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The Little Foxes that Spoil the Vines

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                           by Elinor Montgomery

 The Little Foxes that Spoil the Vines

February 22, 2008

 The battle over America is between the religious man and the righteous man, and there is a mighty wall erected between the two. In order to understand anything about this battle, one cannot do so without reading the Bible. The one thing Satan wants to do, above all other things, is remove the power of the Bible from the two nations of North America.

 Satan’s agents are the obvious – the ACLU and the HRC, with men like Ezra Levant becoming warriors against such organizations. The more devious move of the enemy is his truly anti-Christ move, which has infiltrated the Christian religion. It is in this area that the warriors battling the anti-Christ enemy are more difficult to find, for they are blinded by religion, with even the best having blind spots caused by years of the religious traditions of the church age.

 Blind spots, within the ranks, allow the little foxes who spoil the vines to carry out their destructive work. Catch us the foxes, the little foxes that spoil the vines, for our vines have tender grapes (Song of Solomon 2:15).

 One of Satan’s foxiest moves is to build strong religious traditions, which are used as the foundation of that wall, which rises high, separating the religious from the righteous. The traditional church, built on centuries of denominational religious dogmas, has managed to bring the captive church to a point where it actually believes it can stand on truth while being compromised by religion within the dividing walls of Christianity.

 Wonderful men and preachers, who have stood for truth in this nation, have not yet come to the full understanding that, in order to be a voice for Jesus, they will be forced to scale the wall of religion and come out of it totally, as did His apostles, in order to testify to the truth. Even the best of them still talk about the ‘Lord’s Christianity’, but never, no never, did Jesus either use the word or teach religion; He taught only the truth.

 Christianity was a religion, first established and named under the reign of the Caesar, Constantine. No church of Jesus was ever a body of religious followers; they followed the Word of truth, made flesh. As His followers, He took them from the broad road of religion onto the narrow way of truth, leading to the kingdom; so they were officially called the Way. It was in Antioch that the Romans and Greeks first called them by the Greek word, Christians, a term they used to mock them.

 Jesus had nothing whatsoever to do with Christianity. It was simply another organization that was the brainchild of Satan’s agent, Caesar, who claimed to be god over the Roman Empire. When did Jesus ever, ever recognize Caesar and his pagan Pontifex Maximus (high priest) as being His god, having any authority over Him? His authority came from His Father, and He said the only authority Pilate had over Him was that given by the authority of God. It was given to Pontius Pilate because Jesus was about to take sinful man’s place on the cross for His Father’s judgment on sin.

 It all begins with the building of the first religious spiritual wall in the Garden of Eden when the lie put a wall between truth and religious liberalism, the tool used to separate man from God and His truth. The wall also separated the fruit of man from the truth. This was the cunningness of the serpent, which, like the cunning sly fox, nipped at the vines’ tender grapes, the new fruit of God’s creation called man.

 Adam was very young and new at being the fruit of God and, like all good parents, God gave him a guideline by which to live, explaining to him that if he disobeyed his Father by eating the fruit of the forbidden tree, he would die. Adam and Eve would actually scale a dividing wall and move from the territory of truth into the territory of the enemy where the foundation of the lie and religion leads to death.

 Because of God’s righteousness, there was no way back, once caught in the devil’s grip, which destroys all its victims; he blinds them straightaway in the darkness of religion. They are forever separated from the light, which gives life and understanding by means of the breath of the Spirit being breathed into man. God will remove His life-giving Spirit from ungrateful, disobedient man and, like the air coming out of a deflating balloon, He will return him to dust with no breath of life remaining in him. 

 God spoke the words saying ‘you shall surely die.’ Satan lied with words saying ‘You will not surely die.’ God never lies, and the truth prevailed; henceforth, man was doomed to die. At the same time, God provided His own escape route for man called the Way back from the condemnation of death to the kingdom of life. It is His one-time offer of escape from the captivity of death in the Person of Jesus Christ.

