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Jesus’ Final Appearance to the 7 Disciples (John, chapter 21) – Part I

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery


Jesus’ Final Appearance to the 7 Disciples (John, chapter 21)


Part I


A Prophetic message for the bride today

August 27, 2023


This passage immediately points, not to a sea known as the Galilee to the Jews, but rather, it is pointing to a Roman-held and controlled sea called Tiberias, the Roman name for this sea, now a possession of Rome. It points to the church, which Jesus left behind when He disappeared from their sight as He was taken up in a cloud. Jesus was recognizable to His disciples, but not at this meeting. 


The morning had now arrived for the dawn of a new day of the church of Christ. It had been taken captive to Rome by the Caesar Constantine who applied to her the mocking term of “Christian”, first used in Roman-held Antioch. Now there are two things to consider at this point—did Jesus ever call His precious church Christian, to which He had given the keys of His kingdom? No, He would never share in a lie of religion, for religion has always been His enemy against the truth with its lies.


The first religious message ever preached was done so by the serpent and agent of Satan in the Garden. It was the first of many lies, which would establish Progressive Liberalism, as the name for the cultic governments of six empire-building nations and empires of seven different challenges to first the nation and then to the church, with the last Roman Empire being divided into two parts—the early and latter-day Roman Empire, which makes seven empires in all. 


God used the equivalent of a thousand years per day to create the world and all that is in it (see 2 Peter 3:8 – a day is as a thousand years) and on the 7th day, or final seven thousand years of creation, He rested from all His work and would finally have His pure bride of creation, which Jesus described to the Samaritan woman at the well as being a church, which would worship in spirit and in truth only.


She is now in the process of shaking herself free of religious Christianity, which was wrapped around her in the Dark Ages causing her to believe she was truly the church of Jesus Christ. No, Judaism was not pure in any sense of the word as she clung to her Talmud of a Babylonian nature.


            Why would the Lord God leave the nation and His apostolic church of the full house of Israel in captivity to a Roman religion and its pagan high priest? God wanted to use the Roman road system for His church to go out to the growing number of nations by leaving her within Rome’s power and protection from her enemies, just as He had left the Israelites to grow into nation status within Egypt. They both had to grow without the fear of government’s military power squashing them.


The church would absorb the corruption to some degree but also would yearn for her lost freedoms and blessings she would lose until the day had come to take her out of the system of Babylon the Great, and set her free by men and women inspired to do so as led by the Lord and the Holy Spirit.


After centuries of the state allowing her no access to the Scriptural Word, not yet translated into the language of the common man, along came a man called Martin Luther who appeared on the known world stage to cause a break to come within the Empire. It was perfectly timed with Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press. Now the darkness would give way to light again, with the glory already departing to leave the state adrift. 


If God had not created this moment of an Ichabod crossover of the glory going from a reviving Roman Empire to rest on the protesting church, its very continuing existence would have been at stake encompassed by all of Rome’s pagan practices of eastern religions. God had created a move to release His reviving, true, apostolic church. If one listens carefully, one would be able to hear a drumbeat in the background of revival within the awakening church. It was beating out the words “Go west, young man, go west! There is freedom there for I am leading you to a new world over which I will rule and you shall be My people and I will be your King and Protector from the East with all its religions. Make no mistake! They will try to follow you and steal your New World, which I had waiting for you to rule with Me.”


My precious church, your borders must remain strong against the empires of the world with their would-be rulers. You, and all who join you, must remain strong, but only by My power by which I will give you the land. You will be divided like Israel was divided by north and south, but I will be your King and you will be My people. In the same manner as I came to the Galilee of the north, I will make a visitation to Canada, the land with the wedding feast of Cana in her name. The leaf is on her flag for the healing of the nation. My church, America will be the power of a globe you never knew before this age! 


Take heed and keep your covenant with Me! I am the Lord God who promised this inheritance of the nations to your father Abraham, and My church is My bride, as was Sarah his. She will be a pure and perfect partner in spirit and in truth. My offer is on a Communion table platter of unity, which I am waiting for you to accept. There is only one way and I am the way, the truth, and the life.


