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The Seeing-Eye Pyramid on the Dollar Portends Financial Disaster

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

                                                  By Elinor Montgomery

The Seeing-Eye Pyramid on the Dollar Portends Financial Disaster

June 8, 2008

Mankind refuses to learn from history, which is really His story. History shows the rise and fall of man according to his relationship with God, his Creator. After Creation, he immediately fell into sin, bringing death upon himself and separation from his God. Where sin dwells, death is its companion.

God then raised up a little nation to be a light to the world and to begin the process of reconciling man to Himself. It was to demonstrate to the world the blessings and glory of God upon a people who would be called by His name. Israel was her name, but she failed to be the light of her calling, so she lost the blessing, with the glory of God departing from the nation.

These foolish people preferred the kings and idols of the empire-building nations surrounding them. They wanted their own king and man-made temple instead of the ruler-ship of God and His temple of living stones.

Israel’s doom was as certain as was that of Adam. The wicked empire-building governments of Satan were used to chastise and judge God’s people who preferred the other nations’ gods and religious idols to their own God of truth. Their worship was misdirected from Him to these same religious idols, before which they had been forbidden to bow.

Israel was first placed in the empire-building nation of Egypt – the world empire of her youth, where God allowed her to suffer the pain and chastisement of growing into spiritual maturity. In order to grow her, she would have to experience the touching of the hot stove in the same manner as a stubborn child, in order to learn from experiencing the pain of the burn. Stiff-necked men refuse to learn without God allowing such pain in order to bring them into submission and obedience to Him.

The pyramids of Egypt are full of the symbolism of what God wants to demonstrate to the world as being at the heart of man’s rebellion. They point to the religious mountain-building programs of man intended to make himself appear to be like the Most High God, but without God.  They were intended to be monuments for the would-be kings and rulers of the world, but in fact they were nothing more than monuments for the dead kings of ancient times.

These kings were mere men and agents for Satan’s wicked form of government, where man ruled over man by the sword. God rules as King over man not by the sword, but rather by the Word of truth, which cuts through the lies of Satan like a knife.

And so, the slave whip of the Egyptians carried out the work of chastising God’s Hebrew children, as they grew into nationhood. The nation was then led by Moses to freedom in the wilderness of temptation, where she failed miserably to pass the testing of Satan. She remained a rebellious nation, which never produced the good fruit for which the Lord was searching, from the day He created the institution of marriage.

The former empires gave way to that of the Babylonian Empire, which succeeded the previous two empires of Egypt and Assyria, under the ruler-ship of the mighty King Nebuchadnezzar. He was not only the head of his own empire, but also of a system of empires to follow him in which spiritual Israel remains captive to this day.

This Babylonian system has been allowed by God to rule and chastise His slow-learning, stiff-necked people. The Roman Empire was the last of the four empires, presently being revived as the fifth and the greatest of them all, fulfilling Satan’s dream of a One World Order in which he will hold the entire world captive to his sway. They are His own rebellious, wicked people whom God will allow this empire to destroy.

Jesus entered upon Israel’s scene, bringing forth the remnant and true inheritance of Abraham’s promise from God to multiply his descendants like the stars of the heaven and the sand of the seashore. This was a crossover from a nation of Jews to a spiritual nation of spiritual Jews, who would come from all the nations of the world to make up the house of Israel in the kingdom.

As was the nation Israel called to be the burning torch of Abraham’s dream, so, too, was the church called to be a light to the world of the glory of God and of the freedom His Law offers to His people, releasing them from the tyrannies of the religious world.

Just as Israel was given to the Israelites, a new land and a new world, called America, would be given to a people to be ruled by the Word of God, and not by religion. The two nations of North America were called into covenant with God by constitutions, which declared Him to be the Ruler over the land, and the God in Whom the nations placed their trust.

It is impossible to have God without His Word, and, likewise, it is impossible to have His Word without Him. You cannot take away one without removing the other. Unfortunately for America, leaven remained, even as she was being established, until the time she would be brought to labor before producing the good fruit for which her Lord had always been striving to find in Israel.

As America followed in the footsteps of Israel’s harlotry, continual lapses into sin kept her from reaching the potential God had intended for her. The pyramid of Egypt with the seeing-eye was imprinted on the dollar, to become the symbol of the six, a part of the number of the beast, being the number of 666. Thus, Satan placed his mark on the financial system of America.

What does that eye symbolize? If we go back to the conquest of Israel by Babylon, as recorded in the book of Jeremiah, we will see that the captives of Israel were taken away in three waves to Babylon. The first occurred when King Zedekiah resisted her armies, only to see his sons killed before having his eyes put out and then fettered in bondage.

Religion, represented by the pyramid, renders men blind to the truth, so Satan counterfeits the truth with the false light of secular knowledge – the basis for Gnosticism. There really is no insight at all in the Gnostic, as King Zedekiah discovered at the hands of the Babylonians. It was his disregard for the Word of God, which caused him to be blinded.

Babylon and all of her empires are built upon the lie, with Secular Humanism thriving on it. The first wave of captives saw the nation fall; the second wave saw the dispersion of the nation at the same time as the church began her journey out into the world of darkness to introduce it to the light of the truth of God. The third wave will take place when the judgment falls on the institutional church of spiritual Israel, which has failed even more miserably than the nation. It will be then that the revived apostolic church will be sent out to the nations once again to witness to the truth.

The dollar with the pyramid and the seeing-eye on it sends a message to the nation, stating exactly what is behind the money system, doomed for economic disaster. Hidden in the Declaration of Independence is the roadmap for destruction, having signatories committed to Freemasonry, an organization, the roots of which are found in the stonemasonry of Solomon’s temple, and the stone-cutters supplied by Hiram, King of Tyre.

What is it that the bank and the business corporate executives do not get about God’s control over their world? The CIBC, Ford, and now General Motors, give a message to the nation as obvious as the nose on one’s face; if they ignore the Word of God, they will live to rue the day they did so. All three have chosen to use men and women’s hard-earned dollars to cast them upon the open sea in support of the homosexual agenda.

They were all warned about what they were doing, but they did not have ears to hear, and were too stiff-necked to listen. And so, the first of the three, CIBC, experienced huge financial losses, followed by Ford Motor Company, both being national, financial pillars of their respective countries. Now, General Motors has turned a blind eye to follow in their footsteps and so it, too, is beginning to experience the same financial problems. As Americans, we seem to be slow learners, and really aren’t quite as smart as we think we are.

The mighty dollar she so loves is going to fail America, which has no conscience about removing the God in Whom she trusts from her coinage while, at the same time, leaving the pyramid with the seeing-eye. Her liberal, media-chosen leaders have no qualms about transferring American jobs off-shore to the land of the valley of the dead kings, China, India and Russia to the north. Do they show any concern for the fact that these are all lands, the religions of which hate the God of Israel, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Who rejected their brothers Ishmael and Esau?

Open your eyes, America, and see the light, for you are being consumed by darkness, and are about to go down! Repent and return to God and He will heal the land! If not, history will repeat itself, and you will be carried off to Babylon just as Israel was, those many centuries ago.

Take a good hard look at the nation Israel, today, and you will see that she is nothing but a battle-ground, over which the religions of this world war. Not only will America experience a financial collapse, but she will also become the battle-ground of tomorrow, unless we choose to keep God as the One in Whom we trust, while, at the same time,  removing the pyramid with the seeing-eye from our midst.