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Perfect Love

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

Perfect Love

June 02, 2008

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life (John 3:16).”

Why was man perishing? Did God create man to live, or to die? Was creation not an act of love, with the Creator loving His creation? Did God create man to come from nothing, for no reason, to again become nothing, as though he had never existed? Would a God of love create man from dust to return the object of His affection back to dust?

Is the greatest act of love not that of a Creator Who will give of Himself to redeem His perishing creation? Creation began with the words, “Let there be light.” It was spoken into existence by the spoken Word of God and Jesus was the Word. He also was truth and light. This tells us man was created in truth and there was no lie in His creation.

Yet, the world itself was created in the beginning, during the dateless past. We are told that the devil had sinned from the beginning (see 1 John 3:8).

He had been the seal of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. He was the anointed covering cherub, lavished with the wealth of heaven created for worship, and perfect in all his ways until that fateful day iniquity was found in him. Abundance caused him to become violent within as he then sinned against God. Worship of God turned to worship of self, and wisdom gave way to pride. So, his beauty became ash as he was cast to the ground (see Ezekiel, chapter 28).

His spirit dwelled in Eden, the Garden of God where God had placed man on the east side of the Garden at Creation. It was the same location where there was a tree of dead wood, producing a fruit of death. To this tree was attributed a fruit so alluringly beautiful that man would choose it at the expense of his own life.

Man actually was deceived by the serpent in that tree, which led him to give away the most precious gift he had to give – his own life for worm-infested fruit. What he lost, Jesus chose to redeem. This was an act of perfect love by One Who took the judgment for another.

Never miss the prophecy of this perfect act when Moses, the type of Jesus, was told by God that His wrath was burning so hot that He would consume the nation of Israel and make a great nation of Moses. Moses interceded for the nation and God relented concerning the judgment.

Now the people had sinned a great sin at the foot of the mountain where God gave the Law to Moses. Moses returned to the Lord to make atonement for their sins, asking that he, Moses, rather than the sinners, be blotted out of the book, which God had written. This was an act of perfect love by one willing to give up his life for another’s (see Exodus chapter 33).

God used the seawater of this world to cover over evil, and there was darkness on the face of the water of the deep at the time creation began. This darkness was sin and it would have to be separated from the dust, in order for the creation of man to be good. In other words, the earth had to be purified and cleansed of all seawater by the water that came down from above.

Still, the evil spirit of Satan, though separated from creation, remained in the world. His spirit was nailed to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, where the lure of the bad fruit was placed and the voice of the serpent could be heard. The dwelling place he sought for his evil spirits was God’s beloved man whom he would deceive with the lie that would lure him away from the truth and into rebellion against God. Satan wanted complete ruler-ship of God’s world.

God expressed His holiness from the beginning – that He would destroy him who rejected the truth for the forbidden fruit of the evil one, the liar. This was rotten fruit with the worms of death in it. It had seeds of pride, which corrupted wisdom by appealing to the lust of the flesh. The corruption happens in a moment, as fast as it takes us to succumb to a lie. At that moment the choice is made between the treasures of this world, which will pass away, and the treasures of God, which are lasting.

The wrong spiritual food can be most appealing, but it comes with a price tag for the soul, just as the wrong natural food comes with a price tag for the body. God had brought the water down from above to water the ground before any herb could grow to feed His creation. There was to be nothing provided in God’s Garden for man, which would not serve him well and be good for him.

            In His instructions to man (God’s Law), not only did God demand perfect obedience to the truth, knowing violence and death would be the result of believing the lie, but He also established the institution of marriage to manifest the love He had for mankind.

The woman would serve God and the man, worshiping both of them, while the man would serve God and the woman as he protected and adored the object of his love and affection. The task was consigned to Adam and his comparable partner to protect and preserve God’s creation. In this perfect union of love, they were meant to be fruitful and multiply by producing more children for their heavenly Father. This was to be the fruit of the marriage bed.

Just as God gave man a comparable partner, man was to be the servant and comparable partner of his Lord and Creator, serving Him in a spirit of love and life. The loss of the abundance of love and peace intended by God for man, which would have saved him from the horrors of Satan’s religious world, is incalculable.

At Creation, God had infilled man with the Spirit of life, just as man would infill the woman with the seed that produces the good fruit of life for God. Or so it was intended by a God of love Who wanted the best for His children. Then He blessed him with freedom of will to choose his own destiny. Man was free to choose life or death, the Lord God or Satan – as one might make the choice between being a lover to a husband or a harlot for another.

In choosing the lie and succumbing to the spirit of pride, man would come to love self more than he loved God. Such a choice would produce the opposite effect from what God had intended for him. This was the foundation for the man to become weak in his role as provider and protector, and for the woman to become strong and controlling, as is evidenced in the homosexual and feminist movements of today.

