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Liberalism, Libertines and Licentiousness

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

                                                          By Elinor Montgomery

Liberalism, Libertines and Licentiousness

June 25, 2008

What is the final message of the last book of the Bible before the revelation of the Second Coming of Jesus in judgment? The message is that it is time to contend for the faith, and the time is now when we are at the end of the age, with the apostasy of liberalism filling the pulpits of institutional churches. The time of the fullness of the gentiles is upon us.

The battle lines are drawn, for the bride’s call is the last call. One could say it is like being in an exam, when you look up at the clock, only to see that time has run out, with the last few moments ticking away. One last surge or effort is needed before the clock tells you to give it up and hand in your paper. Those last important moments can mean the difference between a passing grade and failure.

The writer of the book of Jude foresees just such a time of apostasy ahead, when the church of believers is attacked by a raging, fomenting sea of liberalism. He speaks of his writings as having been about salvation to this point, but now he is strongly led to address a new problem of the time. Religion is reaching its peak in the world, with the true believers holding on for dear life to the fundamentalism of the Word. It is time for the Davidic army of the church to arise, pull out its sword of truth, fight and contend for the faith for all it is worth, as it battles liberalism, libertines and licentiousness.

Division has come into the midst of the church. The faith of many is being challenged with the Day of Judgment coming upon the church, which is the next item on God’s agenda. Men have been creeping by stealth into the pulpits, oh so gradually, but oh so steadily, while those in the pews were being lulled into a spiritual slumber by way of a social gospel.

The New-Age-emphasis upon man’s goodness runs hand in hand with a message about the impotency of Jesus. His message that He, alone, is the way, the truth and the life is rejected for the image of a less than divine kind of wimp, who is little more than a sandaled flower-child of some ancient love-in. The so-called institutional church of Christianity has come full circle from its early pagan, Roman roots to its full-blown acceptance of Gnosticism.

The day the apostolic church was taken captive by religious Romanism, calling itself the Holy Roman Catholic Church, was the same day that one could begin to understand the prophecy of the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. Even Jude, in his day saw it, and Isaiah and Jeremiah in their days prophesied about it. Another exodus was looming on the horizon. Though Israel was saved by God from the land of Egypt, afterward He did not spare those same ones who did not obey Him, but rather destroyed them.

He was merciless when it came to dealing with their rejection of His commandments, after having separated them in liberty from slavery. They were barely out of Egypt when they began their murmuring against God, wanting to go back to the land of religious gods and idols. If the angels were not above judgment for their liberalism or desire to be free of God’s ruler-ship, how in the world is the church going to escape the coming night?

At the heart of his message, Jude zeroes in upon the issue of licentiousness. He points especially to Sodom and Gomorrah, which have remained etched upon our memories through the centuries as an example of God’s judgment on sexual immorality, especially that of going after strange flesh. Now, I ask you, is there any single issue more in the forefront of political unrest today than that of the battle raging over the homosexual agenda?

They are our libertines and leaders of the faith who are dividing the church over following the Word of God and the alternative of giving way to the lure of Satan who is the author of sexual immorality. It is at this point that the fundamentalists will become as the stars of heaven, shining light on the matter. Yes, the libertines are filling the pulpits of the religious system, and it is time for a second exodus from that place known as spiritual Egypt.

The Israelites had to make a choice as to whether or not they would follow Moses, the messenger of God, or follow the voices of rebellion in the camp, before God turned the sword of judgment upon them. He wanted to give the Promised Land to the Israelites, but they were this same people, who had seen Him work the miracle of saving them from their enemy, the powerful army of Egypt, who were now mistrusting His ability to destroy the Philistines before them. The liberal church, today, is lining up with the antichrist spirit of liberalism, lacking faith in the power of Jesus to come against it.

