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An Honour Killing?

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

August 01, 2009

In the Kingston Whig Standard, Thursday, July 23, 2009, the headlines read, An Honour Killing?. And then the liberal-slanted reporting began, concerning the drowning death of three young sisters and a 50-year-old woman who was supposedly their aunt. They were found submerged in their car at the bottom of the Kingston Mills Locks, near Kingston, Ontario. The father, mother and older brother who were traveling with them from Niagara Falls back to their home in Montreal have all been taken into custody in connection with the deaths, which now, apparently, are the result of an act of cold-blooded murder.

The story begins to unfold. They are all Muslims who recently came to Canada as natives of Afghanistan, and like all the multicultic groups to which we are now opening our national borders, they brought their religious baggage with them. Not only do they bring their religious baggage along with them, but the minute they set foot on Canadian soil, they want laws set up to accommodate their baggage. This is an area in which the West and the East share no common ground.

Both nations of America have Constitutions put in place, which honor the Law of the God of truth, the Creator of all mankind, Who hates religion. We have no religion ruling over our countries, only the truth of His Word – that is not to say that we do not have religious men/women ruling over us.

To the contrary, religion/state ruled countries have laws governed by religious men who adhere to the principles of religious books written by religious men, i.e. the Koran and the nations under Islamic dictatorship. All countries of the world, with the exception of America and formerly Israel, have not only governments, but also religion, ruling over them, including those under the ruler-ship of Secular Humanism. One religion, or another, rules.

These cults, if allowed into Canada without pledging allegiance to God and country, will eventually grow in numbers until the civil fighting begins in this nation among the cults in the same way that they war among themselves in their own religiously controlled countries from which they have come. England has been no exception. Religion and state have been wedded together from her empire-building days until the present time and because of religious persecution within her borders, she was not exempt from religiously-ignited civil wars. Hence the religiously persecuted came to America to establish a new world in which God, not religion, ruled.

I repeat, “God is the God of truth, and never of religion.” He said it, not I. His first commandment forbids religious involvement. Because of multiculturalism being promoted in the educational systems of America, we have raised a generation that neither understands this fact, nor knows anything about truth anymore. Multicultism was introduced by the liberals, and it has been embraced by that group, which still calls itself conservative. They are now all one in their goal to destroy the godly heritages of Canada and the United States of America, embodied in their Constitutions.

What has basically unfolded in this ‘honour killing’ is the fact that the aunt of the girls was, in reality, the first wife of the girls’ father, whom he illegally brought into the country under false pretenses. She was a woman who could not bear him children. So, he married another, without a divorce from the former, and together, they had seven children with whom the former wife was forced to live and help in the raising of the other woman’s children. She had written letters to relatives in other countries expressing her desire to be out of the situation in which she lived in fear of this brutal man for her very life, but Muslim tradition and law do not support her as someone with rights.

Apparently, the father of the girls and his sons were brutal in their beatings of both the former wife and the dead daughters who were becoming Canadianized in their choice of dress, much to this man’s chagrin. They had received death threats from this pompous, disgusting specimen of a husband and a father by North American standards, but not so by Muslim standards or according to Sharia law.

And they want Canadians to adopt such laws? They say it is for themselves, but that is to say, only until such brutal men become the majority in this country where women who are blessed under God’s Law will become victims to the brutality allowed by Sharia law. For you see, all non-Islamic people are the infidels whom their law says, according to the Koran, must be eradicated from this world by death, if necessary, in order to prepare the way for an Islamic One World Order.

Now, here is the ‘reporting kick’. The Kingston Police Chief made the correct observation and statement that certainly these individuals involved, and particularly the three dead young women, were people with the freedoms and rights of expression of all who dwell on Canadian soil, all subject to the same laws of the land. He was stating that whether or not the motive for the killing was family motivated by religious controls being exerted over the girls was irrelevant to the crime. Apparently, the oldest girl, who was of age, was keeping company with an Afghan man the father did not like.

The reporter’s take on this was to point to the truthful statement of the Police Chief as being obtuse. And so, again, a factual observation by the prosecuting authorities is suddenly changed by the media to become politically-incorrect obtuseness. It is more than obvious that cultural differences are at play here and there is no way the Canadian way of life in liberty and freedom for all has any place in the same bedroom with that of the religious cult of Islam, or any other cult.

