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Man or God – Who will Rule?

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective
                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

July 04, 2010

The rebellion of Adam and Eve took man from a spiritually-controlled government to a man-controlled government. Therefore, the redemption of man requires his return to the spiritually-controlled world.

Because God is the God of love, He is the God of the marriage bed and of creation where life begins. Because He is the God of truth, creation then must fit within the boundaries of His truth, set by Him for the process of life to begin. Is there another way to create a fruitful life? Not if it is outside of His Law of Creation; for if it is outside of His truth, it will lead to death.

Ultimately, His Word is law, and to wander from His truth is to interfere with the creative process of producing a vessel, pleasing to the Potter. He will either destroy the vessel that displeases Him or break it down and reshape it into a new vessel that pleases Him. Then the heat is applied to seal it in perfection.

This world is the wilderness in which God is creating His perfect vessels ready to be placed under the heat of the sun to strengthen and harden them into shape; they are then ready for His Spirit to be placed in them. Once having been lost in rebellion to sin, the vessel of man must go through this process in order to abide with the Creator once again, after having the Spirit of life returned to the reshaped vessel.

Man is in a wilderness journey before restoration to the kingdom where God’s Word and His Law will rule again on this earth. It is a question of spirit over matter. Matter, without the Spirit, by the principle of thermo-dynamics, must return to its original state of dust. Dust is darkness without understanding. There is no light of understanding in death.

So, rebellion took man into a state in which he willfully rejected the Spirit of life and, therefore, rejected kingdom living with God for life under the sun, which is, in fact, a walking death in a futile existence until he has breathed his last breath. For it was by the Spirit of God that life was breathed into him to make him into a living being.

Why did God not just zap him on the spot, when he rebelled? It was because He showed mercy toward His creation, which, in rejecting Him, had not only been deceived, but also had been disobedient. Man would then be allowed to reap the pain and suffering of his rebellion from a devil who seeks to kill and destroy. God’s plan was the plan of history, to set in place a way or path called the Way through the human history of the wilderness of this world, which would lead to his redemption at the time of the end.

Redemption followed a definite route through a history of prophecy that showed the process and where the Way would finally end by reaching its destination. There were mysteries hidden in His prophecy, the understanding of which were and are being opened to only a chosen few, who have been given the gift to understand when God opens the meaning to them. He uses these few to be His voice, or His prophets who, through only spiritual guidance, can reveal the mind and plans of God. Theology can never reveal these mysteries.

The Spirit of God working through men is something Satan hates, for he is the spirit of darkness, which wants to suck mankind back into that bottomless pit, where it existed in the darkness on the face of the deep. Because of this, the dark world of religion hates the nation Israel and her prophets, especially the Prophet of all prophets, born of the Spirit, called Jesus.

How was this Vessel created? He was created by the marriage bed of God and man who becomes the woman birthing for the first time ever by the Spirit and not by the corrupted fruitless seed of man, which leads in a downward spiral to death. Without the marriage bed between God and man, there could never have been salvation through Jesus.

But life was opened up again on the Way established in the Garden as much of the prophecy of the Old Testament was fulfilled by the first coming of Jesus. He proved that the prophets of Israel were receiving their words from God and knew what they were talking about when they said a Ruler over Israel would be born of a virgin in that little town of Bethlehem some 700 years before it came to pass. It was not prophesied the week before He appeared, but rather centuries before. There were no crystal-ball gazers or sooth-sayers involved in this event.

The prophet, Malachi, declared some 400 years before the event that there would be a voice crying in the wilderness to make straight the Way of the Garden for the Way, Himself, called Jesus. John the Baptist was that voice calling to the people of Israel to be prepared. Jesus was coming to open up life to man again, with that incredible gift of redemption from God to man. It could be his, simply for the asking.

Jesus took our rebellion before God’s righteous judgment and said, “Father, I will die in man’s place so that Our precious creation of Our love might live, now that he has experienced life under the sun in rebellion and, like King Solomon, has come to know the difference between that kind of life and life lived in the spiritual realm above the sun.” He will see through eyes that rise above man’s controlled world of matter and the natural sciences to understand God’s controlled world subject to His Laws of the Spirit, which is the necessary ingredient for creation.

The two nations of Israel and America showed the world the difference between nations ruled by the Spirit of God and His Law of truth and the other nations of the world ruled by men’s religion and men’s laws, which lead to death. Their liberty and freedom under God from the captivity of religious world empires was the light He wanted His nations to demonstrate to the rest of the world; but His own people rebelled against Him, by choosing to honor their multi-cultic gods while refusing to be obedient to Him.

What role have you played in that rebellion by refusing the gift of the Spirit and refusing to be a light to the world as witnesses to God’s power? Do you live in the natural state under the sun, unwilling even to freely speak the name of Jesus or mention His incredible gift of life, which He has offered to all men in order to set them free from the clutches of death? If this is the case, then Satan rules over your life and you have rejected God’s gift of a second opportunity to have the life returned to you that was lost at Creation.

What is wrong with mankind that he is so blind and rebellious? Is it not that he has willfully refused to take the time to read and understand the truth of God’s Word? In so doing, he knows nothing of the prophecy in it, which is infinitely more important than focusing on matter and the natural state of things, which lead to death.

If we can easily talk about Mother Nature but resist speaking about the wonders of Jesus, it becomes evident that we are sons of the beast in blindness and with no understanding, no matter how smart we appear to be. The smartest are often the dumbest about the spiritual matters that count. They belong to that brotherhood of Secular Academia, which pats itself on the back, unaware that in God’s eyes they are nothing but fools.  He so often speaks of them in Proverbs as those who have received their just reward from the pat on the back from the other fools who honor them.

Pick up your Bible and have your eyes opened to the spiritual world that is infinitely superior to the natural world! Lights go on all over the place once you get into the prophecy of the Word. You can see history unraveling just as God says it will, with politicians, like Obama, coming on the scene at this time to fulfill Bible prophecy. The Bible gives the only answer for freedom from the captivity of the coming One World Order under Satan to be liberated from the judgment to come upon it, in order to enter into the coming New World Order where Jesus will reign.

The voice crying in the wilderness, prophesied by Malachi for today, some 2400 years ago, calls men to make straight the way and turn back the hearts of the children to their fathers. That can only be done when we return the truth of the Word to the classrooms of this nation; for the future of the entire world lies within the hearts of this growing generation.

It will determine whether they will live a life above the sun or under it, whether they will be ruled by the Spirit of life or the spirit of death. This is the hour for decision, for both governments are just over the horizon. One will take men down, but the other will lift men up. The decision they make will bring them in line with the spiritual father of their choice.

What better days than Independence Day in the United States and Dominion Day in Canada to think about and reflect on the direction of the nation? The world is waiting and watching, with the jury still out.

The appointment of the next judge to the Supreme Court will be a clue as to whether or not America wants the righteous judgment of God again and His Law or the agendas of man and his law – the law that the woman, the first harlot to God, chose in the Garden. She laid the foundation for Babylon, the mother of all harlots, the empire system in which the world presently finds itself held captive on this the dawn of a new era.