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Christianity – The Egypt of Today

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

Christianity – The Egypt of Today

May 25, 2008

Christianity is the Egypt of today, which holds the true apostolic church of spiritual Israel captive in slavery to the system, just as the nation, Israel, was held captive in slavery to the Egyptian system. Nothing has changed. Spiritual Israel is still building bricks for the system, just as the fledgling nation built bricks for Egypt.

As long as she keeps building bricks and cutting stones, more temples can be erected to keep the Israelites locked in their religious pews. Spiritual Israel, instead of receiving beatings to keep her in line, receives government tax-dollar exemptions, which will serve to silence the people and prevent any rebellion from arising against ruler-ship.

Then there is the issue of the grain. Instead of being supplied to the workers, God is allowing the tightening of the screws to begin, as He raises up His voice to stand before the Pharaoh of today, who is called the Antichrist, and say, “Let My people go!”

The antichrist spirit of our worldly governments is behind the passing of legislation aimed at removing the grain of life, which is the Bible, from the nation. It is this grain or truth, which Jesus used for the building work of His true apostolic church that never had a foundation of religion. The grain, the truth and the living stones were required to come into the unity of one, needing nothing but the blood of Jesus.

Remember, Moses had to be taken out of Egypt and away from it, where he was brought together with his brother, Aaron, who became his voice and prophet! The role today of the true church of Christ is to be nothing more or less than the prophetic voice that goes before the antichrist system and its rulers, speaking as one granted the right to do so by God.

Do not think that the voice will not be challenged by witchcraft. There will be those who have grown into the massive-size church system, which the true voice will address when the system comes against the fundamental truths of God. Its only desire will be to rid itself of the very voice God has sent for its own good.

Those of the religious system will label the voice of God as the voice of fundamentalism. For this, those who are called fundamentalists should be very grateful indeed. Fundamental Christianity will believe the lies of Rome, and fundamental Islam will believe the lies of Mohammed while fundamental Judaism will believe the lies of the Judaic Talmud. They will all come together in the religious spirit of the antichrist, coming against the truth and Spirit of the Christ.

The Judeo-Christian group will slander the bride by saying, “Why would God speak to her, when we have been His people for so many centuries?” In all three cases they have not been His people at all, for they have embraced religion not the truth of God’s Word. Only the fundamentalists who are rooted in the fundamental truths of God’s Word are, in fact, His people of the true church, against which the gates of Hades will not prevail. Take a very close look at all three religions, and you will see that the gates of Hades most certainly are prevailing powerfully against all three.

Her voice is the last voice to be heard by the world, speaking for God by the leading of His Spirit in the same manner as the voice of the prophets was heard before her. This is a validated fact, stated in the last chapter of the book of Revelation. She will be represented by a female voice for this is the voice of the bride of Jesus, the comparable partner of her Beloved, Who testified before her.

If God has provided a second Adam, He will also provide a comparable partner for Him, who will overcome the lure of the serpent like her Beloved before her. She will not be a harlot to her Lord as were they all harlots – Adam and Eve, the woman described as the nation Israel, and the woman described as spiritual Israel, the institutional church. They are represented by the parable of Oholah and Oholibah in Ezekiel, chapter 23.

Nothing has changed; Israel rejected Moses’ claim of having the right to speak for God, regardless of the miracles the people saw swarming around him. He was given the power to do things, which could only come from God. Still, they wanted his blood at times, even though he was chosen of God to carry out the role of leading His people to freedom from the slavery of the religious world.

The most rejected of them all by the religious crew was Jesus. They weren’t satisfied with simply driving Him out of the temple and synagogues with His message: they wanted His blood in the same kind of rebellion they leveled against Moses. They lay claim to the prophets as men of Israel, but their fathers before them had wanted the blood of the prophets, as well, when they tried to call the nation out and away from religious idolatry.

Unless the voice of the bride calls for the release of her people from the captivity of the religious system, she is a counterfeit and will face the same fate that Korah faced in the wilderness. Unless the Passover blood is firmly on the doorpost of the hearts of God’s people, they are going to see their sons and daughters die the same death as that of the children of the Antichrist.

He is going to take the whole religious system down, once it has finished serving his purpose of uniting all religions into a One World Religion, without the truth of Christ. Those no longer having the blood on the doorpost of their hearts will blend in with Egypt having been taken out of her only to have chosen to return to her.

Christianity will actually relinquish Jesus (the Truth) in order to remain in the Babylon of today, which will be the coming One World Order, now forming as the Revived Roman Empire.  It will be the last, the biggest and the fiercest of all the empire-building nations of the Babylonian system, which overcame the Assyrian and the Egyptian Empires before it. This is the final empire, as understood by Daniel to be part of the empires to come, encompassed in the statue of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream.

