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The Stretch of Political Correctness

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  from a different perspective                                                           by Elinor Montgomery The Stretch of Political CorrectnessFebruary 15, 2008 Why are the religious, moral-reforming, petition-signing groups so ineffective in our present immoral society? They come under many names – Focus On The Family, Canadian Family Action, and The American Family Association, just to mention some of the better-known groups. Please do not misunderstand me! They do good works but they are racing from one new laceration to the next, just trying to keep up with band-aiding the latest wound of society, from which its life-blood is seeping. Unless one goes to the source and deals with the cause of the bleeding one had better be wearing track shoes, in order to run quickly enough from one wound to the next, while carrying a very healthy supply, indeed, of band-aids. The bleeding will not only be relentless, but it will also become life-threatening and, unfortunately, we have reached that stage where it has become both of these things. There is so much bleeding now that there are not enough morally-motivated groups to deal with the new areas of attack, while still treating the old.  Take a look at the conservative so-called right and the liberal so-called left of politics. There no longer is a dividing line between their policies, which are bleeding the nation of its moral-correctness, replacing it with immoral, political incorrectness. Of course the lies of liberalism tell the sheep it is correctness, with the liberal media backing up the lie, but that which is known as political correctness could not be more incorrect in any way than it already is.  Have you ever noticed how the liberal liars, such as former President Clinton, are praised in the media for their political astuteness, with his lies causing his adoring public no concern whatsoever, even though it was his public against which he had always been cheating? How far has the bleeding gone? Hillary Clinton, while on the campaign trail, announced that she would be giving her full support to the homosexual agenda, and boasted she would be the first President to march in a gay parade. Twenty-five years ago – no, even ten years ago – this would have been a far too risky statement to make for anyone wanting to become President.  Political correctness is being stretched until it will reach the point where all immorality will be within the sphere of acceptability. It is held by an ever-expanding rubber band, coming closer every day to its full stretch, or girth. The stretch is daily increased by the schools and universities, which have had free rein to turn out a morally, dumbed-down generation, the first of which has graduated onto the voting list. This has given the liberal politicians the freedom to do whatever they want without having to face opposition from a morally-just society of young men and women.  From where did the former protection of society from liberalism, in days gone by, come in America, which kept it at bay? It came from a moral majority that had been taught the truth of the Bible instead of the mumbo-jumbo of Secular Humanism. They had a firm grounding in good moral values. They were enforced by a judicial system under the authority of God’s truth, the Bible, upon which all witnesses were required to swear.  The judges themselves were in office for the sole purpose of enforcing God’s Law, according to the truth of the Bible, which was their moral compass for judgment. Unless such a judiciary is restored to America, and Bibles are returned to the classrooms, the bleeding, caused by an ever-increasingly immoral society, will completely sap the life and liberty from America, and the moral-reforming groups will be rendered useless.  We are about to become two religious/state-controlled nations, losing our Bible/state liberty. One always results in a fascist state rooted in liberalism from God, while embracing one of many multicultural pagan gods, and the other results in liberty in truth and God’s Law, acknowledging no other gods than the one true God of the Bible.  It is for this reason all, not some, Muslims are taught that, in order to grow the religion of Islam, they must annihilate anyone who accepts either the truth or embraces the true God. Islam has a One World Order as the goal for its religion – with a doctrine of killing all who do not adhere to its dictates or dare to get in the way of its agenda for world take-over.  Communism also has an agenda for a One World Order, which cannot have a God rule over the nation, for this religious state system and the truth of God are incompatible; the state and God cannot both rule at the same time. The only way for the One World Order to come into existence is for all religions to come together into unity by excluding and eliminating the truth. Hence, those people who represent the Israel of God, His portion of the people, must be exterminated. Russia exterminated a far greater number of people who were deemed to be useless to the state than Germany ever exterminated in her war camps. How does Satan weave his web? He weaves his religious poison into religious systems, one being the institutional church of Christianity, by the lure of liberal lies. Finally, like the puffing up of leaven, the system becomes full of religious liberalism, growing as a sickness throughout the entire body.  The Archbishop of Canterbury has just displayed how sick the leadership of one of the institutional churches is. It will be interesting to see how ‘far-gone’ the entire Anglican system is and whether or not there remains any resistance from within, to counter its steadily creeping liberalism. On the political field, we are waiting now and watching to see how corrupted all of the political parties are with liberalism. Will any party actually go to the root of the problem and challenge the treason of the judiciary, and the unwillingness of the government to serve the voters, as opposed to forcefully implementing its own liberal agendas on the public?  Will a voice rise up in America, which will challenge liberalism and speak for the majority, which hires the government to carry out its will, a voice that cares nothing about political correctness? In my opinion, we are quickly reaching the time of the fullness of the gentiles, when all religions are going to unite, with the institutions of Christianity being peeled away like a shell from the pearl of the true church, which is being held captive at its center. Until the purity of this pearl is separated from the sick mass and cut away so it can come to the light and grow properly, there is no hope for America. From the time of the birth of this nation, America has been rooted in the truth of the Bible, while the rest of the world has been rooted in religion of one form or another. Without a return to the truth of God, the Hillary Clintons, the Barack Obamas, and the Stephane Dions of America will continue to increase the bleeding as the wounds grow in numbers. Only a voice for truth can stop the bleeding, a voice, which will expose religion for what it is as the tool for liberalism, which belongs to Satan. He hates the name of Jesus Christ, and is forced to slink away before the brilliance and victory of the cross, with its message of truth and life.  Our political leaders, at the moment, are stretching the band of political correctness until the nation will become a place of total darkness, ready to join with the rest of the religious world in a One World Order under the Antichrist, the author of religion and political liberalism, and the enemy of Christ. Until the pure bride of the church comes forth with a shout of truth, as the reflected light of Christ, to dispel the darkness, then there is no hope for America and its lost children who are listening to the tune of the heady piper. He is piping homosexuality, free sex, abortion, pornography, violence and all kinds of immorality into their young psyches as the institutional religious giant of Christianity is turned onto snooze for a few more hours of sleep before disaster falls.  Do not think that God will not hold you, to whom He entrusted His church, responsible for the fast creeping immorality that is consuming the nation. Come out of the great harlot of the religious system, lest you go down with her, for now is the hour when the judgment is right at hand!  The wilderness testing is all but over, and the scores are pouring in. Repent, lest you are numbered among the victims! The numbers have been growing ever since the day man believed the lies of Satan in the Garden of creation and walked away from God and His truth.  Liberalism is stretching this nation as far as it can go, before God says enough is enough at the same time that He will bring down the gavel. Then we will see Who really rules as Judge over this land.   We are in the home stretch and about to feel the results of the deception of political correctness, and the destruction of liberalism. When the elastic breaks, there is going to be blood everywhere, and America is going to desperately wish it had never allowed God and His truth to be taken from this land and from its people.