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God Keep Our Land

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  from a different perspective                                                           by Elinor Montgomery God Keep Our LandJanuary 13, 2008 God keep our land, glorious and free.” When did you last sing these words? Did you do so with pride or shame for having allowed our leaders to remove God’s name from the lives of our children, while, at the same time, calling upon Him when we have a day such as 9/11? What hypocrites we have become! Do you attend your institutional churches, built in the name of Jesus, Who said He is the only Way to the Father? If you believe Jesus only spoke the truth, do you endorse multiculturalism in this land in which God rules from sea to sea, by accepting the pagan gods of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and yes, Secular Humanism, in direct opposition to what He says? Where do you find in the Bible, which this nation claims to be the measure of truth for the courtroom and the government, that God endorses pagan gods? I beg you Christian fools, who call yourselves priests of God, to write and show us where the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Father of Jesus, endorses any other god than Himself and His oneness with His Son, Jesus Christ. Anyone who reads the Scriptures, including the religious Pharisees of today, should know that Jesus declared the father of the Pharisees to be the devil, the very author of religion. The Pharisees dared to accuse Jesus of bearing false witness of Himself (see John 8:13). Jesus rebutted them saying that, even if He bore witness of Himself, it was true. I ask you, Pharisaical fools today, “Does God’s Word lie about His Son? Does Jesus lie about Himself when He is, in fact, the Word made flesh? How is it then that you lie about Who He is? Father and Son are in agreement. How dare you claim to be His priests when you are not in agreement with Them!”  Jesus rightly accused the religious Jews of knowing neither One. He said many more things of them, but then said to those Jews who believed in Him, “If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed (John 8:31).” Then to the mixed multitude of Jews He said, “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free (John 8:32).”  Jesus went on to point out the weakness of their reliance on being sons of Abraham while, at the same time, being ready and willing to kill Him. Then came the crushing blow, when He stated that He spoke what He had seen with His Father, but they did what they had seen with their father.  He was making the powerful statement that their Jewish bloodline from Abraham did not overshadow the fact that they were sons of this world and had lost their son-ship in God. They no longer were doing the works of Abraham, and bloodline would not make them sons of Abraham, no matter how much they might believe it if, in any way, they sought to kill Him or to destroy His truth.  Their backs were up because of their lack of understanding, thinking Jesus was declaring them to be children of fornication, so they insisted all the more that their Father was God. But Jesus rightly accused them by stating that because they could not endure His truth, they were of their father, the devil. Jesus made it clear that, from the beginning, Satan was a liar and spoke from his own resources, as do religious “holy men”, for they do not have the truth of God’s Word in them. Unfortunately, Christianity has its roots in the lie, which declares there can be a high priest other than Jesus. It was birthed out of Romanism with an appointed Nicolaitan hierarchy of man-appointed priests in the place of the Spirit-filled priesthood of the church of Jesus Christ, chosen by His Father.  How in the world can good men, preaching according to what they believe to be the truth, remain in the religious system, Babylon the Great, the mother of harlots, and the abomination of the earth? It is not possible to stand on the truth and still remain a part of Babylon at the same time. The entire system is as a harlot, a woman drunk with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus, and He clearly stated that you cannot serve two masters at the same time. Was not the religious system of Judaism embraced by the Israelite people? Thinking themselves to be the true Jews and, as such, the sons of Abraham by bloodline, they cried for the blood of Jesus to be upon them. Is this to be overlooked in our emphasis on promoting the relationship between Judeo-Christian values? Today, the Babylonian system of religion is embraced by those who call themselves Christians, who are more likely to favor tolerance for the pagan gods of a multicultural society than they are to raise their voices for Jesus.  What are the numbers – 75% or 85% of Americans and Canadians – who call themselves Christians, yet find themselves numbered among the endorsers of multiculturalism? I have not seen or heard one Bible-carrying candidate for government office say his or her top priority would be to rid this land of the stronghold, which edifying pagan gods within our nation places upon it.  I have not heard the Christian priesthood declare to the laity that, together, they should demand of their elected representatives, they clean up this land of paganism. Yet, by the same token, I hear them crying aloud to God in their mass prayer gatherings to heal our land.  Do they have any understanding that, until they want God and His truth badly enough that they are willing to forsake religion, then they might as well go back to their religious pews where they deserve to be in darkness behind religious institutional walls? Jesus is coming for His own, and it is for sure they will not be children of their father, the devil. They will be the witnesses, numbering in the amount of 144,000, a very small number indeed in a world full of billions of people. They will never witness to religion; they will only witness to the truth. They will cry out in a voice, which the Bible describes as that of the Spirit and the bride, crying, “Come!” Let him, in turn, who hears, join with her voice to also cry “Come!”  The message is for those who are thirsty from lack of the water of life, to come out and away from the seawater covering over evil, and drink freely of the gift from heaven, from the One Who embodies the truth. He is the same Jesus Who sat by the well just waiting to serve the living water to the Samaritan woman, the very essence of His bride. The pastors stand before their congregations and mouth the words, “God loves you, now turn to your neighbor and tell him that you love him too.” The idea is that God is a God of love, now you can sit down in your pew and pat yourself on the back for knowing that you are part of spreading the message of the God of love.  What fools you are in your smugness! Do you know what the love of God is all about? Do you not understand what Jesus was saying when He said that no greater love has a man for his friend than to lay down his life for him? The love Jesus wanted from His church was a far cry from this hand-shaking sugar candy.  It is the kind of love demonstrated by the early church, which was willing to go out and feed the truth to the poor in spirit at the risk of being martyred. The apostles were willing to preach against the paganism of the gentiles at the risk of stonings, with the hope of reaching the stoners with the message of salvation. They were willing to walk, in face of Roman opposition, like Daniel walked among the Babylonians, knowing that the lion’s den could, once again, lie just ahead for them. Their sight was set on breaking the religious grip of Rome over a world full of pagan god-worshipers.  While those early members of the Way drank the cup of Jesus and turned their lives over to Him, the Word traveled quickly throughout the known world on the Roman roads, which aided the spreading of the gospel of truth to all gentiles. Think twice the next time you run to your once-a-week prayer group and ask God to keep our land glorious and free. Ask yourself whether or not there is the real love of Jesus in your heart to the degree that you are willing to drink the cup of the true apostolic church.  When you take the communion cup of the Lord, what you are really doing is accepting Jesus’ betrothal request to partner with Him in love, the kind of love that shares both in the suffering and the victory. He is calling you to be willing to lay down your life as He did for you, so that you can become like Him, as fishers of men. The twenty-first century Laodicean, institutional, Christian church is hardly what one could call fishers of men. It is more likely to jump into the sea of religious cults and cultures to become lost forever with its father the devil, in a great stew of world-wide religion. It loves its world religious organizations more than it loves Jesus.