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Jerusalem a very heavy stone for all peoples (Zechariah 12:3)

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective
                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

June 13, 2010

The eyes of the world are on Jerusalem and Israel. We are uneasy because we are afraid that war could break out at any time over threats being made openly against the very existence of Israel, along with missiles pelting this little nation continually. On the other hand, she is not willing to take the abuse lying down.

Nations, by nature of their being, consist of differing ideologies and different forms of government. We see one government wanting to rule over another, by engaging in a weaponry arms race for empowerment. Once empowered, mega-egocentric rulers have fertile ground on which to carry out their desire to inflict their rule over others, which, in the ultimate state, leads to ruling the entire world in a One World Order of government inflicted upon all.

It would appear this appetite for ruler-ship begins with the desire to rule, first, over Jerusalem and, secondly, over America. What do you think is at the heart of this and behind all the conflict in the world today? There is one answer only to which the politicians are ‘blindsided’. In fact, politicians do not have the necessary understanding to see their roles as being nothing more than that of ‘puppets-on-a-string’, whose movements are being controlled by much bigger forces than themselves.

There is one major battle going on in the spiritual realm, at the center of which rests the desire of Satan to usurp the throne of David whose city is Jerusalem. All of the wars in the world boil down to this one spiritual battle between the Christ and the Antichrist. At the same time that the spiritual power of the beast is being released from the sea by God against a world that has rejected Him, judgment is beginning to fall on His own church, which has allowed religion to permeate it. The gates of Hades are prevailing against this religious system, which is far from the truth of the gospels.

What were once pulpits on fire with the burning-bush message of salvation are now pulpits offering nothing more than a watered-down religious dish of tripe about one’s inherent goodness and tolerance for all religions. Along with such nonsense comes the toning down of the work of Jesus on the cross, and the acceptance of a much more all-inclusive God. This is the Laodicean, lukewarm church, which Jesus hated so much that He said He would vomit it out of His mouth.

David fought many long, hard battles, both for his throne and for the defense of Jerusalem. It was for sure David was a man of passion who would never have abided such a lukewarm bunch of soldiers in his army as those of the institutional church today. There is no way this so-called church would have any part in the spiritual defense of his throne and of the city of David, called Jerusalem.

Satan desperately wants to sit on that throne, which belongs to Jesus and His heirs, and intends to take it with his sword of religion and lies. The only force that can come against this antichrist move is the truth of Jesus, which is sharper than any two-edged sword (see Hebrews 4:12). Satan’s tool is packaged in the lies of political correctness, but the evil darkness within them has no power against the light of truth. Since he knows this, he hates the truth.

Israel’s protection of Jerusalem and her claim to the right of ownership of the city over unfounded, Islamic claims to the same rights, infuriates the beast who is rising up in power out of the sea. America presents another problem for satanic forces for actually having the blessing of God upon her as a country whose constitutions were built on the truth of God’s Word.

This has given her an invincible strength in the world that was not based on the sword of war and an empire-building policy. Her truth, when held up as a torch to other nations, threatened the power of religious regimes from within by a war waged in the peace of evangelizing. It was never by force, but rather by breaking down religious obstructing walls with the truth of teaching within the borders of other nations. Do not confuse the methods of the true apostolic church with those of institutional Christianity.

Having rejected both her blessing and her calling, America has dropped the torch of liberty in truth. She will now experience the spiritual flood of religion over her borders with terrorism spreading across this land because it no longer has God’s hand of protection, which He holds over His true church. The nation has been disempowered by the fact that the church is in severe bondage to Christian institutions, which have embraced political correctness instead of having addressed it in the beginning and nipped it in the bud. Now evil permeates schools, courtrooms and governments, having turned the tide to allow evil to flow into this great land, which truth once prevented from coming across her borders.

Only yesterday, I attended the 90th birthday party of a retired pastor, which was also the occasion for the celebration of his 60th wedding anniversary. A finer man, you could not find – loved and adored by all who have known him. But his niceness and accompanying honors included the fact he welcomed people of all religions at this celebration. He saw all, regardless of faith, as being brothers in religion, as opposed to being brothers in truth. Herein lay the weakness of this entire body of nice people sharing coffee in a protected community of nice people doing nice things, calling themselves Christians.

The question I had to ask myself was whether or not they had spent any time in speaking the truth into God’s chosen nation as the prophets they are called to be as His church. Did any of them warn God’s people about the coming judgment at the risk of taking a bold stand in truth against religion?  Or did they protect themselves behind the high walls of a gated community of nice religious people, displaying the cross and teaching people about Jesus, but never really stepping into the fray of the battle that rages today between truth and religion, between the spirit of the Christ and that of the Antichrist?

Will their gated community have any influence in the battle over Jerusalem and America, or are they possibly at the heart of the problem? I know this wonderful, old pastor himself took a very active role of stepping into the political fray of keeping God in the land but was he also handicapped by the walled system of Christianity, which he has served all these years? Did ‘Christian niceness’ force him out of the arena, because of his connection to the nice Christian community around him?

I saw the triumph and tragedy, in this day’s celebration, of a church deceived by a raging antichrist spirit that knows how to be subtle enough to fool the best of them into forsaking their calling to witness to the truth in order to appear to be ‘nice guys’. Jesus never submitted to Satan’s religious confining walls. He preached to sinners in synagogues and by the sea, in order to set them free from religious bondage. He resorted to name-calling when the religious priesthood infuriated Him with their legalism and traditions.

Only when truth reigns on the throne, will we ever see peace in Jerusalem. Satan, as the Antichrist seated on that throne of Jerusalem, which belongs to the heirs of David, will lead the world into her darkest hour of destruction. There will be no peace no matter how many peace treaties are signed by however many parties.

Peace will only come to Jerusalem when truth, in the person of Jesus, once again enters the eastern gate closed in the Garden to those who chose the tree of the knowledge of good and evil instead of the tree of life. He shall ride into the city in victory over the religious factions, which have kept the Middle East in turmoil over the centuries as a battleground for control of Jerusalem.

As the prophet Isaiah declared it, Jerusalem has truly become a cup of trembling in this, the final hours of a world ruled by Satan. Make straight the way for the coming of the Lord and for a new day when life under the sun will be ruled from above it!