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From the Sword to Plowshares and Pruning Hooks

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

From the Sword to Plowshares and Pruning Hooks

June 17, 2008

Adam was created a son of God, but was lured into becoming a son of the beast. From that time forward, all men, born of his seed, were born sons of the beast. God is calling us back to become new creations from the old, to put on a new man to, once again, become sons of God.

That which separates the animal from the man is understanding, which comes from the light. The animal is void of understanding, but man has the potential for it. Satan, the beast, is the author of the lie while God is the Author of truth. One gains understanding about nothing when he tries to reason from a foundation of lies, but he will come to the light of understanding when he embraces the truth. The man, born anew of the Spirit, has understanding to which the natural man can never relate.

At creation, God made it clear by telling Adam that if he wanted to accept the lure of the forbidden, he had the free will to do so, but with free will would also come the consequences of his choices. The price of his rebellion to the word of God would be death.

God, Who had given the greatest gift possible to His creation, the gift of life, allowed His new creation to take its first step as His child, only to see it stumble, fall and be separated from Him by death. A holy God cannot coexist with evil, and so man chose evil to rule over him, ignoring the price of his action, which was death.

In order to receive life again, he would need a redeemer, and there was no one to redeem him. It would remain with the Father and Creator to devise an incredible plan for His creation to be redeemed, in order for His sons to live with Him, once again.

God loved His sons more than they had loved Him, choosing to show the prodigal mercy and forgiveness, even though the son had shown no gratitude to Him for His incredible gift of son-ship and life. Even though he had rejected life and understanding for low level living, without the Spirit of life in him, God was prepared to sacrifice His only spiritual Son. He was willing to remove His glory from Him, so that His Son could take on the sinful nature of man for the sake of redeeming His brothers of the flesh. It happened at exactly the right moment in history, as was predetermined by God.

It all began when He closed off the way back to the tree of life from man. He set in motion the process, by which He established a rainbow covenant with man; it was the symbol of the Light, Jesus, being broken for you and me. When God would look upon the rainbow, symbolic of His broken Son, He then would remember His creation.

Next, He divided men into nations, breaking up their religious, wicked tower-building of Babel. These nations were nothing more than divided groups of wicked men, caught in the lure of death.

God’s purpose was to raise up one nation apart from all of the others and give to it the message and pattern for salvation. It, in turn, was required to demonstrate the light of liberty in God’s Law to the rest of the nations still in darkness. God wanted all men to have the opportunity to find the way back to the kingdom by giving them a pattern pointing to the salvation of mankind. 

He would re-establish the fact that there is one God Who sets the rules of life, ruling over not only men but also the entire universe. There are no other gods but the God of the chosen nation, He called Israel. To this nation, which He called to be the torch of light and liberty from death to the world, He intended to give victory over the nations of the world that lived by the sword and wars.

All that God demanded of His people Israel was for them to obey only Him and worship no religious idols or other gods created by men. For this, they were promised their own land in which to live in peace after driving out the children of the beast who belonged to the other nations. This promised land of Israel was to become a religious-free zone that stood on the truth of God’s Word, living under His Laws in order to be a light to mankind.

However, the nature of the men of Israel was still that of the nature of the beast, which, in a sense, would spell their doom in achieving salvation from the Law by way of works. It could only show the pattern for the spiritual reality, which would rest in the hands of Jesus. He would make the crossover for man, allowing him to become a new man in the Spirit, a man of a new nature. This meant that there would no longer be separation between man and God, as Jesus took man’s place in judgment, in order to free him from his captivity to death and his nature as the son of the beast.

Mankind would, once again, have the opportunity to receive the Spirit of life, breathed back into him. God, Himself, One with the Son, would become a perfect Man, free of sin, and able to take the sin of men upon Himself. He shed His blood for the required blood of man, whom God had warned would surely die in sin. So Jesus did die in our place but the wonderful news is that He arose again to life, undefeated by death.

He would become the One Who stands before the judgment seat of God and pleads the case for the believers who accept His work of the cross and repent of their wicked ways. This makes Him our Advocate before God. He has come with the promise that if we accept Him, we will be saved. Not only does He know His Law perfectly, but He was the Author of the Law and accepts full responsibility for it as both Son of God and Son of Man.

Lo and behold, the nation, which God chose to bless, rejected Him a second time, and in so doing, lost access to the blessing of life. Through His Son, Jesus, the nation crossed over to become a spiritual nation of Israel, called the church in which the blessing of Abraham would be fulfilled.

Jesus was never a begotten Son of the nation except through adoption by His worldly father. He was a Son of Adam and a Son of God by the Spirit, birthed as the Seed of the woman and not by the corrupted seed of man, which could produce only death.

He was born of the Spirit of truth and life, injected into a virginal woman. This meant that the curse of death was not upon Him. He was the Light of the world, born in truth, which became flesh; He was the way to redemption for all men, being mankind’s only hope and his only way back to eternal life.

In Him, the covenant with Abraham would be fulfilled and, through faith, Israel would become the people of God, an opportunity for all of the nations of the world to become part of His family. At the cross, Israel had to pass through, like all other nations, to become part of the spiritual nation, being left with no other way to receive redemption except by way of the cross.

