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Jesus’ Final Appearance to the 7 Disciples – Part 2

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery


 Jesus’ Final Appearance to the 7 Disciples (John, chapter 21)


Part 2


A prophetic message for the bride today cont’d from last week’s message


September 02, 2023


If this were the final meal together for Jesus with the apostles, surely He would have wanted them all there, but not so. No, He planned to give them prophecy concerning a new day of the church to come and to complete the harvest of the church from the world just before His second coming. It would also give the bride the message in her time, which could only be understood by her or someone with knowledge like she has from the opening of the final scroll in chapter 5 of the book of Revelation as she received it from the Lord. Jesus is the Word made flesh and only He is able to open its understanding.


Make no mistake! This revelation is about David and his full house of Israel that shall last forever. Hence, this scroll is prophetic as described for the end-times church and full house of Israel, which will rule with Jesus forevermore.  It shall include His bride. For she is the voice of the final thunder of God’s covenant with Abraham, such that when it is sounded, the Scriptures are finally rolled up and sealed. Surely it is the pure, apostolic, end-days church, which will produce the little book that John was told to seal in his time.


We know David was an adulterer, one trying to hide sin and, in so doing, resorted to murder. He took the forbidden showbread of the priesthood, which presented no infraction of the law for Jesus because, one day, the bride of the church would be required to take it permanently and make it her own. She would claim it hers as she faced her assignment to open the understanding of the last scroll given by the Lord for the understanding of His church, for she is in that line of David, heading to her wedded partnership with the Lord who has brought her to His couch offering her the scepter, which allows her to speak for Him—brother, sister, husband, wife, the heritage sons and daughters of their Father, God.


It was with the announcement of Jesus, in His time in the little meeting house of the priesthood and local ‘Religious gatherings,’ in Nazareth where He declared who He was by fulfilling Scripture that the muttering began.


“Who does He think He is (see Isaiah 61:1-2)?”  He could very easily have answered the question if they would have allowed it and given Him time to do so by way of the spiritual prophecy of the Scriptures, but indeed, no; they led Him to the precipice of a cliff where they aimed to throw Him over, but His time had not yet come for them to kill Him. He had not even begun God’s commission for Him, which would see Him made King of His kingdom on earth after the bloodiest of the enemies’ bloody battles would be over.


Was this not the heritage result and reason for the purpose of Sarah’s birthing of Isaac in her ninetieth year, the first son of the inheritance of the long line of Abraham’s covenant with God? Was it not for this that the glory departed from Israel when Israel declared categorically to the very last judge and first prophet of God, Samuel, that they wanted a king like the empire kings of the nations, only to reject God as their heavenly Father. They were insinuating that they wanted a real king and man of war–they did not want a God who was just a loving Father of men. They wanted a warrior king to fight wars and win for the spoils of victory and to possibly rule the entire earth in power, not leaving them under the rule of a silly pontificating priesthood.  This was their idea of Yahweh whose name they still cry as they await His coming.  


They had no understanding that it was from God that man needed to receive salvation from sin. God, not they, would render justice to their enemies of the empires. Had He not freed them from the slavery of Egypt without a battle, causing the Egyptians to turn over their gold and silver to Israel before her departure after the plagues? There would be justice for all of their slave labor for which there had been no payment or justice to date.


They were surprisingly the prayers of a barren woman called Hannah who prayed for her priestly husband and herself to have a child of their marriage who not only would be their son, but also a son of God as well. God would choose to lead Israel by speaking to the Israelites directly through Samuel, a bona fide, true prophet of his time. Hannah, his mother, would see to it that her child would be turned over to God to become one of His priests to devote his lifetime to the priestly service of the Father. This was the same Samuel, who became God’s first priest/prophet, only to feel the same sting of rejection that Jesus received from the same nation to whom he would give his life in service.


Surely, Jesus was the great Priest/Prophet with the fulfillment of the government of the kingdom on earth resting on His shoulder (see Isaiah 9:6). Of course He would want to make His disciples aware that there was a big world out there that did not know the difference between the still waters and the deep roaring sea. Did Peter and the early apostles really understand the rivers of Genesis, chapter 2, and how they were attached to both the empire of their day and the one to come, and to the end-days’ judgment of the empire in which they would be captive?


It will fall upon the church for her to know and understand what participation in the progressive nature of liberalism from God really means to be ruled by the empire governments of religion. To date, the religion of Christianity has been double-dealing for tax exemptions from government by staying out of government’s way and out of the politics it has used to compromise church purity in truth.


