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The Light of Understanding

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                           by Elinor Montgomery

 The Light of Understanding

December 8, 2007

 Vatican City is both a political entity and the home of a religious doctrine, the roots of which are found in Caesar’s Rome. The Caesar, Constantine, established the Roman pagan high priest, the Pontifex Maximus of Rome, as the high priest or pontiff of his new religious sect, which became known by the name of Christianity. The Roman Catholic Church was officially established as the state religion of Rome.

 This had been a ploy of Constantine to gain new power from the group of a rapidly growing number of believers, which the Greeks and Romans mockingly labeled Christians at Antioch. And so it was that Christianity became a power tool to serve the failing Roman Empire.

 This move of Rome took the apostolic church into the captivity of Romanism, by allying the captive church with the empire of the Babylonian system. The church called to be a voice to the gospel of truth, having no organizational name, found itself locked into an institution under the ruler-ship of Satan in his camp of religion.

 Are we surprised today when we see the religious system of Christianity flexing its Babylonian-rooted muscle of liberalism, the brain-child of Satan from the moment liberalism from God was introduced to this world in the Garden of Eden?

 Jesus established His church as the challenge to the antichrist spirit of religion. It would have separated man eternally from the truth of God, had it not been for the coming of Jesus into the world. He let it be known from the beginning to the end of His ministry that He came to testify to the truth while facing the opposition of religion throughout His entire ministry on earth.

 Paul was His chosen vessel called to demonstrate to the church the need for it to come out of the darkness of religion. He was a Pharisee of Pharisees, who first had to have the scales of the serpent removed from his eyes blinded by serpentine religion, and then receive the Spirit under the healing hands of Ananias. By this act, he was restored in new life to the Lord of Light, Whom he encountered on the road to Damascus. Never again, having once seen the Light, would he return to that Pharisaical Nicolaitan priesthood, appointed by Rome to work in cahoots with the Roman government.

 Jesus hated that Nicolaitan system, which is alive and well in the entire Christian religious system today, separating the priesthood from the laity. The apostolic church is called to be priests and saints in the body of Christ, and not to be found in any institutional body of Romanism. The Christian priesthood of today is as the Pharisees of yesterday – all rooted in Rome.

 John the Baptist was the prototype for the apostolic church. At the baptism of Jesus, he handed over the reins of the God-appointed high priesthood to the High Priest of the new covenant, with His church becoming His assisting priesthood. Israel crossed over at the cross to become spiritual Israel, a house of priests under Jesus, and under no other authority but His.

 Hence, the church is a body of priests committed to spreading the truth as the inheritance of Abraham, which was called to be a burning torch of light to the rest of the world. God is not a God of religion; He is the God of truth. They are the institutions of religious doctrines, which have kept the truth from shining forth.

 The only unity in which the body of Christ can come together is in the unity of truth, which requires the true church to separate from the counterfeit church. There can be no denominational apostolic church unity. Unity requires the church to first make her exodus from the religious system that holds her captive. This is an exodus from the broad road of destruction onto the narrow path of the Way to the kingdom.

 Her captivity has been a long one throughout the church age of Christianity, going all the way back to Constantine. God required Israel to grow into adulthood in Egypt. Upon growing in numbers, He removed her from the world controlled by religion to be separated unto Him. Egypt had to be taken out of Israel until only the obedient Israelites of the wilderness experience were purified and ready to enter the Land.

 This is the prophecy for the apostolic church from the shadows of the nation of the Old Testament. The Lord requires His church to grow also in obedience and purity before entering into the kingdom. The church must exit all religious systems of this world in order to be refined like the pure gold, which covered the vessels used in the tabernacle.

 It is not the land-time of promise, but rather it is the kingdom-time of promise. It is time to purify ourselves with spiritual circumcision of the heart, as the lures of the flesh are cut away from it. We must close the door to the lures that open the way to Satan’s attack with his lies, which are foundational to liberalism and religion.

 There were twelve spies sent in to spy out the land of Canaan, but only two of the twelve actually lived to enter into the Promised Land. The ratio of their numbers was very small indeed; it was one-sixth of the total number of men who had spied out the land and were willing to act in obedience to possess that which God had promised to them.  They were never asked to judge the strength of the enemy, for the battle was God’s with the victory being assured before ever entering into it.

 It would take David, a shepherd boy, who would go forth one day to face the giant, dressed only in spiritual armor and in complete submission and obedience to God. The bride is in the line of David, an army of Davidic warriors fit to share a throne with her Beloved. We are in the latter days, the days of Abishag, when a female will keep the Davidic kingly line warm, alive and well.

 Christiane Amanpour could search forever, producing documentary upon documentary about the religious warriors of God, but she will never find God’s warriors among religious men.

 The Christian presidential candidates and voters can class Mitt Romney as being part of an apostate ministry, but the whole lot of them, who call themselves Christians, are rooted in the apostasy of Romanism. To this day, Christianity holds the minds of its people captive. However, there has always been a remnant, waiting in the wings of the system, set apart by God.

 America was God’s country where the Bible reigned supreme as the only Book of truth, claiming to be the Word of God. Take the truth away from the people by replacing it with religion, and you will have just another religious nation, which will join with the other religiously controlled nations to become part of the One World Empire of the Antichrist.

 The empire-building process all began the day Eve accepted the fruit and invited Adam to eat of it as well. On that day the spirit of religion and death gained access to man, with the Spirit of truth and life departing from him. By the mercy and grace of God, He returned Truth to the world in the name of Jesus Christ, for the salvation of man.


Tell me, America, do you want to depart from Him a second time to become unified with Fascism, Communism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and, yes, Judaism, too? Do you really want to give up the benefits of liberty, for which our ancestors fought long and hard to leave for us as our inheritance?

 The Muslims and the other pagan religions did not raise a finger to bring liberty to America, nor have they served this nation in any way to protect our liberties. It is the truth, which is the stumbling block and offence for such religious factions as are pouring into this land. If our heritage offends Easterners, then it makes sense they remain in the East with their religions and the religious violence resulting from them. We are placing our nation in grave danger by importing any warring, religious faction into this country.

 Open your eyes and open your hearts, America! While the memory of the celebration of the birth of Jesus is still fresh in our minds, are the religious demands to rid our land of any celebration of His birth not also etched in our memories? We need to let Him back into this nation in order to set the captives free all over again and reject any such demands.

             Is Christianity religion? The answer is “Yes”. Did Jesus come to testify to the truth or to religion? He came to testify only to the truth. Then can it be said that Jesus came to testify to Christianity? The answer is “No”. Can one then use the term of Christianity to define the church founded on the truth of Jesus Christ? Again the answer is “No”. The truth can never be compromised by religion; the church must come out and be separate from it.

             And in all your getting, get understanding (Proverbs 4:7).