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Fitted for the Harlot’s Shoes

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

 Fitted for the Harlot’s Shoes

June 03, 2008

Perfect love is the foundation for a perfect marriage – one might say, a marriage made in heaven. The woman benefits by serving her husband in love, and the husband, likewise, benefits by protecting the one who serves him – she, in adoration, he, in cherishing and together, in worship. It is a kind of love that forgives all things and endures all things so the other might live in the perfect love and care of God. This love of the Father is the foundation for the marriage bed of God with man.

There is no love in Satan, only pride of self. Therefore, if he is to rule he must destroy the marriage bed and its good fruit, the one thing, which he cannot counterfeit. The marriage of God to man ultimately produces good fruit. The union of Satan and man produces nothing but worm-infestation, from which there can be no lasting fruit, except that which is fit only for the rubbish pile.

How, then, can there be any unity between the men of God, functioning in the light, and the men of Satan, functioning in darkness? There can be no relationship between the two in the same bed together.

Nations are divided by this principle, in so far as there can be no peace treaties and alliances between a nation married to the truth of God (Jesus) and a nation joined by religion in unity with the Antichrist. One is a marriage, or a covenanting nation with God in liberty, from which comes the good fruit; the other is a religiously controlled unfruitful nation held together by forceful means, which produces only a culture of death.

The more God is central to the life of a nation, the more liberty His people have within the limits set by His Word. The result will be a nation with far less government intervention in the lives of its citizens. Truth opposes the destructive controlling nature of religion, with all of its doctrines and practices.

Truth is the foundation of America; religion is the foundation of every other nation in the world, including Great Britain. Canada, somewhat caught in the middle and to her good fortune, rejected the religion of her mother country as did the United States.

Israel, a nation once in covenant with God, broke her covenant and never again separated herself from the religion that brought about her destruction. To this day she is a victim of Judaism, with its roots in Babylon, having become a home for all the religious cults of the world. It could be said that multicultism has destroyed that privileged nation, once under the ruler-ship of God, as was America.

Israel is no longer the land of the freed slaves of Egypt, but rather, she is the targeted land of the antichrist spirit, which nurtures, to this day, an old hatred for the second Son inheritance of Jesus. As a nation, she has been provoked to jealousy by the loss of her inheritance, which has gone to another. This was a result of her own doing, for she perverted the marriage bed of the nation with God, when she chose to incorporate sin into her law. She became a harlot to her Lord, no longer being a faithfully submitted bride for Him. America is following quickly in her footsteps, while presently being fitted for the harlot’s shoes.

Satan is weaving his web of perversion by trying to legitimize sodomy, the abomination that can produce no good fruit. The pattern shows it produces a plague, instead, called AIDS, along with all the other sexually transmitted diseases, known to kill the sodomites. Adultery is responsible for the passing of these same diseases from one group of people living in the darkness of sexual sin to another group in the same darkness of sin. This is a group, which has attached no importance to keeping the covenant of the marriage bed.

How is it possible that we could be so foolish as to think we can change the nature of the marriage bed by legalizing sexual perversion? Nothing could be further from the truth; we simply produce deceived people. No matter how hard Satan tries, he cannot alter the marriage bed, instituted by God. He can only counterfeit it with men pretending to be women, and women pretending to be men, and the cross-dressing, which symbolizes the wishful, but impossible, changes. The church has no authority from Jesus to partake in any such deception.

What will be the first work of a perverted society submitted to the Babylonian system? It will be to remove the name of Jesus from the land, which means that the Word must be removed from our laws where He has reigned supreme. For He is the Word made flesh (see John 1:14). Hence, the Bible is a threat to the dark side.

When you see rulers, set upon removing the Bible from the children of the classroom, you are watching Fascism in action as it begins to raise its ugly head in the same manner that Hitler began when he claimed the children of Germany for his own. He raised them as though they were possessions of the state, known by the entire world as Hitler’s children.

My question to you, America, is this. “Are you going to allow Satan to take this land by laying claim to your children, or are you ready to do something about it and reclaim them in the name of the Lord Who rules by law over this nation?” As I write, our God is looking for soldiers whom He can trust to speak the truth in His name, while rejecting religion, the tool of Satan’s warfare.

The book of Colossians tells it all, just as it is. He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. For by Him all things were created that are in heaven and that are on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers. All things were created through Him and for Him. And He is before all things, and in Him all things consist. And He is the head of the body, the church, who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, that in all things He may have the preeminence (Colossians 1:15-18).

By Him, all things are reconciled to Himself. America was chosen, ready and waiting for God to demonstrate His truth to the world through her. Will the judgment upon this land be any less catastrophic for mankind than it was, first, upon Adam and Eve and then, upon the nation, Israel?

The nation is looking at a judgment to come of catastrophic proportions. Watch for the sign of the downsizing of the nation with the flag of the rising sun. Has this not already begun? There is but one economic yardstick ruling the entire world. Japan has become the victim of an internal, decreasing consumer power, which is causing that nation to depend on the consumer power of the American market, which will quickly follow the same declining pattern, due to the predominate old age of its citizens.

When the senior population outranks the under-48-age group, the buying power of a nation is dramatically changed. It is at this time when the Antichrist will come into full bloom by appearing to be the savior for the ensuing economic crisis, with the full backing of a corrupted liberal media. We are witnesses already to his unfolding spiritual power as we see world-wide violence and terror afflicting every nation of the world, where the agents of darkness rule now over the agents of light.

Jesus is the Light of the world. There is but one answer for America; she must wake up and return to Him. Repent, and then, and only then, will He return to her. Stop the moral band-aiding and put the truth back in the classrooms of the nation, where it belongs. At that point, He will heal this land. No land has ever been too sick to be healed, when God’s healing hand changes hearts and changes lives.

The medicine He uses to bring about this change can be painful, when one is headstrong and unwilling to hear what He is saying through His messengers today. Just as Jesus was raised from the dead in the resurrection, so too can He raise our nation from the dead, by waking us up from our Laodicean slumber to once again embrace the truth, so that we might know life. Let us pray that the harlot’s shoes are far too broad for a narrow foot!