Such movements run in direct opposition to the Word of God on the nature of the institution of marriage, as created by God. Men will hate this restriction, which prevents them from feeding their lusts of the flesh instead of worshiping their God in a spirit of truth and gratitude to their heavenly Father. The Father is one and the same as the Lord God Who had given His most precious gift of life and understanding to His created children.

Wisdom does not come easily; it comes with a price tag, which we will pay in this life if we choose to not respond to the perfect love of God. If man is to love God, he must not only worship Him, he must come to know Him as a man knows a woman. He must allow that Spirit of life to enter into him, for only by this will he know the difference between the spirit of truth and the spirit of error (see 1 John 4:6).

Love comes from God to us, and He requires us to incorporate it in our dealings with others. You love your brother when you hate the evil that can destroy him, and then do something about it, as did Moses for the Israelites. Jesus gave us the pattern of love. He endured personal abuse, loneliness and great physical and spiritual suffering in order to enlighten men with the truth, so that they might live and dwell with Him forever, in God’s kingdom. It is prepared only for His own children.

This is the pattern for the love He manifested to His church. This is the same pattern His church must manifest to the world. The church must truly drink His cup if she wants to be betrothed to her Beloved Lord. I say to you, cast out those cups made of the gold of this world in which religion serves up a counterfeit cup from the religious institutions, calling it communion. It is generally nothing but an abomination in the Lord’s eyes.

At the Last Supper where Jesus established the pattern for communion, He was asking His apostolic church to become betrothed to Him as in a marriage relationship. He was asking if she were willing to drink from the same cup for Him as He had willingly chosen to drink for the Father. It is a spiritual cup that requires the bride to commit to perfect love for Him as He willingly committed for her.

He was not looking for a Sunday bride, who would become a Monday harlot when she returned from the betrothal to the world the next day, forgetting her covenant commitment for the rest of the week. He was not looking for a priesthood that would dare to blaspheme, in a destructive manner, one of the most important parts of His ministry on earth. Instead, He set up His own priesthood on earth, chosen by Him and taught only by Him.

Religion and truth are incompatible. To be betrothed to the Lord in perfect relationship, or communion, can only happen with a covenant of truth. It is the same covenant, symbolized by the ark of the covenant, which contained the Law as written on stone tablets, never to be altered or changed. The ark was entrusted only to a priesthood called by God, whose lives had been committed to Him.

He who keeps His Word has the love of God perfected in him (see 1 John 2:5). This is when we know we are in Him and in perfect love. There is no love in the lie. Religion went to the cross for no one, but religion sent the truth to the cross that the liar, who sent Him there, might live again. All that is required of the sinner is for him to repent and to walk away from the sin, which rebellion caused in him.

The first lie of the Garden was the beginning of the first religious belief system, apart from the truth. The price to man has been enormous, and today the situation in the world emanates straight from man’s rebellion to God in the Garden.

The Middle East nations are spreading their rebellion to the West for one reason, and one reason only. The West has chosen to give up her foundation as a nation on the truth of the Bible to embrace the religious cults of the world. She has chosen to become a harlot to her God, as did the spiritual nation before her.

Eve was the mother of all living, capable of producing only more harlots, such as herself, from the seed of corrupted men. She would need a Redeemer to save her, for Adam had refused to redeem her the day he joined her in rebellion to the truth. Where would the woman find such a redeemer who would be man, yet born of the Spirit of God? He would have to be a man without the seed of Adam in him, a son of man and a son of God at the same time.

Would God Himself not have to beget such a Man of the Spirit by a woman who was virginal and had never lain with a man to be corrupted by his seed? There could be no other way to produce an incorruptible fruit. This child of the union would then have to resist the lures of Satan, rejecting that which appealed to the flesh. Was Jesus not the perfect answer for imperfect men, as the Son of Man and the Son of God at the same time?

Only He could demonstrate that perfect love for an imperfect bride for whom He would die to perfect, so that they might live in perfect love together because of His perfect sacrifice.

Get with it, you academics of Secular Humanism, and look at the simple facts of the perfect premises, leading to the perfect conclusion. Even the feeble-minded can see the pattern and reach the right conclusion, which will enable him/her to calculate the number of the beast – the number of which is 666. It is the Spirit of life, which enables you to understand the truth, whereas the spirit of error will leave you deceived, ultimately destroying you.

Religion and terrorism go together, while truth and peace are on the same path, kingdom bound. America will never regain her lost peaceful lazy, hazy days of summer by uniting forces with the religious, evil-driven regimes of the East, located eastward of Eden. These were the days she knew and cherished when God’s truth ruled over this land.

She will find peace again when she renews her treaty with Him, a real peace treaty, which can belong only to a nation in covenant with Him. His truth is all we need, and our obedience is all He requires, which will make His people rulers with Him over this nation, with no religious gods of multiculturalism being placed before Him.

Get rid of this abomination in the land, repent and return to Him and He will restore the nation. There is no other way than the Way of Perfect Love. His name is Jesus, and only He can redeem and heal our land.