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When Did God Become Tolerant?

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  from a different perspective                                                           by Elinor Montgomery When Did God Become Tolerant?February 6, 2008 Since when did God become tolerant? He is, and always has been, totally intolerant, and for that matter, so is Satan. God is the God of truth, and has no tolerance for the lie. Satan is the author of the lie and has no tolerance for the truth. When you hear the jargon – ‘every man’s truth is different; each one needs to discover one’s own truth’ – you are listening to a lie from the pit of hell. Hence, our universities are full of this kind of junk, which is nothing more than demonic ‘teaching’ being shoved down the throats of our young people. Year after year our classrooms are turning out sons for Satan instead of sons for God. It is what is known in Biblical terms as the bad fruit, fit only for destruction. Our North American nations have been slowly committing suicide as they move away from being subject to, and in obedience to, truth to being subject to the lie and in rebellion to the truth.  Why do you think the ACLU in the United States fights to take down the Ten Commandments? The foreign element, coming into Canada, has demanded and has received the right to have Bibles removed from the classrooms to be replaced with a religious dagger attached to a child’s body as part of his religious gear, ready for use. These are satanic demands coming from an intolerance for God’s truth and a desire to inflict pagan religious practices upon our children.            `           You cannot have God in ruler-ship over a nation if that nation chooses to work in conjunction with religion, allowing it to take precedence over the truth. America has always stood on truth, not on religion. God has allowed His church to grow in a world of religious captivity, which has spread the gospel on Roman roadways, but now it is time for her to come out of it and stand firmly on her rock-solid, apostolic foundation. She can have no other gods before the Lord God, Whom she is required to love with all her heart, mind and soul. If we are not a people who love the truth, then our lives will be governed by lies. We have allowed this to happen, to the point that our courts now legislate to embrace lies and tolerance as opposed to embracing the truth and obedience to God. Our government serves the courts instead of serving the people. This is where every problem this nation has originates. If we continue to allow the courts to become lawmakers of satanic laws apart from the truth, we will become just another religiously-controlled satanic nation like the rest of the nations of the world. If America fails in her calling to God, the entire world will go into the hands of Satan, since she is the last obstacle facing the formation of a One World Order. It is forming very quickly under the leadership of manipulating forces, working with power behind the scenes. It is easy to blame Bush, and often it is the schizophrenic Christians who blame him and the other leaders, when they themselves have been at the root of the failure of this nation to keep God, Ruler in the land.  Christians have stood on a foundation of religion, with religious affiliation to the corrupted denominational divisions of Christianity, instead of standing on Biblical truth. They are part of the unity brewing within the ecumenical movement, which promotes a corrupt union, forsaking Biblical principles for the sake of unity. The corruption of a unified satanic stew will not bring forth anything more than corruption. It will just be more of the same old mantra for tolerance and bigotry, with the name of Jesus, conspicuously missing, because of the secular, indoctrinated misinformation surrounding the words tolerance and bigotry. Well, let me make this clear to a failing Christian religion. Religious institutions calling themselves churches, know little or nothing about the Bible, which they do not understand, generally speaking, for lack of informed teaching. Institutional church members are sitting in pews allowing homosexuals and secular humanists to fill their pulpits. All they do is lead the sheep ever closer to the edge of the pit, instead of directing them to the kingdom, with all being done in the name of Jesus.  As He said, many would come in His name, but they would not know Him. You cannot know Him without knowing the Word, for He is the Word made flesh. He is the Truth, Who can never lie. He is intolerant of the lie, and He is bigoted when it comes to accepting religion along with the truth. He went so far as to call the religious leaders of His day a den of vipers. You people who call yourselves Christians need a good dose of intolerance and bigotry. You need to get out of those deadly pews and put on some robes of righteousness. Until you become religiously bigoted against and intolerant of listening to those who think religion can save anyone, then you are undeserving of this nation provided by God for His own people. You deserve the captivity and losses, which are coming as surely as night follows day, and darkness follows light. God delivered His church out of the captivity of the dark ages. Are you prepared to go back into them? The coming American election is all about the words tolerance and bigotry, and the politically correct condemnation of those who will not join the liberal mantra surrounding them. A black man is running on a ticket that feeds off racial prejudice. A white woman is running on a ticket based on grabbing the feminist vote. There is but one man, who is running on a ticket that embraces the principle of maintaining national autonomy within the borders of the United States, and has the ‘guts’ to declare it.  Why it is so difficult for these candidates to show sanity, rather than behave as though the enemy already owns the land, is beyond my thinking. This man, who seems to be the only one with clear vision, would stop the insane open-door policy for treasonous immigrants to enter the land, being set on destroying it and using it for their own purposes.  The entire Bible warns about bringing religion into God’s nation more than it gives any other national warning. He will not continue to bless and protect His nation if it rejects His truth, while tolerating religion in its place. He requires real bigotry in the form of separation from the liberal, religious nations of this world, which infuriates Satan, who wants to rule the world as his own. God’s bigotry is not focused on color or gender, but rather on spiritual religiosity.  The press has not only dismissed the one candidate who stands closest to the truth, but it has denied him the exposure to the public, which only the media can give. His name is Dr. Ron Paul. This is not an endorsement of the candidate, but rather simply a statement of the facts. We are at a crossroads, where our choices, today, are going to determine whether or not we will still have the right to choose tomorrow. I say to you, the choice is at the door for truth or the lie, for life or death, for North American people under the ruler-ship of God. Satan is waiting in the wings to see whether or not his time has come for him to take control of the world. Church of God, this is your final opportunity to choose. Choose well, and choose this day! As Joshua advised the Israelites, after having taken possession of the land of inheritance: “Now therefore, fear the Lord, serve Him in sincerity and in truth, and put away the gods which your fathers served on the other side of the River and in Egypt. Serve the Lord (Joshua 24:14)!” “But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord (Joshua 24:15).” “If you forsake the Lord and serve foreign gods, then He will turn and do you harm and consume you, after He has done you good (Joshua 24:20).” Do you get the picture, spiritual dummies? There is a book out there, which makes life simple and easy to understand for the dummies. Its name is the Bible. Pick it up, read and feed on it, and then make sure it is fed to your children. When this happens, there may yet be hope for our children and for America. We get the kind of leaders we deserve; don’t blame Bush or any of the other leaders for our own shortcomings. Blame is the name of the game for those deceived by Satan. Take responsibility for your own well-being and for that of this nation under God. What will make America good is a revival of truth in the pulpits while rejecting, with the authority of the Word, the political correctness of the politicians.  The French philosopher, de Tocqueville, wrote such a message for America nearly two centuries ago: “America is great because America is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.”              In August of 1831, while traveling through Chester County in New York, Alexis de Tocqueville had the opportunity to observe a court case. He wrote: “While I was in America, a witness, who happened to be called at the assizes of the county of Chester (state of New York), declared that he did not believe in the existence of God or in the immortality of the soul. The judge refused to admit his evidence, on the ground that the witness had destroyed beforehand all confidence of the court in what he was about to say. The newspapers related the fact without any further comment. ‘The New York Spectator’ of August 23rd, 1831, relates the fact in the following terms:            “The court of common pleas of Chester county (New York), a few days since rejected a witness who declared his disbelief in the existence of God. The presiding judge remarked, that he had not before been aware that there was a man living who did not believe in the existence of God; that this belief constituted the sanction of all testimony in a court of justice: and that he knew of no case in a Christian country, where a witness had been permitted to testify without such belief.” (From America’s God and Country Encyclopedia of Quotations – William J. Federer).