Jesus has called the seven in the boat His disciples like the apostles once were called, to show the church today is still in the process of being discipled as she receives the understanding for this time. She is a church called to be the voice for her beloved Kingfisher of men to restore the Law of God to His Law of freedom and liberty in His country in which He rules from sea to sea. Jesus is saying that His apostles as a church are not finished. You in the little boat are the disciples and apostles of the future, but while in a little bigger boat, they were the larger initial group of disciples. For there would be a very long period of time for fishing even though they would be captives for this long period, called the Dark Ages of history governed by Rome’s priesthood of Christianity. It withheld what little spiritual grain they had from the common people.


With the revelation of His coming, there will be an abundance of grain and a large harvest when at last it is being prepared for these same common people of this same religious system of Christianity in our time, as it was in theirs. At last the wheat will be separated from the chaff and the nets will not be broken. For all the fish from Jesus’ day were already on the fire on the shore and the latter-day fish were contained with them in the unbroken net to be added to them, with the harvest of their souls finally complete. 


Jesus was showing them the importance of the unity, which was to finally complete God’s covenant plans for mankind and see the Israelites free of the religion of Judaism. It returned to the land with them from Babylon. Now the nations of the world are freeing themselves from the religious grip of Satan and his Babylonian religious system, this time for the true church to be completely freed as history comes to its climax. Both church buildings and synagogues will become redundant as we see them falling empty all around us today. Both have always had the greater Roman Empire as their slave driver, redesigning them for the purposes of including eastern religion and Multiculturalism.


 Who really is this man born again of the Spirit by baptism?  It is not by his priestly robes that such a man is judged. He will remove his worldly covering of the spirit of death to replace it with the purity of the spirit of truth in pure adoration of Jesus while reclining in the fellowship of and sharing their food together. Such a man was John, the apostle who rested his head on Jesus’ chest.  The couch was the very essence of their relationship. It was not an illicit bed, it was where they rested when sharing both food and teaching with Him.


It could be said baptism signifies that all men and women become new creations by the symbolism of the changing of the spiritual waters from beneath in their lives to those from above, turning us into newly-born creations in the spirit. It is the moment we go from death to eternal life, as our hearts break into grief and repentance for the pain we have caused the Father, the Son and those around us.   


 “Always, Lord, you are my King of heaven’s kingdom and I will give the child of my new birth or the fruit of repentance back to you.” Where are the priests today who understand this and do not send the baptized back to the false church full of the garden sin of Progressive Liberalism from God? It is called religion of the first order, and it is not a good thing. Heaven forbid that we are called religious people. There will not be one in the coming kingdom of heaven.


Are they stepping up to the plate in America and, in particular, in Canada? “No,” says the Lord, “I see no sign of their love. Simon, son of Jonah, do you love Me more than these?” He said to him. ”Yes Lord, you know that I love                        You.” Jesus said to him, “Feed my lambs. They will need the gospels and understanding that will fill them like the grain of understanding I have given to you, My apostles, to shepherd them when I am gone. They are nothing but lost little lambs.”


He said to him again, a second time, “Simon, son of Jonah, do you love me? I did not feel your head on My chest when we shared our meals on our couches. Would that not have been the very sign of your heart response to Me–the very essence of love? Tend My sheep. There was a long period coming ahead for the church of the apostles, and the grain of understanding would be delivered by the apostles through their gospel. It would be greatly needed for the time of darkness when they would be captive in the hands of a Roman priesthood throughout the Dark Ages of history. Also the Word was written in the language of Latin and not in the language of the common people.


 In fact, there was a lockdown on the spiritual medicine for life. The priesthood and the medical association have, to some degree, been battling together under the influence of the devil for centuries to keep mankind locked down and without the grain from above, which is the spiritual bread of life, and the herbal grains God gave us from beneath for good food.


The Romans were calling those who suffered for the name of Christ Christians, intending to mock them in this way. Peter made sure he addressed the matter in his gospel. You, today, stand, not as the Christians of an empire-controlled religion, but as those glorifying God in spirit and in truth. The time has come for judgment to begin on the house of God. The church system today is no more the church of God than was the temple system and the Pharisees of Jerusalem attached to John the Baptist and his Levitical priesthood heritage.


 It was John’s mission to turn over the reins of High Priesthood to Jesus when he baptized Him, a Man in whom there was no unrighteousness or need of baptism. The judgment would begin on the house of God. If the righteous one is scarcely saved, how will the ungodly and sinners survive the judgment? Peter’s advice about being called a Christian and the tending of the sheep in the gospel will save many who have no understanding about the dangers of religion. It is the second 6 of the number 666 of the beast, the first being of economic collapse and the third 6 will lead into the complete collapse worldwide of the governments of the world (see 1 Peter 4:14-19).


