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The Borders of God’s Law

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

The Borders of God’s Law

February 14, 2009

The borders of God’s Law apply only to nations, which have been formed following an exodus orchestrated by Him. There have been only two such nations in all of history; one is Israel and the other is America (the combination of the two nations of Canada and the United States). Such borders are very clearly defined by liberty within moral boundaries set by God’s Law and not by man’s.

The beginnings of these two nations have their roots in Abraham – a man chosen by God and called away from his kindred and out of his country to travel to a land that God would show him. God would make of him a great nation in which all the families from all the nations of the earth would be blessed.

Now, the land to which he was led lay within the borders of a nation that God called Israel. However, Abraham’s descendants did not settle in the Land until after they ‘did time’ in Egypt during which time they grew into a nation. They were then brought out in what was called the Exodus, and taken into the wilderness where they received the Law from God as delivered to Moses, a chosen vessel or cupbearer and scribe of God.

Israel was to become a nation ruled by the Law of God, totally and completely separated from all the other nations of the world, which had kings for their rulers who lived by state-dictated religious belief systems and the sword. These kings of state-dictated religions conquered with the sword, by inflicting their religious systems on the nations over which they had victory.

And so, the government of Satan, first established in the Garden of creation where man chose to replace God’s truth with religion, spread rapidly throughout the known world, leaving God and His truth out of the equation. With the loss of truth, the paradise created by God was lost and liberty under Him gave way to liberalism under Satan. The serpent breathed destroying fire from its nostrils bringing death to a mankind, which had not known anything but life under God’s rule.

The path of liberalism always ends in terror, killing and destruction. After the fall of man, the world became full of wickedness and violence, which God first destroyed by floodwaters until the sea covered over sinful men. Yet, beneath the seawaters lurked a multitude of evil spirits, not destroyed, but rather only covered over. Hence, that serpent of old, which had led man into sin would rise again from the seawater of judgment as the beast to cause world rebellion yet another time, as it was in the days of Noah.

God’s antidote was to show the world, through Israel, what man had lost in the Garden and how, through His mercy, He intended to redeem the world from its sin and captivity to death. Ultimately, Israel’s failure to obey God led the world to Jesus through Whom God would keep His covenant with all mankind. The nation, at the cross, crossed over to become a spiritual nation housed within the walls of the true church, which Jesus established with His apostles and, of which He was the Chief Cornerstone.

It was necessary for the early church to make an exodus from the religious system of Judaism, which was in bed with Rome and ready and willing to declare it had no other king than Caesar. This was the statement of a people, which put an end once and for all to national covenant-keeping to become like a larva turning into a butterfly. The house of Israel came out of the natural cocoon of the nation, caught in the covering of religion, into the liberty of truth, the freedom lost in the Garden of sin.

From the day the light entered the world, the battle was on between the antichrist spirit of religion with its man-made empire-building governments, and the Spirit of truth in Christ subject to the commands of God. When Jesus, the Light entered the world bodily, the boundaries were again set by the formation of the church, the reflected light bearers to the truth.

Immediately it was attacked, like Jesus, by the counterfeit to the truth called religion. When combined with the Babylonian empire of its day called the Roman Empire, together, they took the liberated church back into satanic captivity. This religious system of Romanism called Christianity would be the system, which would keep the Roman Empire alive throughout the church age until the time of its revival in these final days.

It is from this world religious system that the church, after having traveled the Roman roads into all nations, would have to separate like Israel, and make her exodus in another time to another land, which God would show her. The head of the final beast of Revelation included the sixth king of the world empires, who was the Caesar of John’s time. There would be one king, the seventh, left to come with the revival of the Roman Empire, but the eighth would be Satan, himself, who would bodily enter the world as the Antichrist, in the same spirit as that which was behind all the empire building nations of the world that came against Israel, God’s people of the truth.

In the process of purification, the Lord brought His church to America. There, His people would establish a nation by choice, which would once again make God’s Law and His truth, the basis of the constitutions of both countries as it had been in ancient Israel. It was not by chance that a battle had to be fought on the Plains of Abraham to drive back the power of Romanism, keeping it from becoming a religious ruling power in the northern nation of America.

This nation, called Canada has been chosen to fulfill promises made to Abraham, which will make this one of the final battle grounds for the Antichrist to come against the light-bearing witnesses of Christ. This was the land God had chosen with ‘Cana’ in its name, just as ‘Cana’ was in the name of the land of Canaan where Israel put down her roots, to eventually have them ripped out from under her. She refused to prepare for a wedding feast with her Beloved.

Religious idolatry always was the name of the antichrist lure for the people of God, which brought with it multiculturalism and the ruination of the land of Israel. The same problem plagues America, today, but there is the promise, from every prophet God ever sent to Israel, of the coming King Who will once again set up His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

His name is Jesus, and He will come for His bride of the church who chooses to live by truth instead of bowing to the dictates of religious rulers. She will overcome the lures of Satan to have no part of a modern-day Caesar called the Antichrist, which would otherwise draw her into the Babylonian net, were these days not shortened.

The wedding feast of Cana was held when it was not yet Jesus’ time for Him to change the wine of this world into the wine of the Spirit. The real wedding will take place in another Cana, part of a spiritual nation with a level battle field in a liberated location called the Plains of Abraham. This is the northern nation of America, in which all the families of the world have been blessed as part of one great nation under God. How little the early explorers understood when they came planting crosses all across this land of Canada from sea to shining sea, claiming it for Him and His truth!

Romanism was used for America like Egypt was used for Israel. But now, it is exodus time for the church to come out and prepare the way for the coming of Jesus again, in the same way as John the Baptist prepared the way for His first coming. God will restore a Garden of Paradise on this earth, only after His people have been purified and have made themselves ready for the transition.

Running side by side with this, the gentiles must come to their time of fullness with the rising up of the beast from the sea. When this happens judgment will begin to fall on the sinful house of Satan and his last empire-building-government of this world. It is the time when Jesus will finally calm the storm of the sea that would threaten to destroy the apostolic boat and those who are in it.

Jesus will be to this world as Gravol is to the person suffering from sea-sickness. He will settle that bitterness of the stomach, which has been with us since the day Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of creation. Jesus will walk on the sea, take authority over the storm and establish peace for His apostles who will then float safely in the ark of the apostolic boat. Peace will never come to this world by way of man-made treaties; it can only come from God. All such treaties are made for the purpose of deceiving the Chamberlains of our day, who, in turn, will lead the sheep to the edge of the cliff.

And the borders of God’s Law will be restored to a world gone mad when He rules and reigns again over a people who will choose to forsake the religious lure of liberalism and lies for the liberty found only in the truth of His Word and His Law.