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Religion Wars With Truth

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

Religion Wars with Truth

July 12, 2008

There are two levels upon which man interacts. There is the natural level and then there is the spiritual level; one is the level of the substance of dust and the other – the level of life. Creation defines the two very clearly, and tells us from where each level comes. The dust is visible substance and is of the earth; the breath of life is both unseen and spiritual, coming from the God of heaven.

At Creation, God gave to man His Spirit of life, making him a living being in His own image. He received the blessing of the power of the Spirit, so that he could rule over the animal world and the substance of the natural, or over the earth, which, before the seawaters were separated from it, had the covering of Satan upon it.

His is another spirit entirely, being the spirit of death. In fact, God took that which was lifeless and in darkness and brought it into the light. In other words, light entered the domain of substance (or nothingness), and the darkness was dispelled by the light. What we touch and feel is nothing. Our spiritual life is the only real reality we possess.

Light was good, not evil, and life thrives upon and needs the light in order to have its being. In darkness, when one sleeps, one experiences the nothingness of substance. The holiness of the light has no place with darkness. Therefore, rules of behavior come with the light for the protection of man. For evil dwells in dark places, acting like a suction cup to draw men back into the pit of darkness and nothingness.

The tool of evil is sin, for which God gives mankind spiritual laws and spiritual armor with which to fight off the powers that take it back into the darkness whence the Creator took man. The Lord God, like a potter, began His creative work with the dust watered from above. In other words, the Lord God used the living water, as opposed to the waters of the face of the deep, upon which there was darkness, known as the seawater, which He separated from the dry land.

There was one tree in the Garden of creation, the fruit of which God forbade man to eat. If he were to do so, God clearly told him he would return to the darkness of death; for light and darkness have no place together. He would be looking at eternal separation from God for his disobedience.

God is a holy God, Who does not allow sin to come into His presence. Light is holy and life-giving, and so it is to be desired above all things, even worshiped; but darkness is the result of an unholy state and takes life from men, leading to death.

Hence, the one rule of God at Creation absolutely forbade touching the fruit of evil, which comes from the tree that offers good and evil together, as though it were a possibility for them to co-exist together. Satan’s lure comes with a contradiction to the truth of God.

He uses the tool of the lie, which is intended to produce a counterfeit belief system intended to make the idea of truth a myth. This is what we call religion, and whereas God is the God of truth, Satan is the author of the lie and religion.

When man allowed himself to listen to the lures of Satan, and then to act in response to them, he moved over the spiritual dividing wall of the Garden, which separated sin and disobedience from the truth of God’s Law. Man’s acceptance of the first lies of religion became the foundation for the liberalism of this world, which really means liberation from the truth and Law of God. There is actually nothing liberating at all about sin.

Obedience to God’s Law sets men free in liberty to make his own choices within the boundaries of the Law. Of course, liberalism is really the father of slavery, and just as God said would happen for his disobedience, man was doomed to die, returning him back to dust. It can be said that the breaking of God’s Law drives the Spirit out of man as he becomes a walking death.

Do you know anyone at all who is not walking under a death sentence? The answer is yes. Those who have put their faith in Jesus and the work He did on the cross for them by paying the price of death, which they would have to pay otherwise, have been set free of the flesh. They have been restored to the state of an eternal spiritual being, once more walking in relationship with God, back on the right side of the Garden, as though they had never scaled the wall of separation from Him.

Every war ever fought in this world has its roots in an ongoing spiritual tug of war for the souls of men. Man, not God, opened the door for these spirits to take control over the world in which he lives. Men love to blame God for the atrocities of war by asking how He could allow them to continue against good men.

But God warned man from the beginning by His spoken word, and then blessed him with the Book of His written Word. Like the fireworks after a spectacular performance, God gave up His only begotten Son, giving man a second opportunity to choose life over death.

 Jesus is the Light of the world and, without the Light returned to save man from death, he would be doomed forevermore in the captivity of death. God never forces life on anyone; He offers it as a gift.

On the other hand, the fundamentalism of religion forces the dictates of religious activity by the sword, with the stronger ruling over the weaker, all vying for the highest religious/political positions within world governments. Jesus is not a king of this world, but rather He is King of the spiritual realm, offering a spiritual kingdom to those who desire life eternally.

Now, mankind, like the first man and woman, Adam and Eve, is made up of fools who love religious fundamentalism more than they love life, itself. It is what we call functioning on the stuck-on-stupid level of thinking, which, having gone around once, comes around again and again, like the needle of a record player stuck in the groove of a record, for those of you who can remember such instruments of music.