And the liberal reporting goes further by quoting comments made by one Haideh Moghissi (a Muslim?), the associate dean of the faculty of arts at York University and expert(?) on gender relations in Middle Eastern cultures. I wonder if it is possible such an expert might be coming from a political bias. He studied and taught at Queen’s University in Kingston for nine years, which makes him even more suspect.

He made the ridiculous statement that most Mid-East countries have adopted European-style codes of civil law. He goes on to state that the Muslim Sharia law is a mere guide to personal laws and relationships with the women who are slotted into subservient roles. If our young minds are being shaped by such utter nonsense, then America had better wake up quickly to the facts about what is going on in the universities of this land, where they are being ‘bought up’ by Arab dollars at a rapid speed. Of course we do not have the dollars for the school system, ourselves, for our dollars are being transferred over there to support them under the guise of global warming, environmental controls and all other such forms of deception cast upon the American people.

Recently, out of a mosque in Egypt came a murderous crew that killed many Christians in that land and burned down a home designated to become a church. In all likelihood, there will be no Muslims charged by a police force that stood back to watch before stepping in to help. If, perchance, anyone should be charged with the murders that took place, two years later, or less, these same murderous thugs will be back in the mosques ready to carry out the Imam’s instructions again. It was reported that he excited them within the mosque to go from there to carry out the killings. As many as thirty innocent people were left dead.

I wonder if a world-wide demonstration by Muslims would follow such a killing if they were Muslims, who were left dead with an American mosque burned down. Where was the world-wide sympathy for these Christians? There was none because the press barely lifted a pen to report it. There was not even a ripple from the institutional buildings called Christian churches.

This same pundit-professor went on to make the absurd statement that most women in Canada who are murdered, are killed in the same fashion as that done by this brutal man. He suggested that it is common here, more or less, as it is in Islamic countries, for Canadian husbands and close family members to kill their wives and female relatives. It is all the same; there is no difference he goes on to report.

If it were not for the fact that it is cheaper to have a Kingston-Whig newspaper delivered daily than to buy the TV guide on the week-end, I would long ago have discontinued this rag in which even the TV guide is disintegrating.

What absolute fools they are, just as Proverbs tells us about those who think themselves wise! Canadians take a very different view of men ruling over, abusing, torturing and mutilating their wives from that which the Muslims accept as part of the man’s marital rights. ‘Honour killings’ of this sort are not even on the horizon of the Western psyche, which places God, not Allah, over the laws of this nation.

This is not the first time Muslim men and fathers have brutally dealt with their wives and daughters who merely are adapting to the American ways of life in this country in which they benefit from the tax-payer’s dollars. It is not the first time a Muslim man in America has killed a daughter or beheaded a wife because she was not in full agreement with him or serving his so-called religious rights. Radical feminists should be ‘going bananas’ about now, but you hear very little from them on this matter. They are the Muslim women, themselves, who are fighting against the establishment of Sharia law in America, in terror of what it could mean for them.

It is time we send the perpetrators of ‘honour killings’ back from where they came and close our borders to any further Islamic push against our open doors and lenient laws. It is time we turn back to our Constitutions and once again, as has been the case in the past, we insist on allegiance to God and country at the gateways to America.

Allah does not rule over this nation whereby Mohammed, not Jesus Christ, has been the subject of political cartoons. Mohammed is neither a prophet nor was he ever a holy man. The Lord is our Holy Hero, Whose Law brought liberty to the American people and to this land. To Him go all the glory and honor, which once shone like a beacon over this blessed nation. He is the Author of life, not death, and is worthy of nothing but praise.

“Do not learn the way of the Gentiles (Jeremiah 10:2).” The prophet’s message is to live in this world but to not accept its governments’ laws, for their ways are futile. He warns about following their religious practices and assimilating their societies into a nation ruled by God. For the Hebrew people of God to continue in their idolatrous ways and not listen to him was enough to make this distressed prophet weep at the stupidity of the people.

God made it clear to the prophet that He would throw the people out of the Land and would distress them by allowing them to find out what it means to let multiculturalism take over His territories. Will America continue to ignore the frightful history of the disobedient Hebrew people of Israel and how God did to them exactly what He told His prophets He would do?

Honour killings in America? There are no such things!