The first of the empires to take God’s people captive began right in the Garden of creation, with Satan overcoming God’s government plan for His established kingdom. It was the free will of man, which allowed this to happen as he rebelled against the truth of God. And man has been rebelling against it ever since.

This rebellion led to men completely embracing the mark of the beast, 666 – the economic, governmental and religious system. At the same time, they rejected God’s ruler-ship, His truth and His provision, which required no sweat or works of man. It was the blessing of God in truth and light that came with the gift of life, which man rejected for the darkness of the dust and death.

Do not tell me that you are any wiser than Adam and Eve, for, if you do not embrace Jesus as the source of truth and the author of your salvation, you, too, are doomed to die the same death by returning back to dust. But those who receive the gift of His shed blood as the Passover Lamb and place it on the doorpost of their lives, are guaranteed life, once the world has destroyed the body.

However, one must pass through the waters of this world crossing over on the dry land of Jesus to reach the waters of life in the wilderness. It is only then that the bitter waters are changed to the water, which will cause you to thirst no more.

Deceived, deaf and dumb people of religion perish for lack of knowledge and understanding. Does your co-called church really give you understanding and truth, or does it give you religion? Are you chasing the conferences or are you seeking the teaching of truth?

Jesus is opening the sealed scrolls of understanding to His bride, which is the last event on the timetable of the church age. She will be the final witness in the spirit of Elijah and Moses, the spiritual figures standing with Jesus in the transfiguration. He wanted His apostles to witness without compromise to the spirit of truth, foundational to His church, which He established free of religion. This is the spiritual message behind the relationship of these men with their Lord God of the Old Testament and their Lord of the New Testament, which they would be authorized to write. There was but one Lord, one nation and one spiritual house of saved Israel.

Israel was the pattern for the house of God’s people, showing the pathway of failure leading to death and the narrow way leading to life through Jesus. He was legally adopted into this nation to transform it like a worm or larva into a butterfly of spiritual beauty. Once the crossover had been made, the butterfly could never be forced back into the cocoon-type pattern of a nation having received the freedom of a spiritual nation.

Watch out, for Satan wants you back in Israel so he can surround the little nation and destroy it. Only the United Nations could lead the deceived world to believe that this little patch of land could hold those the Lord has set free.

Unfortunately for the UN, the agent of Satan, it has a very ineffectual army when it comes against the power given to the witnesses of the truth of the Lord. The power of the Lord is placed in the hands of His chosen ones, called to speak for Him and to work miracles before the very eyes of the worldly magicians of limited power.

Moses could have been strung up by Pharaoh at any time, if it were not for the fact that the world ruler had no power to do so, as long as Moses and Aaron were called to be God’s spokespeople. The power of God rested upon them, and while this were true, no power was strong enough to come against them.

The keys were given to the apostolic church to be the same prophetic voice of God’s truth as was that of Moses and Aaron. Romanism does not hold those keys of truth, for its leaders are the priests of religion, appointed by men, and ruled over by the paganism of Satan.

The Roman church and foundation of Christianity is a political organization, an economic powerhouse and a religious system, bearing the mark of 666 in all three areas. From this corrupt religious system, it most certainly will bring forth the false prophet for the beast. He will claim the inerrancy, which belongs only to Jesus, and he will come in the name of Christ – something about which Jesus warned us.

There are many priests in the name of Christianity who are nothing more than deceived mouth-pieces for Satan. Do not think that they won’t be smooth and charming, so that they, in turn, will deceive others. They will cause many to stumble and fall away from truth into the full-blown One World Order of Religion – a united religion already formulating as the UR of the UN.

Don’t be deceived by smiley, cutesy pastors offering a comfortable pew, or the emotional high of emotion-based conferences, masquerading as a pentecostal movement of God. Beware of the female angels let loose by that wicked angel of light who has no light in him at all, but rather spreads darkness, capturing those who come in his path.

My friends, this will be the greatest age of deception the world has ever known. We are embracing every abomination known to man, instead of embracing the truth. It is only the truth, which will lead you to the light; religion can never lead you there. Jesus said He was the way, the truth and the life. He also said He was the light and the bread from heaven.

Be careful of the spiritual food you eat. If it does not come from the Bible in the spirit of prophecy, then you are eating the food of deception. Its name is religion, and it will take you back to Egypt, a valley of dead kings, instead of to the kingdom, a spiritual nation of resurrected live kings who will rule and reign together with their Beloved.

He is coming soon to set up His kingdom here on earth. Remember that He was Jesus Who taught us to pray saying, “Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.”

Christianity came out of Rome, a part of the Babylonian system just as Judaism came out of Babylon. God destroyed the works of Babel. He will also destroy the works of Babylon, the mother of all harlots who have rejected their beloved Husband and Lord.