 How Satan, the anti-Christ spirit, hates Jesus because He is the Word made flesh, Who is the guideline and roadmap to escape from Satan’s plan for your death! His roadmap is the Bible, and so the one book Satan and his religiously controlled men hate is the Bible, God’s Book of Spirit-inspired truth. The devil must get rid of the Bible if his World Order is to become a reality.

 What is it that great teachers and preachers do not understand about this, as they continue to believe the lie that Jesus is the founder of Christianity? It is nothing but another religion, birthed out of Romanism and never established by Christ.

 What is it that these religious men do not grasp concerning Jesus’ statement to Pilate, that He came to testify to the truth (and not to religion)? He literally shouts the message at us that if we do not escape the religious chains of well-established, well-entrenched traditional religion, we will be as the religious teachers and preachers of His day, whom He described as sons of their father the devil.

 Many of our present-day Christian priesthood are still sons of the beast without knowing it. They promote religion as the bedrock foundation, referring to good Christians and bad ones, rather than revealing Christianity as being the problem as opposed to being the answer. Revival within the walls of Christianity is nothing short of more of the same old religion of Satan. The same leaven, as that of the Pharisees, grows rapidly within the walls of Christianity.

 They are nothing but blind Pharisees, like Paul was, with the serpent’s scales of the Garden covering their eyes unless they come out of it like Paul came out of religion to see the light of day again. If they do not, they could well share in the great Babylonian harlot’s sin and receive of her plagues (see Revelation 18:4). The voice from heaven, as recorded in this passage of Revelation, is speaking to His people and not to the masses of the gentile world who belong to Satan, having no hope for the future without the Bible.

 It is claimed by nominal Christians that the Bible is their source of hope. If this is true, please tell me why in the world as a Christian, they would allow this one Book, which gives life and is written under the influence of the Holy Spirit, to lie collecting dust? At the same time, they have no problem finding time to read books, written by the agents of Satan, merely because they are books on man’s best seller list of his approval. Of course, they are best sellers because they are the devil’s secular humanists who write and promote them.

 Get this picture and understand it well! It is the wall of truth, which you must build if you are to keep religion on the other side of the Garden and out of your life. It is the same wall of truth, which you must build if, like David, you want to defeat the giants from the other side. If a wall of defense is built with the truth, there will be no cracks in it, which allow those cunning little foxes to get in and get at the vines, which are producing the tender grapes, once again supported by an apostolic foundation.

 Here is a warning that comes to us who are told that it is a blessing to him who reads and hears the words of prophecy within that Book; he must keep those things, which are written in it, for the time (of judgment) is near (see Revelation 1:3). The words are near to every living being, in this the final hour. For the sake of your life and your very soul, pick up your Bibles and begin to read. Insist that our children have the same opportunity to hear the Word, the only way to break the grip of Satan, who is pouring his wicked messages into their very psyches through earphones, the greatest drug of all, which needs to be stopped.

 The time of the fullness of the gentiles is the time when the earth will be full of pagan religious idolatry. With this fullness, violence and terrorism will break loose, just as they did before the Flood of Noah’s day. As it was in the days of Noah so shall it be now. It is also the time when the power of heaven is released with the Son of Man, Jesus, thrusting His sickle into the world to reap the harvest of Abraham. Man is ready and the time is ripe for the harvesting, for Jacob will have finished his struggle with God and man through the darkness of nighttime, to become an overcomer, under the name of Israel.

 So, the Lord thrust in His sickle for the harvest of the earth and He reaped it. However, it was not such a good ending for those vines, which the foxes had spoiled. Angels were sent with a sharp sickle to gather the clusters of the vines of the earth, for her grapes were fully ripe. But then the angel with a sharp sickle gathered the vine of the earth and threw it into the great winepress of the wrath of God, and it is then that the blood flows as all religious hell breaks loose to destroy the wicked of this earth (see and read Revelation: 14).

 Armageddon, the religious war of all wars, is coming, my friends, so stop preaching Christianity and start preaching truth. Once you put your hand to the plow, do not look back but come out of her all the way so you do not share in her sin. Good preachers of this day, read and hear what the Spirit and the bride have to say.