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Liberalism, Justice and the Rulers of this World

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

Liberalism, Justice and the Rulers of this World

March 08, 2012

Is it possible to have liberalism ruling and have justice at the same time? One always has to go back to the Garden for the answer, for all things were created good by a God of truth who spoke things into being by His Word.

If one is to have any understanding at all, one must understand that it was by truth God created all things; without this understanding, one will get lost in hypothetical theorizing. One needs to understand also that He set the rules for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit who gives life. We, the human-being, received that marvelous gift, which allows us to rise above the nature of dust; without it we could never be anything more than the mere dust of the earth.

With the waters of this world being separated from the dust, life would require water that comes down from above, as opposed to the water from beneath, to combine with the dust before God turned it into a living, breathing being. These are the two spiritual waters, which must always remain separated if man is to survive, for God forbade him to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, whereby evil was and is attached to the spiritual waters of this world, which draw man back to dust. God warned man that he would return to dust if he should eat of that which includes evil, for it is like a disease of the flesh, which spreads and destroys everything it touches.

Though God sits upon His throne of ruler-ship over the universe, at creation He made man lower than the angels, intending for him to receive an inheritance of partnership with Him over His creation. He called this partnership a marriage, which, in the natural, demonstrated the spiritual relationship of man taken from God’s Spirit as the woman was taken from Adam’s body. The man and the woman were intended to bear good spiritual fruit for God, as they parented His children. The combination of the two made them comparable partners, with God intending Adam to be the spiritual leader of the family, just as God was the spiritual leader over His family of man.

A loving God of truth would only do what is good for His bride of mankind. Does it ever get any better than that – where a ruler or king serves the people for the sake of their well-being by providing all good things for them? All one would have to do is to sit back, obey His rules and allow Him to perform in a manner, which would give joy without any suffering or hardship. It is what we know as peace of mind in a world where all things work together for good.

How wonderful to not have to worry about one’s next day’s provision and from where it will come! It will always be there and provided from above, just as God provided manna from heaven in the wilderness for His people; there was no sickness or death among them, that is to say, until His people rebelled. Then in His wrath, God had brother slay brother with the sword; He opened up the earth to swallow the wicked, and He brought leprosy upon the flesh of the prideful who challenged His leadership.

What was the evil, which lured man into rebellion against God? It was a belief system based on a lie by Satan, which led to the first religious system that challenged God’s word with the lies of liberalism that lead to apartness from God’s Spirit of life. God assured man, before he sinned, exactly what would happen if he were to disobey His rules. He would remove His Spirit of life from him to allow the separated spiritual waters of the world to return and replace the Spirit of life with the spirit of death. He wanted a bride He could love and for whom He could provide everything she would need; but He wanted her undying love in return.

He did not want a harlot who thought she could play God and get along without Him and His rules. She failed to understand that a lie had come between her and her God – a lie of liberalism, which ran in direct opposition to the truth of God. Once Satan had hooked her for his purposes, she was then set aside, and hated for being the very harlot who succumbed to the destroyer’s lure. Her death was always his desire.

Was there any justice in this? Not by man’s standards, but it is what the harlot deserved. A loving God is always willing to forgive and take His bride back, but only on His terms and if she should have a change of heart. She will have a second opportunity to have life with the Father of man because His Son will pay the price of death for her. She, in turn, must accept God’s Son and King whom He would send to earth to save those caught in the devil’s religious snare. His Son is the Word made flesh, for He is the Son of the God of truth who can only beget fruit, which will witness to truth and never to the lies of liberalism, which lead to religion.

God’s Son, Jesus, formed His church, the new bride of mankind, who would replace Adam. To her He would return His Spirit of life that she might witness before kings and rulers to the truth. It would be her job to enlighten others with the light of truth. In a nation ruled by God and His truth, the church has not only been free to speak truth to rulers, but it has been required of her, as the great commission given to the church. She was to become the voice for God, as were the prophets of old, to speak into the nations of the world the truth of the gospels, so that the people might come onto the Way intended to lead as many as would submit to the Lord, back to a kingdom on earth.

Where the church fails to witness in her speech, her actions and her vote, she is allowing the gates of liberalism to swing wide open to the broad road where there is no justice for man. Satan is the author of evil, not good, and if the church becomes complacent or Laodicean in nature, then the gates of hell will prevail against it, and it cannot be the true apostolic church of Jesus Christ. Satan hates, mocks and lies about the true church voice. He uses the liberal rulers of America to fill her judiciary with men and women totally committed to the causes of liberalism, which spread evil by squelching that which is good.

In America, where only 50 years ago truth still ruled under God, voices began to rise up, such as that of Svend Robinson in Canada, the homosexual NDP member of parliament, who, because he did not believe in God, did not want anyone else to have the right to bow publicly to Him. In the United States we saw the rise of the feminist, hard-core women’s movement, which was the beginning of the end for the family.

The courts began to legislate a liberal agenda, which enforced the rights of men to marry men, and women to kill their unborn children. This had always been Satan’s agenda to see humankind wiped from the face of the earth. Governments legislated that our taxes would pay for the unborn babies to be murdered by doctors such as Henry Morgentaler who was deemed worthy of a medal of honor from the Governor General for being a mass murderer of innocent unborn babies with no protection against his knife.

Is there the same justice in liberalism under the rulers of this world as is found in nations under the ruler-ship of God? No! There is absolutely none as we look in awe and watch people, guilty of no crimes at all, being jailed, while criminals walk away freed by the bench to return to society as criminals in its midst. Will we cry out to God or will we watch the enemy ride into the land on the swelling sea waters of this world, bringing with them the spirit of death?

We have a choice to make, which is to choose between the Christ and the Antichrist; we absolutely cannot serve both. The rules of liberalism and the Law of God are incompatible; darkness has no place with the light. Eve used no judgment in her choice and went for the illusion of appearances, listening to the mockery of God as Satan declared that His Word was not truth at all and that He would never allow her to die. But she misjudged a righteous God and a righteous Judge.

Do not allow the lies of liberalism to deceive you. There is no Messiah but Jesus, though man has always wanted to play God. Beware of the mockers of the liberal left, who have an infirmity of the mind, seen in our modern rulers who lie continuously in order to appear to be what they are incapable of being – a Messiah sent by God.

The only Messiah there will ever be is Jesus, who yearns to rule over your life and mine, so He can provide peace and tranquility for you, unlike any to be found in the other nations ruled as religious states. Peace will never come from the United Nations of liberal rulers who talk peace while hatching plans for wars.

The outcome of the vote in the up-coming American election is one of the most crucial matters in determining the future direction the world is going to take at this time in history. It has never been more important for the voter to be well informed on the political issues, which are putting America in grave danger. The nation will not survive another four years of the liberal Obama administration, which wants to take it into a One World Order.

Wake up and look up, for the hour for the King of kings draws near, when He will return to set up His kingdom here on earth! And there will be perfect justice in a world, which knows no evil, with all things being only good. And there will be war no more.