect harmony to make the hammers strike the chimes at exactly the appointed time. So, the spiders began to reason that the clockmaker lived elsewhere, yet they were amazed at such mechanisms as he had created to work so perfectly all by themselves.

It didn’t take very many years for the little spiders to grow and produce more little spiders, which eventually began to question the existence of a clockmaker, for they resorted to thinking that the clock had always just been there. In questioning its origin, they came to accept a falsehood. They did not connect the wonder of the amazing clock with the old man who regularly visited the clock with his tool box and oil can, to alter and adjust the mechanism so that it worked according to his perfect planning and timing.

Such thinking marks the difference between the two camps of thought in this world today. There is the first camp of the secular humanist which, like the family of spiders, wanders the clock tower of this world in spiritual blindness, thinking it all just happened by chance. Then, there is the second camp of believers who know that nothing as intricate as this vast world and the hidden cogs of its unseen inner mechanisms happened just by chance, even though they cannot see its divine Designer and Creator. They see Him in His creation.

This same second camp is very grateful to the Creator of this world, or the Author of time and place called history, for providing a guide book about His creation, its history and its Maker. It is grateful to its God that He did not leave His directions up to the secular humanist to get it right. In His infinite spiritual knowledge, He knew well that men were spiritually blind and lacking understanding in their condition of separation from Him. Only those to whom He revealed His Spirit would ever be able to provide the perfect Book of directions and history for subsequent generations, as man moved further off in the distance from the time of Creation.

The humanist plods his way through his limited processes of reasoning to try and deny the existence of a creator by insisting upon an unbroken sequence of cause and effect. However, he eventually arrives at the source of his dilemma – the uncaused cause that he must accept in order to explain every effect that comes after.

To look at a watch, if one would actually take time to do so, only a fool would suggest that the watch was without a watchmaker, generally having his name inscribed somewhere upon it. The simplest of minds would have to conclude that the marvel of the watch did not just arrive out of thin air with the word Shazam! Can it be possible that an instant transformation from nothing to something of such intricate design could take place without someone putting the wheels of production into action? There can be but one conclusion – there has to be a watchmaker. When one sees a beautiful house, one knows materials were not just thrown together, but that planning went into the construction of such a house, and that there has to be a designer for it.

The most incredible thing of all is the growth of a human child in the womb to come into personhood functioning from all of its perfectly placed inner mechanisms working in harmony and perfection. Did this child of such intricate inner mechanisms just happen by chance, or was there a Creator Who put the development in process the moment He chose to allow an egg to be fertilized and to make out of clay a perfect vessel for His use? Without the breath of life setting the human in motion, the vessel would wither and die. What caused the breathing, pulsating human being to come alive?

Still, the humanist is willing to ignore the complexity of the universe and the world we live in, to dismiss the idea of a creator, though he will accept the need of a watchmaker for a watch and a designer for a house. He knows the world did not just appear, so he makes up the hypothesis that it came from a freak of nature or from a big bang, attributing it to a woman who does not exist called Mother Nature.

He does not know what to do with the unborn child of the womb, for its very existence cries out logically for a maker. He therefore creates a theory that allows that child in the womb to evolve from its animal mother, a theory for which one can find no logical reasoning. For one’s logical processes demand that one must ask the question as to whence mother-animal came, if one is to reason at all with intellectual honesty. Eventually reason takes a full circle, which brings the mind back to the concept of a human maker, just like it forces upon the mind the concept of a watchmaker.
We have the world, with man inhabiting it, made up of natural mechanisms of infinitely greater complexity than the clock of the clock tower, the watch of the watchmaker and the house of the designer. Secularists, like the spiders, yawn after a while and come to accept the theory that since it has always been it is without a beginning or an ending having no need of a Creator or Master-designer. “What you see is what there is and this is all there is, all there ever was, all there ever will be and requires no maker for its existence,” says the Laodicean, yawning simple mind. Somehow or other, all things just popped out of the nothingness, which existed before man walked the face of this earth.

But then, Satan has always managed to deceive man from day one at ground zero of creation, at which time the devil persuaded him to believe that God’s truth was really not the truth at all, but rather his own lie was the reality. Is he not masquerading as the light to this day in order to deceive us into returning back to the dust and to the darkness from which our Creator, God has delivered us?

And thus began the religious congregation of spiders, which was as those who sit today mindlessly in the pews of religion and in the classrooms of secularism. They are unaware that the light of understanding is only for those who know truth by the infilling of the Spirit of life in the same way as a man knows a woman. It is a marvelous consummation of a marriage that can produce good fruit for God instead of more yawning spiders doomed to die the day their time is up, within this clock tower of the world.

Source of Reference: “The Uncaused Cause of Everything Else – Page 5 of the John C. Hagee Prophecy Study Bible (NKJV).