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The Church of Your Choice

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                           by Elinor Montgomery

 The Church of Your Choice

March 29, 2008

 It is time for the political pundits and ‘religious’ journalists to face the truth. Generally speaking, they do not recognize the fundamental problem, which is taking down our western society.

 Pierre Trudeau and his ilk are not totally responsible for the failure of this country to protect its borders from foreign invaders who would destroy Canadian liberty, though they did their best to contribute to its failure. It has been happening in the form of job displacement, with Canadian jobs going out to other countries. We have seen foreign investment in this country to the extent that many of our Canadian businesses are now under the control of foreign governments.

 Religious multiculturalism has been displacing our constitutional heritage laws, established by our forefathers to protect our liberties under God. Though it pains me to say, a liberal judiciary, which is daily committing treason against the Canadian and American people, cannot be held fully responsible either for the decline of democracy and liberty in these two nations.

 Bible-carrying, professed Christian, President Bill Clinton did more to disgrace the office of the President, morally speaking, than perhaps any other president in the history of the United States. George Bush frightens us with the direction he is taking, which endorses the religion of Islam, while, at the same time, firming up economic ties between America and Islamic, as well as Communist, countries. These are the same countries, which seek to destroy the West. He functions politically on the belief system that declares America can export liberty to nations established as religious/state regimes.

 These religious/state nations are not, and never will be, friends of the West. Both come from ideological regimes with goals set on destroying any other ideology that does not conform to their own. Under such regimes people become the disposable commodity if they present a hindrance to the establishment of a One World Order, with leaders of the mindset we saw in Hitler. War is always the basic tool for achieving these ideological goals, which are ultimately aimed at world control.

 As opposed to the ideology that drives America, in these foreign religiously-driven nations, the state, and not the person, is the living organism, with all rights belonging to it, instead of to the individual. A Charter of Rights, as opposed to the Law of God, quite contrary to its name, will destroy the rights of the individual. It removes the liberties, which God-given Laws provide within their limitations and moral restrictions, which protect the rights and well-being of the majority.

 Are we, or are we not seeing a growing shift away from the protected liberties of the majority within the various judicial courts, such as the HRC (Human Rights Commission)? This kangaroo court is slowly but surely erasing our rights, under the authority of the Charter of so-called rights. Rights for whom? Is this politically appointed court serving Canadians or is it serving foreigners in the land, who are unwilling to give up their citizenship in other countries, which are enemies of Canada and America in general? Are these same courts serving the better good of the nation or are they protecting politically-driven agendas, which endanger the well-being of the children of this land, who are offered no protection from these same courts?

 I admire great journalists, such as Chuck Baldwin, Ted Byfield and Devvy Kidd, to name but a few. Then there is Mark Steyn, in a class of his own, shaming the rest of us who would dare to aspire to his heights of articulateness and to the complexity of a writing style, which sees his deadly pen leveled directly at its target. Yet, I would dare to say that not even these writers, who are among the elite of good journalists, truly recognize the root problem we are facing in the West, which is destroying this country.

 No folks, you cannot blame Bush for all our problems, nor can you blame Martin, Chrétien or Mulroney. They all have one thing in common, which is at the very heart of the problem of what is happening in America. They are all Bible-carrying Christians, as are Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain, and herein lies the problem of the leaders who are taking us down.

 The practice of carrying the Bible has become incompatible with their professions to the Christian faith, which perhaps has never been more evident than it is with Obama and his Christian spiritual leader. How is the Bible at all compatible with his form of Christianity?

 But then, we must ask the question as to whether or not his spiritual leader is all that different from the spiritual leader of the Christian Anglican church, who would suggest to his nation that it should adopt Shariah law? Is this same leader so very different from one who holds top position over a hierarchy of priests, who have been heavily involved in the homosexual abuse of children of the same people they are supposed to serve and lead to the truth of Christ?

 The root problem lies squarely at the foot of the institutional church, which is nothing but an organization, holding the voice of the true church captive. If the voice manages to scale the confining walls of religion to be briefly heard, like the Pharisees of Judaism, it will creep quickly back to the safety of its age-old religious traditions.

 The true church must make its exodus out and over the wall of religion, never to return to the Sodom and Egypt we presently accept in the institutional churches of Christianity, which are in the same category as present-day Jerusalem.

 I am not the first to give to you this message; it came from the pen of one who was taught by Jesus, Himself, as written in the book of Revelation. How many nominal Christians, who carry their Bibles, even know what comes from the pen of this great apostle, John?