For the third time Jesus said to Peter, “Simon, son of Jonah, do you love Me?” It grieved Peter to be asked the third time, but the Lord was saying that there would be one more feeding of the grain of life to bring new understanding needed for a new day and time when judgment would be at the door of the kingdom about to close its door to a world riddled with sin. Controlled lockdown was coming in full force with the time for Satan to get rid of God’s people so he will have his heart’s desire for evil ruler-ship of the entire world.


The Lord told Peter his hands would be stretched out and he would be carried where he would not wish to go, signifying by what death he would glorify God. Then Jesus said, “Follow Me.” Peter turned around to see John, the disciple the Lord had loved following them. He was the same one who had also leaned on Jesus’ breast at the last supper and had asked the Lord who was the one who would betray Him. Peter said, “But, Lord, what about this man?” “If I will that he remains till I come,” replied Jesus, “What is that to you? You follow Me.”


John had been the closest picture among those who would be deemed the picture of a pure bride, neither male nor female, but both. This male/female person would display a genuine heart response, the very essence of the couch with John’s head resting on the chest of Jesus. He could never leave Him alone at the cross. John recognized the victory sitting on the communion table, on the platter offering the bread and the blood of his Lord. Would it not be concluded with 7 more, the number of completeness—the perfect number of God?


They, too, would have a contribution to be made to the gospels as Jesus Himself opens the last scroll of understanding to His bride. John would have the assignment to receive the vision of things to come in the bride’s time of her final days on a globe about to face the judgment of God’s wrath. The church must come out first from Babylon the Great, that great whore of religion, the mother of all living who chose the Progressive Liberalism of Satan to the freedom from captivity that God had already provided in a perfect creation for His beloved men and women. They merely had to be the government keepers who ruled over the beast and subdued it.


Is this not time for woman to face woman—the pure bride versus the witchcraft of the first woman Eve who ate the fruit of the master of deception that makes evil look good and good in need of the false, today called WOKE? The end has come to the thundering voice of the prophets. The child of inheritance is ready to be presented as fruit to the Father and the scrolls of understanding closed and sealed.


Surely, it is the culmination of the time to fulfil the prophecy of the birth of the child, Isaac, born for the inheritance of the time of Abraham when, like Sarah, the world will have to laugh when it is revealed that a woman of 90 years will produce the first of the final harvest for the wedding feast of the Lamb of God. She will keep the nets of the catch all together with those of her early, apostolic church brothers and it will all take place in another land with the wedding feast of Cana in its name.


The leaf on its flag is for the healing of the nation. There in its old capital, a city by the name of Kingston, awaits a bride for the appearance of her King in the King’s Town. Had she not had a vision of Mary sitting there in her pure robes of blue and white on the steps of the City Hall of government, waiting for all the other birthers in the Spirit to arrive?


Now we jump in days to September 21, 2023 and a time for a Purim-type celebration for the salvation of this nation with another restoration when all provinces came together on the nation’s birthday of July 1st. Horns were blown in every province and the territories to designate it is time again to take and restore the walls of our nation of Canada.


There will be a rediscovery of the Scriptures with an expanded understanding. The cupbearer of the King will begin a rebuilding and restoring of the walls of the nation to drive out and keep out those who would destroy that which belongs to the Lord and King from sea to sea, both provinces and territories. It is an Ezra/Nehemiah move for all of America to make this great land great again. The builder of the wall has come once and they tried to destroy him. Now it is time for him to come again for the fast move of the Lord. In unity they will accomplish the job together.


No wonder Sarah had a smile on her face as she said to herself, “Really, a woman of ninety years is going to produce that child?” “You laugh,” says the Lord, “but do you not believe that My purposes are always accomplished? I have given her the many, many pages of writing with the ink from My inkhorn at My side. It is I who will laugh when you see the many pages she has for those of the inheritance. John told you about the writings, but now you will see them, for I am coming to Kingston, My city, and I am coming soon!”


On July the 1st the glory of God came down from above, or rather rose up over two touring boats, which parked directly in front of my window in the bay beneath. One was larger than the other, and suddenly a rainbow shot up from in front of the smaller boat with a glorious light emanating from it. The glory of God could be seen brilliantly crossing the sky as He remembered His covenant move with man. A second rainbow went up over the bigger boat beside it, but of a much more subdued nature as its light was fading.


It was as though I had stepped back in time to share the bread and the fish with Jesus and His apostles before He had departed from them to return to His Father and as He will be seen once more coming for His bride of the church.  Are we ready to obey His call in the purity of Spirit and truth for which He is searching? Will we then go on to form His government and serve Him as Daniel served the king God provided for him? We are not in captivity yet, but we are mere inches away from it.


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