The fundamentalism of religion always comes to a place where terrorism and killings become the tools for keeping it alive. Atheism is just another form of religion like those of Communism, Fascism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity. So the religious mind of all of these religions will become the enemy of God’s Book of fundamental truth, which one must accept if one is a believer in Jesus. If not, one is just another religious person with very little, if any, understanding of the difference between religion and truth.

All religions have a history of killing in order to remain alive. They are used by Satan as methods of mind control, aimed at taking men unwittingly to their death, by preventing a relationship with God and His Word, which is the truth made flesh in the person of Jesus. As Satan’s killing tool, he devises ways of using it to drug people with all kinds of belief systems, which he will cunningly put under the name of Jesus, but are far from Him and have nothing to do with Him.

Recorded for us in the Bible is the incredible picture of how the Light entered once again into the world in the form of Jesus, sending the religious leaders of the antichrist spirit into a killing frenzy, as a result of their desire to rid the world of Him and His truth. It has been an on-going battle throughout the ages of world history. Now Satan, in his final hours, is functioning again at a feverish pitch, like the religious leaders when Jesus came the first time.

Satan wants the entire world rid of the fundamentalism of truth, with not one witness left alive. After all, the apostles of the church were called to witness to the truth like Jesus before them. Similarly, there was another high level of activity between government and religious leaders of both Rome and Israel to rid the world of the apostles, as Jesus’ commissioned messengers of truth.

Poor deceived Saul, who became the apostle Paul, thought he was doing God a favor by bringing all those radical people who accepted the teachings of Jesus to trial. He could not understand how they could be anything but deceived by a false prophet, when Israel had the religion of God, called Judaism, which the people had been taught from their youth. They were the exclusive possessors of the written Word of God, given by Him to His people, which was only for Israel, or so he and his religious Pharisees thought.

Christianity has created the same illusion today as Judaism created yesterday. The real unity between Judaism and Christianity stems from the fact that they are both religions, which come out of the darkness of Rome (the Babylonian system), and are not of the light at all. Messianic Jewish fervor still exists for a religious ruler over Israel.

Jesus actually commanded His apostles to tell no one that He was Jesus, the Christ. He came not to judge as men judge, and not to be part of any religious movement, which, if the truth be known, He despised. He came as the Savior for the entire world, and not just for one nation.

It was promised to Abraham by God that he would be a father of many nations. Jesus, as a Son of man, and at the same time, way more than a mere Son of Abraham by being the begotten Son of God, came into this world for His inheritance of spiritual Israel, which would come from all the nations of the world.

Jesus is the only Messiah this world will ever know. He never referred to Himself as Israel’s Messiah. The supreme error of the messianic religious movement within Christianity, is that of national pride, which still clings to the hope of the nation of Israel for their own Messiah, being the very nation that rejected the same God on earth Who chose them.

God has judged the nation once, and is now going to make a second judgment, this time, upon the spiritual nation. Who, but fools, would want to run back to a spiritually dysfunctional nation that has refused to be God’s light of liberty to the world? This same nation has chosen to place the star of Moloch, the symbol of religious idolatry as the banner over the Land. She continues down the path of darkness, while rejecting the lampstand of the menorah.

America, wake up! You, like Israel, have the smoking oven waiting to consume you and your love for religious idolatry. Secular Humanism is the religious enemy of this country; it is neither a friend nor God to the people it controls. It is destroying generation after generation with its evil, which is being force-fed to our children. They are at the center of a spiritual war, which is raging over their very souls.

We, the parents of America, are relinquishing them daily to Satan, when they once had the freedom and liberty in this land to be taught the truth. Our secular teachers would prefer to have them bow under the influence of Islam, rather than have them hear the truth of God.

The warfare and battle are centered around Satan’s lies, which call the truth of God religion, when, in fact, God hates religion as much as He hated Esau for wanting the substance of a stew more than he wanted the inheritance of spiritual life itself.

Mankind is at the crossroads of civilization, with the final spiritual battle underway. Fundamentalism is the issue. Choose either the Spirit of life and have it breathed into you so you can be born again from out of the dust of the natural or choose the spirit of death and the darkness of the dust of that which is substance.

Just as Jesus called His friend Lazarus out of the tomb of sleep, He is calling you out of the tomb where religion holds you captive to the dust. The Spirit and the bride are calling all men, who have ears to hear, to come out of religion of any sort and return to the fundamentalism of truth.