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The Merry-go-Round Goes Around and Around

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  from a different perspective                                                           by Elinor Montgomery The Merry-go-Round Goes Around and AroundMarch 7, 2008 The merry-go-round goes around and around,While the horse on the pole goes up and down.The merry-go-round goes around and around;But the horse’s hooves never touch the ground. The carpenter made for himself a wooden boy,And placed it on a shelf, as his special toy.Then One with a scepter touched him giving sight,And the branch came to life at the touch of the light. (See Pinocchio and Ezekiel 17: 22-24). I watched a fascinating documentary on what an historian described as being the plan for a victorious Germany to change a conquered England and bring her into line with Hitler’s plan for world domination. It began by returning the deported Duke of Windsor and his American divorcée wife back to England, where the Duke was to be reinstated on the throne.  The monarchy, which sat on the throne of England at that time, was to be replaced as the usurpers of a throne belonging to a prince whom the English government uprooted from his homeland and shipped to the colonies, along with his wife. He would be portrayed as an exile forced from his rightful throne by those who were the enemies of the state and of the English people.  Of course, the Duke of Windsor and his wife, Wallace Simpson, were known German sympathizers during the war, and most certainly were an embarrassment to the Royal family and the government. So the government gave him a post in the Bahamas, where, for the most part, he and Wallace were kept out of sight as much as possible, reducing the risk they posed to the security of wartime England. Once Germany had him where they wanted him, they would have then enlisted the services of the loyal English ‘bobbies’, the well-trained police force, raised on an oath of loyalty to the crown, being more important to them than life itself. A ‘bobby’s’ loyalty to the throne meant the Germans could trust the English policeman with the job of carrying out the policing of a state, which would require transformation from the throne down to the lowliest Englishman.  The German cause for racial cleansing of the world must also become the cause of England. The nation must be taught to think in line with Hitler’s plan for a superior world order belonging to a super race.  Such an undertaking would require thought indoctrination and thought policing. First, the Jewish refugees who escaped during the war were to be exterminated, and then slowly, but surely, the natural-born Jews of England would be rounded up and segregated into ghettos. The deportation would commence silently as a continuous stream of the less than super race would be sent to Germany for extermination, until finally, England like Germany, would be purified of all Jews. During this same period of time propaganda from within would begin to fill the schools as German sympathizers and teachers promoting Nazism would replace the loyal old boys’ English gentleman teachers in a private system of boys’ schools, which Hitler had envied. His plan for capturing the minds of the children by indoctrination would add a new breed of Englishman, as seared as Hitler’s own German children. The British Empire, by such means, could produce for him English-speaking puppets-on-strings, placed all around the world. The perfection of the plan would depend upon corruption and indoctrination from within.            And thus, Hitler and his Germany would transform the heart of the British Empire into converts for the German One World Order, with Hitler fulfilling his antichrist-spirited, driving ambition for ruler-ship of the world.  But North America was another matter, being the thorn in his side with which he would yet have to deal. The problem he faced was the fact that the children were trained in the truth of the Bible, and the justice system was a just system based on the Law of God. This presented the impenetrable wall of truth, against which the lie has no power. So, what are we seeing today, if not that great Islamic-Jew-hating empire forming with Islamic ambition for world takeover to be enforced in the same manner as that of Hitler, according to the same antichrist-spirited plan? It all begins with infiltrating the nation’s school system at all levels from kindergarten to the universities, filling them with pro-leftist propaganda, while enlisting the control of the police-force at the same time. It becomes a matter of filling the country with enforced liberal programs. A leftist government of liberalism from God must work its way into office by slandering the right, accusing it of being made up of halfwits, holding politically incorrect policies that do not line up with the plan for takeover. You will note how every media talk show host of the liberal left continually portrays the leaders of the right as being less than normal, and attached to the right wing group of ‘Bible thumpers’, a group, which also must be portrayed as slightly less than sane.  Remember to keep in mind that every day our school system is turning out more and more liberal robots, which respond like sheep to the liberal dictators, waiting in the wings for the increased number of programmed, deceived, dulled-down voters. Such a government must also appoint a judiciary, which will willingly carry out acts of treason against God and the American people. They gain their freedom to do so by inflicting Rights laws upon the public, which will replace the existing Heritage Laws of a nation under God. Lies and falsehoods will permeate every level of society, with truth being put on the back burner. This spiritual battle for supremacy is symbolized by the hooves of the horses on a merry-go-round being airborne in the lie, never touching the ground of reality in the truth. They are lifeless animals, like the puppet-boy, who lost the light, which his Carpenter Creator once gave him so that he might become a real live boy. They simply go around and around, moving to the carnival-like tune of the world, chained to the poles of liberalism, which control them. America, wake up! You are about to become like that merry-go-round of controlled animals, as the torch of Lady Liberty quickly fades. Your heritage roots are being uprooted and replaced, just as Hitler planned to do with England, if he had won his war.   Islam is winning the battle for religion to rule over the truth, throughout the world. The merry-go-round is at the center of the carnival-like control of the quickly forming One World Order, based on a unity between one religion and one government. It is a marriage straight from the pit of hell. You, my friends, will become nothing but puppets whose strings are pulled by the enemy of your souls. Hitler loved no man but himself, and like him, the Antichrist will use the religious system to see that all men worship only him. You could say that the world is becoming that merry-go-round, which will function under the controlling Jezebel spirit, the flywheel, driving the engine that makes it go around and around unceasingly. What is needed is a voice for truth to put its foot to the brake.  Liberty will be lost and the horse can do nothing but go up and down to the tune of the piper called Satan, who will lock the world into position. If it is a merry-go-round you want and a wooden boy you choose to be – a puppet on a string – then America, the beautiful, you are about to get your wish.  Remember, once liberty and life are gone, they are gone forever. Canada and the United States are well along the broad road of destruction, having their heritages dismantled in favor of becoming just two more Islamic or Communist states, whichever religious doctrine gains control first, from within.  The choice in this final hour of liberty is ours; we will either embrace the truth, and with it build a wall of protection against the enemy, or choose liberalism. Should we choose the latter God will allow all American freedoms and peace to be taken away from a rebellious people, who did not have gratitude for the blessings He bestowed upon them.  We are about to be ruled by the sword, the same religious daggers our illustrious judges have allowed foreign children to carry into the classrooms, while forbidding crosses and Bibles, at the same time, for our Canadian children. The Carpenter with the light is going to return for those on His side of the wall of truth, who are like the real live boy, having had the breath of life restored to their empty bodies by a single touch of the Light. But woe to those who rejected Him for the lies of liberalism and religion. They are going to go down in the fire judgment to be incinerated, until they are nothing more than a pile of ash and a puff of smoke. And so ends the shelf-life of the wooden boy, which would not allow his Creator to turn him into a real live boy. Choose well, America, for your hour is at hand: The merry-go-round goes around and around;While the horse on the pole goes up and down.When the music stops, the horse slows down,But never, no never, do his hooves touch the ground.