The wedding feast is nearly ready. I have sent out My servant to call you, but you would not listen or accept My invitation, so I said go to the highways and byways and bring all who love freedom to come, for I came to set the captives free of the devil and his Babylonian Empires. Now, I have gone to the highways and byways and invited all who would hear My voice—the voice of My bride calling. 


But they were the truckers who became My horn, the horn, which My bride should be, whom the priestly father of John the Baptist saw when he was finally able to speak after his disbelief of the words of Gabriel from God. God always sends His words through His prophets. Sorry priests, you refused to listen or to purify yourselves of your religious practices that continue to divide you. You continue to build what you call churches, but the Spirit is far from them, and complacency is everywhere to be seen in their comfortable pews of entertainment. No, you are not dressed properly for this, the greatest social event of history. It is the feast of feasts—the wedding feast of the Lamb, and all of My guests are baptized, Spirit-filled newborns, or will be by the time of My imminent return. They cannot serve both Rome and Me. 


John, chapter 21


The morning had now come with the dawn of a new day and Jesus makes a final appearance on the shores of the Galilee where He fished for His national brothers, but now they had a very hard covering of the nations on them as hard as walnut wood that makes it difficult to reach the fruit inside. His apostles had no such covering. It had all been removed as they sat under the teaching of the Lord who had first opened their understanding by teaching them the gospels we have today. They had not failed to write the gospel words of Jesus for us.


 Without understanding, the church today does not even recognize her sick condition while slumbering in the religious pews of Christianity, as did the apostles’ Jewish brothers embrace the religion of the Pharisees. They were solidly working in conjunction with Rome, while she led them to seek the death of Jesus in the name of their chosen ruler and king, Caesar. They never did accept Jesus as their king, any more than they accepted God, when they chose a man king in Saul, like the other nations had.


Simon Peter decided to go fishing with a cross-section of his fellow apostles. Would they not be a type of the many degrees of christened (baptized) ‘Christians’ of today? Probably many of them were baptized as children, dabbed with some water in the sanctuary of a stone church building, or immersed in a tank of water in a Pentecostal setting and told to make a good Christian church   with good teaching their home church, whatever that means. 


The question is as to how one can recognize such when one does not have the prophetic understanding of the Word, which only Jesus can give in the Spirit? For He is the Author of truth and the Savior of those saved by the Spirit and truth of the Word, which is only His to give? He is the bread or grain from above who comes down from heaven to feed His flock and give them life. It certainly trumps the day of rest, for it honors truth and not a religious practice.


The apostolic church today, in the latter hours of the new church age, is represented by Simon Peter who had taken his outer garment or covering off, and six more of the apostles who wanted to go fishing with him. There was also Thomas, called Didymus who believed nothing supernatural unless he saw it for himself. And then there was Nathanael of Cana in Galilee, of whom Jesus said that when he was sitting under the fig tree, before he was called by Jesus, who had seen in him, one in whom there was no guile. Yet Nathanael questioned what good could come out of Nazareth. Jesus revealed to him that He actually was the ladder to heaven on which the angels would ascend and descend as though being upon the back of the Son of Man. Many scholars believe Nathanael was later renamed Bartholomew.


Then there were the sons of Zebedee—John and James, known as the sons of thunder, perhaps because the voice of thunder, the covenant, the final voice of which is at the heart of this group, receiving the bridal plans from John, the one Jesus loved. There remained two others of His disciples, the category of which is not yet fully defined today. 


Could the latter-day, reviving apostolic church not be partly defined by the female teachers to come for the open scroll of the book of Revelation, which only Jesus could open for His disciples of the latter-day church when the time was appropriate at the end of the age? Did Paul not disciple Luke? Did Luke not write of the church returning to Jerusalem as the women followers birthing the good fruit in the Spirit?


