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Lost in Christianity


Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                           by Elinor Montgomery

 Lost in Christianity

January 01, 2008

 When Jesus first came to this earth, it was a new day for mankind, with time being renumbered outward from this miraculous event. He entered the world like a blast of light in the darkness, which surrounded the manger scene. The light from above shone upon that humble location in Bethlehem, meaning the city of bread, where the Bread of Life lay in a feeding trough for the animals.

 Whom did the animals represent? They represented you and me, who had become sons of the beast the day man chose to embrace the lies and religion of Satan, the liberalism that separated him from the truth. At that moment, man lost his position as a son of God, for the Spirit of life, by which life was breathed into him departed, giving way to the religious spirit of death, the anti-truth, antichrist spirit.

 This spirit of death was the darkness on the face of the deep from which the Lord separated the land, when He separated the sea waters from the dry land at Creation.  He repeated this act when Israel crossed through the Red Sea on dry land, separated from the seawater to leave the Egyptians behind. They faced the fate of the world system, when the waters were returned again to cover them over, causing their death.

 There was only daylight and no nighttime before man’s fall in the Garden of creation, when a day began at evening time. The prophetic warning was given in the first chapter of Genesis about the need for light in what would be a coming time of darkness, when God’s creative plan encompassed only the light of day.

 Watch these signs of light in the heavens, which are meant to mark the seasons, days and years, by which we can read the signs of the times. Whether or not we are looking at global warming or global cooling, it is all about the timed plan of God. He has allowed so much time for man to repent for having walked away from Him and to return to Him, before the coming judgment.

 Creeping liberalism is nothing more than the darkness creeping back into the world in increments when the light from the torch of spiritual Israel has been quenched. In other words, the light of Jesus, which continued to burn from the torch of the crossover blessing upon spiritual Israel, was transferred to the church, the voice for the truth of the testimony of Jesus in the spirit of prophecy (see Revelation 19:10).

 At the time of Jesus’ first coming, the nation Israel was being held captive by the religion of Judaism in a full-blown religious tomb guarded by the Pharisees. Like the raising of Jesus’ special friend Lazarus, the church would have to heed the call of the Spirit and the voice of the bride to come forth and exit in truth from her present tomb-like existence in the religious system of Christianity.

 If Jesus were to return today, unfortunately, He would find the true church sleeping like Lazarus and still lost in the tomb built by creeping liberalism. Just as the way was parted at Creation with the separation of the sea waters from the dry land and the dry land was parted from the Red Sea for the exodus, there must once again be a parting of the dry land from the encroaching sea water of the world.

 Jesus was like Adam, a Man of the dust of the earth, but also a Son of God, having the Spirit of life in Him, yet without the corruption of the seed of Adam. He is like the dry land, upon which we will cross over to the kingdom, having replaced the spirit of death with the Spirit of life. There is no other way to return to God and life except by the Spirit of life being breathed into us, so that we might experience a rebirth in His Spirit.

 By seeking the truth, one will find it. Satan must blind us to the truth if he is to steal the souls of men. The children are the target so that a new generation of Satan’s children will come of age, just as Hitler’s children came of age. Hitler was nothing more than the sign of how Satan will creep through the nation by first stealing the children.

 This was the way by which Hitler took an entire nation and a ‘big chunk’ of the world into the captivity of the religious system of Nazism. Of course, the aim of this Nazi madman was to take control of the entire world, destroying the Jews whom he saw as a threat to his empire simply by being God’s chosen people. Hitler wanted to exterminate any possible light from Israel, making sure that not one witness would be left in the world to witness to the light, which the darkness cannot withstand.

 Paul, the apostle, is the example to us of spiritual blindness following his exposure to the Light. It was the indoctrination of the Pharisees, which caused his eyes to be covered over with the scales of religion. They were the same spiritual scales as those which covered the serpent of the Garden, preventing him from seeing the truth. He was blind to it because he was lost in Judaism at the time he encountered the Light, or the Truth, on the road to Damascus. The Light exposed the darkness in his life.

 Today, the church is once again lost and blinded by religion within institutional Christianity. In order for Satan to keep religious control, he must put out the light of truth, which is the foundation for liberty in America, a nation founded on Biblical truth rather than on religion.

 Therefore, beware of the move toward unity of religious Christianity. Such a move is the counterfeit of the move Jesus is making with His true church at this time. He is calling her out of her tomb-like state into separation from the rest of the religious crew, in order to be freed from death, as was Lazarus.

 The only unity of the true church, which will ever be found, will be in the witnessing bride, a voice for her beloved Kingfisher of men. She will hate the liberalism of the religious tomb, while those who are controlled by it will hate her voice.

 The only rapture of the church, which this world will ever see, will take place at the time when the Lord’s witnessing church of the final days will be raptured – those who will have witnessed in the spirit of Elijah and Moses. With their deaths the light of the Bridegroom and the bride will depart from this world. After three days the witnesses are raised up to life, to be raptured like their Beloved before them.

 “The light of a lamp (see The Miracle of the Candle – commentary for NewsnBlues, volume 235, December 31, 2007) shall not shine in you anymore. And the voice of the bridegroom and the bride shall not be heard in you anymore. For your merchants were the great men of the earth, for by your sorcery all the nations were deceived. And in her was found the blood of prophets and saints, and of all who were slain on the earth (Revelation 18:23-24).”

 The lying, religious, controlling Jezebel spirit is the spirit, which deceived Eve, the mother of all living. She is a harlot mother, and the mother of all harlots, Babylon the Great. Herein lies the root of the battle, which is raging in the East and is spreading to the West. We are making the choice to give up our protection of the Word of Truth, the Bible, upon which foundation the liberty of America depends.

             We in America are being called out from our lost condition within Christianity, to be a shining light of truth, in fulfillment of our covenant with God. It is a covenant, which goes all the way back to the covenant of God with Abraham, and his dream of the burning torch versus the smoking oven (the prophecy of Hitler’s smoking ovens built for the extermination of Abraham’s supposed people).