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Warning to the Nation at the Gate of the New Year

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                           by Elinor Montgomery

 Warning to the Nation at the Gate of the New Year

 January 08, 2008

 Now hear this, you children of the beast! I will open your ears so you can hear the words of the voice of My prophet. Judgment has begun in My house and in My church. It is all going to come down – your walls of brick and stone, built to enclose your religion.

 I never told you to build temple walls. I called you to build a wall of truth against the enemy and to go out into the world and spread the gospel of truth, not the gospel of religion. You have ignored what I called you to do. You all act according to your own ways and show no obedience to Me!

 I do not care about your agendas, but you had better start caring about Mine. Are you ready to give them up and focus on Me? I am going to remove and cast out everything that is the garbage of this world. I will pile it under your noses so you can smell the stench of it, as I do when it reaches My nostrils!

 I am going to bring famine and drought upon you, for you would not repent of your wicked ways!

 You have never listened to My prophets, but you will listen to the astrologers! You are as the astrologers’ daughters – old, confused, clinging to threads of the past instead of reaching out for the life-line to the future. You are as the walking dead – directionless and struggling for breath, with hearts in tune to your state of mind, full of deception in your beastly nature.

 “Come, I say, and repent!” The hour is upon you when I am going to allow Satan to turn this world into a human cesspool. If it is his evil instead of My righteousness that you want, then you shall have your desire.

 Everyone stumbles about blindly, not knowing the left from the right. You are all like lost sheep, gone astray. There are no shepherds to lead you except those in the line of David who know My heart, as did their father, David, before them. Our hearts beat together in unity of purpose as priests of the truth; My Word forms the boundaries of their lives. Without such boundaries, one becomes like a driverless vehicle doomed for destruction.

 Children no longer know the truth, for it has not been taught to them. Who are you that you can deny them the right to Biblical instruction? Indeed, I will deprive you, who would not heed the words I delivered through My servant Moses for this time as well as for the early days of the nation Israel. He was speaking into a time when the day of their calamity was at hand (see Deuteronomy:32).

 What fools you are in your own pride, eating the filth of this world, while, at the same time, paying to do so! My Word is for free and My true shepherds are not hirelings. My priests are never found hiding behind walls in elaborate garments.

 This is the hour of dusk, just before the world will be plunged into total darkness. Hear the words of My messenger and repent of your sin, which allowed the borders of My Word to be removed from this nation!

 I am standing at the door of the year knocking. If you shut Me out this time, there will not be another time. The hour of decision is upon you. You either choose Me or I will not choose you! Go in the knowledge of who you are in Me and act upon it!

 You who dwell in the gardens, the companions listen for your voice – let me hear it! (Song of Solomon 8:13).