When morning had come, Jesus stood on the shore, but the disciples did not know Him. No one knew the exact time when He would return. Though they were casting their net on the left side of the boat—a rather back-to-the-East move for salvation, which included the back-to-Israel obsession in all they did. But God had moved west to demonstrate the freedom, which He had come to give, would set all peoples free from the grip of death. Israel had rejected being the nation to show God’s enormous capacity for such love and again chose a king of this world to rule over her in the very face of the cross.


“No”, said Jesus. “Cast your nets to the right side, for America is languishing in the same spirit of rejection of my liberating government of God, for that of the evil of the empires of Progressive Liberalism under Satan. She has given her precious land to be ruled by the cults of the empires, specifically the big and final one of a One World Order. Will it not be Mine or will it belong to Satan’s One World Order? I want My land solidly ruled by My people, not by the enemy who will lock you into evil. No, there are still many people to come who need My grain of understanding who have been left blinded by evil without it.” 


There will be about 153 nations in total in the world who badly need this grain as the nations are juggled in warfare to redefine their borders. When they cast their nets to the right, for the Lord had led them to free themselves from lockdown for this purpose, the catch was so great they could barely draw in the numbers.


Then John, the apostle Jesus loved, called to Peter, the one who had denied he knew the Lord three times as he had watched Jesus being taken by the Roman soldiers to the cross. Peter had just forfeited his covering of the Spirit and the truth for himself through the cross of life when he chose to trust in Rome for life in fear and lack of faith and obedience to the Lord. How could he ever again be a fisher of men and deny Jesus three times while knowing He was in His agony? How could he let Him know how much he repented of such a dastardly deed?


Jesus had just called, “Children, have you any food,” that is to say any stored grain for such a time as this when your greatest need and hunger are for My true Word? John knew right away that it was the Lord and needed to tell Peter who was supposed to be the leader of the band. 


Immediately, Peter brought back and put on his outer garment. He was going to jump in the sea fully understanding the sign of Jonah, that the sea spirit of the serpent Satan would gobble him up the minute Jonah jumped into it unprotected by the Lord God, because of his disobedience. He must have begged forgiveness in the Spirit for his sin and repented with a full and painful heart, knowing his Lord would forgive him as He promised He would. The Lord never fail, though man does. Peter could safely now jump in to swim the longest distance he would ever swim for the salvation of his life and one more time to see his Lord and Savior. 


He was on the road to greatness, Mr. Trump. The Lord will not fail to accomplish what He purposes. Could Canada be great again with a message meant to go out to the entire world? There is no road to liberty in freedom and greatness except in a country where Jesus and His church rule together. Will the captive church repent of her sin and unite by putting aside its religious wrangling? Such will always keep her deal-making with the enemy of liberalism instead of taking back her full authority of governing God’s people. 


God is offering a platter of victory straight from the communion table that comes only with His flesh and His blood, where you will find the bride seated and not double-dipping her bread with a corrupt religious priesthood. It will always try to get its blood of the beast in at the same time. Will a pure church unite and break her religious covering of the world for the singular Law of God and freedom for all of His people to be blessed once more? Or, will He return to the highways and byways to invite those who want to serve in His government for justice to prevail?


Could the Exodus from this world and into the kingdom of heaven be nearly over and the door of the kingdom open and waiting for the bride to enter in her wedding clothes, pure and white, and free of the smell of cultic religion? It is a stench to the Lord’s nostrils.


The disciples came with their fish and nets, for they were not far from land. Peter went up to drag the net to the land for it was not broken, even though full of large fish. Jesus had not only multiplied the fish, but these were big ones, both corporate and worker, including those from the highways and byways. There would be none not dressed for this uniting occasion by arriving in priests’ elaborate clothing of religion, belonging to Babylon the Great. Both the fish Jesus had from the large apostolic boat’s catch had already been placed on the fire of refining and some of the new catch were put on the fire with them.


 Now, Jesus served them and He gave them bread; they needed to go nowhere to find a small boy called Simon who had two loaves and five fish for Him to multiply. They were all in the presence of greatness and there would be no crumbs of the leaven of the Pharisees left over. This was the third time Jesus showed Himself to His disciples after He was raised from the dead.



Part 2 to come


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