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Seeking the Canadian Vote

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                         by Elinor Montgomery

Seeking the Canadian Vote

July 3, 2008

In what direction are we moving today with respect to our political leaders seeking the vote from their fellow Canadians? Do the politicians simply go after the Canadian electorate or do they marginalize the electorate into segments of the population and go for the Francophone vote, the feminist vote, the business vote, the foreign cultural vote or the faith-based vote?

The Charter of Rights is the big divider of Canadians into unequal segments of society within the country, with disproportionate power given to minorities now ruling this land. They are not generally Canadian minorities, but rather foreign elements within our society, which want to bend Canada to serve their purposes, rather than pledge allegiance to the land and serve Canada.


The crosses, row on row, where the poppies grow, tell the whole story. There is not a Muslim or a Hindu, in all likelihood, to be found buried beneath those crosses, because Canada was then, and still is, even now, a nation under God.

Liberty has been protected and maintained by people under God who have fought and died for our freedoms, which we have enjoyed in this land. No Muslim or Hindu has ever enjoyed such freedoms in their own homelands from which they have come, and, for this reason, they come to this country to receive all the benefits for which good, loyal Canadians died.

The big mistake Canadians make is to think that foreigners of cultic religions, who come to this country, importing their religious values with them, can be compatible with our Canadian values. The feminist does not seem to recognize that the special identity she so desperately seeks as a woman is taken away from Muslim women, who have their identity as women forced under covering headgear. These hooded women run the risk of being killed if they refuse to submit to the life-threatening religious controls and laws their husbands exert over them.

We have already seen one father in this country murder his daughter because she chose not to live by the dictates of the Muslim religion. And are they not trying to legalize Shariah Law here in Canada, which would allow such atrocities?

How foolish we are to build monuments in the heart of Canada honoring such a despicable religion with respect to human rights, being erected in the name of human rights, no less! It is an abomination before the eyes of our true God Who rules over this land, not in religion, but rather in truth.

Did you know our God hates religion and His first commandment forbids worshiping religious idols to which we bow in direct disobedience to Him? Furthermore there is a lack of gratitude on the part of Canadians for the blessings He has lavished upon His people, called to worship and glorify only Him in the land.

There is no gratitude in us as we play the harlot to God and invite all Canadians to participate in our harlotry. We are choosing to give away our wares without charge, simply by handing over our country on a platter to those who would destroy it. Oh, my! Have you not read that which is as plain as the nose on your face, written in the book of Ezekiel, chapter 23? The two sisters of Israel are described as being harlots all the way up to their eyeballs. How could we miss our role in America as that portrayed by Oholibah, the worse one of the two?

And so we have allowed our multi-cultic segments within the Canadian society to be the groups to whom our politicians pander as they seek this vote or that, labeled by its double-barreled name. It can be called by the name of Canadian-Indian, Canadian-Muslim, or a multitude of such minorities.

But the vote, sought by our politicians, is rarely described as that of your simple, plain, every-day brand of hard-working Canadian, the bread and butter of this nation. It is the plain loyal Canadian, raised on Canadian values, who pays the taxes for our slippery politicians’ and judges’ incomes and for the welfare of the religious destructive elements within our nation.

If those having the right to vote in this country are not just plain Canadians, then they should pack up their bags and depart for the shores, whence they came, where things are done according to their religious cults.

“Where do the Canadian native Indians have to go?” you may well ask. They, like all other Canadians, should be integrated into the culture of this country that makes them plain Canadians. In so doing, they will receive all the same benefits, not special benefits, but rather equal benefits, to which they, in turn, contribute as Canadian citizens.

It is time we allow them to come into the twenty-first century, in which Canada is a changed nation from that which it was in pre-confederation times. By marginalizing the Indian people, we are doing them no favor. We can see the suffering it is still causing them, as well as the burden we have allowed them to become to the country.

God’s plan for all Canadian people, from all backgrounds, is to have equal and the same rights and responsibilities under Him. I would venture to say that there is Indian blood under those crosses, deserving of the same honor we bestow upon every other soldier who died for God, Canada and liberty. They are all just plain Canadians, neither red nor white.

We talk about peace within our country, but when will we really see the peace that a unified, not a diversified, Canada under God, brings? Take a long, hard look at England, my friends, and see the picture, which makes the hair on one’s head stand on end. There are now more practicing Muslims in that country than there are those professing to believe in Jesus Christ. Her days are numbered as a free country, and the monarchy will eventually disappear into oblivion, in order to make way for a unitarian state of the coming One World Order.

Do not think for a minute that the powers to be did not have a say in the former Princess Diana’s apparent up-coming marriage to a Muslim. I would say that they made the ultimate decision for her. Had she embraced the Muslim faith, which rumor says she was about to do, then it would have been the beginning of the end for the monarchy, the head of a religious/state and of a state-religion.

The issue was all about timing, and a time when the British people, along with the rest of the world, would be sufficiently brain-washed by the media and the liberal politicians that they would be ready to vote for their own demise.

Let us pray that our politicians will come to the point, sooner rather than later, where they will seek the vote of only Canadians, no matter what their languages or biases! Let us not forget that the ones lying under those crosses, regardless of their differences, were united in one thing only; they were all Canadians and proud indeed to be serving their country to the point of death, so that you and I might live.

This exemplified what Jesus described as love – one’s willingness to die to self so that one’s friend or brother might live in peace and liberty. No man has access to the liberty of God’s Law, except through Jesus. Plain Canadians of no specific color once knew this, as did our nation under God, when she placed those crosses over the men who made the supreme sacrifice for this country.

Go for the pure Canadian vote, you politicians, and you can most certainly win this country of Canada back for the God of truth, with no other idolatrous gods sharing in His glory! He will not tolerate such religious idolatry from His people.