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The Ashes of Her Burning

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

                                                              By Elinor Montgomery

The Ashes of Her Burning

June 21, 2008

America began with a Nineveh-type revival. At the time of her founding, the institutional church of spiritual Israel had become wicked beyond measure, with her prophets having chosen the path of the sea. Though she went down into the sea, she came up out of it again and crossed over onto the other side where a revival swelled the shores of the New World.

Her prophets’ voices were heard in the pulpits of the land and, in respect to their lawmaking, government leaders listened to them. In fact, the first session of Congress began with a three-hour prayer to God. The classroom teachers followed closely the words of Biblical teaching, instilling the moral principles of God into the minds of America’s young students.

A mighty wall and fortress was built around the entire length of her North American borders. Its name was called the Bible. No one entered this land as a citizen without swearing allegiance to God and country on this Book. All new Canadians were given a Bible, for they would know that this was a country under the ruler-ship of God, and all who entered the land must accept this fact. Religion was outside of the realm of the public square.

Immigrants would learn at the point of entry to this land that God ruled over the Canadian parliament and over her judicial system. There would not be a prime minister, a governor-general or a judge assume office without first taking an oath of office by swearing on the Bible, according to the truth it represented in this country. The Koran is not deemed to be truth, and truth does not come by believing doctrines of men.

America was firmly rooted on a strong foundation and allowed no religion to take its place, whether or not it might be in the form of Secular Humanism, Roman Catholicism, Communism, Fascism, Islam, or Buddhism. Herein lies our great heritage of liberty, which is a result of applying only the moral code of God’s Law as the rule of the land (see James 2:12).

This was God’s country and our wall of protection was even greater than the wall of protection surrounding the mighty Assyrian city of Nineveh, which was 100 feet high and wide enough to accommodate three chariots, riding abreast. It also had a moat 150 feet wide and 60 feet deep, none of which could be compared to the protection offered by the oceans on both sides of America. These have served in the past as her moat to separate her from the rest of the world, ensnarled in religious chaos. Eastern countries only survive by the sword of the battleground, whereby they rise and fall, depending on the military might of one over the other.

Now, Nineveh developed a little problem a few years after her revival, brought about by a reluctant prophet, called Jonah, who was taken into the sea and then brought out to preach the word of God to the city. However, she fell back into her old ways and began to conspire against the Lord, again. She became tangled like thorns and drunken like drunkards.

From her came one that plots evil against the Lord, a wicked counselor, the name of whom is Satan. One only has to watch what follows the pattern of Nineveh to see the results of a people walking away from God to become afflicted a second time, once they have been set free. Such a nation shall be devoured like stubble fully dried. A decree was sent forth by God regarding Nineveh. Her name would be perpetuated no longer, with her gods and idols being cut down. Her grave would be dug, for she had become vile.

And how would this happen? The feet of God, Himself, would rest upon the mountains of this world proclaiming peace and bringing freedom to His remnant of Israel saved for the sake of His servant, David. Jesus came for the purpose of defeating Satan and setting the captives free. Did Nineveh have victory over Judah? To the contrary, Judah survived while Nineveh went down in judgment. It became a city hidden as the prophet Nahum prophesied, only to be discovered centuries later, in 1842, after her complete destruction and annihilation in 612 B.C.

So, how did such a great and fortified city fall? It fell by the truth, for the Lord in His goodness, knows those who trust in Him, and is a stronghold in the day of trouble. It will be with an overflowing flood He will make an utter end of a place, and darkness will pursue the enemy. The Tigris River overflowed its banks and destroyed part of Nineveh’s wall of protection. With this event, the Babylonian army was able to invade through the breach in the wall to plunder the city and set it on fire.

Now, let us look ahead to America and compare the situation with that of Nineveh! We are presently looking at a mighty large flood in the midst of our land, caused by that great river, the Mississippi, which flows through the heart of America, as it overflows its banks. Is it not true that at the same time we have been rejecting our God Who made us a great power like Nineveh once was?

Have we not allowed our walls of immigration to be breached by allowing the cults to pour into this country, bringing an end to our religious-free zone founded on truth? Has not the picture of a backslidden people, which thinks it has power without God, become complete? Have we not embraced the cults of multiculturalism and the New Age Movement, which is simply a revival of the introspection of Gnosticism? It goes back to the beginning of time, when Satan introduced the concept of man being like the Most High God, which caused his downfall and captivity to death.

America has surely opened the gates of the river, with her palaces being dissolved. She will most certainly be taken captive by the very cults to which she has opened them, and liberalism will swell the flood waters that fill the land. But, what about the people of Jacob? Has not the enemy of religion emptied them out and ruined their vine branches? Has the tree gone beyond the pruning stages to its final death?

He Who scatters has come before the face of this spiritual nation of Israel. His message is to man the fort, watch the road, and strengthen the flank. In so doing, the power of the remnant – and there is still a voice in Israel – will be mightily strengthened. The storm clouds are forming, and the banks of the river are overflowing. The Lord is getting ready, as a jealous God, to avenge the enemy by venting His wrath, which He reserves for the appointed time.

            We see the shields of war becoming red in color; we see cars racing in the streets, and countless corpses of those being slain. But God is against it all and will lift her skirt over the face of the nation to show her nakedness. You will see the sin of homosexuality and all the other acts of sexual immorality beneath that skirt, for they are the abominations, which will cause the downfall of a nation.

You, in your palaces, who have endorsed this evil, will be carried away in chains as the gates of your land open wide to the enemy, the same gates we refused to lift high for the Lord to enter in and remain in our midst. He will allow the sword to cut us off like one eating up locust.

Have not our shepherds been slumbering, and our leaders resting in the dust? All who hear news of America’s downfall will clap their hands; for the power of God has departed from the nation He called His own. America has embraced the wicked one like all the other religious nations of the world, forsaking the truth, the very foundation for her role as light bearer of liberty.

Get out your Bibles, my friends, and read the tiny little book of Nahum. This is all prophesied within its pages. Know that the destiny of that ancient city of Nineveh has become the death wish of America. Our ‘stuck-on-stupid’ government leaders are surely dead on their feet, resting in the dust while our priesthood of the supposed church slumbers with the rest of those in the pews, refusing to be a light to the nations.

Take a last look at your beautiful homes and the cars in your double and triple-door garages! What nation has ever been more blessed by God and less grateful to Him than America? Thanksgiving has become a day to multiply merchandizing for the ingrates by the merchants who pass on their profits to enable the homosexual agenda. Is America in any less of a mess than Nineveh was? I don’t think so!

Prepare yourself, America, for your day is coming, as did the day of Nineveh come before you and the day of the northern state of Israel, before that. Once judgment is on the way, there will be no turning back. Nothing will remain of this great nation except the smoke of her burning as it rises from the ashes.