For a second time, God made a crossover for Israel, drawing out His spiritual nation Israel from all the religious nations of the world in order to establish a new land for His people. It was known as the New World, where the nation based its law on the Law of God and the truth of the Bible. This is what made her the great land of liberty that she was, the envy of the religious world. This became a nation by the people’s choice to be part of it, as opposed to Israel being a nation of God’s choosing of those to be placed into it.

            The beast, which had hated Israel, the one people who had the potential to defeat him, would now hate and attack America, the new home of spiritual Israel. He had destroyed the nation with the religious lies of Judaism and now he would set about to destroy America with the religious lies embedded in the Roman based religion of Christianity. 

The high priests of Christianity were appointed by men, rejecting the appointment of the High Priest Jesus, as the Cornerstone, Who calls forth His own priesthood of saints. Likewise, the false high priests of Judaism were appointed by Rome, no longer a part of the Levitical inheritance ordained of God.

The beast would use the name of church for his religious institutional system of Romanism to counterfeit the Christ by establishing his own antichrist religious program. They have always been the lies, which he uses for the purpose of separating God from His people. And so the institutional church will be led to endorse the abominations of men and all kinds of perverted sexual behavior.

Take a close look, America, at your liberal, political leaders. Do they lie or do they tell the truth? Take an even closer look at your institutional churches of many different doctrines. Do they tell you the Word of God is truth or do they tell you that the Bible is made up of nice stories with nice messages for a social program for nice people? Does your system of religion show you the path of redemption through Jesus and spiritual Israel, or does it point you back to a nation of non-believers called Israel, established by the conglomerate of non-believing nations called the United Nations?

America is at the crossroads of the crossover blessing of the God of Israel. He is about to bring forth His true church and His true Israel, the second-son inheritance of Abraham, who is the true Jew. The true Israel is about to make her exodus from both nation and spiritual nation, together fulfilling the prophecy of Ezekiel’s two stupid sisters, Oholah and Oholibah.

There never were two more stupid sisters than they, who chose to become harlots to their God of truth and life. Indeed, the younger sister, Oholibah (pointing to America) became even more ‘stuck on stupid’ than the older sister, Oholah (pointing to the nation Israel). 

The result of America’s stupidity is that she has reduced this beautiful nation under God to a multicultural pathway for the religious cults of the world. We see our political leaders rejecting our traditions for the liberalism of the rest of the world, destroying our liberty in God and His truth while embracing the religious lies of Satan, which will lead ultimately to just another fascist state.

Show me a political leader today and I will show you a man who will endure the lies of liberalism. Show me a spiritual leader of the institutional church and I will show you a man deceived by religious liberalism. Show me a nation called Israel and I will show you a battleground for religious conflict, because of her multi-cultic religious nature.

            In contrast, I will show you the true Israel, which is coming forth at this appointed time in the form of the true apostolic church of Jesus Christ. He, and not any priesthood, is reviving His remnant on its foundation of the truth of God’s Word, which will embrace no religion at all of the cults of this world.

You become church; you do not go to it. The true Jew is kingdom bound, not as a nation or as part of an institution, but rather as a believer committed to witnessing to the gospel of truth. Show me this committed group of witnesses and I tell you that you will be looking at the 144,000 witnesses with the seal of God on them. They are from the spiritual tribes of Jacob transformed into Israel at the end of the nighttime and the dawn of a new day. It is at this time that Jacob’s struggle with God and men is over, and he has prevailed to rightly inherit the name of Israel.

We are perched at the dawn of time, when the kingdom of God shall rule on earth. Jesus, at last, will see the world bow to Him and to truth, with the lie being chained. They shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore (Micah 4:3).

            Satan, who deceived the world, was the author of lies and of war, by teaching men to reject the truth. Liberalism was his curse, but liberty was the blessing of God. Once the lies are chained with the chaining of Satan, the world will come to know peace on a foundation of truth.

He was the apostle whom the Lord had seen sitting under the fig tree. Now, the apostolic church, coming out of all the nations, shall sit under His vine and under His fig tree, from which branches have been cut away, new ones grafted in and old ones re-grafted back again. There will no longer be any threat from religion, for Satan will be defeated and the truth shall reign forever and ever as men walk once more in the name of our Lord, our God.

I ask you, America, whether or not you are ready for the blessing, or will you choose the cursing one more time?

Hear me, Canada, and hear me well! The former dominion shall come to the kingdom of the daughter of Jerusalem. Pangs have seized her like a woman in labor, for out of the house of bread (Bethlehem) came the first fruit the nation rejected. So He gave it up for the woman who is about to give birth, the true remnant of Jacob in the midst of many peoples, like a lion in the midst of the beasts of the forest (see Micah 4:6-13).

In this day all the enemies of the true Israel shall be cut off. They shall worship no more the work of their hands and their building programs, which stem from the first temple of Solomon, built in the heart of Israel.

The anger and the fury of the Lord are coming to execute vengeance on the nations, which have chosen not to hear the Word of the Lord. The words of the prophet Micah resonate, loudly and clearly, down through the centuries with their warnings of judgment upon those who have been privileged to be called the people of God.