 Herein lies the problem. Christians don’t know or understand what God has to say in His Word for today’s political scene. They run around displaying their Bibles, but have absolutely no clue as to what is inside them. You, who are reading this article, who call yourselves Christians, how much do you know about the Word of God? If you were to tally up your score, I am afraid you would discover that being a Christian and knowing the truth of God’s Word are two totally unrelated things, today, and I have to question as to why this is so.

 A good part of the problem is coming from the pulpit itself. One is advised to go to church, the church of your choice, which is a piece of advice that could lead one to disaster. We see Obama going to the church of his choice, which tells us a great deal about the man through his relationship with this institutional church of his choice. We are warned in the Bible that in these times even the elect would be deceived if possible, and I would suggest to you that some of the elect will make statements such as this from the pulpits.

 My friend, Christianity, itself, is at the root of one of the biggest deceptions ever created, having come out of Rome and not from Jesus. It was established with a high-priest throne, resting on what is called the rock of Peter, instead of resting on the High Priest cornerstone and throne of Jesus. Think about what I am saying and ask yourself some hard questions, if you know anything at all about Jesus, the Man Who went to the cross so that you and I might live.

 Did Jesus teach a group of men and then send them out into the world, each to build a church of his choice, let us say, each with its own doctrine, and then commence a building program to house these separate doctrines with their own religious practices? Did He say, “Men, I have taken you out of religion, now set up a new priesthood and a new religion under My name, but not using Me as your chief cornerstone? Peter has a strong, bold voice, so use him as your cornerstone.

 My Father sent Me to earth so that I could establish My own religion. He hated the religious idolatry of Israel, so I am here to see that you men establish a religion or church of your choice – you know, one in which God knows you will feel comfortable. He likes to comfort people, so you can do whatever makes you feel good. He is a God of love, so love is wherever you can find it, and in whatever way is good for you. You see, men, God is tolerant and all inclusive, so wherever your free will leads you is perfectly fine with Him.”

 One cannot read the signs of the times without knowing the Word. We have had ‘Christian leaders’ who know nothing about their Bibles actually leading us straight down the road to destruction as a nation. They are those same Bible-carrying Christian leaders who have been perhaps the most insidiously dangerous kind of leaders of all. They have been steadily allowing and voting for the removal of God from the land, the government, the judiciary, and the classroom.

 Can we blame the Muslims for what our Christian leaders have made into law? Can we blame the Communist countries for the decisions made by our predominately Christian governments to transfer our Canadian and American manufacturing sources to their lands? Can we blame the foreigners in the land for the predominately Christian government lawmakers for their decision to remove the name of God and the Bibles from the classrooms of the nation?

 The rest of the Christian society, which Biblically speaking is illiterate, doesn’t know it is being led down the garden path by its own Christian leadership. Until the true church comes out of the confining walls of Christianity, and into the light of truth, never to return to the darkness of religion, there will be no torch of light and liberty in America. Without a voice for truth, countering leadership, which is resting on false religion created by lies, America is doomed.

 “Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues (Revelation 18:4).” Friend, the plagues of Egypt are with us, and it is once again exodus time, when spiritual Israel will separate from all the religions of the world, including the religion of Christianity. The bride must be made spotless and pure from the washing of the Word, which will wash religion away, once and for all.

 When Israel wanted to return to Egypt, she was doomed not to enter the Land; only the very few who washed Egypt out of their lives to rest on the truth of God and be obedient to His Law made it to their destination. Any religious leader who leads you to an institutional church system, such as the church of your choice, is in grave danger of being among the lost instead of the elect. God leads His own only to truth and never to religion.

 When our politicians realize what hypocrites they have become, then there is hope for America. When the voice of the true church rises up to lead the people, then there is hope for the church and God’s kingdom here on earth, as we pray the prayer given by the Lord, Himself.

 Wake up from your sleep, church, for you are not a system of denominations and buildings. You are called to be a voice in action witnessing to the truth of God’s Word, while fishing for men for the Kingfisher of men, called Jesus.

 The government rests on His shoulder, as the prophet Isaiah declared millennia ago (see Isaiah 9:6). How is it that our pastors and Bible-carrying political leaders do not know these things? Could it be that they have simply been sleeping while the enemy has been at work, taking over America? It can all be reversed if America and the church wake up before it is too late.

           The hands of the clock tell us it is nearly midnight when the darkness will become very thick indeed. When sin has increased to fill the entire earth, as it did in the days of Noah, then the fire of judgment will come down and no one will be able to see through the eyes of understanding, in the coming darkness.