Take a look, my friends, at some of our recent, so-called great prime ministers of Canada – Trudeau, Turner, Clarke, Mulroney, Chrétien and Martin. Did they not all sit in office as Roman Catholic Christians proclaiming their faith in Jesus Christ while, at the same time, legislating God out of the land and legislating in things that are an abomination to Him? The hypocrisy of Romanism had been ingrained into the hearts of these men. If their priests are apostate hypocrites, how can we expect anything less of the laity?

This, in no way, leaves the Protestants off the hook, who should have known better after having once escaped the grip of Romanism. As for our latest Protestant prime minister, who was seen carrying his Bible to his swearing-in ceremony, where has he been standing on issues equally as unbiblical as that of introducing cults into a land in covenant with God? He is every bit as much a libertine as his Roman-Catholic-indoctrinated predecessors were before him.

They have all gone in the way of Cain, literally having no care for the lives of their brothers. Priests sell their prophecy and teachings for the gold of this world, joining in the sin of Balaam, and they will all perish in the rebellion of Korah who literally tried to lead the people back to Egypt. After having set His apostles free of religion, Jesus did not call forth His church, only to have it chained a second time.

His people have become the murmurers, the complainers and those walking according to their own lusts. They are the flatterers, who choose to sit in the right places at the table, in order to gain an advantage by hob-nobbing with the perceived honorable of the world; they may be honored by men but not by God. They are often the braggarts who hate the fundamentalists who can see through them and are most certainly unimpressed by their bragging.

One only has to remember the words of Jesus Who warned of such a time when there would be mockers walking according to their own ungodly ways. The message is to have compassion on some, for they will not be willing to hear truth. When the end comes, it will be devastating for them to finally face the judgment. With others, who perhaps have ears to hear, strive for all you are worth to bring them out of the fire judgment.

All power and glory belong to Jesus, the only wise One, Who can keep us from stumbling. No academic or Rhodes scholar will ever keep you from the coming night, and no fuzzy-brained Hollywood star is going to free you from the grip of Satan.

Liberalism is rampant in Hollywood, where the famous capitalize on their fame to support every radical, liberal cause there is to support. On an intelligent quotient scale of 1 to 10, they are not generally found to be at the upper end of it. They often try to act like others more mentally endowed than themselves, by speaking out publicly on issues considered to be political hot potatoes about which they know very little or nothing.

Be alert, be awake, and get understanding, for the hour is at hand. The ministerial libertines are without understanding or moral restraint. How can they restrain the flock with their cutesy, smiley, comfortable, crowd-pleasing ministries?

Now is the time for understanding the prophetic Word. This is the only thing, which will keep one from stumbling in this time when the antichrist spirit is being released in full force, allowing religion to reach its pinnacle of opposition to the truth.

The bottom line – it is all about the choices you will make and what you are willing to accept. It is a matter of the fundamentals. Do you accept the fundamentalism of truth or the fundamentalism of religion based on a lie? The question is, “Is a table a table, or do you believe the lie that tells you it can be whatever you believe it to be?” In other words, does a belief system alter the truth? The answer is that truth remains truth as it was yesterday, is today and will be tomorrow, but belief systems come and go according to the whims of men.

My friends, pick up your Bibles and go to the last book before Revelation! Read Jude, another little book with a huge message. It could be the life-saver you need as the raging sea begins to engulf you. Consider the facts! Who would want a doctor who does not apply the fundamental principles of medicine, where one’s health and well-being are concerned? The question might be reworded as to who would want a quack when one is able to have a certified specialist.

Likewise, who would want to depend on the doctrines of men, when the wisdom of God is available? Do you want to trust your eternal life to the philosophies of men who think themselves wise, but whom God calls fools? Does it not make much better sense to heed the message of truth written by messengers who have received the written Word directly from the Spirit of God Who knows all things and speaks only truth?

Think very carefully about this question before you entrust your eternal life to libertines professing the licentiousness of liberalism in a world gone mad and engulfed in gross immorality. Your choices can make a difference in your own life and in the life of the nation.